I Am the Monarch – Chapter 39 : Relations (7)

“Sir adjutant Roan. I’m sorry for being late.”

Glenn laughed awkwardly and scratched his head.
Roan just nodded instead of replying.
Glenn pointed towards Seline that was still standing at the entrance.

“She’s my sister Seline. We went to our relative’s house because we had something to do, but the door was locked as if they were outside, so I brought her here. I’m sorry.”

Glenn apologized.
Roan looked at Seline as if he was barely listening.

‘Right, she was still a kid at this time.’

He was one year older than her.
She was stlil a 17 year old girl.
Because of that, there was a big difference from Seline from his memories.

‘We separated on our late twenties.’

She was certainly different than then.
But the feeling she gave was the same.

‘How crazy. For my heart to pound while looking at a little girl.’

He tried to ignore her, but his heart pounded by it’s own.
Then, Glenn’s voice was heard.

“Sir adjutant Roan.”

A really rigid look.


Only then did Roan get a hold of himself.

“You can’t do anything if the house is locked. Come along and eat something.”
“Thank you.”

Glenn lowered his head.
Seline, that was near the entrance, smiled shyly and also lowered her head.

“Thank you.”

A soft and nice to hear voice.
Glenn and Seline sat at the end of the table.
The atmosphere of the meeting changed in an instant.
The squad members that were on their early twenties showed great interest towards Seline, that was of the opposite sex.

“How old are you?”
“Your name is Seline?”
“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Pouring questions.
Roan smiled bitterly and raised his cup of beer.

‘If I decided to forget her, it is right to do so.’

He tried not to look towards Seline.
However he couldn’t do nothing about the conversations he heard.

“She doesn’t have something like a boyfriend. As you see she’s this ugly……”

Glenn’s words.


Seline called Glenn wit ha low voice, as if she was rebuking him.
However Glenn smiled faintly and shrugged his shoulders.

“What? What about it? You also cook terribl……”

Seline called Glenn once more time and frowned.

“Are you getting angry at me?”
“Ah, no. That’s not it……”

As Glenn teased her, Seline’s face turned pink.
A shy look.
Glenn continued teasing her as if that look of her was cute.
Seline got angry at times and pouted her lip.
A childish and cute look suitable for a 17 year old girl.
Roan sat slantly and listened to the conversation of the brothers.

‘She missed her brother forever……’

Looking at Glenn teasing her, he thought that it was really fortunate.

‘Right. I would like it if you were less sad in this life.’

Seline’s voice was really sweet and soft.
Then, Austin that was next to him, raised a duck meat dish.

“Eat this.”

It looked like he was giving it to Seline.
Roan, that was drinking beer and not paying any attention, raised another dish of meat.

“Not the duck.”

In that instant, Austin and the other squad members turned to look at Roan.
Only then did Roan realize the situation.


The words came out unconsciously, and his hands moved first.

‘Seline can’t eat duck meat.’

He still remembered her eating habits and other habits.
An awkward silence flowed for a moment.

“Mm. No, it’s because I like duck meat……”

A poor excuse.

‘Roan. Do you call that an excuse just now?’

When he was rebuking himself.
Glenn smiled faintly and received the dish Roan was holding.

“You don’t have to give us duck meat. She can’t eat duck meat. Unlike how she looks, she also doesn’t eat a lot of things………”

Seline pinched Glenn’s side and rolled her eyes.


At that moment, Roan felt a heavy rock sinking in his heart.

‘Whew. Those eyes……’

Even in his past life, he was weak on her rolling her eyes like that.
A feeling that he wants to pinch her cheek right now.
Roan raised the cup of beer again.
The squad members drank beer for quite a while and talked elatedly.

“Then, what’s miss Seline’s dream? You wouldn’t like to become a soldier like Glenn, right?”

Seline smiled shyly and shook her head.

“Then what do you want to do?”

Lander asked once more.
And Roan also showed interest for this question.

‘Seline’s dream? What was it? I think that she didn’t want to do anything in particular.’

He didn’t remember.
He remembered everything about her, but only that part was white like a sheet of paper.
Roan gulped down the beer and listened attentively.


Seline hesitated for a moment and then continued to say with a bright smile.

