I Am the Monarch – Chapter 320 – The Great Warring Period (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 320: The Great Warring Period (1)

“Hulhulhul. They’re all moving diligently.”

Beldrica bit into a red apple with a satisfied expression. The Cardinals standing below the throne lowered their heads with awkward smiles. Isle, who could be considered the most senior cardinal took a step forward.

“Your Holiness. The gathering of the crusaders has been carried out successfully so the Amaranth heretics would soon be annihilated.”
“Hulhulhul. Everything will be according to God Devesis’ will.”

With a bright smile, he threw his arms wide open. It was then that Isle whispered softly after glancing around.

“Then after punishing the Amaranth, what would you…”

Intentionally he slurred the end of his sentence and waited for a reply. Suddenly, Beldrica placed down the apple on his hand and clicked his tongue.

“Tch. Just when I was feeling good after so long…”

Unpleasantness was evident from his eyes.

‘Oh no…’

Isle felt a cold chill running down his spine. However, he couldn’t ask about it either because it was an extremely important thing. He raised his head slightly and glanced at Beldrica, who wore a displeased expression for a while before soon heaving out a sigh. Then, he made a faint smile.

“Well. If it’s Cardinal Isle who is known to be thorough, it is possible for you to be worried.”

Beldrica took another bite into the apple before twirling his finger.

“After punishing the heretics of the Amaranth, we must take hold of the rude, foolish child of the Tallian Church.”

By a ‘rude child’, he was referring to Latio. As Roan Lancephil, Manus Persion and Peid Neil had expected, the Church was well aware of the cruel plan Latio was carrying out.

“Will the Mad Dragon be okay?”

When Isle asked again with a careful tone and expression, he could see Beldrica’s temple twitch.


Isle lowered his head with a tense expression. He was expecting an upset, displeased voice to reach his ears, but instead,


Beldrica managed to calm himself down. After biting into the apple another time, he waved his finger.

“There’s no need to worry about the dragon. It won’t be able to lay its hand on us.”
“But there are the dark elves and the orcs, as well as strange unidentified soldiers acting together.”

Isle heaved out a deep sigh with worry, but on the other hand, Beldrica was still wearing a bright smile.

“Being afraid of dark elves and mere monsters; Cardinal Isle, you are overly thorough and even too coward-ish.”

After saying that, he placed the apple down and stood up from his seat.

“Not to mention the crusaders and the Holy Knight Squad, we have the Divine Regiment which hasn’t even been summoned yet.”

Beldrica grabbed Isle’s head with his two hands.

“Our Devesis Church isn’t fragile enough to fall because of a foolish race of the Tallian Church or the toys of the Mad Dragon.”

Cold killing intent etched out from his voice.

“Yes, yes. T, that’s for sure.”

Isle nodded while trembling his lips. He wanted to immediately lower his head and avoid Beldrica’s gaze but due to the hands wrapping around his head, things didn’t go the way he desired.

“I told you many times.”

Beldrica’s eyes flickered in a cold light.

“The Gates of the Boundary must fall for the Devesis Church, our Church to reign over the Middle World.”

As soon as his words came to an end,


Golden light left Beldrica’s two eyes.

“Your Holiness!”

The Cardinals standing off to the side quivered their bodies and fell on the ground.

“Sorry. Because I am foolish and lacking, I dared to ruin Your Holiness’ mood. Please forgive me.”

Isle shouted with his eyes closed. In that instant, the light emanating out from Beldrica’s eyes vanished like it had been an illusion.


Heaving out a deep sigh, Beldrica tapped Isle’s head away.


When he was released from the intense grasp, Isle quickly fell on the ground and bowed. Glancing at the Cardinals trembling away, Beldrica carried his feet back to his throne.

“This is not just for Cardinal Isle. All of you, take note.”

His cold voice filled the room.

“It’s okay to worry. However, wavering your faith is never allowed.”

Sitting on the edge of the throne, Beldrica raised the apple again.

“After tens and hundreds of years of preparation, our opportunity to become a perfect owner of the world has finally arrived.”

His gaze fell on the apple.


He took a large bite into the apple.

“Now, it is our time to devour the world.”

Nom nom.

For a while, the only sound within the room was the chewing of the apple.


“That large distant castle is the rumoured Imperial Capital of Regium…”

A youth in simple armours stood at the edge of a cliff and stared at the large castle.

“Our Imperial Capital Dias does not fall short either.”

From behind, a low voice reached his eardrums. With a smile, the youth turned and stared at the dozens of military officials and knights in heavy plated armours.

“General Nile Allen is always confident and it’s great to see it.”

Hearing that, the man that appeared to be the oldest of the officials faintly smiled while lowering his head.

“That is the only thing this old man has.”

Nile raised his head back up and stared at the young man.

