I Am the Monarch – Chapter 312 – Alliance (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 312: Alliance (4)

When the fight between Manus Persion and Reitas Persion ended, Aerea Britz and Vance Vonte sheathed their swords and took a few steps back. There was no reason for them to fight any more.


With a stiff expression, Vance held up Reitas’ body. Aerea threw a glance at him before walking towards Peid Neil.

“We’re not chasing after them?”

Her gaze pointed towards Roan Lancephil and Manus who were pacing towards the palace with steady, carefree steps. If they ran up, they could catch up to them but Peid shook his head with a smile.

“It seems that we don’t need to head to the palace ourselves. More importantly…”

Peid turned towards the knights and soldiers of the Persion Kingdom who had their knees on the ground.

“It would be better for us to finish everything up on this end.”
“Finish up?”

Aerea asked back with a careful expression to which Peid replied with a whisper.

“We need to observe them so that the ones with weird thoughts don’t wreak havoc while also letting the citizens be relieved.”

Hearing that, Aerea replied with a bitter smile.

“Will it work when we’re from the Istel Kingdom?”
“Don’t worry about that.”

Peid shook his head and faced the castle gates.

“Outside the gates, we have reliable reinforcements.”

Aerea let out a low mutter. Because of everything that had happened all at once, she had completely forgotten about the existence of Romils Hotten and the troops under Manus.

“If it’s them, they would be able to pull it off with ease.”

She turned her head back to the front with a relieved expression. Likewise, Peid did the same as the two looked at the backs of Roan and Manus who had already covered a fair bit of distance.

“They should be okay right?”

When Aerea asked, Peid broke into a smile.

“The most useless thing in the world is to worry about His Majesty Lancephil.”

His voice was filled with certainty and Aerea soon returned a nod. They then carried their feet towards the gates and opened the gates that had been tightly shut.

As the gates slowly opened themselves, they could see Romils as well as his troop, the Special Corps of the Istel Kingdom and the army under Baron Vonte. As if they had waiting, they quickly stepped on the drawbridge and ran inside the castle.

“Prince Manus!”

Widening his eyes, Romils moved nonstop in search of Manus. But unfortunately, he couldn’t find Manus near the castle gates wherever he turned.


His roar trembled the city.

While Romils was making a fuss, Roan and Manus diligently carried their feet towards the palace. The citizens full of fear threw glances at them through the windows and the gaps behind the doors and some children came out onto the alleyways and pointed their faces out.

Roan and Manus intentionally formed a relaxed expression with a bright smile and even waved their hands when their eyes met with the people’s. It was all to relieve their hearts but even then, the citizens did not open their hearts easily.

Manus heaved out a short sigh with a bitter smile. He couldn’t blame anyone for this because he had his own faults similar to Reitas.

‘These are all things that must be shouldered by me.’

He clenched his teeth. Now that he had realised his mistakes, it was now time for him to correct those mistakes. From the side, Roan peeked at Manus and made a faint smile.

‘He will become a good monarch.’

It was okay even if he didn’t become his right hand man like in the first life. As long as he didn’t die meaninglessly like the second life and lived a great life as a good monarch, that was enough.

‘If it’s Prince Manus, he would do it well.’

Breathing in deeply, Roan got rid of all the worries in his head. Soon, his diligent feet had come to a stop as they had arrived right in front of the palace located in the middle of Castle Altus.

“It’s closed.”

Seeing the tightly sealed palace gates, Roan made a faint smile. Then, he walked until he was right before the gates and reached out with his right hand.


His palm touched the gates and it appeared like he was trying to open it with one hand.

“Let me help you.”

Manus quickly walked up while rolling up his sleeves but Roan shook his head with a smile.

“It’s okay. Instead, please take a few steps back.”
“Sorry?! Ah, right.”

After asking with a startled expression, Manus immediately fell back. Looking into Roan’s eyes, he gestured whether he was far enough before hesitantly walking further back.

“That should be enough.”

Roan smiled before turning towards the gates again.

‘Will it work…’

In fact, he wasn’t sure of it himself but from now onwards, he had to show more of his overwhelming and strong side.

