I Am the Monarch – Chapter 37 : Relations (5)

The slave merchants started to fall back.

However, because of the huge rocks that were behind them, they didn’t have anywhere else to move.

‘Damn. As he picked a place that was good to hide ourselves…….’

They fell in their own trap.
They bit their lower lips and exchanged glances.

‘If we can’t escape, then we can only fight.’
‘They are 2, and we are 11.’
‘On top of that, they are real greenhorns!’

The class 5 adjutant badge bothered them, but objectively thinking, it wasn’t a situation where they should be afraid.
They brought their hands to their waists as if they had all agreed to it beforehand.


A well polished blade appeared along the noise of unsheathing.
The slave merchants started to walk towards Roan and Pierce.
But only one, Norman, was still standing on his place not knowing what to do.

‘Tha…. that guy isn’t simply a greenhorn soldier.’

He brought up the memories of Steve getting done by helplessly.

‘His spear skills aren’t normal.’

His eyes trembled.
Looking at that Norman, the slave merchants clicked their tongues.

“That dumbass. He’s such a scaredy cat.”
“For that bastard to be working as a slave merchant. Tch tch tch.”

They looked at Roan and Pierce and cursed him.

“Look greenhorn. What? You said that we were pieces of trash?”
“It seems that you are out of your minds. You are two and we are eleven.”

Bloodthirst could be sensed on their voices.
Roan smiled faintly and grabbed his spear.

“How fortunate.”

At those words, the slave merchants frowned.

“What? What is fortunate?”

Roan just charged to the front instead of replying.


A sharp sound.
The spear separated the wind.


The slave merchants gulped in some air at the sudden attack.
They tried to quickly dodge it, but the spear was much faster.


The spear stabbed the neck just like that.
A fast attack without even a hint of hesitation.

“For opposing me roughly just like I wanted.”


The slave merchant that had his neck pierced fell down.

“Thi, this damned!”
“This son of a bitch!”

The other slave merchants charged in late while cursing.
The sharp blades came in by the sides.
Roan twisted his arms so it got crossed, and after grabbing his spear he turned his body.


As he twisted his crossed wrists, the spear started to spin quickly.
Roan lowered his head at the incoming blades and spinned the spear to the back side of his head.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

The blade of the slave merchants got hit by the spear and bounced back.


Curses spewing out instinctively.
But even so, they weren’t on a situation where they could curse freely.


It was because Pierce stabbed his spear to the sides of the bastards.



Another one fell nully.

“Son of bitches!”

The other slave merchants swung their blades while gritting their teeth.

‘I have to get closer. If I do, I will have a chance.’

The spear was a long distance weapon.
If they got really close to them, they wouldn’t be able to do much.


The bastards yelled and jumped in closer to Roan and Pierce.


At that sight, Roan and Pierce snorted and pulled their spears.


The spear slipped smoothly while running through the palm.
Roan and Pierce gripped the spear shortly and rose it close to their chests.
At the same time, they put the spear on their armpits.
Thanks to that, the end part of the spear that should keep shaking because of the weight balance, received a lot of strength.

Cheng! Checheng!

Roan and Pierce swung the spear on their armpits and the blades of the slave merchants off got bounced off.

“Im, impossible!”
“Damn it!”

Expressions they couldn’t believe and perplexed voices.
In the first place, they weren’t even opponents for Roan and Pierce.
Then, Roan and Pierce exchanged glances and slightly nodded.
At the same time the spun their body to opposite sides.


The long spear that was at the back part cut through the air and hit the sides of the slave merchants.



They got done by helplessly at the sudden attacks.
At the pain they felt of cutting their breathing, they held their sides.
Roan and Pierce didn’t miss this opportunity.
The sharp spear cut through the space and danced.


The spear pierced through the necks of the merchants.
In an instant, 8 died and only 2 remained.
Even counting Norman that was far away, they were only 3.
Pierce’s spear drew an arc and moved softly.
Then, the two slave merchants threw their blades away and kneeled down.

“Uhhhhh. We, we surrender! Surrender!”
“We will give ourselves!”

Their shoulders that trembled pitifully while even lowering their heads.


Pierce changed the trajectory of the spear and put it up behind him.
A soft and perfect finishing touch.

