I Am the Monarch – Chapter 40 : Revenge battle (1)

She was an outstanding warrior even among the orcs from Rinse kingdom and she was at the same time the dead Sedek’s wife.
Her temperament was especially bloody that she cut off his dick after she realized that her husband Sedek had cheated on her.

“They are moving in a really complicated way evading the kingdom’s men and their territories, but I think that in the end their objective will be Beno castle.”
“And the reason you think like that?”
“Looking at the latest traces discovered and the place I discovered, I realized that they were moving to the southeast. If they keep charging forward like this……..”
“There will be Beno castle.”

At Roan’s words, Chris slowly nodded.

‘He certainly has talent in information.’

Roan was slightly amazed.
He took out quite a precise guess with Chris’s information.

‘Even so…..’

A faint shadow appeared on Roan’s face.

‘Is it for her husband’s revenge?’

Violin really loved Sedek.
Because of that, she couldn’t forgive the cheating Sedek.
A love closer to insanity.
Her husband that she loved that much died in the hands of a human.

‘Our rose troop, no, precisely speaking I would be her target.’

Seeing that they didn’t raid or attack villages while moving southeast, it was almost certain that they were moving for him.

‘It’s not a situation to be doing a squad dinner.’

Before Violin’s troop arrived, they had to finish preparations.
On top of that, their number was 2 thousand.
Compared to that, rose troop didn’t even have a thousand men.
Roan slightly bent towards Chris.

“Because of you I think that we will be able to prepare for their sudden attack. Thank you.”

Chris smiled faintly and shook both of his hands.

“No. I’m still far away of repaying your grace. But I was thinking…….”

He paused for a moment and asked with a little nervous face.

“May I investigate about the orc troop and their route?”

Roan asked back with a surprised face.
A really unexpected question.
Chris continued saying.

“Won’t it be of help just by tracking their route?”
“That’s true, but it’s too dangerous.”

Roan stopped him with a serious expression.
However Chris rather smiled faintly and shook his head.

“I think that I will be able to do that much.”

A confident voice and attitude.
On top of that, he also seemed to have some fun.

‘He certainly is talented in this.’

Roan looked at Chris for a moment and then nodded.

“Fine. But instead, don’t approach them to the point it gets dangerous.”

Chris hit his chest as if implying not to worry.

‘Even so, you want to run a normal travel agency?’

Probably Chris himself wouldn’t be able to hold it because it’s stifling.

“Then, I will be going.”

Chris saluted shortly towards Roan and got out of the alley with fast steps.

‘Should I also go?’

Roan also returned quickly to the store.

“Sir adjutant.”

Austin and the members all stood up.
They also felt that the situation wasn’t ordinary.
Roan smiled bitterly and looked at them.

“I’m sorry but we will have to end this here. Everybody, we are returning to headquarters.”
“Yes! Understood!”

Nobody asked the reason.
They only followed Roan’s orders.
Roan looked at Glenn.

“Glenn. You take your sister. If your familiars still aren’t back, wait and only then return.”
“Yes, yes. Understood.”

Glenn nodded with a confused expression.
Roan glanced at Seline.
It was a short moment, but their eyes met for the first time.


At that moment, a corner of his heart felt numb.

‘It’s not the time to be like this.’

Roan forcefully shook his head and moved his feet.
Austin and the 12th squad followed his back.
The noisy table became empty in an instant.

Seline looked towards the entrance.


She didn’t know why it felt regretful.

‘WHy is he so familiar?’

It was the first time she felt like this in her life.
The feeling that she felt something, found it back but lost it again.
Her big eyes gleamed with a weird light.


Roan explained the situation to the squad members and went to Gale.

“Troop commander.”

A sudden visit.
Gale, that was enjoying a cup of tea, smiled faintly.

“Roan. What happened now? I’m starting to feel scared whenever you come.”

Words that he spat jokingly.
However, Roan’s face was serious.

“That may really be the case.”

Only then did Gale realize that the situation wasn’t normal.
He put down the cup and looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“An orc troop is approaching.”

