I Am the Monarch – Chapter 330 – The Great Warring Period (11)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 330: The Great Warring Period (11)

Argens, Evishun, the Tenebra Supervision Office, dozens of thieves guilds, mercenary guild, plus countless trading companies received a command from Roan Lancephil and spread the news of the evil, horrendous plans of the Mad Dragon Lunark and Latio throughout the continent.

But just as the Amaranth Kingdom had been worried about, the people did not listen to the truth and instead believed it to be false.

They thought Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom were scared of the marching crusaders and were spreading nonsensical rumours.

But in the midst of that, the Persion Kingdom, Istel Kingdom and the Rite Kingdom announced statements that they supported the Amaranth Kingdom. Thanks to that, a certain proportion of the people thought that the rumours being spread by the Amaranth Kingdom might not be false.

Even then, most people still believed that the Persion and the Istel Kingdom that were originally on good terms with Roan were opposing the crusaders with personal emotions, regardless of the truth of the rumour.

On the other hand, as the three kingdoms started supporting the Amaranth Kingdom, some nations were put into an awkward spot. Especially the small nations making up the Aimas Union that shared borders with the Istel Kingdom had to worry whether the Istel army would attack their country while their troops were out.

Same was the case for the Byron Kingdom, sharing borders with the Persion Kingdom.

Byron Kingdom that had attacked Amaranth faster and fiercer than any other nation within the continent had to now worry whether the Persion Kingdom would attack their weakened border defence forces or not.

That was when a shocking event occurred.

Two days ago, a strange rumour started spreading with the northern area of the Grain Mountain Range in the centre.

It was a simple rumour.

<The Mad Dragon, Lunark, has appeared!>

The Black Dragon – the Mad Dragon Lunark that had hidden itself hundreds of years ago, which they considered a nonsensical rumour had actually shown itself. In an appearance that seemed to be greatly injured, it plundered and burned the castles and villages near the mountain range and disappeared towards the north.

Only then did the people start pointing their ears to the rumours spread by Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom, the truth. They started to slowly understand that their stories were by no means nonsensical.

When news that the soldiers of each nation that were known to have died during the battle were in fact alive, and were receiving great reception at the Amaranth prisoner camp, the sincerity of Roan and the Amaranth Kingdom was relayed in a more clear and distinct manner.

Of course, such a change was still limited to the northern region of the continent.

However, rumours tend to spread like wildfire. The Amaranth Kingdom once again tried everything in their hands and focused on spreading the truth to the entire continent.

Meanwhile, Roan, who had teleported to Aily with Kalian, was eating away the provisions of the regiment as if he had been starving for a few months.


Only after placing a plate on top of the huge mountain of plates did Roan let out a deep breath. The severe starvation that threatened his life was long gone.

“Are you full now?”

Aily Lancephil keeping his side asked with a smile and Roan formed an awkward smile with an embarrassed look in response.

“Mm. I feel alive now.”

Hearing that, Aily made the happiest smile in the world.

“Thank goodness.”

She knew what was causing Roan that intense hunger because Roan did not forget sharing the things that had happened to him whilst filling his stomach.

‘A god’s body and a god’s soul. A human having the abilities of a god…’

That was the current Roan, but such things weren’t important for Aily.

‘As long as you don’t get hurt or sick, and stay with me for a long time, that would be fine.’

Even if Roan was to lose all his abilities, and wasn’t a monarch of a nation, it did not matter for her because the being called Roan itself was important.

That was when Roan opened his mouth with a cautious look on his face.

“How is the situation with Sir Kalian?”

In fact, Kalian was in a worse situation than Roan. Roan had been suffering from mere hunger but Kalian had suffered intense wounds alongside pain due to Lunark’s breath. It wouldn’t have been strange for his bones to have melted away.

It was fortunate that Kalian was a dragon, not a human, and another saving grace was that he was being treated at the Amaranth Kingdom, that was currently the most prosperous within the continent.

