I Am the Monarch – Chapter 306 – A Bloody Battle (10)

The two originally had a deep friendship. Seeing the warm reunion of the two men, Manus quietly walked closer and patted the backs of Vance and Romils in silence. There was no need for more words.

Manus then turned his head to look at Roan.

“We should let the normal knights and soldiers fall back, and let the knights above the level of deputy generals to fight with Your Majesty.”

Aerea showed her agreement.

“Yes. At least they are knights that have been trained in the laws of mana, so it should be better with them present than not.”

She waved her sword lightly and made a bright smile. Roan stared directly into the eyes of several knights including Manus and Aerea, and discovered that there was no fear or hesitation within them.

They were all resolved for death.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Roan let out a short sigh because he realised that it wasn’t something that could be stopped with his persuasions. Finally, he slowly gave a nod and gave permission.

The knights quickly got into a formation while Peid showed the most respect he could to a foreign king, by giving a short salute. He then quickly led the soldiers and retreated. Fortunately, the generals of the Dark Regiments gazed on with intrigued expressions but did not move at all.
Grabbing onto the Travias Spear, Roan stared at the generals of the Dark Regiments.

“If by any chance, we get to survive through this battle…”

His voice was soft but powerful. The listeners gulped and focused on his next words.

“Let’s go for a drink together.”

Hearing that, they all made bright smiles.

“That sounds good.”
“It will be on you, Your Majesty.”

Knights, as well as Manus and Aerea showed their agreements with bright smiles. It was then,

“Crazy. Do you guys think you can come out alive? Kukuku.”

Heild made a sarcastic comment with a scoff. Roan, in response, twisted his ankle deeper in and pulled out his mana.


Reddish-black flames reached up along the spear and at the same time, his hair grew long until it reached the waist and was painted in the same colour as the flames. Likewise, his eyebrows and pupils were the same, but in addition to that, reddish-black light faintly covered his entire body.

He had finally unsealed all his powers.

“Although we don’t know if we will survive or not…”

Roan’s voice was filled with more power as power reached into his foot as well.


A vicious noise resonated.


Heild struggled as much as he could and raised a scream.

“What I do know…”

A cold light entered Roan’s two eyes.

“Is that you will die right now.”

In that instant,


Roan’s foot crushed Heild’s head as his thrashing limbs fell down powerlessly. With his foot still there, Roan glared at the generals of the Dark Regiments with a violent gaze that could make normal people wet themselves, but.

“Kukukuk. General of Large Head bastard. How satisfying.”
“He tried to stand out so much. I knew that would happen.”
“That guy’s closer to a failure as well after all.”

The generals of the Dark Regiments let out strange smiles with satisfied expressions.

“Now, then who’s going to show that guy what’s up?”
“We can’t all run in shamelessly right?”
“It should be just one of us.”
“I’ll do it. I had some friendship with Gorg as well.”
“No, let me do it. That bastard has the same hair colour as me and it annoys me.”
“What are you guys talking about? It was me who was assigned to the East side of the continent after Gorg.”

They continued a rowdy conversation and were discussing in loud voices who should take on Roan.

“Those monstrous bastards…”
“How dare they disrespect His Majesty!”

Romils and other knights let out their anger but Roan, on the other hand, had an extremely nonchalant, calm expression. Staring directly at the generals of the Dark Regiments, he made a faint smile.

“There’s no need for you to fight like that.”

His voice was carried by the wind and resonated across the battlefield. The stubborn generals who were all talking about the reasons why they should be facing Roan all turned quiet and stared back at Roan. Roan replied while bending his knees slightly and raising his heels.

“I’ll take care of all of you!”

He let out a thunderous roar.


At the same time, Roan kicked off the ground and ran in towards them at a speed resembling a stray of light. Reddish-black flames bisected the dimension as it flew towards the generals of the Dark Regiments.

“Hmph! Stupid!”
“He’s trying to take care of us with an attack like this?”
“I can block this with my eyes closed!”

They waved their hands with large scoffs and especially Iten, the General of Lightning who was the closest to Roan let out a loud roar of laughter.

“Kuhahaha! Bastard! I can let flames of this level fly away with my lightni…”

However, his words were forced to a stop. It was because a hand that appeared from within the reddish-black flames greatly grasped on Iten’s neck.


A pain that blocked him from breathing assaulted him and soon, the flames dissipated as the owner of the hand showed himself.

“You don’t fight with your mouth.”

The owner of the cold voice was Roan. He ran faster than the flames he shot out and grabbed on Eaten’s neck and put more strength into his grip.


His fingers dug into Iten’s neck.


Iten who had once let out a strange laugh had lost his life without even being able to pull off a decent retaliation. Roan grabbed on his neck and stared at the other generals. He did not bother opening his mouth and with his right hand grabbing onto the Travias Spear with Iten in his left hand, Roan stared silently at them.


The ones that had previously been arrogant gulped.

‘W, we will die if we let our guards down.’

They then quickly recovered their hearts.

‘Before the guy moves…’
‘We will move first.’

Looking at each other, the generals gave small nods. They bent their knees slightly and stared at Roan but again, Roan was slightly faster than them.


He was once again covered in reddish-black flames as he assaulted the generals of the Dark Regiments.


Flames soared up into the skies and grounds were turned.

