I Am the Monarch – Chapter 35 : Relations (3)

“Right. Then let’s leave it at that.”

Roan raised his cup of beer with a calm expression.

“Ah, no I just…….”

Pierce stammered with a perplexed expression.

“I know that you were joking.”

Roan smirked and shook his hands.
Only then did Pierce let out a sigh of relief.

“Whew. I got surprised.”
“I was also joking. I will teach you, so don’t worry.”

As soon as he finished those words, Pierce got up of his seat.

“Let’s go out.”
“Huh? To where?”
“You said that you were going to teach me. Roan’s spearmanship.”

At those words, Roan put on an absent-minded expression.

“You want me to teach you now? We are in the middle of drinking.”

And as soon as he said that, Pierce grabbed his cup of beer.

Gulp. Gulp.

His adam’s apple shook up and down.

“Burp. We can go now, right?”

Pierce burped and put down the cup of beer.
Roan looked at the emptied cup and smacked his lips.

“Sir adjutant Roan.”

Pierce urged with an earnest expression.
Roan took in a deep breath and stood up.

“Okay. Let’s go. Go.”

However, his eyes kept looking at the cup of beer.

‘It was beer I drank in a long while……’

A feeling of only having wetted his lips.
Even so, as he saw the heated up Pierce, he felt a gratified expression.

‘Then. Shall I teach Pierce’s spearmanship to the genius spearman Pierce, no, Roan’s spearmanship?’

A smile appeared on his face.
Roan hit Pierce’s shoulder and left the bar one step ahead of him.
Pierce hurriedly chased his back.
The two people went outside Beno castle.
They had consumed alcohol so the soft spring wind made their tongues feel sweet.
As they got out of the northern gate and walked for a bit, they saw a wide plain.

‘This much will be good.’

A place better than anywhere to train on the spear.
Roan lightly warmed up and looked at the western sky.
He saw the bright sunset above the mountains.


Could leisure have appeared in his heart?
It was the first time he thought that the sunset was beautiful since he was born.
Then, Pierce’s voice was heard.

“Sir adjutant Roan. Let’s start immediately.”

An urging sound.
Roan smirked and nodded.

“Okay. Shall we……..”

The moment he was about to take off his sight from the sunset.
He saw an object running hurriedly on the western plains.

‘What is it?’

Roan concentrated his sight towards the really small and faint object that was far away.
At that instant, the scene got sucked in along his sight.
The object which he couldn’t see because it was faint now seemed so clear like it was right in front of him.


Roan frowned.
He hurriedly raised his spear and yelled towards Pierce.

“Pierce. It seems like we will have to run.”
“Yes? What are you saying so suddenly?”

Pierce asked back with a dumbfounded expression.
Roan charged to the front instead of replying.


“Someone is being chased.”

An urgent voice was heard from the place he left.
Pierce chased after Roan a bit late.
“Who are you talking about?”

At the question being asked in a loud voice, a reply came soon.

“A young man.”


“Pant. Pant. Pant.”

His breath rose to his chin.
However, he couldn’t stop his feet.

‘Kugh. Damn. Because I did something I usually didn’t, it seems like I will die alone.’

Chris gritted his teeth.
His right arm hurt.

‘Fortunately, it doesn’t seem deep……..’

Between the sloppily torn clothes, the wound could be seen.
Although it wasn’t that deep of an injury, blood still flowed out.

‘Why did I have to sneeze there, damn it.’

Chris looked at the black book he was holding with his left arm.
It was the size of a palm and had a thickness of two fingers.

<Account book.>

‘Crazy bastards. To even make an account book while selling people.’

Chris slightly glanced back.


Two people who looked dangerous were riding their horses like crazy.

‘Damn. It seems like I’ll get caught.’

Even if he was fast, he couldn’t be as fast as horses.
Chris first chose to run towards the woods in the northeast.
It was a decision to lower the speed of the horses by even a little.

‘I should just have earned money in Miller.’

Regret came late.
It was a problem of having stepped out because a daughter of a countryside couple had gotten kidnapped.

