I Am the Monarch – Chapter 311 – Alliance (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 311: Alliance (3)


The light disappeared and the citizens who quivered in fear had disappeared along with it.

“Te, teleportation magic?!”

Peid Neil screamed with a startled expression.

“Magic you say?”

Manus Persion and Aerea Britz dropped their chins after coming to themselves and it was evident that they were also startled. In addition, it was the same for the knights and soldiers who had been hiding behind the citizens.

When the citizens that had been stoutly defending their fronts disappeared, the soldiers took a few steps back unconsciously. Roan Lancephil shook his head with a faint smile.

“It’s not a teleportation magic.”

He in fact still couldn’t use proper magic and could only use a few basic ones with the help of Brent’s Ring.

“Sorry? But then that pillar of light just then was…?”

Peid asked back with a curious gaze. After some pondering, Roan replied with a calm voice.

“Well, if I had to put it, I guess it would be a form of divine arts.”

Hearing that,

“D, divine arts?”

Let alone Peid, Manus, Aerea and Vance Vonte widened their eyes once again. A divine art was an extremely special ability which could only be used by the priests who served gods. Unlike the sword arts, spear arts and magic, it wasn’t something that could be learned just because they wanted to.

In fact, the only group of people that could currently use proper divine arts was the Devesis Church. Although the Tallian Church could as well, their scale was so small and weak that there weren’t many priests that could use divine arts.

‘His Majesty Lancephil and the Church are on opposing sides though…’

They shook their heads with curiosity but Roan made a faint smile when he saw the reactions of the crowd.

‘I can’t talk about Felius right now.’

It wasn’t the time for that. Turning his head over, Roan stared at Reitas Persion. Like everyone else, Reitas seemed surprised due to the sudden disappearance of the citizens as well as the fact that Roan had used a divine art.

“Roan. You bastard really surprise me every time.”

He was truthfully in awe as his entire body shuddered in fear. In response, Roan shook his head with a smile.

“It’s still too early to be surprised.”

As soon as he finished his words,


A gentle aura left Roan’s body. The aura gently breezed across in silence as the knights and soldiers of the Persion Kingdom felt the soft aura embracing their bodies. When they waved their hands, gentle breezes blew through their fingers.

However, Manus, Peid, Aerea and Vance situated behind Roan did not feel anything different. Suddenly, Roan who had been staring expressionlessly at the knights and soldiers reached forth with his right hand.

And then,


The gentle aura and breeze leaving Roan’s body churned and suffocated the soldiers as it changed into a heavy, oppressive force. It felt like a tempest approaching.


The earth and the air trembled.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh…”

With pained expressions, the knights and soldiers floundered their arms. All the soldiers and knights were in that state, including the ones standing on the rooftops with their nocked arrows.

However, there was a single person, Reitas who looked back at Roan with the same expression without doing anything, but it wasn’t like he was fighting against the aura.

‘Nothing’s happening to me.’

He was in fact not affected by the astonishing aura given off by Roan and there wasn’t any special reason behind it either.

‘He’s intentionally ignored me.’

Everything was according to Roan’s wishes.

Soon, Roan who had been standing still slowly carried his feet towards the knights and the soldiers. Whenever his steps approached closer, the aura being emanated from his body became all the more powerful.


Finally, the soldiers who had not been trained in the laws of mana started kneeling down. The scene of soldiers all over the roads and rooftops kneeling down at once appeared magnificent.


Unknowingly, Manus, Peid, Aerea and Vance let out low mutters. It looked like the sea was dividing and the mountains were being bisected. After a while, the soldiers who had been densely obstructing their vision all lowered their heads with knees on the ground.

“All of you, stand up! Come to your senses!”

Reitas screamed from the bottom of his lungs but the soldiers who had already been suppressed by the pressure had no way of registering those words into their brains.

And finally,

“D, damn.”

Even the knights that had been forcing themselves started kneeling down. It happened in the blink of an eye and left only one knight standing.

“I, I… the Captain of the Persion Kingdom’s Palace Knight Squads will never kneel. Kuuk.”

The boorish-looking middle-aged man was the Captain of the Palace Knights, who called himself the right hand of Reitas, Viscount Marcus Zeller.

Roan stopped his feet right before Marcus.

“A great self-pride you have.”

He spoke casually and Marcus responded with a tight fist.

