I Am the Monarch – Chapter 302 – A Bloody Battle (6)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 302: A Bloody Battle (6)

“Still talkative. Kalian.”

Lunark stood up from his seat with a cold expression.

“Showing yourself after hundreds of years… must’ve been because of something very urgent.”

His voice was cold as well. In response, Kalian shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

“I had no other choice because some crazy bastard was going around doing some crazy things.”

In that instant, Lunark’s eyebrows twitched.

“Crazy bastard, crazy things…?”

His voice turned a level colder as Kalian gave a wink and a smirk.

“Why? Does it ring a bell?”

Kalian asked casually to which Lunark responded with a silent glare. Heavy silence surrounded the two and it was enough to make Swift Clock faint from suffocation had he been present.

It was Lunark who broke the silence.

“Let me ask one thing to you bunch guarding the Gates of the Boundary. Why are you trying to defend the Middle World?”

He seemed to be extremely clueless evident from his voice and expression. Kalian replied without a single bit of hesitation.

“It’s the place we’re living in.”

Hearing that, Lunark let out a scoff.


He spoke with deeply sunken eyes.

“This is no longer the world of the dragons. It has become the world of humans.”

Lunark stared at the skies.

“Due to the dirty tricks of the ones above, the Middle World has been corrupt.”

Killing intent etched out from his voice but Kalian made a dumbfounded expression in response.

“This Middle World has never belonged to the dragons in the first place and naturally, it is not the humans’ either.”

He looked directly at Lunark’s two eyes.

“This is everyone’s world.”

As soon as his words ended,


Lunark quickly cut into his words as killing intent left his body.

“Before the intervention of the gods, we were the rulers of the Middle World.”
“The humans existed back then as well.”
“But they were like bugs.”
“What about bugs?”

Kalian refuted Lunark’s words with a nonchalant expression before placing his hand on his chest and smiling.

“We ourselves are no different from bugs.”

Lunark frowned.

“You’re saying we, the dragons are like bugs?”
“To someone, the dragons could be existences similar to bugs.”

Kalian was still casual in his replies and Lunark’s eyes were coloured black.

“Very insulting.”

It seemed like he would jump in at Kalian at any given moment but Kalian still didn’t lose his calm.

“To who? The dragons, or the bugs?”
“Are you trying to play with words right now?”

Seeing Lunark clench his teeth, Kalian shook his head.

“Let’s stop the meaningless talk here.”

Any sign of nonchalance and humour disappeared from his face and voice.

“After several debates, we have decided to defend the Gates of the Boundary as well as the Middle World. Lunark. Although I have no idea what you have been doing, I want you to follow our decision as a fellow dragon.”

With a scoff, Lunark stared directly at Kalian and continued.

“The gods left the Divine World and incarnated in the Middle World in their own volition. They helped several races that were similar to themselves and in that process, we, the original owners of the Middle World had to be pushed off to the darkness.”

Kalian shook his head.

“That’s not right. Back then, our ancestors were too lazy as well and had no interest in the Middle World. It was thanks to the Divine World and the Demon World being in a status quo and if they weren’t, the Middle World could’ve been ruined any time. The gods shared their powers to save the Middle World, hoping that the humans, elves, dwarves, beastmen or monsters could achieve what the dragons didn’t.”

His voice became increasingly powerful.

“Besides, after the Middle World found its stability, the gods returned back to the Divine World, and at the same time, they signed a pact saying that they wouldn’t casually interfere in the works of the Middle World right?”

Of course, due to that contract, dragons also formed laws saying that they couldn’t suppress or harass the priests that served gods and also promised to reign over the Middle World as a supervisor, not a bystander.

Kalian stared directly at Lunark with wide eyes gesturing that there was nothing wrong with his words. Lunark bit his lower lips because he couldn’t refute any of Kalian’s words but thinking that he couldn’t be forced back like this, he soon shook his head with a scoff.

“Hmph. The gods returned to the Divine World because the Middle World became stable? What a joke. They gave up on the Middle World because of their war with the demons.”

This time it was Kalian who turned speechless as Lunark’s words weren’t wrong either. During that time, the gods had to leave the Middle World because of the demons’ attack on the Divine World.

It was a mix of circumstances.

“What happened after the war between the Divine World and the Demon World, the god race and the demon race ended?”

Lunark asked Kalian with a faint smile making Kalian respond with a bitter smile.

“Are you talking about Felius and the Seven Angels?”

Lunark nodded his head.

“Right. That damned god.”

Killing intent was evident in his voice. Kalian shook his head after a short sigh.

“There was no other choice because the demons attacked the Middle Worl…”

When his words reached that point,

“He should’ve left it to us.”

Lunark cut him off with a cold expression but Kalian let out an empty laughter.

“Left it to us? What were we doing back then? What were our ancestors doing back then?”

Back then, when the demons showed themselves in the Middle World through the Gates of the Boundary, the dragons stayed deep in their own lairs without moving a single inch.

The reason was simple.