His palm moved gently and at the same time, the energy lying within his body soared up into his palm.


A rigid vibration broke out as a heavy sound attacked the eardrums. Afterwards, a fierce gust blew towards all directions.


It was intense to the level where Manus who had distanced himself had to hold his ground consciously. However, what was stranger was that there weren’t any visible changes despite the vibrations and the gust.

Nothing had changed except the slight uprise of dust.

It was then.


Roan heaved out a deep breath and separated his right palm from the gates.


Crack! Guguguguguk.

A noise resembling branches being snapped sounded as cracks appeared on the gates like cobwebs.


The gate quivered as tiny pieces of rocks fell off following the lines drawn onto it. And not long after that,


The large gates which obstructed their path broke into thousands and tens of thousands of wooden pieces and fell on the ground.


From behind Manus unconsciously let out a low mutter.

It was a surprise after another. What he saw just then was as surprising as when he saw Roan using divine arts to evacuate the citizens to a safe location and like when Roan forced the knights and soldiers to kneel by sheer pressure.

‘Breaking the gates by just touching it with his palm.’

That truly was a spectacular scene.

‘P, perhaps he’s a dragon?’

It was not a baseless doubt and his eyes trembled. On the other hand, Roan had the same calm expression as he turned and stared at Manus.

“Should we go in?”
“Ah, ah! Yes. Let me lead the way.”

He quickly came to himself and stepped in towards the palace as Roan followed behind slowly.


Through Kalian’s tears, the entire scenery of the palace entered his eyes and when his brain which had been invigorated to the max while handling the mental attacks of the sorcerers was added, Roan was able to record and save everything he saw without fail.

Like wool absorbing water, he remembered the structure of the palace, objects and its locations without leaving anything out. At the same time, Roan used all his senses.

‘A lot quieter than I thought.’

The palace was literally dead silent and even the guards and knights who should be there weren’t. Thanks to that, Roan and Manus were able to head to the central throne room where the king and the nobles discussed without being hindered by anything.

Manus who arrived at the entrance before Roan did push the door open.


Fortunately, the doors were different from the castle and palace gates and were shoved open without an issue.


Staring at the scenery inside the throne room, Manus gave out a small mutter.

The large room was filled with people.

‘I was wondering where they all were but this is where they had been.’

Wearing a faint smile and a strange expression, Roan looked inside. Inside the room, there were knights with heavy plate armours as well as countless nobles with all sorts of costumes on. Roan’s eyes gently glanced across the room as Kalian’s tears once again showed off its ability.


The smile on his lips deepened as if he had met an old friend. Then, after giving a small nod towards Manus, Roan slowly walked deeper in.

Roan and Manus.

When the two entered the room, various nobles shrunk back towards the sides instinctively. Roan and Manus walked through the sea of people and arrived before the throne which was placed on the centre of the room.

On the throne, there sat an old man with his back leaning off to a side.

His face appeared older than his age suggested and had hazy eyes as well as a lax posture. This person who had an appearance that could demotivate the onlookers was the current king of the Persion Kingdom as well as the father of Reitas and Manus, Aived Fon Persion.

‘He’s still the same.’

Roan inwardly formed a bitter smile. Before, he had met Aived as an emissary and he gave off the same incompetent aura back then which he heard from the rumours. It seemed that he hadn’t changed an inch from then on.

‘That’s why despite still being the king, the other nobles are supporting the princes.’

He was a king in name only but right now, Roan was grateful for his existence itself.

‘If the position of the king was vacant, then Prince Manus would become an unfilial person who killed his brother to be a king.’

However, thanks to Aived still being the king, Manus became a loyal son and subordinate that cut down Reitas who had attempted to take the crown.

Well of course,

‘King Aived has to admit that though…’

Roan gave a slight nod while gazing silently at Aived.

“Your Majesty Aived Fon Persion. It has been a while.”

Although Aived was a lot older than himself, Roan was a king of a nation himself and there was no need for excessive manners.

“It has been a… while.”

Barely moving his dry lips, Aived returned the greeting but didn’t seem to be that fond of using polite language to Roan. An unhappy aura was evident in his gaze.