“Kuuk. O, of course! I, I am the knight of Persion!”

The voice he forced out smacked the eardrums of the listeners. Hearing that, the knights and soldiers with their knees on the ground barely raised their heads to stare at Marcus. Within their eyes surfaced pride and respect but within Roan’s eyes, there was nothing but contempt.

“It seems that the prideful knights of the Persion…”

His voice was soft yet powerful.

“Use their own citizens as shields.”


In that instant, Marcus’ face blanched and so did the other knights and soldiers staring at Marcus with pride and respect.

“T, that’s…”

Marcus immediately tried to think of an excuse but there was nothing that popped up in his head. With a faint smile, Roan shook his head.

“You bastards have no dignity or honour.”

His words stabbed into Marcus’ heart as a chisel.


The legs that were barely holding up against the aura quivered greatly as he heard the final words of Roan being whispered into his ears.




Marcus couldn’t fight against it anymore and crumbled as the raised head dug straight into the ground.


Other knights and soldiers also lowered their heads with groans.


Someone started tearing up.

Only when the situation changed did they realise what they had been doing. From the start, the most important thing to knights – more than their own lives was honour and dignity.

They had thrown away the important thing.


The tears spread quickly.

“These fools!”

Reitas let out profanities and frowned.

‘Every one of them is weak and frail!’

He wanted to ask them in a loud voice what honour and dignity could ever do for them.

‘In the end, it is the law of the universe for the victors to monopolise everything.’

What would an honourable death do for you, and what could a life of dignity lead to? If you became victorious and laid hands on authority and wealth, honour and dignity would naturally follow – those were Reitas’ thoughts.

‘First, I need to return to the palace. I can’t fight against Roan Lancephil in this situation.’

Besides, although a little hateful, there were trustworthy ones hiding within the palace. After thinking up to that point, Reitas quickly turned his body and kicked off the roof.


His shadow continued onwards to the palace located in the middle of the city.


Manus, Peid and Aerea reached out with startled expressions but Reitas’ speed was so fast that they did not even dream of catching up.

But then,

“Time for another surprise.”

Roan whispered to himself before casually carrying his feet.


He then disappeared.

It wasn’t that he was too fast for the eyes to catch, and had literally and perfectly vanished. However, that didn’t mean that he used teleportation magic or divine arts either.


When he reappeared, he was right in front of Reitas.


Reitas who had been vigorously escaping halted when he saw Roan suddenly appearing before him.

“H, how…?”

Although there was no way for him to know, Roan had used a blink that was stored inside Brent’s Ring. Because Roan’s mana level, as well as his control, increased greatly, the power of the blink magic had been greatly improved.

Instead of giving a reply, Roan smiled and shot forth with his right fist.


The fist smacked Reitas on his face.


Letting out a groan, Reitas flew backwards. Despite having instinctively reacted by pulling all his mana up, he couldn’t hold his ground against Roan’s attack.


Along with a heavy sound, he rolled on the ground. Passing by the rooftop where he had originally been at, he rolled all the way towards the gates, in an extremely miserable, embarrassing manner.


He quickly balanced himself and stood back up. His chin was burning and his lips were bleeding but there weren’t any major wounds on his body.

‘That’s weird since it definitely was a big hit.’

Staring at Roan in the distance, Reitas tilted his head but then,

“Unsheathe your sword.”

A low voice entered through his ears. He easily recognised the voice because it was,

‘Manus’ voice.’

Making a frown, Reitas turned his head around.


A low murmur escaped his lips. Right before him stood Manus, and it appeared that Roan had sent him rolling all the way until he was right in front of Manus with one punch.

‘Was this his aim…’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips as Reitas heaved out a long sigh.

“Manus. It’s a…”

Before he could finish,

“Unsheathe your sword.”

Manus stopped him with a cold tone and took his sword out.


The sound of steel dug into the eardrums as a cold blade appeared in front. In that instant, Vance Vonte who had been standing off to the back walked up.

“Prince Manus. Stay your hand.”

His hand moved to the sheathe on his waist but he couldn’t take his sword out.


A sharp voice resonated and the owner of the voice, Aerea had approached before Vance could realise it and grabbed on his wrist.

“Are you trying to point your sword at Prince Manus right now?”

Hearing that, Vance bit his lower lips and Aerea flickered her two eyes.

