I Am the Monarch – Chapter 325 – The Great Warring Period (6)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 325: The Great Warring Period (6)

It truly was the Great Warring Period.

There indeed were countless wars between two or three countries but now, all the empires and kingdoms of the continent were engulfed in storms of wars. News spread of how the Persion Kingdom, the Rite Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom that had been remaining relatively quiet declared a nationwide mobilisation.

Naturally, the places where the fiercest battles unfolded were the borders of the Amaranth Kingdom. However, due to the forces of many nations causing troubles during their march, even kingdoms in the distance like Byron and Diez became victims of plunder and pillage.

Innocent people lost their lives across the entire continent and due to that, life inevitably turned impoverished and crumbled while despair covered the land. They desperately wished someone to end this horrible war but surprisingly, the target of most of those wishes was pointed at Roan Lancephil.

For some reason, the popularity of Roan, the enemy of the Devesis Church and the crusaders was gradually increasing.

The reason was simple.

The Amaranth Kingdom was the only nation that took after their citizens even in the midst of the war. In the end, it was to the point where the citizens of other nations gathered to the borders of the Amaranth Kingdom that was engulfed in war.

“O God of War! Please save us!”

The burning desires of the people fell at Roan. Oblivious or not to this fact, Roan was racing through the depths of the Grain Mountain Range with the Eye of Devesis in hand.


Standing on a clifftop with the bottom covered in mist, Roan heaved out a sigh as a white breath bloomed out. He was surrounded on all sides by white snow.

After climbing up the Grain Mountain Range halfway, the temperature drastically fell and the seemingly endless forest disappeared like an illusion. What replaced the trees were oddly shaped rocks and stones with white snow covering on top.

“Pretty cold.”

Of course, it was an empty word. Thanks to Brant’s Ring, Roan was always keeping his body at the appropriate range of temperature but seeing the pure white world before him, he couldn’t help but say such words.

“The vibration is getting stronger but…”

Facing the Eye of Devesis, Roan gave a slight frown. Although the vibration was getting stronger, it still did not show any signs of giving off light, which meant there was still a considerable distance from Felius’ body.

‘There’s no choice but to move diligently…’

There were no other methods. He had to follow the guidance of the eye, towards the direction where the vibration was getting stronger, diligently without any time for rest.

But there was one problem.

“The direction it’s pointing at is towards the cliff.”

On the clifftop, Roan looked at the other side. Surprisingly, there was nothing on the other side. In fact, there were hills and mountains but they were so far that they appeared hazy even in his eyes.

Besides, the vibration of the Eye of Devesis wasn’t even pointing the other side of the cliff.

‘It’s below.’

He could feel it, or rather, he was certain of it.

Lowering his head, Roan looked down the cliff. It was deep – so deep that a normal human would never be able to fathom its depths. Even with the help of Kalian’s Tears, he could not clearly examine the bottom of the cliff.

‘I wasn’t expecting it to be hidden in an easily accessible location in the first place but…’

A thought that this was too extreme flashed past his head but it didn’t last long.

‘In any case, I must find Felius’ body.’

Right now, he had only absorbed the soul of Felius and although he was able to get immense power from that alone, it was true that it was no more than half.

‘Also with one mistake, my body could be destroyed.’

No matter how strong Roan was, he was still a human. The body of a human embracing the power of Felius, the god race and Flamdor of the demon race at the same time was near impossible.

Even though he had a stable reign over those powers, it was unknown what would happen in an urgent situation. Finding Felius’ body was, therefore, a necessity, not a choice.


The very end of the cliff – when he stood on that rather dangerous location, the ground crumbled slightly as pebbles rolled and dropped down the cliff.


Giving out a deep breath, Roan silently stared downward at the endless depths for a bit. A faint smile appeared on his lips.

“Shall I go?”

He wasn’t asking for a reply. Tapping off the ground, Roan threw his body down the cliff.


Together with a sharp noise, Roan’s body divided the winds and descended down at a great speed that even deterred him from breathing. Even then, the ground did not show itself easily.


The Eye of Devesis in his hand trembled greatly.


As he had expected, it was certain that Felius’ body was at the bottom of the cliff.