It was then,


The doors of the room were pushed wide open as a knight came running in.

“P, Prince Reitas has passed away!”

His rowdy voice resonated in the room and hearing that, the faces of numerous knights and nobles stiffened but Aived himself didn’t show that great of a reaction.

‘Did he predict it? Or is he thinking something else?’

Roan tilted his head. Suddenly, a well-built old man who had been standing next to the throne took a step forward. It was Duke Pseiad Cetale who called himself the head of all nobles of the kingdom.

“You! How dare you assassinate the crown prince of a nation!”

A lively aura unfitting his appearance emanated out of his body.

“Immediately cut off his neck and soothe the crown prince’s soul!”

As soon as he finished, knights in heavy plates surrounded the throne and pointed their swords at Roan.

“Uh? Uh?”

Seeing the sudden turn of events, various nobles staggered and took a few steps back. On the other hand, Pseiad who had rebuked Roan walked up the stairs and grabbed onto the hands of Aived.

“Your Majesty. You should not worry about a single thing. My knights and I will punish those ruffians.”
“Mhmm. Right. Right.”

Aived nodded his head with a bored expression. Seeing that, Roan who had remained quiet shook his head with a gentle smile.

“Your Majesty. I think it will be good for you to move to somewhere different for now.”

Aived who had been relaxing on the throne made a slight frown and stared at Roan. Immediately afterwards, Pseiad who was still grabbing onto his hand from the side reprimanded again.

“You bastard! You dare to order His Majesty!”

An even fiercer aura left his body but Roan ignored him and looked at Aived.

“It can’t be helped.”

Things had already reached this point and it was difficult for Aived to move now. With a faint smile, Roan reached his right hand out onto the steel rod on his waist, the Travias Spear.

“Your Majesty. Never ever move. Otherwise…”

His gentle voice dug in through the eardrums on the listeners.

“You’ll get hurt.”

At the same time,


Roan’s hand flashed as a black spear elongated and cut through the room. The movement of the spear was so peculiar that it immediately defeated the knights surrounding the throne and flew towards Pseiad.


Seeing the spearhead which had neared before he could even realise it, Pseiad gasped. He quickly turned his body and took the sword out from his waist but unfortunately, the spear was slightly faster than the sword.


The spearhead of Travias stabbed deeply into Pseiad’s side before slashing through his body.


Grabbing his side from the intense pain, Pseiad kneeled.

“Y, Your Majesty.”

Manus who had been looking on from behind widened his eyes in surprise. He didn’t think that Roan would suddenly swing his spear at a noble of the Persion Kingdom – the noble amongst nobles at that – Pseiad without a sign.

On the other hand, Roan had the same nonchalant and calm expression. He quietly stared at Pseiad kneeling with his head lowered before opening his lips.

“That’s enough.”

Incomprehensible words left his mouth.

“There’s no need for a non-human to pretend to be a human any longer than that.”

Roan’s voice echoed as it filled the room.


Let alone Manus, the nobles who had retreated all the way back all formed doubtful expressions and couldn’t understand what Roan meant.

But then,


Pseiad who had been kneeling with his head lowered shrugged his shoulders before breaking out into a strange laughter. He then shook his head before looking at Roan with a weird smile on his face.

“How did you find out?”

Hearing that, Roan replied simply with a faint smile.

“My eyes are a bit special. And besides…”

His eyes sunk in deeply.

“I have already smelled your evil, disgusting smell several times.”

Force entered his words.

“Reveal your identity already.”

Roan’s gaze glanced across Pseiad as well as the several knights surrounding the throne. His red lips moved slightly.

“You who have lost your dignity and honour.”

In response, Pseiad stood up from his seat and formed a cruel smile.

“Don’t call us in such a complicated way…”


Drip, drip.

The face that had been full of wrinkles melted and revealed a dark greyish skin beneath it. Pseiad, or rather, the one who had disguised himself as Pseiad looked straight into Roan and continued his words.

“I would appreciate it if you called us dark elves.”

Cold killing intent was muddled inside his voice as a strange gust started forming inside the room.

<Alliance (4)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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