I Am the Monarch – Chapter 303 – A Bloody Battle (7)


Roan lightly kicked off the ground and sprinted towards the hill.


After he left, a strong gust replaced him.


Episs’ body which had been standing up sorrowfully without a head was pushed by the wind and fell on the ground. Feeling the wind rushing up their cheeks, Manus, Peid and Aerea looked at Roan getting further away.

“That is not the speed of a human…”

Manus was greatly moved while Peid and Aerea only gulped in nervousness.

It was then.


Pillars of red yet black flames soared up with deafening roars as rocks and dirt splattered around. When Roan swung the Travias Spear once, hills collapsed and grounds were turned.

Dududung! Dududung! Dududung!

The war drums of the Dark Regiment turned more urgent.


The soldiers of the Dark Regiment ran in towards Roan with strange shrieks and their killing intent filled the battlefield but,

Kwang! Kwaaang! Kwaaaaaang!

They couldn’t fight against Roan. Whenever Roan swung his spear, tens of soldiers got chopped in half as blood splattered around. At the same time, reddish-black flowers made of flames would bloom at the places where the spear travelled.

Manus clenched his teeth.

“Let’s go as well.”

He couldn’t just stand back as something hot boiled up from within.

“Romils Hotten!”

With the largest voice he could force out, he called Romils.

“Please give us your orders!”

Romils who had already arrived near him replied with a resolute face. Manus pointed his sword towards the Dark Regiments, at Roan who was fighting against them all alone.

“We’ll fight together.”

As soon as his words ended.

“Yes sir!”

Answering in one voice, the troops alongside Romils started marching before Manus did. They placed Manus in the centre and formed a charging formation to protect him despite the fierce charge.


They had not a single horse but the earth roared from the sharp synchronised movements of the soldiers.

“Can’t be the only one losing out!”

Aerea who had been watching on raised her left hand up.

“Special Corps! Listen! We follow His Majesty Lancephil and Prince Manus! We fight together!”
“Yes ma’am!”

Their replies sounded straight after the command and echoed away.


With Aerea at the lead, hundreds of soldiers belonging to the Special Corps followed Manus and his troop that did not fear death and kicked off the ground. It was then that Roan who had been wreaking havoc alone inside the Dark Regiments’ soldiers soared up the air.


Flames rose up alongside his spear and after dividing the blue skies into halves, it roared as it smashed down onto the ground.


Deafening roars hit the eardrums of the listeners and let alone the hill, the entire ground shook greatly. However, there weren’t any pillars of dirt of flames being formed and instead,

Crack! Crack crack!

The small hill started cracking and forming patterns resembling a turtle’s shell.


The soldiers of the Dark Regiments were frightened by the vibrations that crumbled the ground beneath them and attempted to run away to all directions.

It was then,


Reddish-black light came scorching out from within the cracks.


The soldiers of the Dark Regiment who had been occupying the hill tilted their heads after seeing the reddish-black light soaring up their body.



Light turned into fire. Reddish-black light turned to flames of the same colour and devoured the soldiers as well as the hill itself.


The ones that were devoured by the fire screamed and threw their limbs around in pain but soon, those movements came to a gradual stop. They turned to black ashes floating above the reddish-black flames.


Roan who had soared up into the skies landed on the ground. In front of him, there was an incarnation of hell and roaring flames.

“Kikek. Kiek.”

The soldiers of the Dark Regiments glared at Roan without daring to approach. Actually, they appeared to be glaring because it was impossible to see their facial features due to the helmet covering their faces. However, it was still evident that they were confused.

During that time, Manus and his troop, as well as Aerea and her Special Corps raced through the battlefield and gathered behind Roan’s back. Even when facing the thousands of soldiers of the Dark Regiment and the reddish-black flames, they showed no fear.


Peid who had stayed behind with the leftover soldiers in a defensive formation let out a mutter unknowingly. Behind the reddish-black flames stood Roan and behind his back, there was Manus and Aerea.

“The three nations are fighting as one.”

His voice trembled. It was truly a fearsome alliance without fear of empires. It was an alliance he had been dreaming of, which he couldn’t even try to form let alone succeeding.

‘Although I couldn’t do it…’

Peid’s eyes faced Roan.

“It’s possible for the God of War.”

This was the difference between himself and Roan. He was filled with passion and although they were still in a disadvantageous situation, he did not think it was possible to lose.

‘We will be victorious.’

He was filled with confidence.

Peid had no idea but the citizens of the Amaranth Kingdom were living with those emotions and it was something that had been felt by anyone that had fought together with Roan at least once. To them, Roan was not simply a monarch, commander or a friend and was instead, faith.

Just by being with him, they would be confident. That was Roan.



All of a sudden, from the left side of the Dark Regiments, the north-west direction, a war-horn sounded. At the same time, over the reddish-black flames, an enormous number of soldiers showed themselves while carrying small and large flags unlike the Dark Regiments.


Not just Roan but Manus, Aerea and even Peid who had been in a distant location frowned as they faced the newly arrived group of soldiers.

‘If it’s the enemy’s reinforcements, it would turn rough.’

The situation which was already rough could fall into the absolute favour of the opposition.


Manus who had been staring at the unidentified regiment’s flags frowned.

‘That flag is…’

It was a familiar flag. Romils from next to him widened his eyes and bellowed.

“Baron Vance Vonte!”

The flag soaring up in front of the regiment was definitely the flag of Vance Vonte.

“Vance Vonte huh…”

Roan made a frown. He too had heard of that name through the Argens.

‘A noble that had originally supported Prince Manus before going over to Prince Reitas’ side near the end…’

It wasn’t looking good. With this situation in front of them, a noble under Reitas Persion had appeared with a regiment. Roan, Manus, Aerea as well as the soldiers behind them felt their expressions turning stiffer.

However, they had no idea about the real reason why Vance Vonte had appeared in this Eviance area…

A strange wind was approaching the battlefield. It wasn’t a north, south, east or west wind but a huge gust, a tempest from nowhere.

<A Bloody Battle (7)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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