I Am the Monarch – Chapter 41 : Revenge battle (2)


Aaron increased his voice.
His face was bright red.

“If it’s because of my daughter, you can……..”

When he talked up to there.
Roan shook his head.

“It’s not because of that reason.”

A calm voice.
Aaron, Mendel and Gale looked at Roan.
There was a weird look on their faces.
Roan continued saying with a calm expression.

“Violin is hot tempered and violent. For her to charge straight towards Beno castle without plundering and pillaging means that her rage towards rose troop is really that great.”

He didn’t reveal himself to be her target of revenge.
The three others nodded.
Roan continued saying.

“In this kind of situation, when Violin arrives and finds that the gates are closed how will she act?”

The three couldn’t answer.
Roan drew a line around Beno castle.

“If it’s the hot tempered and violent Violin, she would annihilate every village around Beno castle.”


In that instant, the three faces stiffened.
A problem they hadn’t thought about.

‘We just thought that we only had to block their surprise attack.’
We thought that Beno castle shouldn’t fall in danger.’

Thoughts that amounted that much.
However Roan was thinking what would happen even after that.

‘Well, there was a similar case in previous battles.’

As the situation was urgent, they had even forgotten that there was a precedent.
Aaron looked at the map with a serious expression.

“Certainly, if it’s the crazy female warrior Violin, there’s a high possibility she will do that.”

He couldn’t make the surroundings of Beno castle a wasteland.
Aaron looked at Roan.

“Then you think that we have to battle them on an open field?”

A short reply but filled with confidence.
Aaron looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“Then what region would be suitable?”

At those words, Roan replied without hesitation.

“Obviously, Slan region.”

He pointed the northwestern part of Beno castle.

“This region is the starting point in the northwest, and there are villages surrounding it. To stop Violin’s troop he have to take Slen region as the starting point and make a blockade towards the northwest.”

A voice filled with certainness.
The three of them ruminated the words and looked at the map.
Just like Roan’s words, there were many villagers living in the northwestern part of Slen region.

‘We have to defend Slen region to save the villagers.’
‘We have to build lines in the northwestern part of the region.’

They all looked at Roan with surprised looks.

‘He’s a really amazing guy.’
‘Compared to others, he has the ability and insight to look through situations.’
‘Until where does his abilities spread to?’

Praises they couldn’t say it out loud.
Roan pretended not to notice that and pointed at the map.

“But this region is an open field. It’s an advantageous area for the orc troop that are riding lopuses.”
“Then what do we do?”

Aaron, Mendel and Gale looked at Roan while having forgotten their rank.

“I will have to go there myself. I want to check the topography of the region as well.”

He had experienced many things for the past 20 years and remembered a lot of information and knowledge, but unfortunately he didn’t remember much about things related to Slen region.
At those words Aaron nodded.

“Fine. I will go to the corps headquarters and give you the best horse.”
“Now that it turned out like this, I would like to go along with the 12th squad.”
“Do so.”
“Thank you.”

Roan lowered his head.
Aaron, Gale and Mendel looked at him with a fixed gaze.

“In this situation, it’s almost impossible to bring troops from another region.”

They needed quite a lot of time to prepare preparations and travel all the way to Slen region.
Aaron continued saying.

“I will dispatch you troops from the headquarters, so drive back Violin.”
“Yes! Understood!”

Gale, Mendel and Roan bent down.
Aaron’s eyes calmly sank.

‘If they can only defend Slen region……..’

The safety of the villagers would be acquired, but he could also get Mary’s safety.
killing two birds with one stone.
His sight directed to Roan.

‘Roan. I’m begging you.’

Soon, even Aaron was depending on Roan.
Roan was now holding a big importance inside the corps, even without him knowing.


“Yes? An open field battle?”
“We are making a line on the northwestern part of Slen region?”

Expected reactions.
Gale smiled bitterly at the fierce reactions of the adjutants.
He explained with a calm voice everything Roan had said.


Only then did the adjutants let out a low exclamation and get convinced.

“But even so, to face the orcs that are riding lopuses in an open field……….”

A ridiculous situation.
Gale pointed Roan with a gesture of his chin.

“For now, I will look how Roan checks Slen region.”

