I Am the Monarch – Chapter 301 – A Bloody Battle (5)

Aerea who had been silent chimed in with a bright smile. Peid who had been in contemplation frowned slightly.

“Miss Aerea. If you’re thinking of making a joke here…”

He waved his hand thinking that she would talk about something strange but Aerea instead made a bold expression as she shook her head.

“I’m not joking. I’ve heard of that name before.”

She then faced Roan, Manus and Peid and shrugged her shoulders instead.

“I’m more surprised that you do not know of this name. Did you guys not study theology before? But I guess it is hard to find people studying theology these days.”

With a bright smile, she continued.

“Felius. That being is…”

Her smile deepened.

“The thirteenth son of the God Devesis.”


Swift Clock and Edwin Voisa’s conversation continued without an end. Kalian who had been listening to it with an interested expression at the start was now yawning in boredom.

‘They sure talk a lot.’

It was then.


An unpleasant feeling touched Kalian’s senses.

‘This aura is…’

Although it had been so long, it was something he could never forget. Kalian stood up from his seat with a grin as Swift and Edwin who had been indulged in their conversation trembled.

‘Oh no. We were too focused on our conversation.’

Swift scratched the back of his head with an awkward smile.

“I, it must’ve been boring right?”

Kalian shook his hand, gesturing to him to not care about it.

“It’s fine. You guys continue talking. I’ll leave for a bit.”
“Sorry? Where…?”

Edwin asked with slight nervousness but Kalian replied shortly with a nonchalant expression.

“A friend visiting, it seems.”

He carried his feet and left the living room.


Hearing the door closing, Swift and Edwin looked at each other and blinked.

“A friend…”

Swift started first and Edwin gave a nod after gulping once.

“Must be a dragon.”

Their faces turned pale. Just one existence of Kalian was enough to suffocate them and yet another dragon appeared now?


Swift trembled unknowingly.

‘Is the Middle World really going to be destroyed?’

A cruel future appeared in his imagination but oblivious to that, Kalian waved his hand lightly after leaving the room.


Along with a pillar of white light, the scenery in front of him changed. It was teleportation magic and the ancient mansion disappeared as a wide grassland replaced it. Leaning on one leg, Kalian stared at the middle of the grassland, at a youth who was sitting down on a randomly placed piece of rock.

He looked at Kalian with his beautiful face that rivaled Kalian’s, and made a cold smile.

“Been so long and you’re not even giving a greeting?”

Kalian shook his head with a humoured expression. He raised his right hand while walking towards the beautiful youth.

“You’ve been well right?”

His humoured expression slowly changed to a cold one.

“You look healthy at least, Lunark.”


The youth sitting on top of the rock was the Black Dragon Lunark, who was more well-known as the Mad Dragon.

<A Bloody Battle (5)> End.

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Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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