I Am the Monarch – Chapter 308 – A Bloody Battle (12)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 308: A Bloody Battle (12)


Lunark made a frown as his skin started to itch.

‘Is this perhaps…?’

It was an unpleasant aura and was something he had already felt before.

‘It is the same aura that woke me up from my sleep.’

He could feel a strange mix of a god and a demon from the aura. His body acted very sensitively and it was then,


Lunark made a frown yet again as a mutter escaped his lips.

‘They’re being annihilated.’

The children, or rather, artworks which he had created were disappearing at a rapid speed and every time it happened, he felt an unpleasant feeling like a needle pricking his dragon heart.

‘Is this Roan Lancephil’s work…’

Lunark had teleported a few of the decent artworks he had to where Roan was. He thought that that would be enough to deal with Roan with rooms to spare but instead, his dear artworks were losing their auras at a rapid speed.

‘It won’t be Kalian’s work after all.’

Kalian was still inside the magic seal he had made.

‘Did he awaken or something…?’

He made a frown and thought that perhaps the aura of a god race and a demon race touching his skin was due to Roan.

‘I guess Kalian was right.’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips.

Although he was a little annoyed, it wasn’t something to be extremely angry about. Artworks could be made again and besides, the few pieces of work which he liked the most hadn’t even shown themselves yet.

‘Even if a human awakened, it is nothing more than a slightly stronger bug.’

Lunark shook his head with a scoff. He was planning to leave Roan do whatever he wanted for the time being because there was something a lot more important than that. With a sneer, Lunark stared at the large gates blocking his entry.

“Europas’ lair.”

These gates which appeared to be a cliff of a mountainside was in fact the entrance of the lair of the Gold Dragon, Europas.

“If what Kalian said was true and Europas had given Roan, or any other bastard the token of the lord…”

His smile deepened.

“That means there’s something wrong with his health. It means that something critical happened that made him impossible to continue the seat of the lord…”

In fact, he could not feel Europas’ aura from anywhere.

‘A guy who has to guard the Gates of the Boundary wouldn’t necessarily hide his aura either…”

In other words, he was at least in a hibernation.

“That means this lair is an empty house devoid of an owner.”

Lunark placed his right hand on the large entrance.


From where his hand touched, a golden light started flickering and attempted to push Lunark away. However, Lunark pulled out his massive mana from his dragon heart to oppose that light.


Soon, the golden light dissipated and the force pushing his hand away vanished.

“Europas’ lair is filled with the inheritances of the previous lords.”

They were all artifacts with great power and abilities. Just one of those could allow the power of the Dark Regiments to at least double, but Lunark wasn’t after those great inheritances.


What he wanted was Astrum, the so-called metal of the gods, which was only acquirable inside Europas’ lair. It was the same Astrum that made Tempestas which allowed control over time and space.

‘As long as I have my hands on Astrum, I can take control of not only the Middle World, but the Divine, the Demon and the Spirit Worlds.’

It seemed like nonsense. Previously, Lunark had told Kalian that his objective was the cleansing of the Middle World, and that didn’t require him to have control over the Divine, the Demon and the Spirit Worlds. However,

‘Only that could be considered a true cleansing of the Middle World.’

Even if he cleansed the Middle World, as long as the god race or the demon race incarnated themselves in the world again, it was bound to be painted black again. He wanted to use this opportunity and take control of the Divine World, the Demon World and the Spirit World for a complete cleansing of the world.

‘And I need Astrum for that very purpose.’

Lunark put power into his palm. The large gates that appeared immovable was starting to get pushed towards the sides. Without a sound, it opened gently and Lunark carried his feet inside without a single hesitation but then,


Intense light filled the lair. More specifically, it swirld around with Lunark in the centre.


Clenching his teeth, Lunark pulled up all his mana. He poured out mana so explosively that it could crack the dragon heart but even then, he couldn’t force back the golden light covering his body.

In the end,


The light disappeared and so did Lunark. At the same time, the entrance that had been slightly opened came to a close as well.

Everything was the same as before. Europas’ lair was still the same, protecting its own place and Lunark was the only one that had disappeared.

When Lunark disappeared inside Europas’ lair, Kalian who had been repeating a boring process of destruction inside Lunark’s magic seal suddenly broke into a bright smile and let out a strange laughter.

“Kukuku. Lunark you greedy bastard. In the end, you moved according to Europas’ thoughts.”

He couldn’t hold back his admiration towards Europas’ cleverness.

“Both the past and the future won’t see a lord like you.”

Respect bloomed naturally.

“Europas. I’ll try my best to make your will come true.”

Kalian clenched his teeth and reached out his right hand.


The wall exploded along with an ear piercing noise.


New bits of rocks filled up the space but they appeared a lot weaker than before and the monsters that charged in like moths to a flame had also greatly reduced in numbers.


Fancy flames filled the room and burned the monsters.


Rocks splattered and exploded yet again.


He was close to leaving this place.



They all gulped.

Manus Persion, Aerea Britz, Vance Vonte as well as Peid Neil who had come back… not to mention the countless knights who put their lives on the line and had attended this battle.

They widened their eyes and looked at one place with surprises filling their eyes. At the end of their gaze was a youth rampaging through the battlefield, or more specifically a large hole that suddenly appeared.

The youth with impressive grey hair, black eyebrows and red pupils was Roan Lancephil who had been reborn after absorbing Felius and Flamdor.


The head of one of the generals of the Dark Regiments was crushed. Roan stepped on that head with his right foot and reached forward with the Travias Spear.


Suddenly, the Travias Spear elongates and pierced through two generals that had been running in like a skewer.

