I Am the Monarch – Chapter 323 – The Great Warring Period (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 323: The Great Warring Period (4)

Kwagang! Kwaaaang!

The grounds turned with deafening noises as trees fell. Pillars of dirt soared into the skies as reddish-black flames dissected the space and when flames rose up first, dirt fell from the skies. Whenever that happened, the skies and earth shook as mountains crumbled.


After an intense clash, both Roan Lancephil and Tellus who had been taking turns in initiating attacks were bounced off to the sides.


Only when they fell back dozens of steps did Roan and Tellus barely stop themselves from falling any further back.

“Who are you?”

Tellus who seemed to always have the same leisurous expression had a slight crease as his pupils flickered from annoyance. On the other hand, Roan had the same faint smile hanging on his lips.

“Roan Lancephil.”

The reply that left his lips was simple and hearing that, Tellus nodded followed by a short scoff.

“I knew it.”

He too had heard several news and rumours about Roan/

“You were the one that massacred the Dark Regiments and the Generals in charge of the eastern side of the continent right?”

Before anyone could realise, Tellus had the previous leisure on his face. But without minding that, Roan held the Travias Spear on his other hand while making a hazy smile.

“Was that perhaps everything?”

Hearing the casual question, Tellus felt his eyebrows twitch.

‘An insolent bug.’

Until now, the only ones that had ever shown leisure before him were other Grand Generals like himself and no-one else.

‘The only one that can be relaxed here is me.’

He wanted to run up immediately and pull his head out but from the fight just then, he realised that Roan wasn’t an easy opponent. If he moved carelessly, he might be the one on the receiving end.

With a sickening smile, Tellus shook his head.

“Of course not. It was a mere portion.”

Indeed, the Dark Generals and the Dark Regiment that was annihilated in the Eviance area plus everyone that died in Roan’s hands was but one portion of the overall force.


‘No matter how many of those worthless guys we have, they don’t serve any use.’

Contempt surfaced on Tellus’ eyes. He, as well as all the Grand Generals did not think of Dark Generals and soldiers as their comrades.

‘They’re nothing but consumables.’

That was also why he had no qualms or hesitations with using his powers when his allies, the monsters and the enemies, the humans were muddled up in a chaotic battle just then.

‘To me, they’re all insects after all.’

It could be called the pinnacle of arrogance. Due to that very arrogance, Tellus did not want to fight Roan for a long time. Like other humans, he wanted to trample easily over him and complete the mission that was given to him.

‘As long as I complete this mission, I will be a step in front of other Grand Generals.’

A strange smile appeared on his lips as he threw his arms wide open, reaching towards the ground.

“Insignificant human. Etch it into your eyes. This is my true power.”

At the same time, tall pillars of dirt started soaring out of the deep holes on the ground but it appeared like a repetition of what happened before. Roan once again pulled his flames out as he aimed to slash the pillars at once. But it was then.


Alongside a thud, the pillars of dirt started to change their forms. From those wide pillars which humans couldn’t even dare think of guessing the widths of, long arms and large heads started emerging out.

“G, golem?”

Boden who had been watching the battle unfold murmured with surprise. The scene before him reminded him of the three guardians that were created after the researches and improvements of the Amaranth Magic Department. There were dirt golems emerging from everywhere before their numbers eventually stopped at ten.


Due to not having any legs, they moved as if they were slithering across. Staring at the large dirt golems, Roan made a faint smile.

“A guy with more petty skills than I thought.”

His low voice fell and at the same time, the Travias Spear travelled through the air and elongated.


With a sharp sound, one of the dirt golem’s arms fell on the ground.


A loud thud followed.


Soon, the arm that fell on the ground lost its shape and returned to dirt but on the other hand, the empty area where the golem’s arm was at was quickly replaced by a new arm that reached out from the pillar of dirt, which acted as its body.

