I Am the Monarch – Chapter 304 – A Bloody Battle (8)

His voice which was colder than his smile was carried by the wind and soon,


Lunark disappeared along with a pillar of white light. Only after seeing that did Kalian let out a deep sigh.

“Huu. I somehow managed to deceive him but…”

He placed his hand over his left chest unconsciously.

“I need to hand him Europas’ gift as soon as possible.”

Although it wasn’t the Token of the Lord, it was a gift rivalling that. Quickly handing that over was his first priority now.

“In any case, Lunark this guy, I hope he moves just like how Europas predicted…”

The last words Europas had left behind surfaced in his head.

‘Europas. Even after death you continue binding Lunark.’

Kalian couldn’t help but respect him.

“Huu. Then should I head off now as well.”

With a light wave of his right hand, a pillar of white light reappeared. At the same time, Kalian disappeared from there with the same teleportation magic as Lunark.

After the two dragons had left, a gust of wind replaced them. It was a breeze signalling the start of a tempest.


The Dark Regiments, Vance Vonte and Roan Lancephil.

The three parties were in a strange three-way confrontation in silence. Then, Peid Neil who came rushing in whispered with a low voice.

“Baron Vonte is a noble that betrayed Prince Manus and defected to Prince Reitas’ side. We cannot say that he is our ally but…”

His eyes turned towards the Dark Regiments.

“That doesn’t mean they’re reinforcements for the Dark Regiment.”

The listeners nodded their heads in agreement because the Dark Regiment also showed confusion after seeing the appearance of Baron Vonte’s soldiers.

“Then, how do we fight?”

Aerea Britz asked carefully with a frown and Peid replied with a softer voice.

“Your Majesty Lancephil and Miss Aerea should lead the troops under Romils Hotten and fight the Dark Regiments.”

His eyes faced Manus this time.

“Prince Manus should lead the Special Corps and fight Baron Vance Vonte. I will stay with the reserve forces to support in case…”

Romils Hotten near Manus chimed in after hearing that.

“What do you mean? The Special Corps of the Istel Kingdom is fighting with our Prince and not our troops?”

His eyes were filled with confusion and Aerea was the same. However, Roan and Manus nodded their heads with calm expressions because they saw through Peid’s words.


Staring at Aerea and Romils, Peid said with a clear voice.

“It’s for Mr Romils and your soldiers.”
“What do you…”

Romils still couldn’t understand but then, Manus made a faint smile and continued from where Peid Neil had stopped.

“Baron Vonte’s soldiers are our friends who we had fought alongside with until just a few days ago. Although they’re our enemies now…”

He looked directly into the eyes of Romils and his soldiers.

“Can you point your swords at your old brothers?”

Romils let out a low mutter. It indeed wasn’t easy and besides, he had a long, deep friendship with Vance. However, Romils wasn’t a fool that couldn’t tell the difference between public and personal affairs.

“If it’s for Prince, I can even point my sword at my relatives!”

As soon as he finished,

“Me too!”
“That’s why we have been following Prince this far!”
“I have already put my life on the line!”
“They’re not our old brothers! They’re just traitors!”

The soldiers’ voices added into one but hearing that, Manus’ expression wasn’t very good.

“That doesn’t mean your heart won’t suffer. I don’t want to make you guys suffer any more than you currently are.”

Romils and his soldiers lowered their heads with emotion. Like monarch, like subordinates. Just like how Manus couldn’t fight against the citizens and the people of the kingdom and had to run away, Romils as well as his soldiers could only clench their teeth and point their swords at their old brothers out of their loyalty to Manus and by no means was it an easy task.

Peid had already seen through that.

It was then that Romils raised his head and spoke up.

“T, then, Prince should come with us and fight the Dark Regiments as well.”

However as soon as he finished his words,

“We can’t let that happen.”

Peid shook his head with an apologetic expression.

“Out of the three parties, our forces are the weakest. To make up for the lack of numbers, we need the help of Prince Manus.”

His eyes pointed at Manus.

“If Prince Manus faces the soldiers of Baron Vonte, their soldiers would also be greatly shaken and stiffen their hands and feet.”

Pointing their swords at their lord who they had been serving out of loyalty was not an easy task and Peid was aiming for that. That was why he wanted Manus to be in charge of fighting Baron Vonte.

Romils bit his lower lips.

“That’s too cruel for our Prince.”

Hearing that, Roan who had been standing off silently spoke with a calm yet serious, rock-solid tone.

“That is the weight a monarch should carry and overcome.”

The gazes gathered onto Roan. Staring at the Dark Regiment and the soldiers of Baron Vonte, Roan continued his words.

“The hopes and dreams of the people, their sorrow and pain, wrath and despair, their past, present and future… Carrying all that and walking straight is the task of a monarch. That is…”

His voice turned powerful.

“The road of a monarch.”

They all gasped in response. Those weren’t baseless words because it was coming from the true monarch, Roan who was currently the most prestigious person of the continent. Besides, for Manus, it was something that he had to digest carefully.

His head was in a mess.

‘Am I a person that is suited to be a monarch…’

He asked himself, and the reply that returned was simple.


If he was, then he wouldn’t have prolonged things this far. He had forced his followers to death because he himself didn’t want to be pained.

‘I can’t run away everytime.’

Manus deeply breathed in and out. Then, he faced a smile towards Romils and the troop that had resolved themselves for death for him.

“I won’t run away anymore.”

His voice was hot.

“Will you fight with me?”

As soon as he finished saying that.

“Of course!”
“We will follow you to the ends of hell!”

Hearing that, Aerea let out a small laugh from the side.

“Are you planning to go to hell?”

Suddenly, a cold wind breezed past and in silence, everyone looked into each other’s faces not knowing what to say. Aerea turned her face away with an awkward expression and when Peid was about to tell her something as a representative of everyone,

“It has begun.”

Roan’s voice was heard.

And at the same time,

Dung! Dudung! Dung! Dudung!

Drum beats that marked the start of a charge hit their ears. The Dark Regiments and the army of Baron Vonte raced down the hills and started marching. They were charging in towards Roan while keeping each other in check.


Roan lightly rolled his feet and kicked off.


His shadow elongated and continued towards the Dark Regiments. Reddish-black flames arose from his armours as he turned into an incarnation of fire.


Flames soared up into the skies with deafening roars and with that as the signal, war cries left the three parties at once.


It was the start of a bloody battle and at the same time, this marked the start of a war which meant a lot to Roan.

The breezes of the battlefield raged on like a tempest as the metallic smell of blood touched their noses.

<A Bloody Battle (8)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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