I Am the Monarch – Chapter 299 – A Bloody Battle (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 299: A Bloody Battle (3)

It was a charge without hesitation with Roan Lancephil at the lead.


Every time the spear was swung, grounds would crack and hills would collapse. Orcs and dark elves that ran in without knowing what was good for them were either turned into ashes or balls of fire.

It was an advent of the God of War. The cruel battlefields seemed to have become a playground of a god but Roan who was showing off the prowess of a god wasn’t wearing a good expression.

‘That pillar of dirt…’

Others may not know but Roan had seen that before.

‘The General of Great Strength, Gorg of the Dark Regiments.’

When that guy wreaked havoc near the Grain Mountain Range, a similar pillar of dirt had been created.

‘He mentioned that there were more generals apart from himself.’

Roan made a frown.

‘But back then…’

He said he was in charge of the east side of the Grain Mountain Range and even mentioned that he had volunteered for it.

‘Then who’s the one that formed the pillar on the other side of the hill?’

Roan clenched his teeth as his feet moved slightly faster. Soon, when he reached the summit of the hill, a wide scene was visible before him.


He let out a low mutter.

“Huhuk. Huhuk. Huhuk.”

The soldiers and knights including Romils Hotten gave out rough breaths but before they even collected their breaths, they gazed down the hill in fear that something had happened to Manus Persion.

“Ah, how could this…”

Groans of despair left their lips. It was an instinctive response as the scenery beneath the hill was horrible and awful.

‘The blood has coloured the entire land red.’

Little rivers and creaks that flowed here and there were all coloured red as corpses filled the ground. The stacked-up corpses resembled hills themselves.

‘If there was hell, it would look like this…’

Roan heaved out a deep sigh. Although he felt frustrated, it wasn’t time for leisure and thanks to Kalian’s tears, he could see the faraway scenery like it was right before his eyes.

‘Prince Manus…’

Clenching his teeth, Roan stared at Manus standing in the middle of the cruel battlefield.

‘The person that had become the spear and shield along with Pierce in my first life…’

To stop the vicious plans and ambition of Latio and save the Middle World, he definitely needed him to stay alive.

“Mr Romils, it seems I must head off first.”

As soon as his words ended,

“Yes. Please, please do go first! Please go and save our prince!”

Urgent voices hit his eardrums.

“Please go!”
“We ask of you!”
“Please save our prince!”

The soldiers requested with one heart and mind. With a faint smile, Roan nodded.


He then kicked lightly off the ground as if his body was as light as a feather.;


Roan disappeared from his spot and a rush of wind replaced him.


Staring at the long strand of light continuing down the hill, Romils let out a sigh. In front of that speed which was unthinkable to belong to a human, the soldiers prayed on and on with stiff expressions.

“Please, please.”
“Please save the prince.”

The desperate pleas rode the wind down the hill.


“Kukukuk. It is indeed quite superb.”

A general under the Northern armies of the Diez Kingdom with a border security regiment under him, Viscount Bayte Robaz held onto a letter while letting out a strange laugh.

“As long as we have that communication tool or something, we can find out what happens in a faraway location in the blink of an eye. Kukuku.”

He carried the letter next to a candle.


Red flames roared up as it immediately burned the paper into ashes. Standing up from the seat, Bayte rubbed his hands.

“In any case, the border security of the Amaranth Kingdom has become weaker huh…”

A strange smile appeared on his lips.

“That’s very good. We can pay back the humiliation we had received back then.”

The humiliation he mentioned was when the crown prince of the Diez Kingdom, Lukan Diez had become a hostage of Roan during the war for the throne of the Rinse Kingdom.


In response to his summon, the door of the office was pushed open as a middle-aged man wearing an armour, Alred showed himself.

“Have you called me, Regiment Leader.”
“Form a shock troop.”

He gave out a short command out of nowhere.

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