‘It’s not just plain dirt, but a real golem…’

Roan made a slight frown in response. Golems were existences that would never die no matter what was done unless the core hiding somewhere within the body was broken. Even the guardians that Roan met at the secret tunnel under Castle Miller had cores, the weak points.

Suddenly, three dirt golems ignored Roan and dashed towards Boden Troop.


Boden and the soldiers who realised that it wasn’t a fight for normal humans to interfere screamed when they saw the dirt golems suddenly running towards them.


With a frown, Roan immediately kicked off the ground.

“Where do you think you’re going!”

During that exact timing, Tellus reached his arms open and blocked Roan from advancing. Matching the movement of his fingers, a solid clump of dirt flew forward but,


Brant’s ring on Roan’s finger flashed with a flicker and in that instant, Roan vanished into thin air.


While Tellus was looking for Roan’s whereabouts with surprise,


A deafening thud sounded as one of the dirt golems running towards Boden Troop fell to one side. When Tellus looked to find the source of the sound, he discovered that Roan had appeared next to them before he realised while swinging a long spear.

“A guy with more petty skills than I thought.”

Tellus said with a slight frown. In the midst of all that, Roan quickly kicked off the ground to fight the remaining two dirt golems. Once again, he hid before reappearing at a location slightly further off. It was teleportation enabled thanks to the blink magic in Brant’s ring.


Ignoring Roan, the dirt golems swung their arms towards the Boden Troop while the remaining other dirt golems that had been standing blankly started running towards Roan. They were sticking solely to their own targets.

‘I can’t fight with the soldiers next to me.’

He couldn’t fight against Tellus while guarding against these sorts of hazards every time they occurred.


Cutting another dirt golem in front, Roan shouted at Boden.

“Hold your hands together!”

With a sonorous voice, he ordered.

“Y, yes sir!”

After a quick reply, Boden entered the group of soldiers standing in a lattice shape. Staring at both the commanders and soldiers connecting their arms, Roan gave a hazy smile.

“Don’t be too surprised.”

They couldn’t understand what he meant but without waiting for them to comprehend, he took a step back and reached his left hand out towards the troop. And when he did,


A white pillar surrounding all the troops soared into the sky.

“W, what?”

As their vision was painted in white, Boden and the soldiers tilted their heads but soon, they had no leisure to even do that.


Feeling their heads turning in circles, they closed their eyes and shouted. It felt as if the ground beneath them disappeared. In that state of having nothing else to depend on apart from their comrades next to them, they tightened their grip.



They felt hard ground touching their feet. At the same time, they felt their brain, as well as every organ within their bodies turning upside down.


Vomit rose up their throats and threatened to leave their mouths. Unable to hold back, Boden opened his closed eyes and in that instant.


He was so surprised that he even forgot the need to vomit. Likewise, the other soldiers that opened their eyes after him stared at the scene before them, baffled.

“C, Captain. Is this perhaps…?”

One of the deputies barely suppressed the vomit rising up his throat and let out words. Hearing that, Boden nodded with a blank gaze.

“Yeah, you’re right. This is…”

His eyes quickly glanced left and right.

“The palace.”

He could be sure of it. Simple yet dignified buildings spread out before their eyes. The place the Boden Troop was standing on was definitely the palace, and more precisely the large garden placed at the very centre.

“H, how could this be…”

Shaking his head, Boden stared at the sky for no reason.

But suddenly, the doors of the surroundings opened with thuds. Knights wearing silver armours with red capes started pouring out onto the garden.

“How dare you infiltrate Amaranth Palace!”

With a deafening roar, a young woman appeared from behind the knights. She was the Captain of the Palace Knight Squad, Elva Dionell. She wore a ferocious gaze as she unsheathed the sword and seeing that, Boden finally realised the situation as he kneeled and lowered his head immediately.

“Ma’am! I am Captain Boden of the Boden Troop under the Grain Corps.”

Hearing that, Elva made a slight frown but did not lay her guards down. Before long, the palace knights surrounded them without even a room for mice to escape.