Roan contacted Castle Mediasis and ordered them to prepare an enormous amount of magic stones. In addition, Aily called the elven elders that were spending their last years in the depths of the Grain Mountain Range and commanded them to spare no effort in healing Kalian.

An enormous amount of magic stones and elven elders. It was a perfect combination.

Although slow, Kalian’s wounds were being healed and he was getting better slowly but surely.

“He’s a lot better now. By tonight, he should be conscious.”

Since it was coming from Aily, it would be true. With a hazy smile, Roan gave a nod.

“Thanks as always.”
“Please don’t say that. I am more grateful.”

It was unknown what they were so grateful for at each other. They just found each other so thankful and lovely.

“First, I need to go see Sir Kalian.”

When Roan rose up from his seat, Aily followed after him without saying a word. Roan stared at her for a bit before grabbing her hand. It was an action which royals and nobles usually refrained from but Roan did not hesitate.

To him, an honest expression was more important than a traditional etiquette.

Seeing Roan and Aily walk through the encampment hand in hand, various knights, Taemusas and soldiers all left their tents and cheered. Even elven warriors that seemingly enjoyed silence were in the mix.

They were honestly in awe of Roan eradicating hundreds of dark elves with a single roll of his foot and showed respect. The fact that their monarch was the strongest existence in the world gave them a great sense of pride.

Cheers and claps continued until Roan and Aily reached the large tent where Kalian was being treated. Carefully, Roan flung the entrance part of the tent open and entered, as Aily quietly followed suit.


Roan subconsciously let out a low gasp. The moment he entered the shelter, he felt an enormous amount of mana that tickled his skin and suppressed his breath.

‘The insides of the tent is covered with magic stones.’

Although it was his own command, it was the first time he was checking what it was like inside. It was filled with countless magic stones, enough to make him believe that the entire tent was built up with magic stones. Besides, even the bed in the centre where Kalian was lying was a specially crafted bed made of magic stones.

“Thanks for your hard work everyone.”

Roan lowered his head to the elven elders around the bed, stabilising the flow of mana.

“No. It is our honour to be able to help Your Majesty.”

The elders made warm smiles and lowered their heads back. Although they were a lot older, they felt deep respect towards Roan, who was walking down the lofty, yet lonely; holy yet difficult path. Of course, the fact that he was the husband of Aily, the Pisces, was a big factor as well.

“How is Sir Kalian?”

Wearing a hazy smile, Roan approached the bed.

“The body that had been in a mess is almost fully cured and the dragon heart is considerably filled up with mana as well. However, his consciousness still hasn’t returned.”
“Hmm. I see.”

Along with a low mutter, Roan nodded his head. His gaze connected to Kalian lying down on the bed. He was still in the form of a beautiful youth.

‘Indeed, his flow of mana and breath are stable.’

As Aily and the elven elders had said, his condition itself wasn’t too bad, but if he didn’t regain his consciousness, there would be no meaning. Roan approached the bed.

“Sir Kalian. You are not going to enter hibernation like this right?”

The quiet voice asking the question seemed to be rebuking and complaining. Reaching out with his hand, he rested it above Kalian’s chest.

“Please get up quickly. There are many things to take care of.”

Roan made a hazy smile. He wasn’t expecting a response but thought that he should at least talk to him.

It was then.

“Without you saying that I was planning to get up some time soon.”

A prankish tone was heard in their ears.


The elven elders in the surroundings bent and kneeled with one of their knees in great surprise and the same was for Aily.

“S, Sir Kalian.”

Wearing a flustered expression, Roan blinked his eyes. Kalian, who appeared dead just a few seconds ago was staring at him with two circular eyes.


It was a rather faint voice.

“Ye, yes! P, please speak.”

Roan waited for the next words with an urgent look in his face. That was when Kalian made a grin as he pointed at his own chest with his finger.

“It’s unpleasant and disconcerting, so can you please remove your hand?”

Soon, Roan removed the hand that was resting on Kalian’s chest along with a low mutter. Only then did Kalian raise his upper body up with a bright smile. He stared at Aily and the elders on one knee and gave them a bitter smile.