“You’ve clearly seen just then what kind of person Prince Reitas was! And yet you’re still holding your sword up for him?”

Her sharp voice turned a level sharper and soon after, Vance let out a deep breath.

“I am someone who has already thrown away his loyalty. I do not wish to change my lord twice.”

A bitter smile appeared on Aerea’s lips as a reproaching light entered her gaze.

“You are a person who doesn’t know what’s right and wrong.”

Aerea shoved her shoulder forward and threw a fist.


Vance kicked back and took a few steps back in front of the sudden attack.

“What are you doing!”

When Vance reprimanded her, Aerea took her sword out with a smile.

“You can fight for Prince Reitas. I’m going to fight for Prince Manus.”

As soon as she finished her words, she sprinted towards Vance.


Having no other choices, Vance took his sword out in retaliation.

Chang! Clash! Chang!

Sparks flew with sounds of steel. Because of the fight with Aerea, Vance who had been trying to mediate Reitas and Manus’ fight had to fall back.

“You have a great subordinate.”

Reitas started a conversation with a grin.

“She is not my subordinate.”

When Manus gave a short reply, Reitas frowned a little.

“Then what is she? A girlfriend? Did you guys promise marria…”

Reitas was in the middle of talking,


When suddenly, Manus’ sword dissected the dimension and stopped right before Reitas.

“Reitas. Unsheathe your sword. I will punish you for driving the innocent citizens to death due to your personal gains and greed.”

With a stiff expression and voice, Manus glared at Reitas resolutely. However, Reitas shook his head with a faint smile.

“My dear brother Manus. Do you really think you can fight with your brother with lives on the line?”

He threw his arms wide open and looked Manus. It seemed like he was telling Manus to swing his sword and stab whenever he wanted to if he could.

“Manus. You’re not fit to be a monarch. Leave the Persion Kingdom to me and you…”

Before he could finish,


Manus’s sword once again divided the space as a strand of light followed the blade’s edge.


A vicious sound echoed as Reitas’ left wrist was cleanly cut off.


Widening his eyes, Reitas stared at his left arm. Everything happened too suddenly but more importantly, because it was something he had never been expecting, he couldn’t do anything in response.

“T, t, this…”

Reitas finally moved the remaining arm and stuttered his words before turning towards Manus with a trembling body.

“What are you doing! Manus!”

A loud rebuke escaped his lips. While controlling the mana to stop the bleeding wound, he screamed again.

“You! You bastard! Dares to cut my wrist!”

Reitas had his face turn crimson red and had completely lost his cool but on the other hand, Manus had an expression that appeared to be more relaxed and softer than before.


His tone was also calm.

“Your sword.”

Twisting his wrist, Manus gave a gesture as cold killing intent left from his deeply sunk eyes.

“This foolish bastard!”

Letting out profanities, Reitas took out the sword on his waist.

“This time, I will surely cut your head off!”

His entire body emanated killing intent.


The swords of Manus and Reitas touched each other and created a strange sound.


The gently falling blades interlocked and,


Reitas twisted his wrist and elbow while pouring out all his sword arts at Manus.


After taking in a short breath, Manus quickly retaliated.

Chang! Chachang! Chang!

A fierce battle unfolded as echoes of clashing steel were formed.


The soldiers and knights who had been forced to kneel after being suppressed by Roan’s aura barely raised their heads and stared at the battle of the two princes. Complicated feelings arose from deep within their eyes.

Likewise, Roan stood in their midst and stared quietly at Manus and Reitas. He could head in right now and cut off Reitas’ neck with one move. In fact, although it would be a bit taxing, he could take the lives of all knights and soldiers here but Roan did not move.

‘This is something that must be solved by Prince Manus.”

Before, he had let Manus take care of Reitas. At that time, Manus decided to put Reitas on an exile instead of killing him. Due to that decision back then, the Persion Kingdom had entered a severe state of confusion and too many people had lost their lives. Plus, most of the dead were innocent.

‘Prince Manus. What decision and resolve will you make this time…’

Roan’s eyes sunk in deeply.

Chang! Chachang! Chang!

The clashing sounds of steel got louder and louder. The blades where the mana flowed dissected the dimensions and drew trails of light.

“Die! Manus! Die!”

