I Am the Monarch – Chapter 305 – A Bloody Battle (9)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 305: A Bloody Battle (9)

“Aak! Let me go! I’m innocent! I’m telling you I’m a devout believer!”

A youth screamed and fluttered his arms but the men grabbing him from the sides had no change in their expression. In fact, there was nothing called an expression on their faces.

“H, hey! Old man Phillip! You know right? You too Madam Dona; you know I’m a devout believer! Please tell them something! Ainz! Please!”

He pleaded with anyone his eyes landed on but the ones that had their names called out turned their bodies away and lowered their heads. Soon, the youth arrived at a small plaza which was filled with all sorts of people. On their faces were various emotions including rage, sorrow and regret… but the most prevalent emotion of the crowd was fear.

“Please! Please! Listen to me!”

The closer he got to the plaza, the louder his voice got. Suddenly, the men holding onto his arms forced him down into a kneel.


Feeling a suppressive force that was seemingly squeezing his body out, the man frowned. Unknowingly, his eyes let out drops of thick, warm tears filled with fear, sorrow and frustration of being falsely charged.

“Please, please…”

His kneeling body trembled as despair painted his voice.

It was then that a middle-aged man entering the later years of his life appeared before him. His face seemed benevolent but his thin, sharp eyes looked vicious which gave off a different vibe from the rest of his face.

“Pryne, a citizen of the Imperial Capital Regium. I punish you for the sin of heresy.”

His calm voice filled the plaza. In that instant, the youth, Pryne who had been shedding tears with his head dropped, shot his head up to glare directly at the old man and let out a scream.

“The great and sublime God Devesis! I have never once doubted you! Please look over my sincere, devout belief!”

It was a large cry that resonated across the plaza.


The onlookers gulped and pointed their gazes at the old man. The old man, however, had the same nonchalant calm expression and replied after staring at Pryne.

“Pryne. It is already too late.”

He closed his violent eyes for a second.


In that instant, the men standing next to Pryne took out metal sticks from their waists. At the end of the sticks, there were lots of protruding bulges.

“N, no!”

Pryne tried to run away and screamed but the men were slightly faster in their movements.


Two steel sticks slammed the back of Pryne’s head.


He fell on the ground with his eyes rolled up. Red blood wet his hair and forehead as it flowed towards the ground. Seeing the horrible scene, the others frowned but soon quickly looked away while forcing calm indifferent expressions.

“U, u, u… stupid and evil Inquisitions and the Church. May there be a punishment from God Devesis.”

Those were the last words left behind by Pryne and hearing that, the old man made a frown.

“How dare he insult the Church and the Inquisition Office. I knew he was a heretic.”

A calm voice rode the wind and spread to every corner of the plaza. Some of the onlookers couldn’t help but frown when they heard those words but then.


Rowdy voices were heard from the surroundings and at the same time, the people who they thought were the same citizens pushed the people that had just frowned into the centre of the plaza.

“Uh, uh?!”
“W, what is happening!”

The people that had been shoved out made dumbfounded expressions from the sudden turn of events. Then, the voice of the old man hit their ears.

“I will punish you for the sin of heresy.”

It was a sudden punishment in the sudden turn of events.

“Huh? N, no I’m not!”
“Someone pushed me…”

They shook their heads with puzzled expressions but the men carrying the steel sticks had not even a slight hesitation.

Slam! Bam!

The sticks smacked their heads alongside the horrible sounds.


Without even realising what had happened, the people lost their lives after getting hit by the steel rod. It was an immediate death and a sudden one.

The people within the plaza gulped and clenched their teeth to hold themselves back from unintentionally frowning or letting out murmurs.

Cold sweat flowed down their backs.

Only then did the old man make a satisfied smile.

“There seems to be no more heretics now.”

He soon left the plaza with the men. At the same time, a few people walked out from the onlookers and followed them.

A strange silence filled the area and despite the old man and men having left already, they didn’t dare to move or open their mouths. They stood still and glanced around, doubtful of the ones around them.

Only after some time had passed did they start to embarrassedly leave the plaza. There was not a single person that took care of the bodies of Pryne who had died first or the people that had died unjustly.

In addition, even after a long time, their family did not show themselves.