“There’s no need for excessive courtesy. Get up.”

Hearing that, the elders all glanced at each other and hesitated, before carefully standing up from the ground.

“Thank you, Sir Kalian.”

Voices filled with respect dug into everyone’s ears. Returning a nod, Kalian checked the state his body was in for a short period of time.

“Huu. It’s a mess.”

Although those were his words, his body was in a lot better state than he expected and was surprised.

‘They must have been very attentive.’

He was marvelled when he saw the magic stones filling the inside of the tent. At the same time, he felt grateful to Roan, Aily and the elves that did whatever they could to heal him.

Of course, his personality was not the type that would let him openly reveal such feelings.

“Roan. What happened to Lunark?”

In response to his question, Roan carefully explained the things that had happened after the battle at the Grain Mountain Range.


Kalian let out a gasp. There was an unknown, unpleasant and disconcerting feeling touching his head. He forcefully raised his body and stood next to the bed.

“You should rest a bit more. Your body is not in a perfect state yet.”

When Roan tried persuading him with a cautious voice, Kalian returned a grin and a nod.

“You are right. My body is in a mess so…”

A strange light surfaced in his two eyes.

“I’m thinking of returning to my lair.”

It was true that the severe wounds had recovered thanks to Roan’s support and the help of the elven elders, but there was still a need for him to return to his lair to raise the condition of his body to the max.

Understanding his inner thoughts, Roan, Aily and the elven elders slowly nodded their heads. There was no reason for them to hold him back here.

“Then I wish you a safe journ…”

Before Roan could finish his farewell greeting,

“You must come with me.”

Kalian gave a smile at Roan, who asked back with a slightly dumbfounded expression.

“Yes, you.”

Kalian replied with his usual nonchalant expression and voice. Roan still appeared flustered but without caring about his feelings, Kalian continued his words.

“There’s a gift left behind by Europas. You need to come with me to the lair.”

Roan, as well as others let out gasps.

A dragon’s gift – it was a phrase that made one’s heart thump in expectation.

“I’ll tell you the details at a different place.”

Kalian shrugged his shoulders with a nonchalant expression, but his words meant that they should leave immediately. Wearing a bitter smile, Roan heaved out a short sigh and his eyes naturally turned towards Aily.

The sweet times had ended way too fast.


He couldn’t finish his words but Aily instead wore a bright smile.

“I am fine. I will also be doing what I should here.”

She held tightly onto Roan’s two hands.

“So you do what you must.”

Those were extremely encouraging words as Aily’s sincere feelings reached him in its entirety. Without saying a word, Roan stared deeply at her two eyes. Numerous words were sent along his gaze and Aily likewise conveyed many words with her gaze.

Soon, the two made a bright grin and gently touched their lips.


Startled, the elven elders let out empty coughs and turned their heads, while Kalian enjoyed it and clapped.

“He’s not going somewhere to die, and yet it’s too embarrassing.”

He mischievously teased them, but without caring about the eyes of others, Roan and Aily gave one another a hug before letting each other go.

“I’ll get going then.”
“Have a safe trip.”

A short farewell greeting continued. Turning his head away, Roan faced Kalian, who reached his hand out with a humoured expression.

“Warmly hold my hand as well.”

He then said some spooky words.

Roan let out a bitter smile as he grabbed Kalian’s hand.

“Then, shall we go?”

In response, Roan nodded without saying a word.

At the same time,


A white pillar of light soared into the sky from within the tent – it was teleportation magic and as the pillar of light soon disappeared, so did Roan and Kalian. Facing the now empty space, Aily made a warm smile.

For some reason, her heart started beating fast yet again as the pleasant thumping of her heart continued endlessly.



Sounds of horse hooves echoed noisily as hundreds of horsemen raced through the narrow road within the forest.


The person letting out profanity at the front of the group was the commander of the Southern Army, Count Semi Impasse. He slightly turned his head back to stare at the generals under him.

