I Am the Monarch – Chapter 329 – The Great Warring Period (10)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 329: The Great Warring Period (10)

Thump thump.

Her heart beat fast. It wasn’t because of a shortness of breath, and neither was it out of anger or fear.

‘Why is it like this?’

Aily Lancephil became flustered due to the sudden acceleration in her heartbeat.

‘Don’t tell me something happened to His Majesty…’

When the ominous thoughts continued one after another, she hastily shook her head.


A long sigh escaped through her red lips and unable to endure the frustration in her heart, Aily left the tent.

Darkness had descended onto the battlefield. A mixed scent of steel and blood unique to battlefields touched the nose.

Currently, she was leading the Roel Special Corps, composed of elves, knights and Taemusas, defending the northeast border region. Although darkness had settled around the area, the war was still yet to finish and outside the fences of the encampment, crimson torches moved hazily.

‘I should get going as well.’

She had been taking a small rest after a whole day of fighting. She had originally been planning to take naps until the break of dawn but due to the strange heartbeats she had, all signs of sleepiness had faded away.

It was then.

“Have you come out already?”

From within the darkness, a soft yet powerful voice was heard. Aily did not bother turning her head away, as she knew all too well who the owner of the voice was.

“Laham. You came out earlier than expected as well.”

The voice belonged to Laham, who had top level talents even amongst the elven commanders. With a smile, he walked up towards Aily.

“I can’t be sleeping while my comrades are out there fighting.”

He too, had been fighting for the entire day and it would be wise to take rest for the day after. However, Aily saw Laham’s clear pair of eyes filled with energy and understood that there wasn’t a need to make him have more rest.

Besides, she also understood that he wouldn’t listen even if she ordered him to.

She touched the scabbard hanging on her waist.

“Shall we go?”

It was a short question, and the reply from Laham was likewise, a short one.


They soon led warhorses towards the entrance of the encampment.

“We will go as well.”
“I knew you would be like this.”
“We have been waiting.”

Elves, knights and Taemusas approached from left and right while swinging their weapons and they too had clear eyes like Laham. With a bright smile, Aily nodded her head.

They were reliable. Although their numbers fell, short, with such willpower and spirit, they could come out victorious whenever.


The tightly sealed doors at the entrance of the camp were pushed open. As if she had been waiting, Aily kicked on the stomach of her horse and dashed forward.

“Help our comrades!”

A gentle and beautiful, yet powerful voice acted as the daybreak of the battlefield.


Laham, as well as elven warriors, knights and Taemusas vigorously pushed forward and followed behind Aily with a shout.


A dust of dirt rose up from the darkness. There was nothing stopping their charge and the rescue forces with Aily at the lead immediately reached the centre of the battlefield.

“Don’t get pushed back!”
“Left wing! Left wing! Do not break the ranks!”

The battlefront was in disorder.

It was a fight that had begun since the sun started to set. Let alone the Roel Corps of Amaranth Kingdom, the crusaders – Farhel Corps of Byron Kingdom was also exhausted. That was when the knights of the Roel Corps that had been catching their breaths discovered Aily and reinforcements and shouted from the bottom of their lungs.

“It, it’s our Corps Commander!”

Their voices were filled with delight and the joy of salvation spread like a wildfire.

“O, our Queen is here!”

Soldiers of the Roel Corps screamed and the morale that had plummeted along with their stamina soared back up into the skies.

“The injured fall to the back! The surprise attack troops stand at the front!”

Aily immediately read the flow of battle. Elven warriors, knights and Taemusas all moved in perfect order and the ranks that threatened to break were immediately re-stabilised.

“Push them back!”

Roel Corps soldiers with their increased morale pushed the Farhel soldiers back.

“W, what about us? Where’s our reinforcement!”
“Where is our commander at!”

Soldiers of the Farhel Crops carried their feet back and searched for their commander, Viscount Kevin Farhel. Was their desperate wishes conveyed?

“Bastards! I am the valiant general of Byron, Kevin Farhel!”