How long was he falling for? It felt like he was descending lower than the height of the mountain he had climbed like he was going through the ground level into the underground.

It was then.

‘I can see it!’

Finally, he could see a faint appearance of the ground through Kalian’s Tears and in that instant,


The Eye of Devesis was starting to be coloured in a white light which gradually became brighter as he fell.


With a deep breath in, Roan threw his arms and legs wide open. His body that had been plummeting through the wind suddenly seemed to be floating up in face of air resistance. The immediate decrease in speed was enough to create that illusion.

Quickly finding the right balance with his body, Roan took the Travias Spear out from his waist.


Along with the sound of a steel clashing, the spear elongated itself and pierced through the wall of the cliff.


Huge noise sounded as the cliff crumbled while dirt and pebbles bounced off.


An immense shock was felt through his entire palm but thanks to that, his falling speed had decreased by a noticeable margin. The problem, however, was that his current speed was still extremely fast.


With another deep breath in, Roan pulled up all his mana. The Travias Spear turned longer and thicker.


The deafening noise got louder and the cliff collapsed like a biscuit. The more that happened, the slower the speed of descent became and finally,


Together with another baffling noise, Roan fell on the ground. Although he had attempted to decrease the speed as much as he could, the pressure that was generated by his drop was still nothing to scoff at.


Due to the impact of his fall, a part of the cliff that barely held itself together fell apart. It was a situation where a large rock slide could have happened.


From the dense cloud of dust escaped a deep breath. Roan was inside the hole, or rather, the crack that had been formed on the earth, in perfect form with one knee on the ground. Although his surroundings were in shatters, he himself seemed untouched.

“That was close.”

With his eyes on the large cliff that barely held itself together, Roan shook his head. With one mistake, he could have been buried alive.

After settling the mana inside the body, he turned towards the Eye of Devesis in his hand.


Unlike before, it was giving off an intense light.

‘It seems I’ve come to the right place.’

It was worth going through all that trouble.

Roan carried his feet towards the direction the vibration led him. As soon as he stepped through the debris of rocks and stones into a deep shade, a brutal frostiness attacked him.


The chill was enough to make even Roan with Brant’s Ring to have his teeth chattering. But without stopping his feet, Roan pulled up heat from within to protect the body and clenched hard. Soon, the road visibly narrowed down until finally,


His diligent steps came to a sudden halt. The long narrow path had finally shown its end.


Heaving out a white breath, Roan bit his lower lips. His eyes trembled and his heart raced. It wasn’t due to joy or excitement and was an extremely intuitive, natural reaction. It felt like Felius that had become one with himself was reacting aggressively as warm drops of tear climbed down his cheeks.


Coming to himself, Roan wiped the tears with the back of his hand and a complicated smile appeared on his lips. The smile had in itself joy, sorrow, loneliness and longing.

Roan reached out with his right hand towards the transparent wall blocking the end of the pathway and soon, his fingers slightly touched it.


In that instant, goosebumps rose up all over his body.

The transparent wall was icy cold.

“This is Felius’ body huh…”

On the other side of the wall, a youth with closed eyes was standing there with no sign of life. The youth had a tough body that appeared twice as big as Roan was wearing an elaborate armour that had a strange mix of white and crimson. His closed eyes were long and soft, while his nose was tall and his lips flashed in beautiful colours.

It seemed to be the most beautiful sculpture of the universe.

Uung! Uung! Uung!

The Eye of Devesis trembled greatly and the transparent wall also shook in suit. Even Roan’s body quivered slightly and that resonance proved how each desired one another so desperately.


Roan placed both his hands on top of the transparent wall. He was planning to absorb the sleeping body of Felius using all the mana inside his body.


An immense energy of fire and divinity rose up from the mana hall and soared into his palms. But it was then.


From behind Roan rose up a pillar of white light accompanied by a shout.

“How dare you!”

A voice wetted with madness escaped and a huge arm popped out of the light.


The arm pulled on the back of Roan’s neck.


Despite the sudden turn of events, Roan did not fret and organised his mana while quickly turning his body. At the start, he was planning to put force into his two legs and stand his ground but in a short instant, he realised it wouldn’t be enough.


