I Am the Monarch – Chapter 33 : Relations (1)

‘Drops of water?’

Inside the small box, there were 2 objects the shape of waterdrops.
Waterdrops the size of nails.
Roan didn’t touch it and meticulously checked the inside of the box.


Then he saw a note sticked on the inner part of the lid.

< I’m leaving the real treasure to the one that treated my biography carefully even after having gotten the treasure.>

A smile appears on Roan’s mouth.

‘He’s thoughtful.’

He hadn’t even guessed that he would make this kind of arrangement.
And on the note, it was also written what the two objects were.


Roan, that was reading down the note without thinking of anything, gulped down air.
His eyes that tremble.

‘Thi, this is Kalian’s tears?’

Kalian’s tear.
It was an object that Roan had only heard of in rumours.

‘For Louis Brent to be in possession of Kalian’s tears.’

One of the treasures the dragon Kalian left to the humans before it hid itself 200 years ago.
It was called as Kalian’s tears because it had the shape of water drops and it was known that there were only 10 pairs of it and that it had really strong functions.

<If you put Kalian’s tears on each of your eyes, your eyesight will magnify greatly and develop a technique that involves eyesight.>

On the note Louis left, there was also the instructions written in it.
The only regretful thing was that it wasn’t written as to how Louis obtained Kalian’s tears and how he preserved it.
Roan looked at Kalian’s tears and breathed in.

‘Did Baron Aaron Tate have gotten it?’

After 6 years, a fire starts and he coincidentally got ahold of Brent’s ring.
This was everything that was told to the world.
Roan’s eyes sharpened.

‘He probably did.’

He wasn’t certain, but there was a high possibility.

‘Certainly, after the fire, baron Aaron Tate’s swordsmanship increased by leaps.’

It was clear that Brent’s ring was an outstanding artifact, but it was impossible that his swordsmanship improved with just that.

‘With Kalian’s tear his eyesight developed explosively.’

Just with the known effects, you could see things far away as if it was right in front of your eyes, and you could figure out a lot more information in that short time.

‘Not only that, but although there was a limit to the times and time, they also said that there was a function of being able to see the movements of things more slowly.’

An outstanding ability, just like it says.

‘If it’s Kalian’s tears, i’m not even jealous of Pierce’s eyesight.’

His heart beat roughly.
If it was Kalian’s tear, he would be able to freely use spear skills on a much higher level than before.


Roan grabbed one Kalian’s tear really carefully and put it on his right eye.


In that instant, a cold and hot feeling swept through his eyes alternatingly.
Roan didn’t get perplexed and continued putting on the remaining Kalian’s tear on his left eye.
He felt the cold and hot feeling again.

Blink. Blink.

Roan carefully blinked and slowly looked at his surroundings.

‘There’s nothing different.’

The scene in front of him didn’t have anything different.
Only, his eyes felt softer and more comfortable.

‘The functions shouldn’t have disappeared, right?’

Roan looked at the far away table with a slightly nervous feeling.
His sight got fixed on the side of a thin book that was on the table.
At that instant.


The scene before his eyes got bigger as if it was being sucked, and the small and thin book that was far away now looked big.


Roan put a surprised face at the unexpected situation.

<Analysis of Pushkin’s lake fishes.>

He could see the really small title of the book clearly.

‘So this is one of the functions Kalian’s tear has.’

As he blinked again, the scene returned to the original form.

‘Amazing. It is indeed amazing, but…..’

It was certainly an overwhelming ability, but it was a situation he just couldn’t take casually.

‘I have to be able to use the abilities and functions skillfully.’

Right now, everything was unfamiliar.
The moment he amplifies his sight when he is fighting against enemies, his life would get in danger instead.

‘In the end, it’s training again.’

They say that you have to thread the pearls for it to become a treasure.
Roan was thinking of doing some training to use Kalian’s tear to its true worth.

‘In my past life, I have lived solely through effort without even having these sorts of things.’

The situation had certainly become better.
Based on his efforts, he may really be able to become a monarch.