“D, damn!”

However, being the generals of the Dark Regiments, they didn’t die immediately. They grabbed on the spear piercing their bodies with two hands and screamed towards the surrounding generals.

“We will grab him here so kill him quick!”
“Kill him, damn it!”

Hearing that, the ones that had been further away started dashing towards Roan.


But then, the spear turned shorter rapidly.

“Uh, uh, uh!”

The generals that had been skewered by the spear gulped when they saw the distance between themselves and Roan closing in. When they were right before him, Roan lightly threw a fist at them and it smacked their heads.


Their heads exploded after a gruesome noise.


The generals who charged in thinking that it was an opportunity let out profanities when they saw Roan’s powerful punch. However, they couldn’t run away or fall back and decided to instead kick off and throw their bodies at Roan.

It was either kill, or be killed.

“This monster!”

Seven generals surrounded Roan and waved their weapons. It seemed like a desperate situation, but Manus, Aerea, Peid and other knights looking on from outside the hole did not have a single worry because they all knew.

‘They are not opponents of His Majesty.’

Faith was evident in their gazes and as they had expected, before the weapons could touch Roan’s body, flames surged forth from beneath his feet.


Flames soared up into the air and devoured the seven generals immediately.


Without even leaving behind a scream, they disappeared as a handful of smoke.


Roan let out a short sigh. He stood still and stared at the hole. The remaining generals of the Dark Regiments were only three and when their eyes met with Roan’s, their bodies trembled unconsciously.

‘We must run.’
‘We can’t defeat him.’

As expected of ones that had survived thus far, they could read the situation easily.


After looking at each other, they threw their bodies outward at once.

‘It’s fine as long as I can live!’

They thought that Roan wouldn’t be able to go after several people at once but in fact, Roan’s expression remained calm.

“Did you think you could run away?”

He asked in a whisper and quickly rolled his feet.


After those short words, flames surged forth from the ground near the places where the three generals were headed. In fact, flames appeared along the border of the hole.


Seeing that their destinations were being blocked, they dodged the flames towards the side which was devoid of flames, but.


As if the flames were alive, they travelled sideways immediately and before they could realise, the entire boundary of the hall was filled with flames.


“W, what is this!”

The generals raised screams in puzzlement because the walls of flames blocking their vision were slowly creeping towards them.


Their weapons which were in front of them vanished as soon as they touched the fire.

“Damn! I can jump over this much!”

One of the generals soared into the air powerfully to jump over the low wall of flames but,


As if it had been waiting for that very moment, the flames soared into the air.


And the one who tried the impossible mission became a handful of mist and vanished.


The remaining two generals did not dare to jump over the wall and took a few steps back. Immediately, the wall travelled at a faster speed.


They turned around and kicked off the ground but their faces crumpled immediately.

‘That monstrous bastard!’

Before their eyes was Roan. Behind them was a flame that could burn everything and before them was a monstrous Roan. No matter where they went, they could not escape death.

“If I’m dying anyway, then I’ll die with you!”

It is said that a stag at bay is a dangerous foe and that was also why war strategies emphasised that you should always leave a way out for the enemy. Thinking that they will die no matter what, the two generals decided to go down with Roan at the very least.

They exploded out all the mana they had been saving up just in case and used up their life force as well but unfortunately, despite all their resolute decisions, Roan’s expression remained relaxed.


His voice fell and at the same time, the Travias Spear dissected the dimension. The spearhead danced and bloomed a flower of light within the air.


The ones that charged in were thrown onto the ground without even being able to swing their weapons.

“Y, you are…”
“Truly, a monster.”

They said similar things before closing their mouths. Soon, red lines appeared like cobwebs on their entire body and Roan turned back with a cold smile. There was no need to check on them anymore.

In that instant,


Flames surged out from the red lines around their bodies as they turned into a handful of smoke and disappeared.

It was a complete annihilation.

That marked the end of the thirty-three Dark Generals who remained proud and arrogant till the very end. Only a few of them left behind bodies, either without heads or with holes in their chests, but most had vanished completely without even leaving behind any remains of ash.

Roan slowly carried his feet and approached Manus, Peid and Aerea.


It was unclear who started it but mutters filled with respect overflowed. Countless knights lowered their heads without a word and saluted by kneeling on one side. The knights of the Persion Kingdom, as well as the knights of the Istel Kingdom, had kneeled in front of Roan Lancephil of the Amaranth Kingdom.

More importantly, it wasn’t because they were told by someone, or because of a surging pressure but due to respect that overwhelmed their hearts.

Even Manus, Peid and Aerea tried to kneel but Roan gently waved his left hand. A warm breeze blew beneath their knees and not only Manus, Peid and Aerea who tried to kneel but even the kneeling knights were forced to stand up tall.

Staring at them, Roan made a faint smile.

“Right now is not the time to be kneeling.”

His eyes flickered and reflected light. Staring at Manus and Peid, he then spoke.

“First, I need to meet the kings of the Persion Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom.”

Hearing that, Peid widened his eyes.

“I, is it okay for me to ask you the reason?”

Roan gave a short reply and a smile.

“I need help.”

Peid made a face of disbelief. It felt like the current Roan did not require the help of anyone else but Roan continued with a calm voice.

“Yes. It is impossible for me alone.”

Manus asked carefully when he heard that.

“What could you be trying to…?”

The reply that returned was simple.

“I’m trying to save the Middle World.”

Finally, Roan had discovered what he had to do and how he had to do it.

The breeze once again turned into a tempest and roared.

<A Bloody Battle (12)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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