After some time had passed, the crowd within the plaza all returned to their places and the only people left behind were two men standing off at a corner, hidden beneath the shades of a building.

They covered their faces with deep robes and it was hard to tell their appearances.

“Truly nonsensical actions.”

The owner of the first voice was very young.

“This is the thing that is currently happening throughout the Empire and not just the Imperial Capital.”

This time, it was an old man talking. Soon, the two of them glanced around and hid themselves within the darkness.

Later, they reappeared at the centre of a confusing alleyway, which was one of the less populated areas of the city. They then arrived at a wall at the end of an alley.

One of them suddenly started stamping his foot and with his right hand, he caressed the wall from the left, to the right and then up.

After some time,


Along with a sound that resembled stones being ground, a small gap appeared on the wall.

“Please enter.”

A small voice escaped through the gap as the two quickly entered in response.


The gap then soon disappeared.


After going inside, the two of them let out deep sighs and threw away the robes covering their faces.

“Truly horrible.”

The owner of the young voice was Swift Clock.

“In fact, it is worse and crueler than that.”

And the owner of the old voice was Edwin Voisa. The two people who talked for a long time even after Kalian had left, had shown themselves outside in secret to see what was happening.

When the two were clicking their tongues and talking to each other,

“Let’s first go deeper inside.”

A youth whispered in a low voice. He was the person that opened the wall and had let them in.

“Ah, that was rude of me. This here is Deek, who is in the hold of all the information within the Imperial Capital.”

Edwin took a step back and pointed at the youth as Swift slightly lowered his head.

“I am Swift Clock, of the Amaranth Kingdom.”
“It is an honour to meet you. I have long heard the fame of sir Administrator.”

The youth, Deek lowered his head deeply and Swift flickered his eyes. Seeing them, Edwin made a faint smile and continued.

“Deek is the master of the empire’s largest thief guild and is the most-skilled one.”

Hearing that, Swift made a bright smile.

“I too have long heard about Sir Shadow Ghost, Deek. It is an honour to meet you.”

Swift maintained the same polite, mannered attitude as Deek waved his hands in surprise.

“Please talk casually.”

He seemed to have been startled because a prominent noble of the Amaranth Kingdom which was currently a hot issue of the continent was talking politely to a mere citizen – a lowly thief at that.

However, Swift made a faint smile and shook his head.

“Quite some time ago, I had come to an understanding of things like this.”

Swift was talking about when he was scolded thoroughly by Viscount Rail Baker when he first visited Roan.

“After that, I’m trying to not lose modesty at all times.”

Deek let out a low mutter.

‘The rumours were true.’

He felt his heart beat faster.

‘It said that the king of the Amaranth Kingdom, Roan Lancephil would be polite in front of a countryside old man.’

Like lord, like subordinates, it seemed.

“First, let me guide you in.”

Deek quickly organised his thoughts and walked one step before everyone else. The area inside the wall was a lot larger than people would think but the corridors were extremely narrow, wet and dark which made it difficult to breathe.

Rotten smell entered their noses.

“Not the best place to live in.”

Deek spoke with a faint smile and quickened his feet. Following behind, Swift glanced around carefully because to him, this was a very rare and important experience.

After walking for who knows how long and going through complicated corridors, again and again, they ended up at yet another wall. Deek then used his hands and feet to touch or knock certain parts of the wall.


Along with a heavy noise, the walls separated to each side and allowed bright light which had never been there before to escape from within.


Swift squinted his eyes slightly due to the sudden brightness, but Deek seemed to have been used to it already as he carried his feet further in without much discomfort. Likewise, Edwin carried his feet confidently and walked in like he was familiar with the place.

“It has been a while, Duke Voisa.”

A slightly low voice resonated from within. After finally being accustomed to the light, Swift walked in and searched for the owner of the voice.


Swift let out a small sigh in secret. The man with an impressively tough build and a masculine face was sitting there alone with a strange smile. Although he was in plain clothes, he still gave off nobility and dignity.

‘So that person is…’

He gulped and then saw Edwin slightly lower his head towards the youth.

“It has been a while sir.”

A faint smile appeared on his lips.

“Your Highness, the Seventh Imperial Prince.”

The seventh Imperial Prince. He was the seventh Imperial Prince of the Estia Empire – the strongest force of the continent, Moyce Ron Estia.

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