Reitas continued pouring out profanities and his roars and screams overwhelmed the noises made by the steel. On the other hand, Manus was calm and the longer the battle went on for, the calmer he became.

It was then.


A sound different from before resonated. At the same time, Reitas who had been forcing Manus back bounced off to the back.


Twisting his right hand, he let out a small groan as his palm ached from heavy pain.

‘Damn. Why is he so strong!’

He was angry inwardly but couldn’t show it. Making a forced smile, Reitas stared at Manus.

“Not bad. Indeed, your sword is…”

But before he could finish,

“Now I get it.”

Manus let out some words and his soft voice filled the area.


Reitas frowned in response.

“What do you mean?”

Curiosity was evident in his eyes. Manus breathed in deeply before replying with a clear voice.

“Reitas. You have no rights to be the monarch.”

With a scoff, Reitas replied.

“Hmph. That again? If you’re trying to talk about boring stuff like loving the citizens, tolerance of embracing the subordinates, honour and dignity or things like that…”

Yet again, Reitas was forced to stop his words because Manus interjected with a shake of his head.

“That’s not it.”

He stared directly into Reitas’ eyes.


A powerful voice.

“Not only do you not have dignity and honour…”

His words turned into a blade and dug into his heart.

“You have no skills.”

In that instant, Reitas’ expression crumpled.

“W, what?!”

His pride seemed to have been greatly attacked but Manus continued with a nonchalant expression.

“I can’t leave the kingdom to someone like you who only babbles on without any skills.”

Pointing his sword at Reitas, Manus declared.

“Reitas. For the Persion Kingdom, I will cut you down.”

At the same time, Manus kicked off the ground and ran in towards Reitas.

“T, this bastard dares do!”

Clenching his teeth, Reitas fought back.

Chang! Chachang! Chang!

Once again, the sound of steel resonated loudly and a fierce battle broke out yet again. However this time, the battle didn’t go on for too long.

Sphat! Slash!

Manus’ blade perfectly cut off the segment linking Reitas’ armour. The armours fell off and revealed bare skin beneath it.

“W, wait!”

Reitas screamed with a startled expression but Manus did not stop his sword. It was definitely different from before as a gloomy aura filled Reitas’ eyes.


He screamed with the loudest voice he could force and at the same time,


Manus’ blade pierced through Reitas’ chest.


Widening his eyes, Reitas let out a muffled breath as intense pain enveloped his entire body.


The mana remaining within his body gathered towards his chest and thanks to that, he could barely avoid instant death.


The powerless voice was carried away by the wind as Manus bit his lower lips. He had decided to kill and followed through by killing him, but.

‘It’s painful.’

Reitas was his blood-related brother who he had believed in and depended on all his life. Although he barely settled his quivering heart, he couldn’t stop the lump of sorrow in his throat. Severe loneliness flowed past his eyes.

“M, Manus.”

With all his energy, Reitas forced out some words.

“D, do not soften your heart. T, t, this world is where the strong devour the weak… Cough.”

A clump of red blood escaped alongside his cough. While wiping his lips with the back of his hand, Reitas stared deeply at Manus but soon, he couldn’t keep in open and forced them into a close.

His breath turned shallow as the lips muddled in blood twitched slightly.

“In the end, the strong will monopolise everything.”

Those were the last words Reitas had left in this world. Those were words very fitting of Reitas.

Manus let go of the scabbard in his hand and couldn’t dare to unsheathe it. Although it was his beloved blade which he had been using ever since he was young, he didn’t want to grab it ever again. Staring at Reitas silently, Reitas whispered.

“The winner monopolises everything?”

Manus shook his head.

“That is not it.”

With a deep breath in, he stared at Roan who was still standing solid, staring back at Manus. Their heated gazes interlocked.

“I have already met a victor who is not like that.”

His quiet voice fell on the ears of the dead Reitas.

“I will save the world with him…”

Power etched into his voice.

“And change the world.”

With a faint smile, Manus carried his feet and did not linger his mind with Reitas anymore. Roan saw Manus approaching him and gave him a smile.

“Are you okay?”

He asked softly and instead of a reply, Manus gave a nod. Taking a few steps back, Roan stared at the palace.

“Then shall we head off?”

Hearing that, Manus carefully asked.

“Are we going to attack the palace?”

Roan shook his head.


The next words were simple and short.

“We’re going to change the world.”

<Alliance (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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