I Am the Monarch – Chapter 333 – The Great Warring Period (14)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 333: The Great Warring Period (14)

Following the large body, a flash of black light flowed past.

“Huuk. Huuk. Huuk.”

Peculiar and dreadful breathing noises filled the inside of the cave. With every breath, the large stomach inflated as an overwhelming amount of mana struck like a storm.

The being collecting its breath with its two eyes closed as if in a deep slumber, was the Mad Black Dragon, Lunark. Having received various wounds from the previous fight with Roan, Lunark was back in his lair, focusing on the recuperation of both the body and mana.

‘I, Lunark, placed in a shameful situation like this from a mere human…’

Vicious rage, enough to cloud up his head, bloomed up. If possible, he wanted to chase after Roan Lancephil immediately and pull his head out but his body and mana had not fully recovered yet.

He might be the one losing his life after a rash decision.

‘Besides, it feels like the Gates of Boundary has opened…’

Through his sensitive five senses, he could sense the disgusting and unpleasant auras of the demon race.

‘That guy called Latio did his part.’

As long as the demons left via the Gates of Boundary, he could easily get rid of the biggest nuisances, the priests. It was because the first priority of demons and their most detested ones were the priests.

They hated the god race more than Lunark did.

‘That doesn’t mean I can have the demon race wreaking havoc everywhere.’

What Lunark desired was the cleansing of the Middle World, not its destruction. After annihilation of humans and monsters that were not chosen by himself, he had to perfectly deal with the demons that came pouring out onto the Middle World.

‘First off, I must leave humans and demons to fight amongst themselves.’

And when both parties were at their limits, he would let the world see his true children and the Dark Regiments.

His lips bent into crescents as its tips reached his ears.

A burst of strange laughter left his mouth.

Soon after, Lunark called a few dark elves whom he used as his own limbs and gave them a few commands. He was planning to create various troubles all around the Middle World to have it tremble in confusion.

That day, hundreds of dark elves left Lunark’s lair and spread across the continent.

They had but one objective and that was to ensure the war did not end, by instigating the foolish humans, monsters and demons.


“Imprisoned here… what do you mean by that?”

Roan was baffled.


He had no time to waste in a place like this. Europas’ form lowered its long neck down and placed its head right in front of Roan’s nose.

<Roan Lancephil. You are currently in a very dangerous state.>

Roan gave a frown.

In the process of absorbing Felius’ body, he had felt a severe hunger to the point that it threatened his life, but those had all been solved after a heavy meal.

Instead, due to him absorbing Felius’ physical body and soul, plus Flamdor’s soul, he ended up having more power than ever before.

He had exceeded past the boundaries of humans and had become a mighty being that could dare compete against dragons.

‘And yet, a dangerous state?’

Roan tilted his head, while Europas continued with a slow yet powerful voice.

<With the body of a human, you are using the powers of a god and a demon race. Let alone that, you have been using the powers of spirits for a long time.>

Him completely absorbing Felius’ body and soul had happened after the disappearance of Europas and yet he was fully aware of all the situations as if he was truly alive.

It was unbelievably ridiculous magic.

A faint smile appeared on Roan’s lips.

“I am well aware that it is impossible to regulate the powers of a god, demon and a spirit with the body of a human. That’s why I absorbed Felius’ body and I believe that the problems had all been solved by that.”

In the first place, the reason Felius suggested that Roan must absorb his own body was for Roan to use the powers of the god race and the demon race in a smoother manner.

But Europas returned a shake with his head.

<You’re being too complacent. Do you think it is easy for a human to absorb the body of a god race? Will touching it with your hand be enough to completely assimilate them into one?>

His expression could not be more serious.


It was a firm voice.

With a slight frown, Roan spread his arms wide open.

“However, I’m perfectly fine, as you can see. There aren’t any uncomfortable or awkward places.”
<That’s because the connection is so loose that you can’t even feel it.>

Europas gave a short response but Roan did not concede easily.

“However, after absorbing Felius’ body, I overwhelmed the Mad Dragon Lunark.”
<That’s because Lunark’s body wasn’t in its perfect condition…>

He then spread his wings wide as his already large body showed off its might.

<And also because the moment Felius’ body and soul became one after a long parting, it showed a fierce reaction. It was a momentary occurrence and a short-term effect after absorbing the body.>

As soon as he finished the words, Europas gently rose up in the air. Roan kept the slight frown on his face as he stared at that form while Europas looked back with a clear gaze.

<Even from a tiny shock, your current body will…>

Without even finishing his words,


Europas suddenly attacked Roan with his two wings.



A tremendous storm of mana flooded him along with a gust.

‘A fake form made from mana is now even attacking!’

It was an unbelievable turn of events but Roan soon collected his breath. He then attempted to rapidly raise up the mana within his body.


That was when a loud echo struck his eardrums, resulting in his body trembling faintly.


Due to the sudden incidence, Roan stopped his breath and observed the flow of mana inside his body.

‘The mana is stable though?’

And yet,

Uung! Uung! Uung!

The vibrations shaking his body got fiercer.

