I Am the Monarch – Chapter 306 – A Bloody Battle (10)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 306: A Bloody Battle (10)


Rocks splattered into bits and pieces.


However, alongside the sounds made by the cracking stones, another piece of a newer rock both larger and tougher appeared. In addition, strange-looking monsters appeared from above and swung their smooth, sharp swords. They quickly carried their long, slender legs to soar into the air.

“Disgusting bastards.”

A nonchalant voice sounded from within the darkness and at the same time,


Red flames filled up the space and devoured the monsters.


Some of the monsters couldn’t even make any screams as they all turned into ash. The flames that burned them to ashes floated around and shoved the darkness away and shed light to the place.

The place revealed in flames was very small and was completely sealed up in all ends. In the middle of that room that had rocks protruding out from the walls stood one youth with impressive red hair, Kalian.

He shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Lunark this sly bastard.”

Kalian gently waved his right hand.


The rocks before him exploded followed by a deafening roar but,


There was another sound of rocks being ground into pieces before a new rock appeared once again.


The monsters that naturally appeared together ran in at Kalian but of course, they couldn’t even let out any scream and vanished after being turned into a handful of ash. Kalian let out a short sigh.

“To think that he had interfered with the teleportation magic.”

He was too careless and negligent. He didn’t think that a hot-blooded, self-centred bastard like Lunark would ever use these kinds of sly tricks.

‘He is more annoying than I thought but more importantly…’

In any case, this kind of trap wouldn’t be enough to kill or seal him for an eternity. After breaking it over and over again, both this magic and the sealed room would collapse eventually, but there was something he was worried about.


A reason for Lunark to interfere with the teleportation magic and seal him in a place like this – it must be because he wanted to do something underhanded to Roan. Thinking that Kalian once again reached out with his right hand.

“I must hurry as much as possible.”

Rocks splattered once again after his short sentence and a sense of urgency which he hadn’t felt for a long time flashed past his eyes.


“W, what?!”
“W, what is that…”

The troop with no fear for death under Romils and the Special Corps soldiers frowned when they saw the pillars of light appearing and vanishing, and their eyes were filled with tension.

It was then.


A deafening laughter shook the battlefield. Roan Lancephil stared at the places where the pillars of light had been at and frowned.


A small sigh escaped his lips.

‘Those guys are…’

Unidentifiable creatures filled his gaze and although it certainly was his first time seeing them, he could somewhat guess what their identities were. In fact, he was certain of it.

‘The generals of the Dark Regiments.’

The ones that appeared alongside the dozens of pillars of light appeared strange like Gorg, the General of Great Strength and Episs. Besides, they were wearing the same armours, helmets, clothes and weapons like the soldiers but they glistered brighter in black.

“W, what are these guys!”

A few knights under Baron Vonte ran up towards one of the creatures that suddenly appeared.

‘They are dangerous!’
‘We’ll be devoured if we don’t do anything!’

It was an instinctive reaction.


Roan quickly gave out a scream but it was already too late.

“Hmph! These human insects!”

A man whose head was as large as his body scoffed and shook his head. Then, his large head moved towards the approaching sword.

“Pushing the head out in front of a sword!”

The knights clenched their teeth and sliced down with their swords and their swords collided heavily with the large head.


Sounds of steel reached their ears, and the unexpected situation dumbfounded them.


The knights widened their eyes in surprise. During that time, the massive head broke the swords as is and smacked them.


A gruesome sound filled the area as the heads and bodies of the knights exploded.


The knights and soldiers nearby gulped in fear.

It was something they had never seen before. It was surprising enough that there was a human with a head bigger than their body but the fact that that head was powerful enough to break swords and explode the bodies of two knights who had been trained in mana was truly unbelievable.


The man with a large head once again let out a loud laugh before screaming towards the soldiers and knights of Baron Vonte’s soldiers.

“I am the one and only General of Rampage of the Dark Regiments, Heild!”

He then kicked off the ground and charged in towards the Baron Vonte’s army.

“Uh, uh?”
“B, block it!”
“N, no! Dodge!”

The knights and soldiers quickly raised their weapons up in surprise or threw their bodies to the sides. However, due to the fear, their hands and feet had been frozen and their movements appeared unnatural as their faces turned pale.