A calm voice.
But the contents were shocking.

“Orc troop?”

Gale frowned.
It was because an orc troop almost didn’t move at this time.
Roan moved his feet to the center and pointed a map that was on the table.

“They are moving from the north to the southeast. I guess that their objective is here, at Beno castle.”
“Just why……..”

Gale frowned and shook his head.
Roan told him the story he heard by Chris.
Gale’s face stiffened by the time.

“Damn. Is it for revenge for his husband………”

He let out a sigh and looked at Roan.

“You entrusted that friend with the scouting?”
“Yes. He wanted to do it himself.”
“Is he trustable?”
“Yes. You can trust in him.”

Roan smiled without hesitation.
Gale nodded and grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“We will have to go to the troops HQ for now. I will have to report it to the great commander. You can go together, right?”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan didn’t decline.
Gale soon called Kennis and the adjutants and ordered them to prepare for battle against the orcs.

“Then, shall we go?”
“Yes. I will take the lead.”

Roan got on the horse and grabbed the reins.
There was 2 days of distance between Beno castle and Ipen castle.
If they ran with the horse quickly they would be able to reach within a day.

‘I wanted to take a vacation, but a battle soon occurs.’

Roan smiled bitterly and kicked the horse.


The horse let out a long cry and started to run towards the south.
Gale also kicked his horse to not fall behind.


The horse steps shook the earth.


“Hmm. Mmm.”

Humming came out on it’s own.
Aaron felt quite happy nowadays.
The things he had planned were getting solved well and on top of that he found a guy he really liked.

‘Roan. He’s only 18 now but he will certainly become big.’

His awl in his pocket would show at any moment.
If Roan kept accumulating merits, people that desired him would appear.

‘Before that happens, I have to certainly make him mine.’

Countless plans appeared in his head and crumbled. After the pondering, he chose the first card.

‘Viscount Reil Baker has to show some interest.’

Aaron sent a letter to the prodigy spearman Reil. That he discovered a guy worth seeing over.

‘According to the reports of the adjutants, troop commanders and staff officers, it was standard. But the most amazing point……..’

Was that his skills got noticeably good in just a few months.

‘According to the report, his skills had changed when he first fought in Ale Gorge and in Prely River. According to Gale’s expression, it was like a newborn became a teenager overnight.’

It was certain that he had an amazing talent in the spear.

‘If he just can learn spearmanship from viscount Reil Baker, becoming the best spearman in the kingdom isn’t impossible.’

But of course he had his own worries.
If Roan wouldn’t be taken by Reil.
But Aaron believed in him.
No, he believed in his usual temperament.

‘Viscount Reil Baker is in a few words, a lone wolf. He doesn’t have interest in power.

‘Even if he did like Roan, he would only take him as a disciple, he wouldn’t take him fully.’

The reason why Aaron could ease himself and send him the letter.

‘If it just turns out as planned, Roan will be in a big debt with me.’

A smile appears on Aaron’s face.
He was planning on leaving Roan near him and raise him to become a general.

‘If Roan grows as my expectations……..’

He won’t’ just become a corps commander from an outer area, but he will be able to get into the center.

‘But of course, he has to grow according to my expectations.’

For that, he had pulled various cards.

‘If this succeeds, I’m immediately moving to the next one.’

His future plans were drawn in his head.

“Hmm. Mmm.”

Because of that a hum could only come out.
On top of that, there was another good notice.

‘Damn it. Even so, it’s still my birthday…….’

Aaron grabbed a letter that was at a side of the table.
A letter his daughter that was studying in Pavor castle sent.
It was a letter she sent before leaving towards Ipen castle.

‘She would be busy studying but she also insists on doing something for my birthday.’

For him, Mary Tate was a pretty and commendable daughter.

‘I should buy some good meat.’

The smile on his mouth became denser.
Then, the door opened abruptly and Mendel came in.

“Corps commander. Troop commander Gale and adjutant Roan came looking for you.”

An urgent voice and expression.