“Trash like bastards. You will pay for your sins.”

A cold voice.

“Yes. Yes. We will receive whatever punishment.”
“We are indeed trash. We are trash.”

The slave merchants lowered their heads.
A pitiful look whoever saw it.
But on the lowered heads, there was a chilly and nasty smile.

‘Son of a bitch. I can’t end it like this.’

His hand that was gripping the earth, slowly moved towards his talon.
He grabbed the blade with the tip of his fingers.
Pierce smiled towards Roan brightly even without knowing of this situation.

“Sir adjutant Roan. I’m finishe…..”

When he talked up to that point.


The guys that were on the ground grabbed their blades and stood up.
Even if it was Pierce, that had outstanding talent, it was a difficult situation.
Then, a sharp noise hit their ears.


The thing that cut the air and smashed the head of them was Roan’s spear.


Pierce gulped in some air.
The blade of the bastards were already touching his side.
If it wasn’t for Roan, it would have gotten sliced off.

‘It was dangerous.’

Roan took in a deep breath.
Thanks to Kalian’s tear, he could see the movements of the slave merchants slowly and clearly.
He had thrown his spear even before the blade got unsheathed.

‘If it wasn’t for Kalian’s tear, i would have lost Pierce.’

Roan let out a sigh of relief and moved and grabbed his spear.
As he put strength on his wrist, the spear that had pierced the heads got pulled out.

“Yes? Yes. Sir adjutant.”

Pierce lowered his head with a half absent minded expression.
Roan hit his shoulder and smiled faintly.

“You can’t show your back thoughtlessly on a battlefield. And can’t even trust your enemies easily. Understood?”
“Yes, yes. I understand.”

Pierce got ahold of himself late and nodded.
He was the best spearman in history but right now he was no different to a greenhorn soldier.
He still lacked real experience.

‘If he keeps roaming the battlefield, it will be something he solves by his own.’

There was no way to feel that bothered by it.
Roan swung his spear and turned his head.
Now, only Roan remained.


The eyes of Roan and Pierce got big.
It’s because an unexpected scene had occurred.

“I, I really surrender. In the first place, I was planning to give myself in.”

Norman pleaded while being on the floor.
The surprising thing was his look.
The weird thing right now was that he wasn’t putting on any clothes.

“I don’t have any blades or weapons on me. Look.”

Norman raised his two hands.
The reason why he suddenly undressed.
It was because he was scared if they would get suspicious for nothing because of the action of the others.
Roan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

‘Even so, I was planning on letting one live.’

There may be other slave merchants.

‘If I inquiry this one and the guy we tied and left on the forest, it will be enough.’

Especially on Norman’s case, they felt that he will be really useful as he was a scaredy cat.
Then, they saw Chris that was hiding on the grass.


He looked at the corpses of the slave merchants and let out a low exclamation.

‘They really got rid of 11 people just by themselves?’

He viewed Roan and Pierce as amazing.

‘Well, he would have climbed to be an adjutant at this young age because he has the skills.’

Chris sight remained on Roan.

‘A right nature and outstanding skills. He will certainly become someone big.’

Then, Roan’s voice was heard.

“Shall we look for the account book for now?”
“Ah, yes.”

Chris got a hold of himself late and moved his feet.
Then, Norman that was kneeling down while being undressed, looked on his clothes and took out a black account book.

“It, it’s here.”

He lent it down with his two hands while not being able to raise his head.
Chris received the account book and checked the contents of it thoroughly.
A surprised look could be seen on Roan’s face.

“Do you know how to read?”

At those words, Chris laughed awkwardly and shook his head.

“A little bit. There are more words I don’t know about.”

Roan still had a surprised expression.

‘A normal person at this age knows how to read?’

It wasn’t an easy thing.
And because of that, Aaron and the staff of the 7th corps got surprised big way.
Roan asked carefully.

“If it doesn’t bother you, may I ask you how you learned to read?”

At those words, Chris replied as if it didn’t bother him.

“I bought books while I made money and read it. At first, I didn’t know anything but as I kept on reading, I could see some letters. Well, I also asked to people I had some relation and learned that way.”
“Incredible. The cost of the books wouldn’t have been low.”
“Yes. Because of that, my dream of running a travel agency is getting pushed back.”