From behind, within the darkness, a loud voice resonated as a group of troops showed up. It was a reinforcement of the Farhel Corps with Kevin at the lead. They had a lot more men than the forces that were being led by Aily.

However, Aily was not disconcerted, and same was the case for Laham and other warriors. They instead formed faint smiles on their faces.

“The enemy’s ranks have fallen already!”

AIly shot her sword up in the air.

“It doesn’t matter how big the enemy’s reinforcements are! Victory is already in our hands!”

As soon as her words ended, she charged into the enemy forces as Laham and other warriors followed suit. There was not a single doubt or hesitation.


War cries echoed as a huge battle unfolded.

“These stupid bastards!”

Seeing Aily and the soldiers of the Roel Corps fearlessly charging in, Kevin clicked his tongue. Because of the fairly large gap in their numbers, he thought they would voluntarily fall back if he screamed and scared them.

‘Damn, our numbers are greater but the enemy has a higher morale.’

There was nothing to gain from a fight like this.

‘Besides, it’s not a good time to fight either.’

The darkness was too dense.

‘Fall back and return for a fight when the day breaks.’

Kevin quickly organised his thoughts and pulled on the reins of his horse to come to a stop. It was to order his soldiers to retreat.

“All troops, retrea…”

Before his loud voice could end,

“Sorry but now is not the time to run.”

A gleary voice escaped from the darkness.

“W, who is it!”

Hearing the voice coming from his side, Kevin was greatly surprised.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, or rather, who we are.”

His voice turned clearer and clearer.

“What’s important is that now is the time to fight.”

Suddenly a hand coloured in grey shot out from the darkness and smacked the butt of the warhorse.


Along with a huge sound,


The warhorse carrying Kevin neighed in pain before rushing towards the battlefield. It was a full-on charge despite the original plan of retreat he had in mind.

“F, follow the commander’s back!”
“Protect our commander!”
“Charge, charge!”

Numerous generals, knights and soldiers had no choice but to follow Kevin’s charge as a foolish, outrageous charge began.

“Yes. Don’t run and fight to your death. That is your fate.”

The owner of the grey hand murmured to himself with a dark voice. Between the flickering torches, his appearance was shown for a slight second.

Although there was a robe on his head, it wasn’t low enough to hide his identity and his appearance was revealed. Light brown hair with a touch of green light, a grey skin, slightly darker than the hair and a beautiful face.

It was none other than a dark elf.

‘Pisces, the queen of elves. We have finally caught onto your tail.’

With his eyes facing Aily, who was busily wandering through the battlefield, he made a sickening smile.


His right hand was raised above his head and it was then.


From amongst the reinforcements that had arrived late with Kevin, hundreds slashed through the darkness and dashed towards Aily and the elven warriors. They were wearing the same armours like every other soldier, but their appearances flashing beneath their helmets were greatly different from humans.

They too, were all dark elves, who had naturally sneaked into the soldiers of Farhel Corps.

“Kukuku. Kill them all. There is no such thing as allies or enemies.”

The dark elf with a raised arm broke out into a hideous laughter as his gaze connected onto Aily struggling in the fight.

“I, Kelab, will personally cut Pisces’ neck.”

He was the last one to kick off the ground from the dark elves. His speed as well as agility was incomparable to humans.


Rapidly, he shortened the distance between himself and Aily.


Aily, who had been fighting Kevin and the Farhel Corps soldiers foolishly rushing in, felt an unpleasant, thorny killing intent touching her skin and gave a frown.

“Miss Pisces?”
“This aura…?”

Laham and several elven warriors next to her turned towards Aily with stiffened expressions. Giving them a bitter smile, Aily showed a small nod.

“This is definitely that of a dark elf…”

It was then.

“Die! Pisces!”

Dark elves with slim builds rose up from within the Farhel Corps soldiers.

“You have finally shown yourself!”
“Protect Miss Pisces!”

Laham, as well as other elven warriors quickly swung their swords and stood in front of Aily.

Chang! Chachang! Chang!

