I Am the Monarch – Chapter 299 – A Bloody Battle (3)


Alred couldn’t understand it in one go and asked back. Rather, he did understand but as it was such an unexpected order, he had no choice but to ask again.

Bayte made a frown in response.

“This stupid bastard.”

After giving out profanities, he shook his head.

“Right now, the Amaranth Kingdom is in a state of confusion due to the sudden summon of their king. Thanks to that, the defence of the southern part of the kingdom had become lax.”
“D, did such a thing happen?”

Alred stuttered his words with an expression that said that it was his first time hearing that to which Bayte responded temperamentally.

“If I say so, then it is. Stop talking back and quickly form the shock troops!”
“Ye, yes! Yes sir!”

With a nervous expression Alred quickly left the office after a reply.

The shock troops were formed rapidly.

“Charge! We attack the fortress on the border of the Amaranth!”

It was Alred that led the troops onward. They rapidly crossed the buffer zone around their borders and ran in towards the border fortress located inside the Amaranth Kingdom.

“Ohh! They really are lax!”

Alred made a grin. In a normal situation, the Border Defence Army of the Amaranth Kingdom would’ve shown themselves already but the fortress on the border of the Amaranth Kingdom kept its gates closed without doing a single thing.

“Bring in the logs!”

In response to his shout, the horsemen at the end of the troops ran up with a sharpened log. With force that could break the fortress gates in one go, they charged in ferociously, but it was then.


A sound of a bugle rang loudly from the other side of the gates and at the same time, the gates that had been sealed tight were pushed wide open.


Instinctively Alred pulled back his reins and reduced his speed. His eyes trembled slightly.

Kugung. Kugung. Kugung.

Along with that, the ground quivered as well. From within the gates of the fortress that were wide open, large creatures appeared. Not one, nor two, but three.


Alred gulped in nervousness.

‘W, what is that?’

Unfortunately, they were too far and he couldn’t see it clearly. On the other hand, the horsemen that came charging in to break through the gates according to his orders kicked their horses while glaring at the uninvited guests that had appeared.

“Uhahaha! We’ll crush them into pieces with this log!”

Their noisy shouts echoed away in the battlefield but,

“We are the Diez Kingdom’s…”
“Try to receive our swords…”

They couldn’t help but close their mouths because after closing in towards the fortress, they could clearly see the appearances of the things that pushed themselves through the gates.

“G, giants?”
“N, no, they’re not humans! They’re made of, s, steel?”

The three massive objects guarding the gates of the fortress – they were two times taller than a male adult and were steel statues that resembled humans. Without holding onto anything, they stood there still. At a glance they appeared to be all the same but after a closer inspection, one could tell that all their armours, helmets and protective gears were different.

‘Although they don’t have any weapons, they look exactly like a knight, a spearman and an adjutant…’

The horsemen made frowns.

“D, did they bring statues out here?”
“W, what are they thinking?”

They didn’t dare to move carelessly as they raised their heads to stare at the steel statues but it was then.

“T h i s. i s. t h e. l a n d. o f. t h e. A m a r a n t h. K i n g d o m.”
“D e f e a t. t h e. e n e m y”
“W e. a r e. t h e. g u a r d i a n s. o f. t h e. A m a r a n t h.”

Strange voices left the steel statues and at the same time,


Large arms came crashing down.

“U, uh?!”

The cavalry soldiers that had been staring blankly widened their eyes and gulped. In front of the sudden situation, their bodies had been frozen and they couldn’t move themselves.


Soon, along with a vicious sound, the large fists of the statues smacked the horsemen. The horsemen and horses became messes of blood as they were flicked to the sides.



With one hit, their lives had come to an end, and that proved the fierce and accurate attacks of the steel statues.

“As expected, it’s prowess is amazing.”

On top of the walls of the fortress, a voice of admiration was heard. A slender youth with his cheeks sunk in clicked his tongue as he stared at the steel statues.

“I was worried since it was the first time we were using it in a real battle but there was no need for that I guess.”

Wearing a bright smile, he folded his arms. He could see the shock troops of the Diez Kingdom approaching from further beyond but he wasn’t too worried.

“With these guardians, it would be more than enough.”

His expression and voice was full of confidence but soon, he shook his head with a deep sigh.

“In any case, how did His Majesty defeat those monstrous guardians… he really is amazing.”

His eyes were filled with admiration. The three massive steel statues, also known as the guardians were the steel guardians Roan had met when he was going through the secret passage of the previous capital, Miller castle during the war for the throne.

Back then, the guardians that had been rendered unusable were handed straight away to the Magic Tower of Leno. After that, in the hands of the minister of magic department, Macrum, it went through multiple researches and developments before being reborn in a more powerful state.

Of course, during all that they had received lots of help from the Technical Department as well as the Alchemy Department.

‘There’s one more amazing person.’

In the eyes of the youth, Macrum, admiration resurfaced.

‘How did the Strategist, sir Ian Phillips, know that the Diez Kingdom would be the one to move first…’

It was something he could never understand. After Roan’s urgent summon, Ian had rapidly sent all the guardians over to the southern borders of the kingdom. From 3 days ago, he had been expecting the actions of the Diez Kingdom.

“Huu. His Majesty is great and the officials under him are great as well.”

His expression changed strangely.

“At this rate…”

A smile appeared on his lips.

“Maybe we can unify the continent?”

Expectation appeared in his eyes but he soon shook his head.

“Aye, no, no. No matter what, that’s impossible.”

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