Chris let out a low sigh and shook his head.
Then, his finger that was checking on the contents of the books, stopped.

“I found it.”

A smile appeared on his face.
He had discovered the name of the daughter of the countryside couple on the corner of the book.

“She got sold to a millionaire on the region.”

Roan checked on the contents and nodded.

“It’s the region of Dellon.”

At that instant, Chris put a surprised expression.

“Huh? Sir adjutant also knows how to read?”
“Yes. I also learnt by asking people I had some relation with.”

Chris let out a low exclamation again.

‘He looks even younger than me, but he also knows how to read.’

Then, Roan smiled faintly and pointed at the account book.

“May I take this account book with me?”
“Yes? Why this…..”
“It’s because of the people that got caught and sold off by the slave merchants. I have to return them to their homes, to where they originally were.”

Chris shook his head and gave him the account book.
Anyways, he couldn’t rescue everyone by himself.

‘I can’t trust on the kingdoms men but I can trust this person.’

Chris looked at Roan with eyes filled trust.
Roan looked at the contents of the book for a moment and shrugged his shoulder.

“Then, shall we return to our headquarters?”

Soon, the sunset had disappeared and darkness fell on the plains.
However even on that darkness Roan’s Pierce’s and Chris’s eyes shone brightly.


First, Roan put Norman and Steve on the prison of the headquarters and went with Gale.
Gale listened to the story about JoyLuce’s group and went to the corps headquarters with the account book.
And of course, he didn’t forget to congratulate Pierce and Chris before that.
Roan and Pierce brought Chris to the infirmary and after healing his injuries they slept for a night.
As the day brightened, the three people ate a simple breakfast and went towards the entrance of Beno castle.

“Yesterday, and today I received a really big help. I will never forget this grace and remember it.”

Chris bent his head towards Roan and Pierce.

“Then, I will be going.”

A farewell.
Then, Roan took out a pouch that seemed rather heavy from his chest.

“Take it.”
“What’s this?”

Chris didn’t receive it and asked carefully.
Roan smiled faintly and replied.

“It’s the reward.”

There was a not low wanted reward on JoyLuce’s slave merchants.
Chris shook his head.

“It was you who caught them.”
“If it wasn’t for you, it would have been impossible.”

Roan forcefully gave him the pocket.

“Thanks to you we were able to save the innocent people. It’s true that it was thanks to you.”

Chris hesitated for a moment and lowered his head.

“It wasn’t enough with having saved my life, but you also give me the reward. I’m really thankful.”

A trembling voice.
He truly felt thankful towards Roan and Pierce.

‘Later on, if there’s something I can help with, I will do it.’

If he received some grace, he would certainly pay it back.
That was Chris’s temperament.

“Then, where are you going now?”

As Roan asked, Chris replied while smiling brightly.

“First, I’m planning on looking for the countryside couple.”

It was decided the daughter of the old couple was going to be rescued by rose troop.
Because of that, Chris could lift a weight from his heart.

“And I will have to return to Miller kingdom.”

He looked at the reward pocket.

‘The reward was 200 pres.’

The salary of a normal person for a year was about exactly 200 pres.
It was more amazing than you could think.

‘If it’s this…….’

It was enough to run a small travelling agency.

“With that much, you will be able to run a small travelling agency.”

At Roan’s words, Chris smiled shyly and nodded.
Roan and Chris had conversed plentifully last night.

‘He did say that his dream was to run a travel agency. But……..’

He bit his lower lip.
Roan knew what talent Chris had and on what field.
If it came to this I want to awaken his talent early.

‘And if I can work with him, all the way better.’

He looked at Chris’s eyes fixedly.

“Mister Chris. Can I give you a proposal?”
“Of course. If it’s a proposal of sir adjutant Roan, it’s always welcomed.”

At those words, Roan said in a voice so low it seemed that he was whispering.

“I realized an important truth while working as an adjutant for the kingdom.”

A moment’s silence.
Chris also gulped dry saliva unconsciously.
Roan smiled brightly and continued saying.

“And that’s the strength information has.”

< Relations (5) > End

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