I Am the Monarch – Chapter 301 – A Bloody Battle (5)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 305: A Bloody Battle (5)


Roan Lancephil gave a frown. It was his first time hearing that name.

‘I think he’s saying that to the Travias Spear…’

Now that he thought about it, Roan still did not know the identities of Flamdor and Travias exactly. Even when he had met them for the first time at Bertex, they had kept their identities a secret till the very end.

In addition, although he absorbed Flamdor and Travias in the fight with Simon, he still could not find out about their exact identities.

‘It was as if only that part was sealed tight…’

Roan collected his breath and stared at Episs.

‘Is Felius perhaps the real name of Travias?’

The only one that could give him an answer was Episs.

“Oi, what’s Felius?”

He asked lightly but the response he got was an insane one.


Episs wrapped his long arms around his neck and screamed as his eyes turned red from blood.

“I’ll get scolded by father! Scolded by father!”

It appeared as if he was about to kill himself.

‘Is the name Felius that much of a great secret?’

Roan breathed out deeply but then,

“Kieeek! Die! Die!”

Episs who had been wrapping his own neck suddenly ran in towards Roan. He had completely lost his mind, and had gone insane.


His long arms slammed the empty ground. His movements had become one step faster and he had become a lot stronger as well. Roan barely avoided the attack and quickly swung the Travias Spear.


Reddish-black flames reached up.


Episs lowered his body with a strange noise and kicked out with his long leg. It was an extremely agile movement that could surprise anyone but Roan’s mind was focused on something else.

‘He’s avoiding the Travias Spear instinctively.’

Even in his insane state, he seemed to be fearing the Travias Spear greatly. Roan lightly carried his feet to dodge his legs and trembled the end of his spear.


The spearhead blurred and instantaneously, dozens and hundreds of spearheads filled the space.


Seeing the spearheads coming in at his head and feet from all directions, Episs let out a strange noise. He became extremely confused after seeing that there was no way out.

Sphat! Pabat!

The spearhead danced and slashed at his body.


His ear-piercing scream filled the battlefield. He screamed and trembled his body like he was about to die any time soon but there were no lethal wounds on his body. There were only a few cuts on his skin.

“F, Felius…! Felius has touched my body!”

Episs had seemingly regained his mind and twitched.

‘There’s indeed some kind of secret behind it.’

Roan swung the Travias Spear and pointed the spearhead at his forehead. The sharp tip pierced into Episs’ skin.

“Kiek! Kiek!”

Letting out a rough cough, Episs quivered. To make sure he couldn’t move around, Roan put more strength into his wrist and asked with a cold voice.

“What is Felius? Is it another name of Travias?”
“Kuuuuu. I, I, I cannot say it. I can’t.”

Seeing Episs force his breath to a stop and shaking his head, Roan twisted his wrist.


The spear dug into his forehead.


Episs swung his hands with more quavering.

“I, I’ll speak!”

He was extremely fearful of the Travias Spear digging into his forehead. After this much, even Roan had to tilt his head in doubt.

‘What in the world is this Felius that…’

Roan was curious why Episs who had been fiercely attacking him was now scared and asking for mercy. After some hesitation, Episs carefully opened his mouth.

“Travias is a fake name attached to it instead of its real name.”
“You’re saying its real name is Felius?”

When Roan asked, Episs slowly nodded his head.

“Why was he called by a fake name?”

Roan stared directly into his eyes as Episs struggled and opened his mouth with a fearful expression.

“That’s because, F, Felius had been corrupted. H, he cared for the Middle World after going against his father’s will so, h, he could no longer be called by the noble n, name.”

Although he was stuttering like crazy, it didn’t seem like he was lying. Roan asked again with a soft voice.

“By father, is he the same existence as your father?”

As soon as he finished,

“N, no! No!”

Episs’ face was flushed deep red.

“O, our father is completely different from F, Felius’ father! Our father is…”

The more he continued, the redder his face got. Immediately, Roan felt the back of his head twitch as his skin started feeling tingly.


His instincts told him that.

Roan quickly carried his feet and took a few steps back and when he did,


Along with an awful sound, Episs’ head exploded as red blood and sticky remains of the brain splattered to the sides.


Smokes started leaving from the places where the blood and brain remains had touched. Roan quickly swung the Travias Spear to block the blood and the remains from touching his body.

‘What in the world…’

With a frown, Roan stared at Episs’ corpse. His long arms and legs were spread about without a sign of life. The body was fine but it was without a head as red blood continued flowing out from his neck.

What was surprising was that whatever the blood touched would dissolve with smoke.

‘Nothing happened when he got injured during the fights though?’

Roan twisted his wrist and retrieved the Travias Spear.

