I Am the Monarch – Chapter 38 : Relations (6)


Chris had a perplexed expression.

‘Why information so suddenly?’

It was something he hadn’t expected at all.
Roan didn’t mind and continued saying.

“The strength information has is amazing.”

He explained in detail just what role information took in in Int’s forest battle, and Prely’s inundation tactic.


Chris let out a low exclamation and nodded.

‘If he didn’t know that there was a reservoir the army would have been annihilated.’

Certainly, the strength information had was amazing.
But just what was it related to him?
Chris looked at Roan with perplexed eyes,.

“I know fully well as to how amazing information can be. But the reason you are telling this to me……..?”

Roan smiled faintly and pointed to Chris.

“I would like it if mister Chris ran an information agency.”


Chris felt that he had taken a blow from behind.

“In, information agency?”

Really unexpected words.

“If it’s handling information you already have the information guild or thieves guilds.”

At those words, Roan shook his head.

“I’m not talking about those small scale ones.”

The information guild and thieves guild only gathered information that could make money.
And as they only gathered those types of information, it was really limited.
On top of that, as they handled things per requests, things were really passive.
Chris laughed awkwardly and shook his head.

“I have never worked with information and haven’t even thought of it.”

On the other side Roan had a confident expression.

“Yesterday and today looking at mister Chris, I thought that you had great talent in acquiring information. If my guess is right, you will really be able to run an excellent information agency.”
“No, I…..”

Chris couldn’t talk easily.
He still felt dumbfounded.

“Just because it is an information agency, there’s nothing special about it. You said you will open a travel agency, right? It rather turned out well. If it’s an agency you will of course be able to travel around our Rinse kingdom, and also to kingdoms from other continents. It’s the best job for gathering information.”
“You are telling me to gather information while I run the travel agency?”
“Yes. A plain one at the eyes of others.”

Roan’s words continued.

“You analyze and organize the gathered information and sell it to the ones that need it. If it’s really important information, you cost of it will also be enormous.”

Chris fell in his thoughts for a moment.
But after a while, he smiled awkwardly and shook his head.

“I think that it will be impossible to decide on it immediately. Because it’s a field I have never thought until now.”

Roan slowly nodded.

“Think plentily and decide then.”

A calm expression.
But inwardly he felt full of regret.

‘Is it still not the time.’

If it turned out well, he wanted to appoint Chris as the responsible for his information.
The effectivity of Chris and his information agency was that excellent.

‘10 years from now on. If it’s early in 5 years. In that time the information era will start.’

An era where kingdoms of all continents are swept by calls.
An era where small and big kingdoms got scrambled and swept up.

‘Most of all, a lot of people will die.’

Rivers will be created with blood and corpses will create mountains.

‘If Chris bloomed his skills a bit earlier and ran an information agency it would be of great help.’

Roan bit his lower lip.

‘I will stop the battles I can, and save the ones I can.’

Even if he couldn’t stop the era itself, he wanted to save the most lives he could.

‘Actually it will be good to become that kind of monarch.’

A monarch that doesn’t eat and live well by his own, but one that makes everyone live and eat well.
The monarch Roan was dreaming of was that kind of monarch.

‘Then, I can’t fall back like this.’

You couldn’t know how relationships would turn out.
He didn’t want to give up here.

“Whatever choice you make, I respect your thoughts.”
“Thank you.”

Chris smiled faintly and nodded.
Then, Roan took out a rather heavy pouch from his chest.

“Take it.”
“What is this?”

Chris tilted his head.

“It’s investments.”
“Yes. I want to invest on you mister Chris.”

Chris gulped in air.
An unexpected thing again.
Roan’s words continued.

“It’s a simple investment that has nothing to do with you running the information agency or not. I have eyes that can see through people. You will certainly succeed in a big way.”
“Ah, no anyways……”

Chris was still in a perplexed state.
Roan didn’t mind and brought his hand to his chest again.