“I want to become a baker.”


In that moment, Roan felt that someone hit his head really hard.


His face stiffs.

‘To have forgotten it like a stupid……..’

He couldn’t hold it because he felt pitiful.

‘Right. She said she wanted to become a baker.’

When they first met, and when it hasn’t been while since they started dating, Seline still dreamed of becoming a baker.

‘But because of me……’

Seline gave up on her dream because of Roan.
Fees to buy armour and spears, and also repair fees.
The things they had to offer for a promotion.
Seline pursued money for Roan instead of her dreams.

‘But a bastard like me….’

He thought of it as if it was really obvious.
That if he just became a great general, he would be able to make her live a good life.
The results? The worst of the worst.


The sigh surged up until his throat.
He couldn’t keep seated anymore.
Roan emptied the cup of beer in an instant.

“I will get more.”

Austin looked at the emptied cup and stood up.
Roan shook his hand and raised the cup.

“No. Don’t bother and keep drinking.”

A look of smiling brightly.
Austin smacked his lips and nodded.
Roan lent the cup to the owner of the store and leaned on a wall.

“What’s your hobby?”
“The food you like?”

The squad members didn’t have any control as they were pouring questions towards Seline.
Seline smiled shyly every time and she answered to the question quickly.


Roan looked at her bright and cheerful face and bit his lower lip.

‘The dream you gave up on your past life. I will help you so you can fulfill it.’

It still wasn’t a feeling like ‘I want to meet her again, or love her again.’
Now he simply wanted to help her on her dreams.
Then, Lander lent a dish.
A really spicy pork dish.

“Eat this too. It’s the most delicious on this store.”
“Yes? Ah……..Yes. Thank you.”

Seline hesitated for a moment and then nodded.
She looked at Lander’s face for a moment and after she smiled faintly she ate a piece of meat.

“How is it?”

Seline laughed awkwardly and nodded.

“It, it’s delicious. Really deli……”

The last part faltered.
Her face became red.

“Wha, what happened?”

Lander had a really perplexed expression.
Then, Glenn that was conversing with the others, looked at Seline’s face.

“Why are you like that?”

Seline pointed to a red pork meat instead. Glenn frowned.

“You ate this? You can’t eat spicy stuff.”

A rebuking sound.
Then, he lent her a cup of water.
Seline hurriedly empited the cup of water, but the spiciness still didn’t go away.

“Hoo. Hoo. Hoo.”

She opened her mouth roundly and let out short breaths.

“Wha, what do I do? Do, do you want to drink some beer?”

The perplexed Lander lent out a cup of beer.

“She’s still 17.”

The age you could start drinking was 18.
Glenn took away the cup of beer and filled it with water again.
Then, Roan approached without saying anything and placed down a big wooden cup.

“Hoo. Hoo. Hoo.”

Seline was still breathing out. She looked at the cup and at Roan alternately.

‘What’s this?’

Her big round eyes asked him that.
However Roan returned to his seat without saying anything while drinking beer.
Then she felt a really familiar aroma.


Seline raised the wooden cup and smelled it.
In that moment, a bright smile bloomed.

‘This is bland tea.’

The tea she liked the most.
It was a tea which sweet flavor was excellent.
She grabbed the wooden cup with both of her hands and drank the tea.
A sweet flavor spreading in her mouth.
The spicy flavor that even made her teary disappeared.


Seline let out a long breath.
Her bright face also returned to it’s original colour.
Only then did Glenn and Lander seem to calm down.
Seline bent her head towards Roan.

“Thank you.”

At those words Roan smiled faintly and nodded instead of replying.

‘She really like bland tea. Every time she drank it she said something.’

A way of expression used only by Seline.

‘Does she not use it yet……’

He felt regretful for nothing.
Meanwhile, Seline drank one more gulp of the bland tea.


A brightly smiling face.
It was a face that made everyone who watched her also smile.
Roan unconsciously smiled brightly and shook his head.

‘Every time, after she drank bland tea, she would say dalkang dal……..’

When his thoughts were about there.
Seline covered her cheeks with her two hands and mumbled in a low voice.

“Ah. It’s dalkang dalkang.”