‘Although it would be meaningless to regret it now.’

The choice was made by him anyways.
It was the right thing to do to blame it on him on whatever results happened.
It was the right thing to do, he would be blamed for whatever happened as a result.

‘Good! It’s the woods now!’

It was when he was about to get in.
A heavy sound was heard.


Chris didn’t look back.
He thought that he could guess the identity of the object.

A throwing weapon that was a rope with two weights at the end.
Rather than damaging the opponent, it was a weapon used to catch the body or the legs and make them unable to move.
Chris gritted his teeth and moved to his right.


The Bola fell right next to him.

‘Good! I dodg…….!’

When he was busy celebrating….


The Bola certainly had fallen to the ground but he could still hear a noise.

‘Damn. There’s one more!’

He tried to dodge it, but he was too late and he felt a heavy shock below his knees.

The Bola circled the leg and wrapped it.


Chris fell to the ground and rolled.


It was a pain similar to his bones breaking.
But even so Chris quickly raised his body.

‘I have to untie this.’

The Bola that tied his legs tightly.
His hands urgently tried to untie the rope.
And then a black shadow covered him.

“We finally caught you.”

A cold voice.
Chris gulped dry saliva and raised his head.
At that moment he saw a huge foot.



Chris rolled quite a few times with only one kick.

‘Damn. My handsome face will get messed up.’

A useless thought.
Then a vicious conversation was heard.

“And the account book?”

A question asked by a man with a pointy chin and thin eyes.
The man with a twisted nose pointed at Chris.

“Fortunately that bastard has it.”
“Really? Then take it away from him and kill him quickly.”

The man with the twisted nose grabbed Chris’s shoulders with a casual expression.

‘I can’t die like this.’

Chris bit his lower lip and threw away the account book he had in his hand with all of his strength.

The account book showed the white pages and disappeared in the grass.

“This crazy bastard!”

The man with the twisted nose cursed and hurriedly ran towards the account book.
Then, Chris stood up from the place abruptly.
His legs, which were previously tied with the Bola, were cleanly untied.

‘I thought that I was going to die for untying it without them noticing.’

Then, he quickly flung his body to a side.
However, he couldn’t make more than three steps.


The hard and sharp tip of the foot hit his side.


He felt the wind get knocked out of his lungs.
Chris grabbed his side and fell.

“Son of a bitch. You throw it without even knowing how much it’s worth. Twet!”

The thin eyed man spat and got annoyed.
Meanwhile, the man with the twisted nose hurriedly ran and grabbed the account book that was on the ground.

“Steve! The account book is fine!”

A loud yell.

“Then come quickly and cut off the neck of this bastard.”

The man with thin eyes, Steve, talked back annoyedly and got on his horse.


The man with the twisted nose approached slowly and unsheathed his sword.

“You dare to put your hands on an object of our JoyLuce. First I will cut off that bad-mannered hand of yours.”

Even Chris realized that the situation had turned out to be quite difficult.

‘Damn. I couldn’t even fulfill my dream of running a travel agency and will die like this.’

He felt that it was kind of unfair.
He was only a teen that was on his 22nd year.
It was too early for him to die like this.
The man with the twisted nose raised his right hand into the air.
The sharp blade of the sword shone brightly.

‘If I knew this was going to happen I would have eaten a lot of meat last night……’

When he was thinking about that.


A sharp noise hit their ears.
Everybody’s sight moved to the place the noise was heard.
A sharp object came flying over while cutting through the air.
That was certainly a spear.
The spear precisely separated Chris and Steve.


A heavy noise.
The spear that got stuck deep in the earth trembled.

“Huk! Wha, what is it!”

The man with the twisted nose was surprised and looked towards the direction the spear came flying from.


Then, the grass started to move roughly and was separated by the sides.

“Stop right there. Nobody move.”

A childish voice but with strength.
The person that came out of the grass was Roan.
Following him, Pierce appeared.
He was looking a bit nervous.
Contrary to him, Roan had a really calm expression and moved to pull out the spear stuck in the ground.
The tip of the spear was pointed at Steve.