At those words, Kennis and the other adjutants all looked towards Roan.
Roan was looking at the map spread on the table.

‘Does he have something thought?’
‘If it’s Roan, he will have a mysterious tactic.’

Kennis and the adjutants gulped dry saliva.
Eyes filled with expectation.
However, Roan couldn’t hide his stuffiness while looking at the map.

‘The map is really a mess.’

Compared to the map 20 years from now on, it was a child’s scribble.
Only the villages, mountains, forests, and rivers were marked.
There were a lot of things that were excluded.
Roan’s finger pointed to one side of the map.
A white part that didn’t have anything.

‘Slen region…..’

His finger now moved to the northwest.
The region where they would have to fight the orc troop.

‘There’s a short gorge, forest, and river……..’

Just looking at the map, it wasn’t a topography that would be of any help.

‘Certainly, I will have to go myself.’

Roan turned his head and looked at Gale.

“Troop commander. Me and the 12th squad will depart right now.”

RIght before he said that, Gale nodded.

“Right. I already prepared the horses.”

The special 20 war horses Aaron prepared.
Roan saluted shortly towards Gale and the adjutants and went towards the abode of the 12th squad.

“Sir adjutant.”

The 12th squad were already ready for dispatch.
Nervousness could be seen on their faces.

“There’s no need to be nervous. We are just going to check how the territory is.”

A soft voice.
The squad members nodded unconsciously.

“To shorten the time, we will go riding horses. Who hasn’t rode a horse until now?”

At those words Glenn and Pierce raised their hands.
Even so, maybe it was because the other squad members have faced more battles, but they had experience on riding horses.
Roan entrusted them to Austin and Lander, that had the most experience.

‘From now on, to become a general that will lead a troop, they should at least learn cavalry.’

There were many things he had to teach them from now on.

‘But of course, I also have to learn.’

Roan’s eyes shone.
His objective changed from great general to monarch.
Now it was difficult if he simply relied on spearmanship, strategies and tactics.

‘There isn’t a subject called emperor’s studies for nothing.’

Now that he started, he wanted to become a monarch that was like a real monarch.
Roan took in a deep breath.

‘I can do it one by one. But first……’

The danger in front of his eyes.
He had to concentrate on driving back Violin’s troop.

“Let’s go.”
“Yes! Understood.”

At Roan’s words, the 12th squad replied shortly and saluted.
After a while, several war horses rode down through the entrance of the troop’s headquarters.


Horse steps that shook the ground.
Roan was in the front of the war horses riding quickly towards the northwest.

‘I need to come up with a good strategy and tactic. What a problem.’

His hands were grabbing the reins and his legs kicked the horse without stop.
But his head was spinning so fast about finding the adequate strategy and tactic from the many ones he knew, that a sound could be heard coming out of his head.


The west wind blew scarily.


Roan sat on the saddle and frowned.
Slen region was really an empty plain, just like its name.
Wherever they went, a wide and empty plain extended.

‘Even so, the finest place is this one.’

The place they found after checking the region thoroughly.
The short gorge, small forest and the deep river they have already checked on the map was near Midis village.

“The gorge of Plam mountain is too short, and Riten’s forest is also no good.”

Austin approached and let out a sigh.
Roan slowly nodded.

‘It’s difficult to see a big effect even when we ambush them in the gorge or set the forest on fire.’

Most of all, if they charged through the gorge and forest, they would be able to see the empty plain.

‘Even so, because of Slaion river that flows to the north, the size of the plain is narrower than elsewhere.’

Roan looked at the surrounding scenery with calm eyes.

‘Most of all, there’s a high possibility Violin’s troop will pass through this region.’

The shortest distance from the starting point to Beno castle.

‘I have to think of the most adequate tactic for the current situation. Is it certainly ambush? Or attacking with fire? Or if not, an inundation tactic again?’

Many thoughts filled his head.
Then, he heard Lander’s voice.

“Sir adjutant! The youth from that time came again!”

Lander, that was checking on the vicinity topography, appeared with a youth that had a shabby look.


Roan let out a low exclamation and got off the horse.

“Mister Chris!”
“Sir adjutant.”

The youth had a shabby appearance.
It was Chris that had left to seize information about Violin’s troop and their trajectory.
Roand and Chris held hands.

