I Am the Monarch – Chapter 300 – A Bloody Battle (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 300: A Bloody Battle (4)

Episs was a failure – that’s what everyone said.

‘Even father…’

He was supposed to be a one-off consumable used to train the successful ones but holding tight onto his eager wishes to live, and be acknowledged by his father, he did whatever he could. The arms and legs that were nothing but long were made tough.

Through painful practices, he earned skins, muscles and bones that could fight against aura and thanks to that, he could escape his fate as a consumable.

However, he still could not earn the recognition of his father. Even when the ‘successes’, the other children of father had spread out the continent to carry out important tasks, he was made to stay at home alone.

‘At this rate, I’ll never be able to get father’s recognition.’

Episs left the house while avoiding the eyes of his father and brothers. He picked a spot relatively rural in the east side of the Grain Mountain Range – a place called Eviance district to have it as his area.

He brought in the orcs and dark elves under him to catch humans and offer them as sacrifices. It was faster than other brothers.

‘A bit more and father will acknowledge me.’

Confidence filled him up but it was then that an annoying race showed themselves from the south. Humans that called themselves Manus Persion, Peid Neil and Aerea Britz appeared with an army.

It wasn’t that hard to fight against them. There were countless orcs and dark elves were a lot stronger than normal humans. As he thought, the battle unfolded in a one-sided manner and humans stood no chance, but ones called Manus, Peid and Aerea served a bit more trouble than others.

‘That’s why I came out personally, wearing the Martis Gloves which father had gifted me with.’

After he came out, the slightly more troublesome ones were no longer their opponents and he was planning to make them into puddles of blood after playing around a bit.

But it was then,

‘That guy! That guy appeared!’

His eyes became half-closed as the cold killing intent left from within.

‘After appearing, he not only punched me, he broke the Martis Gloves which father had given me!’

He was angry,

Very angry but…


With a heavy sound, a fist stabbed into the thin stomach.


Episs bounced off to the back along with a cough as a dent appeared on the tough armour surrounding his stomach.


The hill collapsed and he dived straight into a rock.

“Damn! Kwek! Damn! Kwek!”

Episs raised his body up with anger. Every time he moved, a piece of rock or dust fell from his body.

“You’re different from that guy.”

A solid yet small voice entered his ears.

Touching his stomach, Episs looked at the owner of the voice. He looked at the human that had suddenly appeared and punched him, broke the Martis Gloves before throwing a punch at his stomach, Roan Lancephil.

Roan stared at Episs with slight doubt.

‘He’s weaker than Gorg, the General of Great Strength of the Dark Regiments.’

‘Weaker’ wasn’t enough to pinpoint it out. He was somewhat unstable and immature. While throwing out a heavy punch, he would sometimes suddenly show a strange movement.

‘At the start, I thought it was a trick of his.’

But after some fighting, he realised that that wasn’t the case.

‘This guy is weak, and also very unstable.’

If Gorg was like a male adult, Episs was like a baby.

‘Of course, he’s not someone you could relax in front of.’

He would sometimes act immature, but that didn’t mean that he was worse off than Gorg in terms of the power or ability he had.

“D, different from who! Kwek!”

Episs shouted with a flushed expression and Roan replied word by word while staring into his eyes.

“The General of Great Strength of the Dark Regiments, Gorg.”

As soon as he finished saying that,


Episs became crazy. He jumped up and down from where he was and swung his long arms however he wanted.

“I’m, I’m no different from my brother, Gorg! W, we’re both from the same father!”

Hearing that, Roan gave a frown.


He asked casually and Episs nodded with a bright smile.

“Kukukukuk! Right, our father! The one who created me and my brothers! He who gave us a new life and mission…”

After being carried away in excitement, he suddenly closed his mouth and used his wide palms to grab his head.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Aaaaaak! I’m not supposed to talk about father to anyone! I, I almost went against my father’s words!”

He smashed his head with force in self-blame and appeared to be half insane.


Suddenly, he pulled his head back and let out a strange scream.


He then kicked off the ground and charged in at Roan.

“Kill! Kill! There will be no problem after killing him!”

Gruesome killing intent left his body.


With a gulp, Roan moved slightly back.


He was completely different from his previous movement and aura. It was as if he had broken free from his dead skin, or perhaps an egg but more importantly…

‘He’s gone insane.’

Episs had gone completely insane. Encroached by his thoughts of the existence called father, he had gone crazy and instincts were the only things left inside him. The body that had lost control brought out all the strength laying within.

Kwaaaaang! Kwaang! Kwagagagagagwang!

With every swing of his arms, pillars of dirt would be formed followed by a deafening sound. Roan relied on Kalian’s tears and appeared to be dodging the fierce attacks lightly, but he was in fact extremely focused in every single movement of his body.

That was how sharp and strong his attacks were.


When Roan slithered through his attacks, Episs became even more crazy as his arms swung confusingly.


Sharp winds touched the eardrums.

Hung! Hung! Hung!

His arms swayed like windmills and large gusts formed as a result.

Kugugugugung! Kugung!

Broken pieces of rocks and stones followed the gust into the skies. Roan flowed mana into his two legs to keep his balance.


Episs threw his body at Roan with a scream, recklessly as if he wanted both of them to die.


Roan pulled out the Trivias Spear from his waist and input mana into it.


Along with the screeching of steel, the spearhead showed itself with reddish-black light surrounding it. It was right before the flames were about to pick up but it was then.


Episs who had been running in vigorously suddenly screamed with a pale face. He dropped his arms down and took several steps back before trembling his entire body.

“T, t, t, t, that’s…”

He seemed to have regained his mind. His raised long index finger seemed to be pointing at Roan, or rather, his two hands but more specifically, he was pointing at the Trivias Spear that was being carried by Roan.

Then, he made a strange scream.

“F, Felius!”

The scream left through his lips.

“N, no. It’s still Trivias. Right, father said it was Trivias. I, it’s fine.”

Episs appeared very anxious.

“No! That’s Felius! Felius!”

He continued his incomprehensible words and whispered in a small voice without a stop.

“That being is there. That being is here. That being is here. That being is here.”

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      I certainly understand that in different countries names may changes a bit. I know that I would say “Londre” instead of “London” because I am French speaking. So assuming the character may be from a different race and different origins the names of Travias might not be pronounce the same for them. At least I’ll choose to see it that way.

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