I Am the Monarch – Chapter 305 – A Bloody Battle (9)


With Roan Lancephil at the lead, the troops unafraid of death under Romils charged strongly into the soldiers of the Dark Regiment. It was truly a suicidal violent attack without thinking about the future.


A pillar of fire soared into the skies alongside a deafening roar as reddish-black flames spread towards all directions in waves and resembled a red ocean. The soldiers of the Dark Regiment were like shipwrecks as they sunk deeply into the ocean waves.


The screams and cries of the soldiers dug into the eardrums. The ends of the red ocean, around where the flames were dying down were the stages for the soldiers under Romils to rage upon.

“Force them back!”
“Follow His Majesty Lancephil!”
“Push them into the flames!”

They were desperate.

Thousands against hundreds – it was a clear difference in numbers that made fights hopeless but that gap was slowly being filled up with Roan’s abilities and the wills of the soldiers.

On the other hand, Manus Persion led the soldiers of the Istel Kingdom’s Special Corps to stop Baron Vance Vonte’s army. Because they were trying to intercept the soldiers of Baron Vonte coming from behind, they ended up being sandwiched by the soldiers of the Dark Regiment and the incoming army.

But fortunately, the Dark Regiment wasn’t in a situation that allowed them to attack Manus thanks to Roan and the soldiers’ effort. Thanks to that, Manus could face Baron Vonte’s soldiers without worrying about the enemy behind them.


Manus stood at the very front, staring at the soldiers of Baron Vonte charging fiercely towards him and let out a small murmur.

‘Baron Vance Vonte.’

At the lead of that incoming army was Vance. When Manus saw his face, his steeled heart wavered slightly but he soon shook his head while clenching his teeth.

‘I can’t run away anymore.’

Besides, the soldiers supporting him from behind were from the Istel Kingdom. Pointing his sword high into the skies, Manus glared at Vance with a vicious gaze but it was then.


As a small salute, Vance slightly bowed his head and at the same time, he let go of his hands that were holding onto the reins. It was all too natural, and seemed to be nothing special but,


Manus let out a small mutter.


He suddenly had a flashback of the past, when they were fighting together through the battles. Vance, who was quite worse than other generals in handling horses once talked about himself honestly while letting go of his reins in a victorious return.

“Prince. I can’t manage a horse properly if I let go of the reins and could fall down as well – that’s how bad I am at it. However, when I’m going after Prince from behind, there’s no need for me to grab these reins because just like myself, this guy is also following Prince with all his heart and body.”

They were words swearing his allegiance. Remembering those, Manus clenched his teeth.

‘Baron Vance Vonte. What on earth do you mean?’

His eyes trembled but the soldiers under Vance were already right before them.

“Please give your orders!”

The officials of the Special Corps screamed with urgent expressions.


Manus gulped once and lowered the sword he had raised. At the same time, he screamed in a loud voice.

“Retrieve your weapons! Do not fight back!”

It was a sudden command.

“Prince! Has your resolve been weakened again!”

One of the officials shouted with a dumbfounded expression but Manus replied with a calm voice.

“That is not it. My resolve is still the same.”

He continued while looking at Vance closing in.

“I have seen his true heart.”

Manus then turned around and stared at the soldiers.

“Trust me! Trust me and retrieve your weapons!”

It was not a command made because it was difficult for him to fight against his previous brother. There was power in his voice and people could hear the tough resolve behind it.


The soldiers and officials hesitated before soon clenching their teeth.

‘Aye! The worst thing that could happen is dying!’

They breathed in deeply and sheathed their swords. With bare hands, they grabbed onto each other and formed a dense formation.


Horse hooves sounded and vibrated the earth. Manus and the soldiers welcomed the soldiers of Baron Vonte without a single caution.

‘Vance. I believe in you and I believe in my eyes.’

Manus clenched his teeth as his widened eyes faced Vance. Finally, Vance’s horse reached Manus and he opened his mouth which had been tightly sealed.

“Thanks for believing in me.”

A tough, powerful voice was heard.


At the same time, Vance passed by Manus and also went past the Special Corps at a fast speed. The thousands of soldiers and knights following from behind the Baron likewise passed by Manus and the Special Corps. Like water flowing from one end to the other, they travelled without a stop.

“Thank goodness you’re safe.”

When the soldiers and knights of Baron Vonte passed by Manus, they gave a small salute while slightly lowering their heads. Manus stared directly into their eyes as his scorching passion travelled through his eyes towards the soldiers of Baron Vonte.

“Blow the war horns!”

From behind, he could hear the voice of Vance.


It signalled the echo of a heavy roar of the war horns. At the same time, Baron Vonte’s army that had passed by Manus and the Special Corps directly charged into the side of the Dark Regiment.

“They are the ones that had been trampling on and messing around with our Persion Kingdom! Show them no mercy and massacre them!”

With a loud cry, Vance penetrated the side of the Dark Regiment and carried himself deeper into the centre as brave knights followed behind.


Manus let out a deep breath.

‘My eyes weren’t wrong.’

A satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

‘Although I don’t know how, Baron Vance Vonte’s army is on our side!’

Manus quickly turned around and stared at the battlefield where the violent fights were being carried out. The Dark Regiment was rapidly collapsing before the combined attacks of Roan, Romils’ soldiers and the army of Baron Vonte.

“Thank you very much for listening to my unreasonable request.”

Staring at the Special Corps that seemed to be in a slightly blank state, he once again raised his sword up.

“With this, it is clear who our enemy and our allies are.”

He carried his feet towards the battlefield and once again stood at the lead.

“Show them the might of the Istel Kingdom!”

Manus clearly stated the allegiance of the Special Corps for a reason – it was an acknowledgement of their might and strength. He then quickly kicked off the ground and shot himself towards the fight.

“Follow the Prince!”
“Attack! Attack!”
“The Dark Regiment is our enemy!”
“Baron Vonte is our ally!”

The soldiers of the Special Corps gave out war cries and followed behind Manus. Manus turned towards the soldiers reliably supporting him from behind and shared his honest feelings with a low voice.

“It is an honour to fight alongside you guys.”

After that was the start of a fierce battle.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Flames shot out with sounds of steel clashing.

Slash! Stab!

The heads of the Dark Regiment soldiers dropped with gruesome noises. Thanks to the addition of the forces under Baron Vonte, the difference in numbers was immediately solved.

‘Although I don’t really understand how it happened, it looks like it would be easy for us to defeat them after some time.’

Peid Neil who had been observing the situation from behind let out a sigh of relief and made a faint smile and Roan was having similar thoughts.

‘At this rate, we would be able to finish up without any more deat…’

It was then.


A white pillar of light appeared right before him. It was an extremely familiar pillar of light.

‘Teleportation magic?’

Roan made a frown.

‘Is it Sir Kalian…?’

Currently, the only existence that could use teleportation magic was Kalian according to his knowledge. However, he had a bad premonition for some reason and that premonition was right on the mark.

Paaaat! Paaat! Paaaat! Paaat!

Not only on each side of the Dark Regiment but everywhere around the broken hillside and the open field turned bright as dozens of pillars appeared and reached into the skies.


Roan gave out a small mutter as his eyes trembled slightly. Soon, the pillars of light that could make people dizzy disappeared and were replaced.

<A Bloody Battle (9)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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