“You’re from the kingdom’s army?”

A question left in a low voice as Boden once again lowered his head.

“Yes. I am, without a doubt, of the kingdom.”

He then quickly took out the military insignia from his clothes. After a close inspection of the insignia, Elva gave a small nod.

“Indeed, you are of the kingdom’s army. But, why is a captain of the Grain Corps and his soldiers in the palace?”


Boden gulped, and raising his head up slightly, he stared at Elva.

“Although I don’t exactly know why either…”

He gave a summary of the things that happened to himself and his soldiers as Elva listened with flickering eyes in a straight posture.


A low mutter escaped her lips.

‘Did he use teleportation magic? But when did he have the time to learn magic?’

She immediately understood the situation and her eyes pointed towards the West.

‘Your Majesty. Are you doing okay?’

There was a worry inside her heart for no apparent reason. It just felt like things were more complex and grand than they thought.

Oblivious or not to Elva’s worries, Roan was having a fierce battle against Tellus in the middle of Grain Mountain Range.

Kwaaaaang! Kwang!

Loud roars resonated every time mountainsides collapsed.


Clenching his teeth, Roan kicked the ground and fell back. His hand started to ache.

‘The mana spent from teleporting the Boden Troop is too large.’

Besides, since he couldn’t just send them off to a random location, he had to search for a safe location which required more mana than usual.

‘I can only hope they arrived safely at Castle Miller.’

There was no way to check. Since he wasn’t yet used to teleportation magic, or rather the divine art, there was no method for him to check whether he succeeded or not. That was how unstable it was.

In fact, the Boden Troop had been sent to the palace in the Capital Castle Mediasis, which was way further beyond Castle Miller which had been Roan’s goal. That was also why Roan used a lot more mana than he had predicted.


The biggest reason Roan was having trouble dealing with Tellus was something different.

‘The mana being sent to Kinis is way too much.’

Like what she said at the Persion palace, Kinis had headed to Poskein Lake in order to oppose the Dark Pirates. The further the distance and the more strength Kinis used, the more mana she required from Roan.

‘Kinis! Are you not done yet…’

Desperate thoughts continued in his head but they didn’t last long.

“Just die now!”

Tellus suddenly soared out from the ground in front of him. Despite shooting out from amongst dirt, there was oddly not a single grain of dirt on his hair, body and clothes. The heap of dirt soon formed a shape of a fist before fiercely striking down at Roan.


With clenched teeth, Roan forced out as much mana as he could.


The large fist of dirt struck Roan.


With the fist of dirt pushing down from above, Roan’s body dug into the middle of a mountain.

“A tedious insect.”

Tellus waved his hand with a sickening smile.


Another mound of dirt roared up and formed a new fist.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

The two enormous fists of dirt smacked the ground taking turns. More precisely, they were targeting Roan who was lying down without moving an inch and every time a fist struck down, the mountains trembled and formed a deep hole.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

But Tellus did not let his guard down. Instead of approaching personally, he made several more fists out of dirt and continued smacking down at Roan. As if he was trying to pound him to dust, he continued and only when the slope in the middle of the mountain turn into a flat land did Tellus stop his wordless punches.


After the thuds stopped, an odd silence befell the Grain Mountain Range. Standing in front of the deep hole, Tellus looked down at Roan lying down in the middle of the hole resembling a corpse.

“Is it dead?”

As if looking at a bug, Tellus tilted his head but it was then.


Letting out a dry cough, Roan’s body shook.

“A damn resilient bug.”

Wearing a frown, Tellus waved his hand.


Outside the hole, hundreds of sharp chisels made of dirt pointed inside, with all of them pointing at Roan. With a twitch of his finger, Tellus could pierce and hack Roan’s body.

“Cough, cough!”

Whether he knew that or not, Roan continued coughing with a painful expression. Staring at that with interest, with satisfaction, Tellus smiled.

“Yes, that’s right. This is it. This suits humans the most.”