Clashing steel marked the start of a decisive battle. Waves of blue light replaced blades and filled the area as the owners of those swords carried fancy steps around like they were dancing.


Let alone normal soldiers, even a portion of knights and Taemusas let out gasps at the battle between elves and dark elves. It was their first time seeing a fancy battle like this, but they couldn’t remain dumbstruck forever.


Dark elves disguised as soldiers of the Farhel Corps controlled the battlefield by massacring normal soldiers. They killed everyone regardless of their nation and ranks collapsed as soldiers fell.

“W, what!”
“Are these guys monsters!”

Normal knights and soldiers that hadn’t comprehended the situation were confused due to the sudden turn of events.

It was then.

“Keep your formations!”

While fighting the dark elves, Aily bellowed from the bottom of her heart. Despite the confusing, urgent situation, she did not lose her calm.

“Line up! Line up!”
“Listen to the orders of our commander!”

Thanks to that, the soldiers of the Roel Corps recovered their confusion at a fast speed.

On the other hand, Kevin who was forced into the battlefield regardless of his own will was quickly pulling the reins. He would love to order a retreat immediately but the soldiers were out of formation.

If he gave an order at a time like this, the soldiers at the front and the back could get entangled without knowing where to go. Besides, there were too many soldiers moving on their own without even listening to his orders.

‘It’s a mess! Everything is!”

Kevin gritted his teeth, as there was nothing he could do.

“Get into your formations! Line up!”

In the end, he chose to fight while slowly retreating but that was when a voice called him.

“Kevin Farhel!”

Aily had run up to his surroundings and screamed.

“W, what!”

Kevin was startled as Aily quickly continued her words while slashing the dark elves running up at her.

“Examine your surroudings carefully! These are not your soldiers!”
“What are you…”

He was startled but he too, was a general that had gone through hundreds of battles. Kevin quickly collected his breath and examined the battlefield and found dark elves disguised as Farhel Corps’ soldiers flashing against the torch light.

“Kuk, damn!”

Kevin let out profanities from his mouth as he finally understood that he had been used. While swinging the sword without rest, Aily shouted at him.

“Fall back if you’ve understood the situation!”

The queen of elves, Pisces. It was a shout filled with authority and aura that befitted Aily Lancephil, the wife of Roan Lancephil.


Feeling like his breath was being suppressed, Kevin gulped and hesitated, before quickly pulling on the reins again.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

As soon as his orders fell, the soldiers of Farhel Corps carried their feet back. Without even keeping their formation, they were falling back in hurried steps like a disordered crowd of mobs.

Inwardly clicking her tongue, Aily raised the sword into the sky.

“Fall back! Keep your ranks while falling back!”

Likewise, she gave the order to retreat. Despite the victory being an inch away from their grasp and the Farhel Corps retreating, it was a difficult order to understand but the soldiers of the Roel Corps followed suit without a single hesitation.

In an instant, an empty land resembling a string was formed between the two armies and the fierce battle seemed to have vanished like it had been a lie.

But in fact, what had disappeared was limited to the battle between the Roel Corps and the Farhel Corps. What replaced it was the fancy battle between elves and dark elves.

‘The Farhel Corps have completely retreated.’

AIly examined the battle and the situation yet again.

Things weren’t looking positive.

Except for the rescue forces she had brought with herself, the soldiers of the Roel Corps had been continously fighting ever since the sun had set and were greatly exhausted. They just weren’t in the state to fight against dark elves.

“Retreat! The original forces retreat towards the camp!”

Her decision was rapid, and her orders were quick.


The deputy commanders, knights and Taemusas likewise had clearcut actions.


Following AIly’s commands, they quickly left the battlefield and hundreds of dark elves did not bother chasing after them, as their sole objective was AIly.

It was then.


Kelab let out a sharp roar as he approached Aily. Fitting his position as a commander in charge, he was a lot faster and agiler, incomparably more so than other dark elves.


With a light snort, Aily swung her sword.


Steel clashed and sparks formed as their swords bounced off in opposite directions.