“The situation?”
“We don’t see a trace of anyone in pursuit. It seems our allies are doing a great job holding them back.”

A general with a large build quickly relayed the situation. With a bitter smile, Semi made a short sigh.

“Huu. Stupid Diez Kingdom bunch and their worthless hostility. They don’t even know what’s happening right now. Tch.”

He couldn’t help but click his tongue as irritation filled his head. However, now was not the time for him to express his discontent.

“Run! Every second counts!”

Kicking the stomach of his horse, Semi bellowed from the bottom of his lungs.

“Yes sir!”

Hundreds of cavalry following behind replied in one voice.

The troop quickly escaped the forest as well as the following hilly region. They had long crossed the borders and were currently dashing across the Diez Kingdom territory. Without a scout nor care, they ran without an end – it was a reckless dash in other words.

However, there was no sense of hesitation amongst the hundreds of horsemen including Semi and the reason was simple.

‘If Grand Strategist’s words are true, we must arrive before they commit suicide.’

A few days ago, Semi received an urgent message from the Grand Strategist, Ian Phillips. It was regarding the fact that a horrendous ritual with the entire Amaranth Kingdom region as the altar was in its final stages.

A circle of destruction drawn through suicides. Fortunately, the circle of destruction was yet to finish.

‘The problem is that the area where the last suicide ritual is occurring is near the Lamms Village located in the northern region of the Diez Kingdom!’

Currently, the Amaranth Southern Army was in the middle of a fierce battle against the Diez Kingdom around the borders. To infiltrate into Lamms Village which was in the centre of all that, there was no choice but to pierce through the wide battlefront.

In the end, Semi mobilised more than half of the Southern Army to barely pierce through the battlefront. However, that process ate up way too much of his time than expected.

‘I must hurry.’

He repeatedly murmured those words as if it was an incantation.


The ringing of the horse hooves got louder.

“Once we go over that hill, we will reach Lamms Village!”

One of the generals shouted with a slightly excited voice, but Semi was still calm. No, he was in a rush.

“Lamms Village isn’t our destination! The moment we arrive, search the area around…”

Before he could finish.


The earth shook as a heavy wind pressure enough to make people stagger was felt. Like a ripple, the wind pressure flew off to a distance in an instant.


Feeling the unpleasant aura envelop his body, Semi made a frown. It was then.


From behind the hill rose up a black pillar of light. It was a pillar that made onlookers feel disgusted and dirtied.


The warhorses that had been vigorously rushing in suddenly raised their front feet and threw out neighs.

“Whoa! Whoa! Why are they like this all of a sudden?”
“Calm down. Relax!”

Generals and soldiers tried everything they could to ease the horses but they did not listen to their calls. As if they did not want to near the pillar of light any further, they thrashed around and turned their heads away.

‘That pillar of light, don’t tell me…’

Semi bit on his lower lips, as ominous thoughts filled his entire brain.

“S, Sir Commander! I believe it would be hard to calm these down!”

The generals were evidently all greatly perplexed due to the floundering warhorses and Semi was the same. Soon, he jumped to the ground and unsheathed his sword.

“From hereon, we will run!”

Semi’s decision was fast, fitting his position as a commander. As soon as his words fell, various generals and soldiers jumped down from the horses.


As if they had been waiting for that exact moment, the warhorses immediately dashed off towards the other direction. Without sparing another look at them, Semi quickly kicked off the ground.

‘Even if the circle of destruction was somehow completed…’

He gritted his teeth.

‘We will break it no matter what!’

Semi was thinking of facing head-on no matter what.

It was then.


The ground faintly trembled beneath their feet. It resembled that of the ground stretching its body, as if something was being awoken from a deep slumber. Although Semi was unaware, pillars of light having the same colour were soaring into the sky everywhere around the borders of the Amaranth Kingdom.

Unfortunately, time was neither on Ian’s side, nor Semi’s side.

No, it just wasn’t on the side of the Amaranth Kingdom.

Or rather, it wasn’t on the side of the humans.

<The Great Warring Period (11)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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