The thing that came out was Ian’s handkerchief.
He smiled faintly and lent him the handkerchief.

“It’s a handkerchief with count Ian Philip’s symbol. If in case you get interested on the information agency, take that handkerchief and go look for him. You can go and look for him. He will be of great help.”

An existence that made you greedy.
It wasn’t an easy decision to send that existence away to another person.

‘However, I can’t ruin Chris’s future because of my greed. Perhaps because of my greed, the information era will become more cruel.’

He was planning to give him choices.
Himself and Ian.
He decided to not mind whether he chose him or Ian.

‘Even so, I can’t do nothing about the bitterness.’

Roan smiled bitterly, and Chris also felt a headache.

‘Information agency? Investments? Count Philips? Ian Phillips?’

The went through many things in a short while.
A feeling that his thoughts were getting tied up.
But even in the middle of that, there was one certain thing.

‘Sir adjutant Roan’s feelings are the real deal.’

He could clearly feel his will and consideration to help him. Chris took in a deep breath and raised the pocket.

“I will use well the investment. I will certainly succeed in a big way and return it back.”
“Then you can just buy me a meal.”

Roan smiled brightly and shook his hand.
Chris’s words continued.

“And the handkerchief for count Philips.”

He returned it back to Roan.

“It’s something useless for me.”

Chris looked at Roan’s two eyes fixedly.

“If in case I get interested on the information agency, I won’t go to look for count Philips but to you. Because it’s also been you that taught me about the talent for information I had.”

Burning eyes.
Roan took in a long breath.

‘Did it turn out well?’

Chris didn’t choose Ian, but him.
He was so happy he wanted to jump, but he didn’t show it.
Anyways, Chris didn’t find any big meaning in information.

‘From now on, it will be the important thing.’

He had only took a step forward.
Roan put back the handkerchief and nodded.

“I understand mister Chris’s meaning really well. I will be cheering for you from far away.”

At those words Chris smiled faintly and lowered his head.

“I will also be cheering.”

Now, they really had to separate.
He took back some steps and bent his head.

“If perhaps you visit Miller, come to Lisa street.”
“Okay. I will certainly go.”

Roan smiled brightly and slightly bent his head.
Chris fell back and moved his feet.
Because his feet were really quick, soon he couldn’t see his back anymore.

“Is his talent really that outstanding?”

Pierce, that was standing next to him, asked carefully.
Roan slowly nodded instead of replying.

‘He’s one of the young existences that lead Rinse kingdom and also Ian Phillip’s right hand.’

Ian chose Chris as the best from even among his men.
The talents even an outstanding genius strategist acknowledged.
That was right Chris.

‘Even so, as I talk about young existences…….’

There were some people he remembered.

‘Rinse kingdom’s four gods.’

The four young existences that lead Rinse kingdom from his past life to prosperity.
Spear god Pierce, that was called to have the best spear skills and talents from all of history.
The outstanding genius strategist Ian.
The mad monarch that was perfect in every aspect but one.
Goldmaster Sale, that controlled 70% of Rinse kingdom’s commerce rights.

‘They are guys that will appear 5 years from now on if it’s short, and if it’s long in 10 years.’

Fortunately, he knew about them really well.
Excluding one.

‘Goldmaster Sale was the only person that didn’t have his past revealed.’

Not only that, but he was a person he didn’t know about his precise age, hometown and of course face.

‘One day I will meet him. No, perhaps would I already have met him?’

He decided not to think about it for long.
Anyways, it wasn’t something to be solved just because he thought of it.
Roan concentrated on the thing he had to do right now.

“Let’s go.”

Pierce tilted his head at the ambiguous words.


At those words Roan shaked his spear.

“You have to learn Roan’s spearmanship.”

Pierce let out a low exclamation.
And then, he smiled brightly and nodded.

“Yes! Teach me please!”

A loud reply.
Just in time, the west wind blowed.