‘Is it an explosion due to him going crazy? Or is it something to safeguard the secret?’

In any case, it was difficult to understand.

‘Are these guys human? And who in the world is that person called father?’

There were too many secrets he didn’t know and besides,

‘What’s the true identity of Travias?’

His head was mingled with complicated thoughts.

‘Even inside the memories of Tempestas, there was nothing significant.’

Roan let out a deep sigh.

‘Perhaps Sir Kalian knows about it?’

A thought suddenly popped up in his head. Even if he didn’t know fully, Roan thought that he probably would at least know a rough gist of it.

‘Or maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t know it…’

Ever since his previous life, Roan was only interested in wars, fights and the uses of the spear. In this life, thanks to the memories of the sorcerers, he at least knew a little bit more about other fields but he was nonetheless still very lacking in knowledge in fields he wasn’t interested in.

‘I should study a bit huh.’

He felt bitter.

‘Felius. Felius huh…’

Thinking that he might have heard it somewhere, he was looking deeper into his memories.

“Your Majesty.”

A voice was heard from behind.


Roan got rid of all the complicated thoughts and turned around and there, he saw an extremely nostalgic and familiar face.

“Prince Manus.”

Walking up, he shoved his right hand out and Manus grabbed it while lowering his head.

“We saved our lives thanks to Your Majesty.”

Hearing the moved voice and seeing his moved expression, Roan made a faint smile and shook his head.

“It’s great that I was able to be of help.”

Just like that, they stared at each other silently with their hands still there.

“Mhmm. Hmm. Hmm.”

Peid Neil who had been watching at the side made an awkward smile and gave out a few coughs. Only then did Roan and Manus let go of their hands and turn towards Peid and Aerea Britz.

“Peid Neil of Istel Kingdom. It has been a while Your Majesty.”
“It has been a while indeed.”

Roan and Peid had seen each other before already.

“You have been of great help in the past.”

With a bright smile, Roan reached out with his right hand. By ‘great help’, he was referring to how the Istel Kingdom had supported the Amaranth Kingdom instead of the North Rinse Kingdom during the founding war of the Amaranth.

Thanks to Peid’s choice and decision, Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom were able to defeat the North Rinse Kingdom as well as the Byron Kingdom.

“We are the ones that should be grateful to Your Majesty.”

Peid shook his head with a modest expression and voice. They too had received most of their kingdom’s farmlands back due to a generous decision of Roan as well as having their massive war reparations cancelled out.

“This here is…”

Taking a step back, Peid pointed at Aerea. As if she had been waiting, Aerea took a step forward and snatched Roan’s hand.

“It is an honour to meet Your Majesty Roan Lancephil, who’s called the strongest of the continent and the God of War. I really, really…”

Her eyes flickered with light.

“Wanted to meet you once at least.”

It was a curiosity unique to military officials. Hearing that, Roan nodded his head with a faint smile.

“It is my honour as well to meet Captain Aerea Britz of the Meland Defense Army.”

Aerea made a surprised expression in response.

“Did you know of me already?”

Her voice trembled towards the end and Roan nodded with a face saying that it was natural.

“Information is power after all.”

Peid who had been listening from the sides let out a low mutter.

‘Indeed, their information gathering ability is fearsome.’

Aerea wasn’t well-known enough for foreign countries to know of her yet and for that reason, he was thinking of making her into a secret weapon of the Istel Kingdom.

‘Now it’s meaningless.’

Peid let out a bitter smile. He could only be in awe of the fact that Roan had already known about Aerea beforehand.

“In any case, what in the world is this person? I had never heard of people having such strange appearances.”

Manus gave a frown with his eyes staring at the corpse missing its head. Roan shook his head with a short sigh.

“I do not know exactly either but I have met someone similar to this before.”
“Sorry? You have met someone like this already?”

Manus, Peid and Aerea asked back with surprise and Roan nodded slowly in response.

“Yes. He called himself Gorg, the General of Great Strength of the Dark Regiments.”

As soon as he finished.

“Dark Regiments?”
“General of Great Strength Gorg?”

They tilted their heads with frowns. Seeing that Roan made a bitter smile.

‘It seems to be their first time hearing that as well.’

He had lost a ray of hope but there was no need for him to be in despair.

‘It is only the beginning. In any case…’

There was something more important.

Roan stared at Manus before looking at Peid.

“Have you perhaps heard of the name, Felius before?”

He thought that perhaps Manus and Peid who represented their kingdoms might have heard of it before and asked but,

“Felius huh…”

Manus and Peid frowned and tilted their heads. Judging from how they couldn’t give a response immediately, it seemed like it was their first time hearing it as well.

‘As expected, it is going to be hard to find out…’

When his thoughts reached that point.


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