They didn’t like the humans and other races that became arrogant after receiving the grace from the gods. The dragons were planning to use the invasion of the demons to show humans and other races who the owner of the Middle World was.

‘They were planning to suppress their tall noses.’

Kalian continued with slight anger.

“Because of our stupid thoughts, the demons wreaked havoc throughout the Middle World and their morale soared through the skies. Due to that, when we finally decided to move, we had to put in all our strength into reforging the broken Gates of the Boundary and resealing it. If Felius and the Seven Angels didn’t come down, the Middle World would’ve fallen into the hands of the demons.”

His voice turned louder.

“And yet you’re saying the gods had to keep their promise with us?”

He wasn’t asking for an answer and Kalian immediately pointed his finger to the sky.

“They did keep their promise though. God Devesis sealed his own son, Felius and the seven angels that fought with him.”

Light entered his two eyes.

“In addition, he didn’t call them back to the Divine World and didn’t allow him to use the noble name of the gods. One of the most elegant and noble gods, Felius had lost his body and name as he ended up wandering around the Middle World.”
“That’s the price of going against the contract of the gods and the dragons.”

Lunark replied with an uninterested expression and Kalian nodded after some deep breaths.

“God Devesis and other gods kept their promise by sealing Felius and the Seven Angels.”

After that, the gods never incarnated in the Middle World.

“So Lunark. You keep our side of the contract as well.”

Lunark scoffed in response.

“Hmph. You’re saying as if I am plotting something weird. Don’t tell me the ‘crazy bastard’ you mentioned was me?”

When Kalian was about to reply, Lunark waved his hand as if he didn’t care too much about it.

“Well, I was called the Mad Dragon from years back so it’s not too wrong and besides I have…”

His face turned vicious.

“Always loved crazy things.”

Lunark stared directly at Kalian with a snicker.

“Kalian. You’re right.”

Hearing the sudden words, Kalian frowned.

‘What was I right about?’

He couldn’t form a guess and could only wait for the next words. The smile hanging on Lunark’s lips became deeper.

“The gods kept their promise, and will never go against it ever again.”

Lunark breathed in deeply.

“In other words, it is the most opportune time to cleanse the Middle World.”

Taking steps back, he threw his arms wide open.

“I will get rid of all signs of the gods from this Middle World because the rightful owners of the Middle World are us, the dragons.”

His voice was filled with insanity.

“The bugs will be returning to their place as bugs. Kukuku.”

A strange laughter left his lips and Kalian clenched his teeth.

“I knew it was you.”

He had guessed it from before.

‘The moment I knew he, who should’ve been hibernating at his lair had disappeared…’

Kalian had doubts ever since that day. He took a step closer at Lunark with a fierce gaze pointing at him.

“You’re supporting that crazy bastard called Latio right?”

Lunark nodded his head with a smile in response.

“Of course. Because of the contract between the gods and the dragons, we cannot destroy the temples or kill their priests after all.”
“So you’ll be leaving that to Latio huh…”

A bitter smile appeared on Kalian’s lips as Lunark nodded.

“Even I was surprised by his desire for revenge.”

Kalian let out a low mutter.

Lunark and Latio.
Dragon and human.

The things they desired were similar.

‘Lunark desires the cleansing of the Middle World while Latio wants its destruction.’

Kalian clenched his teeth.

‘Lunark probably thinks he could control Latio with ease.’

On the other hand, Latio would think that Lunark would be unable to do anything to him due to him being a priest. Their desires and standpoints strangely fit together perfectly.

Suddenly, Kalian’s face turned stiff.

‘But what about the first and the second lives?’

He had looked into the memories of Tempestas himself, so he roughly knew about the life of Latio.

‘He had no connection with Lunark though…’

Kalian suddenly felt a chill running down his spine.

‘Don’t tell me Lunark appeared in the world because of Roan…?’

After thinking of that, he glared fiercely at Lunark.

“Lunark. You were hibernating until recently right?”

It was a sudden question but Lunark replied with a slow nod.

“I was.”

Kalian became urgent with his words.

“But why did you wake up? Shouldn’t you have been sleeping for another 100 years or so?”

Lunark nodded with slight annoyance.

“I was thinking of wreaking havoc after a good sleep but…”

His eyes were painted deep black.

“I could feel the auras of a god and a demon from nearby. It was a very unpleasant feeling. Thinking that they might have come to the Middle World again, I had to force myself to wake up but the auras themselves disappeared immediately so I couldn’t follow them…”

A strange smile appeared on his lips.

“But I was able to meet an interesting guy called Latio thanks to that.”

Kalian once again let out a low mutter.

‘I knew it.’

It must have been Roan that woke up the Mad Dragon Lunark.

‘The aura of a god would mean Felius, in other words, Travias and…’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips.

‘The aura of a demon would be…’

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    1. Anon04982015

      No, Flamdor is the demon. In the story it said,
      “Felius and Flamdor.
      God and Demon.”

      God refers to Felius and Flamdor as a Demon.

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