Aily’s expression turned slightly surprised, as the force behind Kelab’s sword was nothing to scoff at.

‘Similar to myself, a Pisces…?’

It was hard to believe, but as if he read such thoughts of Aily, Kelab formed a sickening smile.

“We are different from yesterday. Look around.”

Hearing that, Aily looked around with a frown.


A soft mutter escaped her lips.

Elves against dark elves. There definitely were more elves but the dark elves were in control of the battlefield, with victory leaning closer towards them. They were stronger, and faster than expected.

Spinning the sword in his hand, Kelab made a strange smile.

“We were reborn.”

And said incomprehensible words.

AIly frowned in response, but Kelab didn’t have any intention of speaking more than that.

“Now, the ones standing on the forefront of history will be us, the dark elves.”

He pointed the tip of his blade at Aily.

“Die, queen of elves.”

As soon as his words ended, he kicked off the ground, towards AIly.


Aily let out a snort and quickly fought back.

Kaang! Kkang! Kkakang! Kkaang!

Sounds of clashing steel echoed as another decisive battle began. Beautiful flashes of light slashed the darkness as the fierce battle continued. With one mistake, limbs could be cut and chest could be penetrated. It was a fight of life and death.

Chachang! Chang! Chang!

The clashing noises became louder and louder as the battle neared its end.

“Kuuk, damn.”

By the time one dark elf collapsed, three to four elven warriors would be on the ground. It wasn’t a fair exchange.

Gradually, victory got closer and closer towards the dark elves, and around that point in time, dark elves became more leisurous. Two other dark elves approached and helped Kelab in attacking Aily.

“How dare!”

Laham and several elven warriors blocked them but numbers advantage wasn’t something that could be ignored.

“Kuhahaha! Die! Die!”
“Serves you right!”
“Now is time for you to become the shadows!”

Raising their morale up, dark elves broke out into mad laughters, in a way that resembled Lunark.


As time passed, Aily too was put into a predicament. The ends of her armour was worn out and wounds of all different sizes appeared following her wrist and arm.

‘It will be dangerous if this goes on.’

If the fight continued, let alone herself, even the elven warriors under her will all be annihilated. However, that didn’t mean they could escape whenever they wanted to.

‘Were the thumping heartbeats because of this?’

A bitter smile appeared on her lips reflecting a lonely, hollow light.


A deep sigh escaped her lips.

‘I want to see him.’

The face of a man flashed in front of her eyes. The person she had vowed to stay together forever, and with whom she had whispered love with – Roan Lancephil.

‘I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.’

Her lips trembled.

She wanted to see Roan and missed his hand; his embrace. The fact that she might have to leave him behind on his own filled her throat with sorrow.

“Kuhahaha! Die! Die! Cut Pisces’ neck!”

Hearing the insanity in Kelab’s voice, Aily clenched her teeth.

‘Even if I am to die today, I will definitely cut your neck.’

She believed that was the last thing she could do for Roan.

It was then.

Thump, thump.

Her heart beated ferociously yet again. It was the same heartbeat she felt back in the camp.


Aily still couldn’t understand the reason behind that heartbeat.

That was when,


A pillar of white light soared up into the sky from the middle of the battlefield.

“Kuk! What?!”
“W, what is that!”

Seeing the sudden appearance of that pillar of light, the dark elves made a frown and halted their feet. That was the same for the elven warriors including Aily.


A doubtful voice was carried off by the wind.


Immediately after, the pillar of light disappeared and from within appeared a youth carrying a man in his hands. The young man let out suffocating aura of authority in crimson armour.

He was Roan Lancephil.


Aily let out a long gasp as tears flooded up and budded at her eyes.

Thump thump thump thump thump thump.

Her heart beated faster than ever and only then did Aily understand. The reason why her heart beated irresponsibly, for no reason.

‘It was to meet you.’

Aily made a smile, as tears travelled down her cheek.

Those were warm teardrops of joy.

“Y, Your Majesty!”
“Your Majesty the King!”

