I Am the Monarch – Chapter 299 – A Bloody Battle (3)

Perhaps he found his own words ridiculous, he continued waving her hand but on his two eyes, there was a sense of expectation which he could not hide.

“But what if…?”

It wasn’t a baseless expectation. The possibility seemed so distinct in his imaginations that he could touch it with his hands as the expectation within his eyes grew thicker.



A strange noise rode the wind as it resonated on the battlefield. A man as thin as a stick kicked off the ground and shot up into the air. He was much taller than a normal person but what was stranger was his abnormally long pair of arms and legs.

He used those legs and arms which were longer than the height of a normal person as whips.


With strange laughter, he waved his extremely long arms wherever he desired.


Sharp sounds etched into the eardrums.

“Dodge it!”
“Do not fight it!”

The pale soldiers and knights shouted and jumped over to the sides.


The long arms slammed the empty grounds as pillars of dirt erupted out along with deafening sounds.

“I’ll cut you into pieces!”

A sharp voice was heard as a young woman swung her longsword. The blade travelled through the air as it drew an arc down towards the long arm of the man.

“Kek! Laughable!”

The man scoffed and greatly waved his long arm which then quivered like reeds.


The blade touched the arm and then, something surprising happened. Like a sticky dough, the arm gently embraced the woman’s sword and let alone cutting, the sword was about to be taken away.


She clenched her teeth. Kicking off the ground, she put more power into her grip and was aiming to cut off the man’s arm even at the cost of throwing her body forward. However, the man’s other flexible, quivering arm moved strangely as it flew towards the back of the woman’s head.


Since the woman had leaned her body forward, she was not in a situation where she could dodge it. And in that desperate situation,

“No you don’t!”

Along with a low, heavy voice, a youth stood behind the lady and guarded her back. His longsword slammed into the flying fist that was approaching rapidly.


Sparks flew along with the sounds of steel clashing. The man with long arms and legs was wearing a strangely shaped pair of gloves in his hands. At a glance, they seemed to be no different from normal leather gloves but its actual material was harder than steel. He was relying on these as weapons to throw those heavy fists.

“Thank you. Prince Manus.”

After barely making it out of the danger, the woman gave a wink towards the youth. The youth with an attractive low voice was none other than Manus Persion.

“You’re welcome, Miss Aerea.”

The woman was the so-called, Poisonous Spider of Meland, Aerea Britz whom Manus had left with in search of the missing citizens. They stared at each other and made faint smiles.

It was then.

“It’s dangerous!”

An urgent voice reached their ears. It was from Peid Neil who was ordering the knights and soldiers at a slightly distant location. Manus and Aerea quickly turned their heads to stare at the long-armed youth.


Their eyes were widened as they realised that the man’s long legs had reached the area right before them.

‘It’s too late to dodge!”

Clenching his teeth, Manus pulled back his longsword and at the same time, he took a step forward and pushed Aerea behind him. All of that had happened in the blink of an eye.

‘Bring out all my mana and…’

When his thoughts reached that point.


A deafening roar was heard and at the same time,


Light flashed before him.


After that, a hill and a few rocks off to the left crumbled and collapsed onto the field. Manus made a surprised expression as he faced the sudden turn of events.

“W, what is happening?”

Aerea who was behind his back pulled her head out and asked carefully. Instead of giving a reply, Manus waved his hands to get rid of all the dust that appeared. As the dust dissipated, the scene before them was made visible as the man with long arms and legs who had been harassing them disappeared with a masculine youth replacing his spot.


Manus let out a short mutter. It was an extremely familiar appearance that created joy as a smile unknowingly appeared on his lips.

“Is it someone you know?”

Carefully, Aerea asked and Manus replied with a nod.

“He is…”

His voice quivered slightly.

“A man referred to as a god.”

Hearing that, Aerea widened her eyes in shock. Right now, there was only one person on the east side of the Grain Mountain Range that could be called a god.

‘Roan Lancephil!’

She stared directly at the youth in front of her and when their eyes met, the youth gave her an awkward smile. He was indeed Roan Lancephil as Manus had said.

It was then,


Along with a screeching noise, a long arm reached out from the collapsed hillside. A fist wearing a tough glove flew towards Roan’s face.

“Be careful!”

Aerea screamed with a surprised expression but with his eyes still facing Manus and Aerea, Roan raised only his right hand in reply to the flying fist. Roan’s and the man’s fist collided head-on.


A deafening roar was heard.


At the same time, a gust appeared as a result of the fierce showdown. It was a head-on collision of forces but the fists stayed like that without showing a single sign of movement. A strange silence befell the area for a while until,

Crack! Craaack!

Enormous cracks appeared on the glove worn by the man with long arms and legs.

Tuduk. Tududuk.

The glove that had been shredded into pieces fell on the ground. The hand that appeared from within the glove was no different from the man’s body and was as thin as a twig. With the fist still in front of his own, Roan gently opened his fist into a palm. It was a soft, lax movement but it was nonetheless fast enough to not allow a single movement from the other side.


Roan strongly held onto the thin fist of the man and his fingers dug into the back of his hand and the palm.

Crack! Crack!!

Bones broke following some cruel sounds.

“Kieeeeeeeek! It hurts! It hurtss!”

A screech was heard from a distant location and hearing that, Roan whispered in a low voice.

“Not a sound pleasing to the ears.”

Cold killing intent filled his eyes.

“I should break the mouth first, not the hand.”

At once,


Roan kicked off the ground and threw his body towards the collapsed hillside. He became a strand of light and dissected the dimension as he continued on.

<A Bloody Battle (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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