Roan only took out the note out of the box and put it back on the bookshelf.
And after he placed back the 20th book of Brent’s biography, it returned to its original shape.


He obtained something he had expected, and something he hadn’t.
Roan stood in front of the entrance and organized his clothes.
There was only one thing that had changed since when he entered.
It was the ring he put on his left thumb.
However, there was no need to check cautiously, because it looked like a worn out and old metal ring.

‘Let’s go.’

Roan carefully opened the door and got out.
And then, he heard a childish voice.

“Are you Roan?”

An unfamiliar voice.
Roan frowned and looked at the place the voice was heard at.
A kid that seemed to be on his early 10s.
The kid that had white skin, well trimmed brown hair, and clean and high classed clothes, seemed clearly like a noble even at first glance.

‘The librarian is also really nervous.’

The young man that was guarding the entrance also had a really nervous expression.
Roan checked on the kid attentively and moved his feet.

‘Why is he so familiar?’

He didn’t know where, but he gave a familiar feeling.
Roan stood in front of the kid and slightly bent his head.

“Yes. I’m Roan.”

He couldn’t reply casually just because he was a kid.
Roan was still a commoner, and only a class 5 adjutant of the 7th corps at that.
If the kid was a noble, and a son of a prestigious noble family, he had to be careful on even mixing words with him.
The kid smiled brightly and extended his hand.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Ian. I’m the eldest son of count Philips.”


At that moment, Roan received a shock similar as getting hit in the back of his head.

‘Ian Philips? He is that outstanding genius strategist Ian Philips?’

He looked at Ian’s face with an absent minded expression.
Ian smiled brightly and tilted his head.

“Is there something on my face?”

A childish voice that shows its childishness.
Only then did Roan get a hold of himself and grab Ian’s hands.

“Ah, that’s not it. If it’s count Philips, he’s from a quite prestigious noble family…….”
“Well, everything is just an empty name.”

Ian lightly retorted and shook his hand.
The hand of Roan, that became rougher because of the battles through the months, felt strongly different compared to Ian’s soft hands.

“You are more different to what I have thought. I thought that you would look more intelligent.”

Ian smiled brightly and kept staring at Roan’s face.

“I really wanted to meet you.”

At the continued words, Roan’s head became stuffed.

‘He wanted to meet me?’

Even on his past life, they hadn’t met alone even once.
Roan didn’t reply hurriedly and just kept looking at Ian’s face.
Ian pointed the entrance of the library with his finger.

“Shall we talk outside?”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan slightly bent his head.
Even so as he was a commoner and Ian a noble, and the eldest son of count Philips on top of that, he couldn’t decline.
But before that, there was a huge curiosity.

‘Just why did he want to meet me?’

Somehow, his heart throbbed.
Ian got out of the library along with Roan, and went to a nearby small tea house.

‘So these guys are count Philip’s knights.’

Roan made some distance with Ian and got astounded when he looked at the guys following them from behind.
The flashy armor, the huge blade, and the intent coming out from their bodies was really overwhelming.

‘I have been conceited until now.’

It was obvious for the 7th corps, but the other corps that participated in the monster subjugation also thought that he had some skills.
Realistically speaking, there was no one that could follow Roan according toon the merits.

‘If I just kept it this way, I thought that I would obviously be able to become a great general, and perhaps also a monarch.’

Even when he was at Brent’s library just now, he thought of that.
However, now that he saw the count’s knights, he got to realize just how much of a frog inside a well he was.

‘I was at a level where I could boast among normal soldiers.’

Even so, he didn’t get depressed or frustrated.

‘Wait a little. Just a little.’

He was confident on being able to become stronger than count Philip’s knights.
If he progressed withon his plans steadily and without slacking on putting in effort, he would be able to pass them aton a quite early time.

‘But of course, everything must happen as I have planned.’

It won’t be easy.
Even Ian appearing before him was something he hadn’t planned.

“Do you want to drink something?”
“Water is enough for me.”
“Really? Then, I will ask you for a glass of water and a wet tea.”

Ian skillfully made the order and looked at Roan as if it was interesting.

“I don’t like hitting around the bush. The reason I came looking for you is because of the inundation tactic at Prely river.”