Turning his head around, Roan escaped from the hand grabbing onto his nape while simultaneously swinging the Travias Spear. The huge spear was aimed at the white pillar of light and normally, it would’ve been enough to slash both the light and the uninvited guest but,


The Travias Spear instead let out a huge roar and was bounced off at a great speed.


Even the palm of his hand that had been holding the spear was torn apart. Clenching his teeth, Roan barely held onto the spear flying off to the back and posed another defensive posture.

The tip of the spear pointed itself at the pillar of light.


Soon, the light disappeared and was replaced by the appearance of the uninvited guest that had just attacked Roan. Although not on the level of Felius, he was a beautiful youth that showed off immaculate beauty and especially, the dark black hair resembling the night sky left a deep impression.


Unconsciously, Roan let out a mutter. Without even asking, he could assume the identity of the black-haired beautiful young man.

‘He gives off an aura similar to Sir Kalian.’

His breath threatened to stop and a bitter smile hung on his lips.

“You seem to have noticed my identity.”

The black-haired youth gave a strange smile as if it was funny. Roan returned a slow nod.

“The Mad Dragon Lunark.”

His composed voice traveled through the air while the black-haired youth suddenly crumpled his expression.

“Mad Dragon? A rude bastard that dares to use the alias Mad Dragon before me.”

Killing intent soared out from his body but surprisingly, Roan’s expression remained extremely calm. The expression on the black-haired youth gradually turned stiff.

‘Damn. While I was imprisoned inside Europas’ trap, he absorbed Felius’ power.’

The black-haired youth, was as Roan had said, the Mad Dragon, Black Dragon Lunark. With an extremely displeased face full of annoyance, he shook his head.

‘A mere human dares to withstand my intent.’

He was enraged.

‘And that bastard Kalian, he lied to me.’

Kalian definitely said that Europas had left the Token of Dragons to Roan but from Roan, he couldn’t feel the aura unique to the token.

‘He was trying to earn more time huh, hmph.’

Lunark’s face seemed to be finding it laughable and his black pupils carefully examined Roan bottom up.

‘Doesn’t even have the Token of Dragons and hasn’t even completely absorbed Felius’ body yet.’

In other words, he couldn’t use the full power of the god race.

‘Kill him here.’

Lunark clenched his teeth. He hated bothersome things and in the first place, he couldn’t allow mere humans to dare pick a fight against dragons. Lunark reached out with his right hand and in an instant, an enormous amount of mana was gathered at his fingertips.


Although Roan was trying not to show it, he was greatly nervous.

‘Can I block it? Can I fight him?’

He couldn’t judge whether he could stand against a dragon – the Mad Dragon Lunark at that.

‘In any case, there’s no way out.’

Roan breathed in deep.

There was no choice but to fight, and clenching his teeth, Roan held onto the spear. Even if he was to die here, he was planning to use all his power and abilities.

As if finding that resolve laughable, Lunark made a crooked smile.

“Human. Think of it as an honour. I will personally cut your nec…”

Before he could finish his words,


A white pillar of light suddenly rose up between Roan and Lunark.


Making a frown, Lunark instinctively swung his right hand as mana flew forward in the shape of a sharp blade.


A savage sound echoed as the pillar of light was cut away clean.


The light crumbled like a castle made of sand.


Lunark scoffed with an arrogant expression but it was then.

“It’s still cold here.”

A nonchalant voice sounded from above.


Both Roan and Lunark faced above towards the sky. Between the walls, through the small gap, a youth fell down as his red hair danced across the cold wind. It was none other than Kalian.


Lunark shouted with a frown and in response, Kalian swung his right hand and smiled.

“Let’s first start a little fire before we talk.”

He gave out a prankish greeting but following his gesture, crimson flames rose up and with it also rose up heat across the path and the cliff. The severe chill which even Brant’s Ring couldn’t force out immediately disappeared.


Without even bending his knees, Kalian dropped as gently as a feather. In front of the transparent wall that sealed Felius’ body, Roan, Kalian and Lunark placed themselves with enough distance in between.

Although intense flames filled the area, none of the three suffered from it. They remained quiet while looking at one another as a strange silence continued.

However they knew – they knew that the silence would soon be broken; and that the process will certainly not be peaceful, while the result will for sure be wretched.

<The Great Warring Period (6)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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