“I’m adjutant Roan of Rrose troop from the 7th corps. Reveal your identities.”

At that moment, Steve’s hand was frozen stiff.

‘Damn. To meet people from the kingdom here.’

His eyes rolled to the sides quickly.
Then, Chris’s voice was heard.

“Those bastards are slave merchants!”

Right after he finished saying that.

“Fuck! Norman! Run!”

Steve yelled and grabbed the reins.


The horse cried loudly and raised its front legs.


Steve was planning to stamp down Roan.
However, Roan had already read Steve’s intentions.
Roan twisted his body and took three steps to the right.
He saw the rough movements of the horse slowly and clearly.

‘He’s full of weak points.’

There were tens of places where he could stab the spear.

‘But my movements don’t follow me.’

He tasted bitterness in his mouth.
However Pierce, that couldn’t know of this at all, judged that Roan was in an urgent situation.
He quickly stabbed out the spear.


The spear pierced the body of the horse deeply.


The horse moved its body here and there with rough movements.


It was obvious for Steve, but even Pierce couldn’t move properly because he was perplexed.
However Roan could see all of these things slowly and clearly.


Roan’s spear slashed through the air.


The spear passed next to Steve’s neck.

‘It missed!’

Steve was happy and once again tried to pull the reins.
And then, the spear that was behind him was pulled and hit the back of his head.


Amazing strength.
His chest got stuck to the horse.


Roan snorted and after twisting his wrist, he pulled the spear.


At that moment Steve, that was balancing sloppily, fell down from the horse.


A heavy shock felt coursed through his back and waist.
Steve frowned and twisted his body.
Roan quickly raised his spear upside down and smashed it into the stomach of the man.



A pain that cuts his breath.
Steve lost consciousness and fell to the ground.


Then, he heard noisy horse steps.
It was Norman.
He quickly got out of the forest while Steve was making that fuss.
Although Roan tried to chase him, there was a big difference between their speeds.
The horse Steve was riding couldn’t move anymore because of Pierce’s attack.
Meanwhile, Norman disappeared far away.

‘Can’t do anything.’

He decided to be satisfied on having saved the life of this person.

“Are you okay?”

At Roan’s question, Chris nodded.

“Yes. I’m fine. Thank you for having saved me.”

It seemed unshapely, but he was gentle and respectful.
Roan looked at Chris’s face.

‘I think I have seen him somewhere…….’

He was about to remember but couldn’t.
Then, Chris touched his face and tilted his head.

“Is there something on my face?”

Roan laughed awkwardly and said.

“No. You just seem familiar. Did we meet somewhere else before?”

At those words, Chris shook his head.

“No. Not in my memories. I’m not from over here but from the capital of Miller. I ran errands over there.”

At that moment, a low exclamation flowed out from Roan’s mouth.
Errand runner Chris, from the capital of Miller.
There was only one person in his past life that had this characteristics.

‘Chris. Chris Drain!’

He startled awake.
Roan looked at Chris with composed eyes.

‘To meet Chris here……’

As it was before he got a title of nobility, he still didn’t have the last name of Drain.

‘The one in charge of Ian Philip’s information agency.’

The man that would grasp every piece of information regarding Rinse kingdom 10 years from now on and of course on the continent was standing in front of him.

‘It wasn’t enough with meeting Ian Phillips, but I even met Chris.’

These were all things that didn’t happen in his past life.

‘On top of that, Chris said that he hadn’t left the capital of Miller until he met Ian Phillips.’

That Chris was at the eastern part of the kingdom, and on top of that appeared near the border.
Roan asked with a careful voice.

“What are you doing all the way here when you are from Miller?”

At those words Chris bit his lower lip.

“This is all because of the slave merchants. There is this group called JoyLuce.”
“JoyLuce group?”

Roan was surprised once more.

‘If it’s the JoyLuce group……..’

A really familiar name.

‘The slave merchants we captured while we were moving to Pedian’s plain were certainly called JoyLuce.’

‘Did the future change because I captured the guys of JoyLuce?’

< Relations (3) > End

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