“Count Hail. I do not dare doubt the decision of Sir Count the Commander, but shouldn’t we add more speed to our march? The vanguard forces of the Estia Empire might have reached the Amaranth borders already.”

As soon as his words finished, other knights and generals nodded in agreement but instead, the youth shook his head with a smile.

“There’s no need to worry.”

With a calm voice, the youth, the Grand Commander of the Lucia Empire’s army, Count Crew Hail, who was also the brother of the Rite Kingdom’s Marino Pelburn and the dead Clay, soothed the knights and generals. Then, Crew looked directly into the eyes of various officers and knights and continued.

“We will arrive at the destination before the forces of other nations can.”
“What?! What do you mean by that?”

Nile asked with a puzzled expression. The Lucia Empire had only now reached the Imperial Capital of the Estia Empire, Regium. To arrive at the Amaranth Kingdom, they had to go to the northern ends of the Grain Mountain Range and go through the Byron Kingdom from the east to the west before travelling back south.

In other words, there was still miles left to go.

It was impossible for them to arrive before other nations like what Crew said. No, actually there was one way – when that one possibility crossed his mind, Nile carefully opened his head with a stiffened expression.

“Don’t tell me; are you thinking of crossing the Grain Mountain Range?”

As soon as those words left his lips, other officials and knights showed great turmoils. The Grain Mountain Range was the most perilous mountains of the continent with a matching danger level. It was to the level that there was no recorded incident of crossing from the east to the west of the Grain Mountain Range in the entire history.

“That is impossible. A large regiment of our scale will never be able to cross the Grain Mountain Range.”
“It’ll be impossible to even receive supplies later.”
“The monsters of the Grain Mountain Range are countless times fiercer than those of other areas.”
“We know nothing about what sorts of monsters reside in the central parts of the range.”

They quickly flooded out arguments against it with urgent voices and when they did, Crew nodded his head to share his agreement.

“I also have no plans of crossing the Grain Mountain Range.”

Waving his two hands, he calmed the officials and knights down.

“Uhum. Hmm.”

The previously anxious knights let out empty coughs with embarrassment. Nile also soothed his thumping heart and asked softly.

“Then how would we arrive at the destination before the regiments of other nations?”

Hearing that, Crew gave a simple response that could not be any simpler.

“Our destination has been changed.”

Nile asked back with surprise and the knights as well as other officials that barely regained their composure widened their eyes again.

“Our destination changed?”
“Weren’t we going to the Amaranth Kingdom?”

The questions fell in batches. Nile calmed them down with a few waves of his hand before staring directly at Crew’s face.

“Our destination changed? What do you mean by that?”

His expression and tone was serious. On the other hand, Crew made a faint smile without returning a reply and instead, after taking a step away to the side, he pointed at the spot below the cliff.

“Let the people here give you the answer instead.”

Naturally, the gazes of the listeners gathered at the cliff.

‘Who will give the answer?’

Puzzlement and curiosity filled their gazes and it was then.


Dark shadows soared up from beneath the cliff.

“Protect Sir Count!”

Nile, other generals and knights instinctively surrounded Crew in a circle.


Tens of blades showed off their lustre. The knights and generals pointed their swords at the place where the two uninvited guests were standing at. They were youths that gave tidy impressions.

“Please calm down.”

Crew quickly waved his hands and tapped on the back of Nile who was standing before him. He gestured to Nile to step off to the side and soon, with his gaze still pointing at the cliff, Nile took one step away to the side.

“Burning gazes you got there.”

One of the uninvited guests with an impressive tough build and a masculine face smiled with a bright gaze. On the other hand, the other youth with a fragile body and gentle aura glanced and observed the surrounding situation and topography with a calm yet firm gaze.

In that instant, Crew walked forward until he was before Nile and gave a small bow.

“The people of Lucia are real men with burning hearts you see.”

Hearing that, the youth with a masculine face nodded with a smile.

“That seems to be the case.”

He then stared directly at Crew’s two eyes.

“Are you Count Crew Hail of the Lucia Empire?”
“You are correct.”

Crew slowly nodded his head but on the other hand, officials and knights including Nile standing behind made startled expressions.

‘To think there were people that knew the identity of Count Hail…’

It was a startling thing and their bodies tensed up unconsciously. In the end, Nile couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer.

“Sir Count Hail. What in the world are the identities of these guys?”

When he said that, the youth with a gentle appearance standing further away took a step forward with a smile.

“General Nile Allen. It is an honour to meet you. I am…”

It was a sudden introduction as the youth then gave a small bow.

“Swift Clock of the Amaranth Kingdom.”


In that moment, a great shock stunned the onlookers.

“A, Amaranth?”
“Swift Clock?”
“He’s a noble of the Amaranth Kingdom right?”

The military officials and knights turned to each other with dumbfounded expressions and murmured as Nile gulped and asked.

