I Am the Monarch – Chapter 302 – A Bloody Battle (6)

He thought of an existence that was also close to Roan physically.

‘Flamdor huh.’

Felius and Flamdor.
God and demon.

However, they should’ve both been sealed.

‘How did their auras escape?’

Unfortunately, Kalian didn’t know clearly what had happened with Roan and thus, he didn’t know that Roan had lent his body to Travias and Flamdor for a short amount of time in the past.

Kalian clenched his teeth.

‘Damn. If it wasn’t for the laws and the contract, I would’ve told everything to Roan without holding back…’

And likewise, he would’ve been able to hear everything from Roan himself. When his head became complex with thoughts,


Lunark suddenly made a frown. He blinked his two eyes several times before murmuring in a tiny voice.

“Although it was a failure…”

His voice was filled with killing intent.

“He killed my son again.”

His two pupils, or rather, the entirety of his eyes were painted black as killing intent raced out from his body. The killing intent rode the wind and flowed towards the east.

<A Bloody Battle (6)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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    1. Anon04982015

      No, Flamdor is the demon. In the story it said,
      “Felius and Flamdor.
      God and Demon.”

      God refers to Felius and Flamdor as a Demon.

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