‘What in the world…’

His thoughts turned complex and he couldn’t grasp what the exact issue was. That was when his own hand, fluttering within the wind, entered his sight.


Roan opened his eyes wide.

He could definitely see a hazy image of a hand rising above his clear, true hand. That hazy and almost invisible form, which appeared like a shadow of his hand, repeatedly entered and left his true hand.

Whenever that happened, the vibrations struck his body.

Europas’ voice entered his ears.

<That’s Felius’ body trying to leave your body.>

He let out a gasp.

Indeed, he could tell that the hazy image of his hand attempting to leave his body every time Europas’ mana and force output increased.


Intense powerlessness shook his entire body. Roan had the feeling that he would lose his life the moment Felius’ body separated from his own.

It was then.


Europas’ mana and pressure that suffocated his body vanished like an illusion.


And subconsciously, he heaved out a deep sigh.

The moment he regained his ability to breathe, cold air filled up his lungs. He waved and moved his two hands around to observe them in detail but the silhouettes that threatened to leave his hands were no longer visible.

<Do you now understand what I’m saying?>

Returning to the ground, Europas asked with a low voice to which Roan nodded with a somewhat hollow smile.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be this much of a mess.”

In response to his words, Europas shook his head.

<Even then, there won’t be existences amongst humans and monsters that could do anything to you.>

That was the truth.

Back when Felius’ body was trying to leave Roan, that had only been possible because the leftover powers of Europas’ magic were added up with the amplifying power within the lair. Even mid-ranked demons won’t be able to become his opponent.

Perhaps that was amazing enough, but those weren’t what Roan was to fight against.

His opponents included the Mad Dragon Lunark, demons near top ranks and the demon lord. They were existences that could suffocate others with their sheer presence.

“When you said ‘imprisoned here’, you meant that I wouldn’t be able to leave the lair until I could completely absorb Felius’ body into mine, right?”

A calm voice left his mouth as Roan had regained his calm before long.

Europas gave a nod.

<By nature, a human absorbing the body of a god race is almost impossible.>

He emphasised the word, ‘almost’, so Roan quietly waited for the next words.

<But if you have these over here, you would be able to truly become one with the body of a god race.>

As soon as his words ended, the frighteningly enormous body of Europas shrunk to the size of a fist. At the same time, a large mountain of rocks placed behind him emitted a golden light in the midst of picturesque scenery.


Feeling the rather divine and holy aura it gave off, Roan slurred his words.

<That is…>

Fluttering his wings, Europas replied with an indifferent voice.



The substance making up the gem attached to the end of Baton of the Grand Commander, Tempestas. It was Astrum, the godly metal that could only be mined inside Europas’ lair.

‘Now that I think about it, why is the metal of the gods inside a dragon’s lair? And why was the Tempestas forged in the first place?’

There were countless questions in his head. That was because Tempestas and Astrum were the starting points of everything that happened while also being a turning point.

“By the way…”

Roan carefully opened his mouth but,

<Right now, completely absorbing the body of the god race is the top priority. At the same time, numerous information and skills left behind inside the lair must also be acquired.>

A fist-sized Europas flew in front of Roan while continuing its words.

<Roan Lancephil. I will answer all your doubts when you leave the lair after all your training sessions are over. That…>

His voice quivered, ever so slightly.

<That is my calling as well as my fate.>

It sounded as if he was saying that that was the end of Europas’ role.

After dedicating some time to calm his breath down, Roan gave a nod. Being stubborn here wouldn’t solve anything and besides, Europas was correct in that Roan had to fully absorb Felius’ body as soon as possible.

‘The Gates of Boundary have already opened.’

Now wasn’t the time for leisure.

Roan made tight fists with his hands.

“Then, shall we start?”

It was a calm, powerful voice that left his mouth.

His two eyes flickered in light and as soon as his words ended, the entire lair was painted in a golden light. The final training, in its true sense, dedicated to the finale had thus begun.



Priests wearing purple clothes collapsed while letting out groans. The man throwing fists left and right within the dark, long corridor was none other than Viscount Reil Baker.

“I won’t be going to heaven it seems.”

Glancing at the priests lying down on the floor next to his feet, Reil gave a bitter smile.

“I would rather not go to a heaven made by guys like them.”

Count Hail Crew following from behind, formed a faint smile as he shook his head.

“Same here.”

A youth stood next to them and agreed with a bright smile. He was Clyde, who had infiltrated into the Church and had acted as the guide for the Great Priest, Vaint. Together with Reil, he had cut Vaint’s head off before stealthily moving back into the Church.

“In any case, Mister Clyde, where in the world is Sir Count Lancephil?”

He still referred to Io Lancephil by his count position, in order to distinguish him from the monarch of the Amaranth Kingdom, Roan. Naturally, the biggest reason was that it was easy to call him that way.

“According to the cardinals and priests that received bribes from me, there is no mistake that he is being imprisoned in one of these prisons over here.”

Clyde returned a reply with a whisper and Reil once again made a bitter smile.

“No, that I understand but…”

He then turned to the complex and long corridors placed in front of him.