“Are you saying you’re the Administrator of the Amaranth Kingdom, Viscount Swift Clock?”
“Yes, you are right. I am that Swift Clock.”

Swift smiled with a nod.


Nile let out a low mutter. Currently, Lucia Empire army’s enemy was the Amaranth Kingdom. Due to that, Nile as well as other commanders and generals of the Lucia Kingdom all clearly knew about the important personnel of the Amaranth Kingdom.

‘Swift Clock is an important noble that was mentioned several times on the report I received before departing…’

He bit his lower lips.

‘To think I would meet him here like this.’

It was inevitable for him to be surprised but on the other hand, Crew was very calm. With a smile, he bowed back in response.


“Count, what in the world is happening right now?”

Nile asked in a low voice in a rebuking manner but instead of giving a reply, Crew only smiled in response. Then, the other uninvited guest, the youth with a masculine face stepped forward with his hand covering his chest.

“Is it my turn to introduce now?”

His confident gaze quickly glanced across the faces of the knights and the military officers including Nile.

“I am…”

Let alone his gaze, even his voice was powerful and far-reaching.


Nile, the other generals and the knights gulped in nervousness as they expected yet another unexpected, shocking introduction. Soon, the youth added more words.

“The seventh Imperial Prince of the Estia Empire, Moyce Ron Estia.”


Once again, another round of shock hit them hard but this time, none of them even dared to open their lips. They only widened their eyes in shock while staring at Moyce’s face but unlike all others, Crew kept the same calm, relaxed expression as he gave a deep bow.

“Let me make a proper greeting. I am Crew Hail of Lucia.”

It was a polite, mannered attitude. In response, Moyce slightly lowered his head as silence befell the area near the cliff. Nile was the first one to come to his senses.

“C, Count! What in the world is happening? The prince of the Estia Empire and the noble of the Amaranth Kingdom appearing together?”

To him, it was a completely incomprehensible thing. Like the Lucia Empire, the Estia Empire had adhered to the gathering of the crusaders and yet the imperial prince of that Estia Empire had appeared together with a noble of the enemy nation.


“It is troubling if you are so surprised already…”

Swift’s voice was carried by the wind to their ears. Including Nile, the knights and generals of the Lucia Empire frowned, asking what in the world that was about.



Between Swift, Moyce, Crew and Nile, a pillar of white light soared into the skies.

“W, what is it?”

The generals and knights took their swords out and grabbed it with extremely tense expressions. With tension, they stared at the pillar of light.


Soon, the pillar disappeared like an illusion and at the same time, a youth appeared from within. He was an impressive youth with a masculine face and reddish-black hair.


It was when Nile as well as the knights and generals of the Lucia Empire were tilting their heads,


Swift quickly kneeled on one of the knees towards the youth that appeared from within the light. At the same time, he bellowed powerfully.

“I greet Your Majesty, Roan Lancephil.”

The youth that appeared from the pillar was none other than Roan Lancephil.

“The king of the Amaranth?”

In that instant, the generals, knights and Nile all widened their eyes.

‘The head of the enemy forces!’
‘The enemy of the crusaders!’

Unknowingly, mana boiled up within as blue light appeared alongside their blades.

‘If we kill him, the war will end!’

Killing intent sparked within their eyes and naturally, their blades moved towards Roan.

“All of you, please ca…”

Crew attempted to quickly calm them down and waved his hands.


Before he could do that, Roan spoke with a faint smile and stared deeply at the faces of Nile and other knights.

“Should we place those swords down?”

As soon as his words came to an end, a gentle aura flowed out of Roan’s fingers. And when they did,

“Uh, uh?!”

The knights including Nile gasped with surprise. It was because a heavy yet gentle aura that could never be fought against suppressed their blades and wrists.

“Kuuk! Damn.”
“I, impossible. Kuuk.”

Clenching their teeth, they attempted to resist but in the first place, it was impossible for them even to try fighting against Roan’s power. And in the end,

Chang. Chang!

Sounds of steel sounded from here and there. Nile, as well as other knights, couldn’t resist any more and all dropped their blades powerlessly.

“I, impossible…”
“How could this…”

With helplessness and powerlessness, they dropped their chins. It was a sword they vowed to never let go even in death and yet here at this very moment, they had dropped it without a single proper retaliation.

Moyce and Crew watching from the side were also evidently baffled by Roan’s godly abilities, and it was only Swift who faced a proud, satisfied expression at him.

Feeling all sorts of gazes gathering at him, Roan quietly looked forward before slowly opening his lips.

“Then, shall we have a chat?”

A soft dignity emanated out from his entire body and seeing that, a similar thought appeared in everyone’s heads.

‘This has to be the appearance…’

They gulped unknowingly.

‘Of a true monarch.’

<The Great Warring Period (1)> End.

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Proofreader: Deathwing

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