I Am the Monarch – Chapter 300 – A Bloody Battle (4)


“Please sit down.”

An old man entering the late years of his life offered Kalian and Swift seats. Kalian sat down without a single hesitation and raised the cup of tea.


He drank with a loud noise while grinning at the old man. On the other hand, Swift didn’t dare to move casually and lowered his head at the old man.

“Duke Edwin Voisa. Long time no see.”

The old man was none other than Edwin Voisa, who had been the duke of the old Rinse Kingdom. Edwin gave a faint smile and lowered his head.

“Viscount Swift Clock. Long time no see.”

His voice was soft, or actually, it was correct to say that it was powerless. Swift asked back with slight surprise.

“Do you know who I am?”

Edwin slowly nodded his head in response.

“How can I not know the Administrator of the Amaranth Kingdom? Of course…”

Light flickered from his old eyes.

“I did have a slight connection with the previous head of the family.”
“Ah! My father…”

Swift was greatly surprised. His deceased father was a baron and a provincial noble at that, so he wasn’t a very well-known person.

‘He passed away quite early as well…’

And yet because a central noble, a bigshot that had represented the kingdom, Edwin talked about his connection with his father, Swift couldn’t hide the surprise in his heart.

“Just met a few times.”

Edwin waved his hands and sat down. He had been using polite language all this time because Swift was currently an official that had total control over the administration of a country. Although it was a painful reality, he wasn’t someone a duke of a fallen country could be casual in front of.

Kalian who had been watching over silently gave a scoff.

“A fox. A fox indeed.”

He shook his head.

“Met a few times? Kuk, you’re pretty skilled at lying.”

With his fingers, he gestured while pointing at him. Seeing that, Swift widened his eyes and stared at Kalian.

“T, this person is Duke Edwin Voisa. You need to watch your…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence, because according to his previous assumptions, Kalian was someone that could scoff at the entirety of the human race let alone dukes, kings and emperors. When Swift couldn’t find the right words to end the sentence,

“What duke… what can the duke of a fallen country do?”

Kalian had an obvious, mocking smile. Swift couldn’t think of what to say but Edwin who had received mocking words front on had a strangely calm expression with the same faint smile. Kalian turned his head slightly to stare at Swift.

“There’s only us three here so I’ll speak casually. This guy here called Edwin knows already.”
“Sorry? W, what does he…?”

Swift looked back and forth between Kalian and Edwin as Kalian replied with a grin.

“The fact that I’m a dragon.”

Swift collapsed onto the seat with a low mutter. Although he had guessed it already, hearing it directly in person made his body quiver all over.

‘He really was a dragon. I knew it…’

It was surprising that a dragon who had hidden itself hundreds of years ago was right in front of him. But what was more surprising was…

‘How did Duke Edwin know that Sir Kalian was a dragon?’

Even he required quite a long time to find out Kalian’s identity. His eyes full of doubt moved towards Edwin to which Edwin replied with a short sigh.

“Though I’m not boasting, a family like our own would put a lot of effort into teaching history to our kids.”

He stared at Kalian and Swift.

“The extremely rare hair colour and appearance, as well as the amazing magic shown at the entrance of the mansion…”

The smile hanging on his lips deepened.

“They were exactly the same as the descriptions of the Red Dragon, Sir Kalian, that were written in the old books of our household.”
“As expected of a prestigious family.”

Kalian wore a humoured smile and raised his thumb while Swift had admiration on his face.

‘The true power of prestigious families are in these old information, data and wisdom that had been built up over the years.’

Authority, power and money were all trivial things that came and went but the records over the long years and history would never disappear. Kalian crossed his legs and leaned his back onto the chair.

“I’m just a fellow traveller and the one taking care of the actual mission is this person here.”

He pointed at Swift.

“You guys talk it out.”

Swift who had been lost in thought quickly came to himself and straightened his posture as Edwin slowly gave a nod. Even from Edwin’s perspective, Swift was a lot more comfortable to deal with than a dragon, Kalian.

“Have you received the letter?”
“Yes, we have.”

Placing his hand on his right chest, Swift nodded slightly, meaning that the letter was with him. Edwin made a bitter smile, as loneliness flashed through his eyes.

“Please return my son, Mills Voisa.”

Swift didn’t show any response as it was something he had already seen through the letter. Edwin made a tight fist.

“In return…”

His powerless voice quivered viciously.

“I’ll break the Devesis Church into pieces.”

This was also recorded in the letter. Thinking that, Swift let out a short sigh inwardly.

‘From here on is my task.’

If it was before, he would have accepted Edwin’s suggestion but right now, the situation had changed. After knowing about Latio’s cruel, evil plan, there was a need for a bigger plan.

“Duke Voisa.”

He used the title ‘duke’ for a reason as his voice and attitude remained polite.

“According to your will, we will send Sir Mills Voisa back but…”

His eyes flickered brightly in light.

“There’s something more we want from our side.”

Edwin let out a short mutter. Because he thought that his offer was good enough already, he wasn’t expecting the other party to have other conditions. He forcibly suppressed his heart and nodded his head.

“Please continue.”

He said in a low tone. Swift didn’t open his mouth casually and instead stared directly into Edwin’s eyes as silence befell the room.


Edwin gulped. Even he who was an old noble was slightly put off by the aura given by Swift. It was then, that Swift’s lips that had been sealed tight started to move slowly.

“Please requisition the imperial palace.”

The words that finally left were very surprising and at the same time, impossible.

“What do you…”

Edwin made a frown but Swift opened his mouth once again without being deterred.

“I don’t mean destruction or seizing it by power.”

He emphasised it once again with a clear voice.

“But requisition.”

Swift’s bright eyes reflected light.

“Please take over the imperial palace.”

He repeated the same sentence as silence once again found its place.

<A Bloody Battle (4)> End.

PR Note: Thank you, everyone, for reading IatM with us. We have reached Chapter 300. There are officially less than 50 chapters to go until the novel reaches the end. A quick note about the language and writing style is that you are all free to blame the author. The author has a weird writing style that changes every now and then, same thing with military ranks. I and Lunargrasp try to keep it as understandable and clear as much as we can but… yeah.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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