Instinctively, they knew that they had no chance of winning.

Suddenly, a reddish-black spark of flame sparkled before them.


Along with a heavy sound, Heild who had been running in fiercely was slammed straight into the ground.


His large head dug into the ground.


While screaming, he waggled his hands and feet which were a lot thinner compared to his head.


The soldiers and knights that had been saved from death looked forward and let out a small murmur. There was a man standing calmly with one leg on top of Heild’s head – Roan Lancephil who had been standing further away until a few seconds ago.

Roan pushed Heild’s head fiercely into the ground and shouted towards everyone.

“All of you, back off!”

If the ones that had appeared along with the pillars of light were all generals of the Dark Regiments, then there was no way for the normal knights and soldiers to match them. Besides, even Manus Persion and Aerea Britz might not be victorious because they too had suffered greatly when dealing with Episs.

‘The generals of the Dark Regiments are at least a league above Episs.’

When Roan gave out an order with a serious expression, the army under Baron Vonte fell back alongside the soldiers under Romils, and the Special Corps, as well as the reserve forces under Peid Neil.

They moved back without a single hesitation, and reflected their trust and reliance on Roan.

“Kukuku. Quite smart.”
“Is he that Roan who killed Gorg?”
“In any case, Heild is still stupid and worthless.”
“You’re right. ‘General of Rampage’? More like a General of Large head.”

The ones that appeared from within the pillars of light walked up until they were standing in front of the Dark Regiment and let out rounds of strange laughter.

“Kuuk. General of Large head?!”

Heild who had been flattened under Roan’s foot had a vicious glare and screamed.

“Kukuku. Stupid bastard. You’re the disgrace of our father. A disgrace.”
“Just die like that.”

Sarcastic comments fell without an end.

“These damn bastards…”

Heild tried to stand up from the place while clenching his teeth and quivered from enormous rage, but he couldn’t raise himself an inch.


Roan twisted his ankle and applied more force upon Heild’s head.

“Are you all generals of the Dark Regiments?”

His voice was low but was filled with power. In response, the ones that were aligned in front of the Dark Regiment all scoffed and raised their chins up.

“You are right. We are the great generals of the Dark Regiments!”

Their voices and expressions were full of arrogance. Hearing their words, Roan’s eyes fluttered slightly.

‘Thirty-three generals at least huh…’

It was a breathtaking number.

“Your Majesty Lancephil. What in the world are they?”

Aerea approached from the side with a frown. Likewise, Manus, Peid and other nobles and generals all had curiosity and puzzlement in their faces.

“They appear to be similar to Episs.”

Hearing Manus say that, Roan gave a nod. In that instant, Heild who was having his head trampled raised his voice.

“How dare you compare us with that Episs or something! That mere failure…”

When his words reached that point, Roan once again twisted his ankle.


Heild was no longer able to continue his words and made a frown. His head that was tough enough to break swords was now under the risk of being broken.

“They are not easy foes. First off, you should lead the soldiers and retrea…”

However, Manus walked up and shook his head before Roan could finish his words.

“We can’t leave behind Your Majesty and just leave.”
“Yes. We want to give as much help as possible, no matter how insignificant that may be.”

Even Aerea stood on Manus’ side but Peid was fast in reading the situation.

“I will retreat with the normal knights and soldiers. That should be more helpful for Your Majesty.”

Rather than keeping soldiers who wouldn’t be able to do anything around, Roan might have to go through more trouble while trying to keep them safe. Roan nodded with a faint smile but then,

“Let us stay behind as well.”

A powerful voice dug into their eardrums. Manus, Romils Hotten and the soldiers under him turned their heads and looked for the owner of the voice.

“Y, y, you…”

Romils couldn’t continue his words due to the lump in his throat. The owner of the voice, who was none other than Baron Vance Vonte himself, quietly stared at Romils and made a faint smile.

“It has been a while, Romils.”

Hearing the amiable greeting, Romils carried his feet with clenched teeth.


When Manus was about to stop him with a reach of his arm,


Romils embraced Vance so fiercely that it created a slamming sound.

“Sir Baron Vonte. You have done well returning.”

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