He nodded with a wide smile.

“Now I’m content.”

Like he resolved a worry in his heart, Tellus let out a deep sigh. It was then.

“S, strong. Kuuk.”

Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, Roan gasped for breath. Raising his head slightly, he stared at Tellus.

“Are there a lot of strong guys like you?”

Hearing that, Tellus frowned as his joy immediately disappeared.

“Hmph! Only the Grand Generals are as strong as myself. Even they are a level below me though…”

Confidence, or rather, arrogance oozed out from his voice and expression. Roan crumpled his expression in deep pain.

“Kuk. There are a lot of those Grand Generals as well huh?”

It seemed like he was intentionally scratching at his pride and as expected, Tellus shook his head with a slightly angered look.

“Stupid bastard. Do you think there are that many strong existences like myself? There are only four Grand Generals in total.”

In that instant, Roan’s eyes shone in light.

‘Four huh…’

For some reason, he could imagine their appearances.

‘Don’t tell me… fire, water, earth and wind… are they representing each attribute?’

That was the immediate thought that appeared when he saw Tellus. Burying that thought, Roan bit his lower lips.

“The Mad Dragon Lunark created four Grand Generals with all his heart huh…”

Letting out a voice filled with regret, he shook his head.

“But I cannot understand. Cough. Why is such a great existence in this remote wilderness? Cough!”

Seeing the painful coughs exploding out, Tellus smiled.

“Pitiful insect.”

His arrogance was laid bare in full.

“Sir Lunark has created four Grand Generals, hundreds of Dark Generals and tens of thousands of Dark Soldiers but he realised that he couldn’t perfectly cleanse the Middle World with only that.”

Tellus’ eyes reflected vicious killing intent.

“It was because of the dragons.”

Roan muttered as killing intent leaked out from Tellus’ eyes.

“Right now, the other dragons are guarding the Gates of the Boundary and can’t spare their attention to Sir Lunark but when Latio’s ritual for the destruction of the seal succeeds…”
“There won’t be any need to guard the gates anymore.”

Roan finished the sentence for him as Tellus nodded.

“Because of the laws of the dragons, they wouldn’t be able to kill Sir Lunark directly but if they sealed him…”
“Even Lunark won’t be able to handle it.”

Again, Roan finished the sentence and Tellus gave another nod.

“That’s why I appeared here in the Grain Mountain Range.”

But when he heard that, Roan made a frown.

“That’s incomprehensible.”

Since there was no link whatsoever, Roan couldn’t connect that to the previous sentence but Tellus broke out into a grin.

“Stupid bug.”

Soon, he threw his arms wide open as he spun around on spot.

“It’s because right here in the Grain Mountain Range…”

His sonorous voice echoed in the mountains.

“The body of the thirteenth son of God Devesis, Felius is sealed!”

Felius’ body.

To save the Middle World at the cost of going against the pact of the gods and the dragons, Felius incarnated and received the blame as his body and spirit were separated with each being sealed. His body was hidden deep somewhere within this Grain Mountain Range.

Clenching his teeth, Roan heaved out a short sigh.

‘I knew it…’

His eyes turned serious.

‘My assumption was correct.’

Surprisingly, Roan also knew that Felius’ body was sealed inside the Grain Mountain Range. When he said he would be finding a body, to the 7th imperial prince of the Estia Empire, Moyce Ron Estia and Count Crew Hail of the Lucia Empire, he was talking about Felius’ body.

Staring at the excited look on Tellus, Roan shook his head.

“Maybe you don’t know this but the Grain Mountain Range is the most perilous and complex region of the continent and both the size and width are remarkable. Finding the body of Felius in a place like that is impossibl…”

Before he could finish,

“That’s why you guys are called stupid insects.”

Tellus grinned as he took out a blue orb from his clothes.

“Do you know what this is?”

He looked full of himself but Roan frowned as it was his first time seeing it. With an expression that he had been expecting that, Tellus shook the marble left and right.