Elven warriors, knights and Taemusas shouted towards Roan. They all contained baffled expressions, filled with turbulence of emotions.

After seeing that, even the dark elves and Kelab could understand Roan’s identity.

“You are that Roan Lancephil huh!”

Kelab, who had fought on equal footing with Aily, was overly confident and arrogant. And that was the same for other dark elves.

‘If it’s now, we can kill him.’

With his fingers, Kelab gestured at the dark elves.


Dark elves quickly carried their feet and surrounded Roan. Likewise, Kelab walked towards Roan. That had all happened in the blink of an eye.

When Aily and other elven warriors finally came to their senses and were about to move,

“I came to the right place.”

Roan made a hazy smile and faced the warm, soft gaze at Aily.

“I wanted to see you.”

It was a sweet greeting, unsuited for a battlefield.

“Crazy! Are you ignoring us!”

Kelab screamed yet again before swinging his blade. The dark elves collected their breaths and gestured to each other with their eyes.

‘If I kill this guy, I will get an immense reward.’

Hideous light of greed flashed within Kelab’s eyes.


With an expression filled with excitement, Kelab could no longer endure it.

“Kill him!”

He kicked off with a shout.

“The war will now end!”

Other dark elves were the same. Dozens and hundreds of dark elves ran in towards Roan.


Aily, elven warriors, knights and Taemusas watching on from the side all let out screams. Even Roan wouldn’t be able to be certain of victory against hundreds of dark elves, that in fact prided in themselves for being reborn. That was a natural train of thought.

Worry painted their faces but Roan, on the other hand, was calm and nonchalant as the same hazy smile hung on his lips.

Seeing the dark elves running in at him, Roan made a slight nod.

“Let me thank you, for coming in all at once.”

He let out incomprehensible words, alongside which Roan smacked the ground once with his right foot.


A thud was heard. It seemed like a meaningless action, and was definitely an extremely light, casual movement. However, the implications of that movement was by no means light.


With Roan in the centre, red light – a pillar of red light rose up. Kelab and other dark elves dashing in with vigour all collided with the pillar of light.

In fact, they merely touched it.




A soft sound echoed off as their bodies vanished. With not a single speck of smoke, or dust, they had been completely annihilated.

A pillar of light created by a casual roll of his right foot had eradicated hundreds of dark elves, that prided in themselves for being reborn, without a single trace left behind.


The pillar of light disappeared. Like he had always been, Roan stood there keeping his spot, and even the landscape as well as the corpses around him were the same.

There was only one difference. It was that the hundreds of dark elves crazily running in had all vanished without a single trace.


Everyone let out gasps of admiration.

They always knew Roan was strong, but his current state completely overwhelmed what they had known thus far.

‘H, His Majesty has…’
‘Become a god.’

Without a single exception, they all had similar thoughts.

In the midst of all that, Roan quietly collected his breath and carried his feet. In fact, he wasn’t showing it because he was in front of numerous soldiers but Roan was in a state where he could collapse at any given moment.

He barely paced until he was right before Aily, who was still letting out warm drops of tears. If not for Kalian in his arms, he would have immediately embraced her, while wiping those tears away from her eyes.

However, there was something he had to do beforehand.

It was something that had to be done.


His moist voice was heard. Wiping the tears with the back of her hand, Aily gave a nod as a bright smile appeared on her lips.

It was an expression that seemed to show her willingness to do anything as long as he said it – at least that was the impression Roan got.

Everyone near them quietened down even the sounds of their breath and waited for Roan’s next words. A warm gust blew across the cold battlefield.

Staring deeply into Aily’s two eyes, Roan carefully continued his words.

“I’m hungry.”

In that instant, the warm breeze blowing across seemed to have vanished. The elven warriors, knights and Taemusas that had turned quiet in front of the beautiful reunion all let out empty coughs.

The battlefield returned to its previous cold state.

Thump thump.

Aily’s heart started beating fast yet again.

The reason?

It was that very reason which many already knew.

<The Great Warring Period (10)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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