‘I did know that he was a genius…….’

Roan looked at Pierce while looking at Pierce.
He ran without stop and swung his spear.
Pierce took only 4 days on mastering Roan’s spearmanship.
Although the place he stepped on was a bit messed up, looking at it overall he got quite familiar to it.

‘It’s certainly an outstanding spearmanship, but it’s too difficult for normal spearmen to master.’

The Pierce of that moment when he had made it, was already high on mana handling.
Most of all, he couldn’t comprehend properly about normal people’s talents.

‘But if it’s now……’

The pierce from now didn’t master mana and lacked battle experience.
He was certainly closer to a normal person to when he made it on his past life.

‘He will be able to develop Roan’s spearmanship to an easier and stronger one.’

The reason why Roan taught Pierce.

‘Because this time he won’t just make it in an instant while being seated, but he will really ponder and investigate to make it.’

And he was planning on helping him so he could do so.

‘If it turns out as planned…..’

A smile appeared on his face.

‘I will be able to make the strongest spearmen squad on the continent.’

Roan’s spearmanship that will be born anew.
That would certainly become one of the basics for Roan’s strong military force.
Then, Pierce put back his spear and approached him with a refreshed expression.

“Roan’s spearmanship is really amazing. For a spearmanship to be this strong even without mana.”
“From now on, train and keep training. Then you will be able to see a new path.”
“Yes. I will bear it in mind.”

The two person looked at each other and laughed, and then moved their feet.
Because the promised time for the 12th squad members to gather had come.
As they got in to Karon’s bar, that was the appointed place, they heard a loud voice.

“Sir adjutant! Here! It’s over here!”
“It’s over here!”

The guys that yell while shaking their arms.
They were Austin and the 12th squad.

“Did we get a bit late?”

At Roan’s words, Austin shook his head.

“No. We also got just now.”
“On top of that, there’s someone that’s not even here.”

Lander said.
Roan looked at the squad members and nodded.

“Glenn’s missing?”
“Yes. He’s about to arrive.”

Austin laughed awkwardly and replied.
Then, Lander shook his hands and butted in.

“Well, he will come soon. First, I will order some food and alcohol.”
“Right. Do so.”

Roan sat on one corner and nodded.
Lander ordered various things.

‘I will also have to take about the vacations today.’

Roan took in a deep breath.
Shortly one month, and if it’s long three months.
In that while he had to leave rose troop.
He wanted to let this be known to the 12th squad members first.

‘I will have to say it when it’s about to end.’

He didn’t want to break the atmosphere for nothing at the start.
Then, big cups of beer filled the table.

“It’s our first squad meeting, so why don’t you say some words sir adjutant?”

Austin skillfully set up the atmosphere.
Roan didn’t decline and stood up.

“You have done well until now. I ask you to keep doing well.”

There was no need to saw some embarrassing things.
Roan raised his cup.

“For the 12th squad!”

The thick wooden cups clashed.


A feeling of his insides getting opened.
At that sight, Austin and the other squad members also emptied their cups. After the cup of beer got filled a few more times, the ordered food came out.
Really various foods.

“Eat this. It’s good food in the neighbourhoo…..”

Austin that was recommending food to Roan looked at the entrance and shook his hand.

“Glenn! Over here!”

Glenn had arrived.
Roan smiled faintly and turned his head towards the entrance.
At that instant, every movement turned slow.
Just like the world itself had stopped.
But this wasn’t because of Kalian’s tear.


Roan’s sight went past Glenn and directed to the girl that was behind him.
Her hair was crisp, but it reached below her shoulders. Thick eyebrows, big and clear eyes, a pointy nose and red lips.
White skin unlike a commoner, and slightly bent head as if she was embarrassed.
The girl gave out a childish feelign and at the same time a mature feeling coming from a lady.


The girl he wanted to forget but couldn’t, and couldn’t forget but he had to.
That girl was right in front of him.

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