“This is the Eye of Devesis.”
“The Eye of Devesis?”

Roan was slightly surprised.

“That should be etched deep inside God Devesis’ statue inside the Church, so how…?”

Hearing that, Tellus nodded as if he was proud.

“Because of those crusaders or whatever, all the Holy Knights left for the Amaranth. I was looking for an opportunity but thanks to that, I got it easier than I thought.”

Roan murmured as Tellus continued with a disgusting smile.

“As long as I have this Eye of Devesis, it’s not difficult to find Felius’ body. The closer it is to a body of a god race, the brighter it gets, after all.”

Roan continued his murmurs. He had never expected that the Eye of Devesis would have such an ability hidden within it.

‘I thought it was just a decoration…’

A bitter smile appeared on his lips but that soon turned into a faint smile.


Roan heaved out a deep sigh as his eyes turned towards Tellus.

“I had a lot of questions so thank you very much for telling me so much.”

Hearing that, Tellus lightly shrugged his shoulders.

“Think of it as a small good will to a guy who will be dying soon.”

His expression and voice remained arrogant.

“Oh really?”

Roan slowly raised his body while wearing a smile.


The stones and dirt covering his body fell on the ground and when he saw that, Tellus made a slightly surprised expression.

“Not bad. To think you could still stand up.”

However, he still thought Roan was one step away from dying. That was how dangerous and precarious Roan’s state seemed to have been just then but right now, Roan was very different from before. The face devoid of colour had a crimson light within and the powerless body was refilled with power.

“There are always guys like you.”

Words Tellus couldn’t comprehend started falling out of Roan’s lips. Without caring about his confusion, Roan continued.

“Guys that say everything they know without even knowing what’s wrong when they’re incited a little…”

His eyes shone in bright crimson colour.

“Those mindless fools.”
“W, what?! Fools?”

Tellus stuttered his words from bafflement.

“A damn bug that was just about to die dares to say that to me!”

As soon as he finished scolding,

“So? Do I look like I’m about to die right now?”

Twisting his wrist, Roan grabbed onto the Travias Spear. Following the ends of his hair and armour, reddish-black light flowed as an aura largely fiercer than before emanated out from his body.


Roan heaved out a deep breath inwardly.

‘It was fortunate Kinis returned my strength in time.’

Right before Tellus was about to pour intense strikes at him with the fists of dirt, Kinis who had been in the Poskein Lake returned to the Spirit World. Thanks to that, the mana that were flowing out nonstop all returned to him in an instant. After that started the outrageous aggression of Tellus but while protecting himself with ease, Roan made various plans on how to make the most out of the situation and perfected it inside.

‘There must be a reason an arrogant guy like that appeared in a remote area like this.’

Plus, he thought the reason was most likely the same as his, that he was aiming to find Felius’ body as well.

‘I acted to see if he perhaps knew of the location where Felius’ body was sealed and…’

The prideful, arrogant Tellus walked right into the trap Roan formed.

‘I’ll steal the Eye of Devesis.’

With that in his hands, he could greatly reduce the time spent for locating Felius’ body because he also did not know exactly where the body of Felius was located. He pointed the Travias Spear at Tellus who seemed to be still angry.


Hearing the low voice calling his name, Tellus tightened his fist, attempting to suppress the anger that filled him up to the brim.

“Thanks for making my job easier.”

When Roan said that, Tellus frowned in response.

“What does that mean?”

His voice quivered towards the end but instead of giving a reply, Roan gave a hazy smile as he gently tapped with his feet.


At a speed incomparable to before, his shadow elongated towards Tellus.


When Tellus was about to take steps back in surprise, Roan’s voice reached his ears.

“I was also…”

At the same time, the Travias Spear was raised above his head.

“Looking for Felius’ body.”

A firm voice sounded as the sharp spearhead flashed before his eyes.

<The Great Warring Period (4)> End.

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Proofreader: Deathwing

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