‘Gale and Roan?’

Aaron tilted his head and shook his hands.

“Tell them to come in.”

Right before he said that, Gale and Roan came in.

“Greetings to corps commander.”

A light salute.

‘What happened……..’

Aaron frowned.
Because Gale’s and Roan’s expression weren’t normal.

“What happened?”

At the short question, Gale gulped down dry saliva and replied.

“An orc troop is charging through.”


In that instant Aaron’s face stiffened.

“Orc? What are you talking about?”

Gale explained the situation he heard from Roan by now.
At the same time he spread a map of the eastern parts of the kingdom.

“With the information we have now, we grasped that they came from the north and are charging to the southeast. The number is about 2 thousand. They all are riding lopuses and their objective seems to be Beno Castle.”

A heavy silence.
Aaron looked at the map with ferocious eyes.

‘Orcs are charging to the southeast?’

A shock like someone hit his head.

‘It overlaps with the trajectory my daughter makes.’

The tip of his hands shake nervously.

‘It’s been 2 days since Mary departed from Pavor castle. She will soon reach Slan region.’

Mary was moving from Pavor castle to Beno castle with a northwest direction.
On the other hand, the orc troop was moving southeast.

‘There’s a high possibility they will meet at Slan region.’

Aaron took in a deep breath.

‘If she gets caught by the orc bastards……..’

Aaron shook his head.
A situation he didn’t even want to think of.
For Mary’s safety, he had to secure Slan region.

‘However we can’t face the orc troop in an open field.’

Just because of one daughter, he didn’t want to corner his underling soldiers.
His pondering deepened.

‘Is it my daughter, or the soldiers.’

Aaron fell in a deep thought between the roles of father or commander.
However Gale, that wouldn’t know of this, was burning inwardly.
A situation where even a minute was urgent.

“Corps commander?”

He called out to Aaron carefully.
Aaron looked at Mendel’s, Gale’s and Roan’s faces fixedly.

‘I am their commander.’

Soldiers are no different to his children.

‘I’m sorry. Mary.’

While he was finishing his thoughts, he made a decision.

“Their number aren’t that big, and as all of them are riding lopuses, close the castle gates and battle them as a fortress. I will dispatch troops from the corps headquarters.”

He made the order not as a father but as a commander.


His chest boiled.
Then, Mendel opened his mouth with a complex expression.

“Corps commander. If you do that, your daughter…….”
“Stop. Don’t talk anymore.”

Aaron shook his hand.
He tightly bit his lower lip.

“We are sending a messenger towards Mary.”
“But we don’t know if the messenger will even…….”


Aaron hit the table.

“Then do you want me to drive my soldiers to a corner just to rescue one daughter of mine!”

A loud yell.
Only then did Mendel shut his mouth and step back.
His face was frozen stiff.

‘Corps commander………’

Mendel knew how well Aaron loved and appreciated Mary.

‘He always lived with boasting and praising.’

Even this time, he became so happy he was about to jump when Mary said that she would come to take care of his birthday.

‘That corps commander chose his underlings instead of his daughter.’

A cruel decision.
Mendel could feel Aaron’s boiling emotions.
Then, Aaron sent the order with such difficulty it seemed that he was vomiting something hot.

“Send a messenger to Mary.”

Gale and Roan grasped the situation late.

‘His daughter is coming to Ipen’s castle right now!’

They could understand why Aaron was pondering for a long while.
But just because of that, they couldn’t battle in an open field.

‘There’s no reason to face the orcs that are riding lopuses.’

As they grasped their surprise attack, they would close the castle gates and battle like that.
In the current situation, this tactic was the most adequate.
Aaron took in breaths and pointed towards the map.

“I will send you troops from the headquarters, so close the gates and prepa…….”

What he said until there Roan, who was silent until now, let out a short sigh.
He looked at Aaron, Gale and Mendel.

“Roan. Do you have something to say?”

Aaron frowned and asked back.
Roan shook his head with a short sigh.

“We can’t battle that way.”

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