“Follow His Majesty!”

The knights including Manus and Aerea followed behind Roan.

“T, these idiots!”
“We will show you the power of the Dark Regiment!”
“Mere humans!”

The generals of the Dark Regiments spewed profanities while staring at Roan, Manus, Aerea and others who were charging in fearlessly. They then started their counterattack.

Kwaang! Kwaaaaang!

Deafening roars left endlessly. Flames reached the skies and walls of ice were made as knights had their limbs and necks cut off.

It was a bloody war – a bloodbath.

Roan waved his spear without even a room for breath and every time he swung it, generals of the Dark Regiments would get pushed away left and right. However, their numbers were just too many and when three to five of them attacked together, it was difficult for even Roan to fight back. It was the hardest fight ever since he had absorbed Travias and Flamdor.


Roan clenched his teeth. One of the generals, the General of No Shadows, Link’s secret weapon touched his neck as a relatively deep wound was made. Red blood flowed down his neck.

‘It has been a while.’

With a bitter smile, Roan thought that it had really been a while since he had received a deep wound like this.


He let out a deep sigh. After stopping the bleeding with mana, he once again raised the Travias Spear and thanks to Kalian’s tears, he could see what was happening around at once.

‘The casualties of the knights are immense.’

At least Manus, Aerea, Romils and Vance were holding on quite fiercely but even they were in messy states.

‘I need to bring out more power.’

Roan clenched his teeth. He kicked off the ground once again and ran in towards the generals of the Dark Regiments.

“Kukukuk. This guy; he still hasn’t understood the situation!”
“Unless we let our guards down, you will never be able to defeat us!”

They sounded sarcastic but they weren’t wrong. Although it was true that Roan was stronger than them individually, they were more than thirty in numbers and it definitely was a tough number for Roan to fight against alone.

Sphat! Pabat! Paak!

As time passed, Roan was forced back by the sheer difference in numbers.

“Huu. Huu. Huu.”

Deep breaths left his lips. While Roan was fighting alone, the generals could take some time off in turns.

In that instant,


Once again, Link’s secret weapons came flying in towards Roan but this time, there were more than dozens of blades.


Roan swung the Travias Spear with his teeth clenched.


Reddish-black flames followed the spin of the spear and formed a barrier of fire.

Pababak! Pababababak!

Dozens of blades could not pierce through the barrier of flames and either bounced off or fell on the ground. However, Roan was also nearing the ends of his stamina and his barrier was thinner and less perfect than before.

Kaak! Kaaaaak!

Seven blades stabbed through the barrier of flames and flew in towards Roan.


Roan quickly turned his body around but the blades were a lot faster than he thought.

Sphat! Slash! Stab!

Two blades sliced past his neck and arm while four other blades slashed his sides, thigh and ankle before continuing their flights. However, there was one problematic one. The final blade that had pierced through the barrier slightly changed its direction and stabbed deeply into Roan’s left stomach. His armours were of no use.


Roan kicked off the ground with clenched teeth.


He immediately created some distance from the generals of the Dark Regiments.

“Kukukukuk! Bullseye!”

Link stared at the blade stabbed into Roan’s stomach and licked his lips.

“Y, Your Majesty!”
“Are you alright?”

Manus and Aerea who were having fierce battles of their own shouted with worried expressions but their situations weren’t looking favourable either as their helmets and armours were long gone. With a wave of his arm, Roan signalled that he was okay and grabbed onto the blade that was etched deep into his stomach.


Severe pain overwhelmed his body and he realised that it wasn’t a normal secret weapon.

‘Poison? No, that’s not it but…’

The pain he felt seemed to make him faint from just touching it and it was his first time feeling anything like this. Roan breathed in deeply.


He immediately grabbed tightly onto the blade and pulled it out with force.


His skin that got stuck on the blade was pulled together and he had a severe internal injury as well.

‘But fortunately, the mana hall is still safe.’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips. His left arm covered the wound but red blood came pouring out from between his fingers.

‘Damn. With this body, I won’t be able to fight properly.’

Roan looked at Link with clenched teeth. Link was still licking his lips and seemed to be making fun of Roan and four generals were already standing next to him before Roan had realised.


Roan collected his breath as blood pouring down his stomach wet his two legs.

‘However, I can’t give up.’

Forcing himself to stand up straight, Roan pulled up his mana. He tried to stop the bleeding on his stomach with mana but the wound was too deep and it didn’t work out well enough but that didn’t mean that he could use his left hand indefinitely to press on the wound.

“Ohoh. You’re planning to fight with that body?”

Link widened his eyes and spoke sarcastically. Roan replied with a faint smile and held tightly onto his spear.

“Of course.”

His voice was calm but it was a front he was forcing out.

Roan bent his knees slightly, in a posture that allowed him to jump out any time he wanted. It was then.

[Are you really planning to fight with that body?]

A familiar voice was heard inside his head but Roan replied subconsciously without much thought.

“I told you that I am.”
[You’re still reckless.]

The same voice sounded inside his head again.


Only then did Roan realise that something was strange.

‘What is this?’

His eyes trembled slightly as the voice appeared yet again inside his head.

[Been a while.]

It was a voice that he had been waiting for for so long.

<A Bloody Battle (10)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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