Her way of expressing others couldn’t understand.
Roan’s corner of the mouth raised.

‘It’s been a while.’

A happy yet dearing feeling.
Many scenes popped in his head.
Then, Keep’s voice was heard.
He had pushed away Lander and sat next to Seline.

“You said you didn’t have any boyfriend right? Then, what’s your ideal type?”
“I don’t have anything like that.”

Seline shook her head.
But Keep didn’t give up.
He pointed towards the others.

“Then who do you like the most among them?”

Seline looked at the squad members without saying anything.

“Sir adjutant Roan that’s the similar age as you? Or Pierce?”

At the questions, everyone’s sights were directed to Seline.
It seemed like everyone was curious.
Even Roan that was sipping some beer acted uninterested, but he was slightly interested actually.
Seline hesitated for a moment and carefully said.


When she talked up to then, the door of the store opened abruptly.


At the same time, an urgent voice was heard.

“Sir adjutant Roan!”

Roan, that was concentrating on Seline’s reply, turned his head and looked towards the entrance.


His two eyes that get big.
There was a person he hadn’t expected at all standing in the entrance.

“Sir adjutant Roan. It’s big trouble.”

The man that approaches.
Roan stood up with a surprised expression.

“Mister Chris. Didn’t you leave towards Dellon’s region?”

The owner of the voice.
It was Chris that had left Beno’s castle two days ago.


Roan and Chris got out of the store and entered a secluded alley.

“Mister Chris. Didn’t you go to Dellon’s region to look for the old couple?”
“Yes. That’s right. I tried to.”

Chris nodded with a serious expression.

“But while I was travelling to Dellon’s region, I heard a weird story.”
“A story?”

Roan frowned.

“Yes. It’s a story I heard from the merchants that came from the north, but it seems like they saw a weird scene.”

Chris continued saying in a voice as if he was whispering.

“That the grass on the plains that had to be grown up were all stepped on it. Just like hundreds of horses ran over.”

A weird story.
Roan’s face stiffened.

“As it wasn’t barley or wheat, the merchants didn’t report it to the kingdom.”

Chris’s words continued.

“I also thought that it wasn’t important and was about to go to Dellon’s region, but maybe because of my temperament or my uselessly good senses, I wanted to go to check what the problem was on the north. So I went to the place where the merchants saw the weird scene.”

His words became faster.

“But when I was about to cross Kape’s mountain, I discovered a herd moving quickly. Even when they were far away, they moved so fast and roughly that the ground shook. At that moment I got the feeling. That the herd I saw was the one that destroyed the grass.”
“Could you also figure out the identity of the pack?”

Roan asked carefully.
Chris bit his lower lip and nodded.

“The identity of that herd…….”

A voice with a lot of strength.

“They were orcs.”

Roan opened his eyes big.

‘Orcs? An orc troop?’

An expression he couldn’t believe it.
All the orc troops were pushed away from the boundaries after Pedian’s plain monster subjugation.
Because of that, a situation where orcs could move in a troop was impossible.

‘But there’s no way Chris could have seen wrong.’

Roan bit his lower lip.
Chris’s words continued.

“There are at least 2 thousand orcs in the troop. They were all riding Lopuses.”

Roan forcefully gulped down the exclamation.
The monster that looked like a monster was smaller than a horse, but it had the characteristic that it was fiercer and attacked you more.

‘Just what kind of crazy orc, right after the subjugation finishes……’

Roan frowned and looked at Chris.

“Did you see the flag of the troop?”

At those words Chris smiled faintly and nodded.

“Fortunately, I could. The overall of the flag was crimson and was mixed with blue, and in the middle of that a black horizontal line crosses it.”

In that moment, Roan’s face stiffened.

‘If it’s crimson and blue, it’s the dead Sedek’s troop flag.’

A black horizontal line that crosses it.
It was a troop flag Roan knew really well.

‘It’s Violin’s troop.’

He looked at Chris and asked carefully.

“Wasn’t the orc leader leading the troop a female?”
“Huh?! That’s right. It was certainly a female orc warrior.”

Chris put an expression as if how did he know that.
Roan bit his lower lip.

‘Damn. For the wife of Sedek to appear so suddenly.’

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