“That underground prison you talked about is too big.”

His expression crumbled in sorrow. Despite the serious situation, his face still gave off the impression of nonchalance and Crew forced a smile and replied while pointing at the depths of the corridor.

“But there’s not that much left now. A little deeper in should be the last place.”

Thanks to them diligently moving around the prison, they ended up at the very ends of the prison before realising it.

But Reil let out a deep sigh.

“Huu. It scares me. What if we go there and don’t find Count Lancephil…”

“T, there’s no way that could be the case. They definitely said that he was being locked up inside the underground prison.”

Clyde quickly shook his two hands to which Crew nodded with a smile.

“I trust you.”

Reil also slightly turned his head backwards as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Me too. Well, if he’s not there, we could just look for him at other places.”

It was a simple solution. Wearing a bright smile, Reil carried his steps.

The sounds of their footsteps touching the long corridor resonated in a dreary echo.

After walking for who knows how long, they reached the end of the prison and ended up in front of large steel gates. The gates were sealed with a lock, which had a complicated pattern carved on it.

“Is he locked up inside here…?”

Quietly whispering to himself, Reil grabbed the shaft of the spear and raised his mana up.


The spearhead slashed through.


The result was a loud clashing sound of metals along with fierce sparks. It was a strike with all his might.


However, Reil was the one that ended up making a frown, as he let out a groan. The spearhead could not withstand the intense shock as it became twisted but the large lock remained clean with not a single mark left behind.

“Damn, what in the world was this made with…”

Clenching his teeth, Reil once again pointed the tip of his spear at it.

It was then.

“That’s not a normal lock. It’s a magical device.”

Hearing that, Clyde gave a frown.


His expression seemed to be saying that he could hardly believe it and the same was with Reil.

“A magic lock inside the Church… that makes no sense.”

Priests who believed in a god and used divine arts detested magicians and magic in general. It’s because magic was created by dragons, who stood on the opposite side of the god race.

The Church was a sacred place amongst sacred places for those priests and it was difficult to believe that there was a magic lock present inside such a place.

But Crew remained certain as he carried his feet over to the padlock.

“The Pope Beldrica, could not trust in the cardinals, great priests and other priests.”

Reaching forth with his two arms, Crew grabbed the lock, which was so big that he couldn’t fully wrap around it despite using two hands.

“It seems that he thought someone might let Count Io Lancephil go if he placed a sealing spell with divine magic.”

Clyde let out a low mutter.

“Beldrica seems to be a person full of doubt.”

Reil shook his head feeling dumbfounded.

“In any case, if that padlock is indeed a magical device, then physically we won’t be able to…”

Before he could finish his words,


Light oozed out of Crew’s hand and at the same time, light flowed following down the pattern engraved on the lock.


Faced with a sudden turn of events, both Reil and Clyde opened their eyes wide.


That was when the tight padlock became loose.

“H, how…?”

Surprised beyond what his mind can handle, Clyde stuttered while Crew took a step back and gave them a smile.

“It is one of the little tricks I have.”

A nonchalant voice left his mouth.

‘A magician?’

Reil quietly stared into Crew’s two eyes. He had been thinking that Crew was just a person with a quick brain.

‘Well, I guess the count position of an empire is not that easy to climb to.’

He heaved out a short sigh. There were things he wanted to ask, but the loose metal gates rolled off to each side with a creaking noise.

Getting rid of complicated thoughts from their heads, Reil, Crew and Clyde turned their gazes over to the insides of the prison.


Soon, a thud was heard as the gates were spread wide open and an old man with long, unkempt hair and beard was revealed. In a messy state, he was sitting down in a seiza while looking at the direction they came from.

Despite the weak aura, his eyes were still sharp and powerful.


Reil unconsciously let out a long mutter before quickly running up at the old man.

“Sir Count Io Lancephil!”

A rushed voice echoed away.

The old man was Roan Lancephil’s godfather, and his lifetime benefactor, Io Lancephil himself. While struggling, Io gave a smile.

“Viscount Reil Baker. You have come to take me back, I see.”

His voice was very soft and Reil kneeled down on the ground to match his line of sight.

“I was way, way too late. I am sorry sir.”

Towards the end, his voice trembled.

Io slowly shook his head and gestured that it was not his fault. After that, silence befell the area for a period of time with no-one opening their mouths in a rush.

The one that broke the silence, was Io.

“Viscount Baker. I have a question for you.”

He sounded very cautious. After a slight hesitation, Io continued his words with an even softer voice.

“How is Roan, my child?”

It was a question he was desperate to ask. Even a thousand times wasn’t enough.

To Io, neither his own life nor the situation of the kingdom was important. The only important thing for him was Roan’s safety.

Reil returned a bright smile.


His voice became naturally powerful.

“He became a monarch.”

As soon as his words came to a stop.


Io quietly shed tears.

He wasn’t sad but the tears flowed down by themselves regardless of his will.

It was naturally from endless joy; a delight.

<The Great Warring Period (14)> End.

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Proofreader: Deathwing

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