A smile appears on his mouth.

“They say that it was you that came up with it?”

It was a question Roan hadn’t expected, but he didn’t get perplexed and slightly nodded.

“Yes. It was me.”

Of course, precisely speaking, it would have been the kid Ian in front of him reporting it 5 years from now on.
Ian clapped.


“It was a really outstanding tactic.”

He sticked out his face in front of the table.

“I also thought that it would have been good to make an inundation tactic when I looked at the map. However, I judged that there wasn’t the necessary amount of water. Just how did you know that there was a reservoir there?”

Words spat out quickly without even breathing once.
Roan put on a bitter smile.

‘It’s also something I got to know after I read your report 5 years from now on.’

But of course, he couldn’t say that.
Roan replied with a calm expression.

“I think that the tactics and strategies are as important as strong weapons and number of soldiers on war and battles. If you have a good strategy, you will be able to defeat thousands, and tens of thousands of enemies with just a few hundreds. So then, how will we be able to make a good strategy?”

It wasn’t a question expecting for an answer.
Ian looked at Roan with shining eyes and waited for the next words.

“I think that a massive amount of information and systematically organized one can make for a good root for strategies.”

At Roan’s words, Ian let out a low exclamation.

“That means that to make a good strategy and tactic, you had already grasped the information in the surroundings of Prely river, right?”

Words hitting dead center.
Roan slowly nodded.

“That’s right. If you collect and analyze even small information that other people don’t even look at, it will become a great help one day.”

Ian fell in his thoughts.
Roan just sat there and didn’t dare to say anything.

‘It seems like he realized something.’

He realized that Ian was deep his his thoughts organizing things.
Meanwhile the water and wet tea came, but no one touched it.
After a while, Ian clapped his hands and smiled brightly.


“Good. It became a really good study.”

He, who finished his studies, looked at Roan and raised his thumb.

“Thanks to you, I became able to draw a picture I like a lot.”
“A picture?”
“Yes. I have a habit of drawing the things I want to do or my dreams inside of my head. And every time, various pictures come out. A cool picture, a roughly drawn picture, a messy picture. And among that, I pick only the cool pictures and draw it myself.”

Roan let out a low exclamation.
Ian smiled brightly and took in a deep breath.

“The importance of information……. A really cool picture has formed. And now, I have to draw it myself.”

He emptied the cup of tea in an instant.

“Kuha. Sorry. I want to immediately draw the picture, and I can’t hold it in.”

Ian stood up and extended his hand.
Roan lightly grabbed his hand and nodded.

“It’s fine. Instead, show me that cool picture to me.”
“Of course. Half of this picture was drawn by you.”

Ian lent out a small handkerchief from his chest.

“It’s a handkerchief with symbols of our family. If you come to our place later on, show that. Then, they will treat you as a precious guest.”
“Thank you.”

Roan carefully received the handkerchief and put it on his chest.

“Then, come visit me.”

Ian shook his hand and hurriedly moved his feet.
The knights that were enjoying their teas at nearby tables, hurriedly stood up from their seats.
And then, he heard the excited voice of Ian.

“It’s an information organization. First, I will make an information organization inside my territory.”
“An information organization? If it’s information you want, you can buy it at guilds or thieves guilds.”

The knights that were following behind him tilted their heads and said.
The last voice of Ian was heard before he got out of the tea house.

“That’s not the picture Roan and I have pictured.”

That was the end.
Ian left a bustling atmosphere and left the tea house.
Roan got astounded.

‘So this is how the genius looked ion his childhood.’

It was hectic but somewhat pleasant.

‘By the way, i’m curious as to how the picture he drew with me will look.’

Roan placed his hand on his left chest.
And there was the handkerchief with count Philip’s symbol.

‘Did a relation that didn’t exist on my past life happen?’

A kind of reliable feeling.

‘If I can just do it I will take Ian Philips to my side.’

If it’s a friend good, and if it’s an ally all the better.
Even until now, it was something he hadn’t expected at all.
Just how much of an influence did today’s meeting give to Ian.

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