I Am the Monarch – Chapter 304 – A Bloody Battle (8)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 304: A Bloody Battle (8)

“No more playing with you.”

With a cold voice, Lunark glared at Kalian and took a few steps back.


Suddenly, white light appeared from beneath his feet. Seeing the teleportation magic, Kalian kicked off the ground and ran in towards Lunark.

“Where do you think you’re going!”

His thunderous shout shook the heavens and the earth as his right arm entered the pillar of light.


With a slam, Lunark who had been inside the pillar of light bounced off until he was outside it.


Soon, the pillar of light, the teleportation magic had lost its power and vanished.

Lunark put strength into his legs and regained his balance.


His feet slid across the ground.


He once again put force into his legs, stopping the body that was about to fall powerlessly. While twisting his right fist, Lunark stared directly at Kalian.

“Did you just punch me?”

Hearing that, Kalian shook his hand with an amiable expression.

“Sorry. It was so urgent that my hand left without me even ordering it to.”
“This bastard…”

Lunark clenched his teeth. The eyes that had been painted black emanated sharp killing intent as if he could jump in at Kalian any time. However, he only let out his killing intent without actually moving.

‘I cannot be certain of victory.’

That wasn’t the end.

‘We will both die.’

Even if someone survived, it was obvious that they would receive a wound that needed hundreds and thousands of years of sleep as recuperation. Kalian and Lunark’s strength was at a similar level, and it was hard to tell who was stronger.

Those thoughts weren’t just limited to Lunark.

‘Although it was urgent and I had thrown a punch…’

Kalian made a bitter smile inwardly.

‘If that crazy bastard came attacking, I have to put my life on the line.’

Besides, the one that had slightly more chances of winning was Lunark. He wasn’t called a Mad Dragon for nothing.

Kalian faced Lunark and made a bright smile.

“Are you trying to attack Roan?”

Hearing the simple question, the Mad Dragon Lunark made a cruel smile.

“Because that guy keeps on ruining my precious creations.”

Kalian shook his head.

“Roan has the Travias Spear with him.”

The spear which the previous Dragon Lord had made with the magic steel, Dionium, which God Devesis had sealed his thirteenth son Felius’ soul into:

A magic spear and a divine spear.
The spear of a corrupt and yet a noble being.
The spear of destruction and creation.

“The Travias Spear can cut our scales, muscles, bones and heart. You know that right?”

It was a serious topic but his voice and expression remained nonchalant.


Lunark scoffed.

“Nonsense. A sealed Travias Spear is nothing more than a metal stick.”
“Can’t be too sure about that.”

Kalian quickly shook his head in response.

“Roan is different from normal humans.”

Hearing his voice that was filled with confidence, Lunark half squinted his eyes.

“How is he different?”

Lunark had been curious from a long time ago.

‘Humans including Latio, as well as the dark elves and orcs either quivered from hatred or fear and clicked their tongues.’

Kalian replied with a grin.

“A secret.”

He twitched his fingers and made a strange gesture with his body. Immediately, Lunark’s expression crumpled visibly.

“Kalian. Do you really want to fight to the end…”
“Just joking.”

Kalian shook his hands and continued with a low voice.

“Roan, that guy…”

His face turned serious.

“Has connections to not only the Divine, Demon and Middle World, but the Spirit World as well.”

Lunark frowned as Kalian continued.

“Felius of the Divine World; Flamdor of the Demon World; Elaim of the Spirit World and Europas of the Middle World. All their powers are lying dormant inside his body.”

It was safe to say that the root of all powers were inside Roan’s body but Lunark formed a grin instead.

“Kuk. There’s no need to fear dormant powers.”

Indeed, he was in fact assured because they were dormant, and because they were, he thought that this was the most opportune timing. Seeing that, Kalian formed a bright smile on his lips.

“If you try to kill Roan…”

His smile deepened.

“One or two of those powers, or perhaps even all of them might awaken.”

Lunark replied coldly but Kalian still wore the same unchanging expression. He remained calm and nonchalant.

“Nonsense? You know it as well, that from that guy…”

Power entered his voice.

“You can sense the powers of a god, a demon, a spirit and a dragon.”

His words picked up speed.

“Their seals have been weakened. With one wrong touch of yours, Roan might awaken.”
“No need to worry! Even if he does, he is still but a human.”

Lunark shouted with annoyance.

“I can’t talk sense into you. If he does awaken, at that point, he will no longer be a human but… no, whatever.”

Kalian clicked his tongue and waved his hand. Realising that persuasions like this wouldn’t work, he heaved out a short sigh.

“There’s no other choice. Europas told me to never say it but…”

In that instant, Lunark’s eyes trembled slightly. Fitting his title as the Mad Dragon, Lunark did not fear a single existence in the world including the gods but he did show respect to Europas. He was the Dragon Lord representing all dragons and was also someone Lunark had never beaten from his hatchling days. It was an instinctive reaction.

Kalian made a faint smile inwardly as it was the reaction he had been expecting.

“Europas has given Roan the token of the Dragon Lord.”

It was a bolt from the blue.

“W, what?!”

As expected, Lunark widened his eyes from hearing something he had never been expecting.

“Europas gave the Token of the Lord to a human?”

He couldn’t believe it but Kalian nodded his head with a nonchalant expression.

“All the dragons except you were guarding the Gates of the Boundary so there was no-one to hand it over to.”
“But still giving the Token of the Lord to a human makes no sen…”

When Lunark’s complaint reached that point,

“He’s better than you at least.”

Kalian replied shortly.


Lunark glared at Kalian while spewing out profanities. If Roan had the Token of the Lord, it was impossible for him to do anything directly.

‘There’s no other way but to leave him to the Dark Regiments and the children I made. Or else…’

He made a sly grin.

“I have to open the Gates of the Boundary before he can awaken huh.”
“And I have to stop that.”

Kalian returned his glare as Lunark scoffed once again.

“Hmph. An interesting situation.”

Rather than interesting, it was more correct to say that it was a complicated situation that induced headaches. The Divine World, the Demon World, the Middle World and the Spirit World were all mixed up right now so one mistake could mean the end of the worlds.

“Good. Let’s have a real battle then.”

Lunark breathed in deeply and so did Kalian.

“It will turn into a very big game.”

A cold smile formed on Lunark’s lips.

“A game with the world on the line. The winning side will win the entire world.”

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