“You aren’t hurt?”
“I’m fine.”

Chris smiled brightly and hit his chest.
He did seem exhausted, but an expression that seemed somewhat proud.

“Violin’s troop is somewhere located 4 days from here.”
“It’s quite a far distance.”

Roan frowned.
They were moving while riding lopuses.
Lopuses were as fast as horses.
And they were better when it came to instant changes in movements.
Because of that, he expected them to arrive in two days.
Chris smiled brightly and replied.

“First, their trajectory isn’t really effective as they are moving while avoiding the eyes of the region’s troop and residents. To top that off, they are moving in separate squads as they can’t move the 2 thousand together.”

Violin’s objective was making a surprise attack.
Because of that she didn’t want to face troops from another region and fight for nothing.

‘Stupid bastards. A true surprise attack is based on swift movements.’

The longer their trajectory became, they would be able to evade useless fights, but there was a big chance that the most important thing, being the surprise attack, would fail.
Chris’s continued saying.

“And because they moved without stop, the lopuses and also the orcs are quite exhausted. They are in the middle of resting after a long while.”

Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“Because of that, we could earn some time.”
“This is the records of how their troop is composed and their formation.”

Chris lent out a small piece of paper.
Roan carefully received that and asked in a low voice.

“But how did you chase their tails?”

It wouldn’t be easy to chase the tails of the orcs that were riding lopuses and gather information.
At those words Chris shook his head.

“I didn’t chase their tails. I waited in front.”

Roan asked back while opening his eyes big.
Chris smiled faintly and continued saying.

“At first, I checked the places they passed by and after that I registered and organized the information. After I did that, I could vaguely see their moving pattern. They were moving towards Beno castle tle while avoiding places where troops were stationed, places where people from the kingdom appeared, and also places where monster appeared.”

It meant that he had guessed their trajectory beforehand with the basic information as the background.

‘He’s really a person I want.’

He gave meaningful results with limited information.
Roan bit his lower lip and looked at Chris.

“Then what’s the expected moving trajectory?”

At those words Chris smiled brightly and pointed below Roan’s feet.

“You chose a really suitable place. They will soon come over here.”

A voice filled with confidence
Roan didn’t ask any more.

‘If Chris says so, it will be it.’

A perfect trust.

“Then I will have to decorate this place to become a party.”

Roan smiled brightly and looked towards the gorge and forest.
At those words Chris put a surprised expression.

‘Does he believe my words?’

There wasn’t even a question if it was true or he was certain.

‘He believes in me, in my abilities.’

A corner of his heart became numb with proudness.
It was a really nice feeling being recognized by someone.
Chris forced himself not to smile and looked at Roan.

“But this isn’t that good of a place to make a party.”

At those words Roan smirked and shook his head.

“Even so, it’s the best place on our surroundings.”

He was certainly smiling, but his face was somewhat filled with worry.

‘For now I will have to make them confused with an ambush or attacking with flames. The problem…….’

Was when Violin’s troop got out of the forest or gorge and entered the plains.
The area was narrow because of Sleion river, but a plain was still a plain.
It was the best place for lopuses to run on it.
Compared to that, the military power they had was closer to something standard.

‘The composition itself is good, but compared to the orcs our mobility falls behind.’

If in case Violin didn’t choose to battle but to charge through, the empty Beno castle would fall in the hands of the enemies.

‘But although it won’t happen……..’

If he stepped in and revealed his identity, it would end there.
Because Violin’s objective would still be revenge for her husband.

‘Uhm. What method was there to face enemies with great mobility on an open field……..’

The many strategies Ian and the other excellent strategies made appeared in his head.
But there was no specific strategy that appeared.
Then Lander, that was next to him and listening to the conversation, let out a sigh and grumbled.

“Tch. If the orc bastards came a bit later we would be able to make a wooden fortress or an earth one.”

Even if it wasn’t completed it would still be good.
If they raised a long and strong wall on the other side of the river, even the orcs that were riding lopuses wouldn’t be able to act rashly.

“Stupid. How do we make a fortress in 4 days? If we could set up a formation, that would be fortunate on itself.”

Austin clicked his tongue and rebuked.
Lander nodded with a sulky expression.

“It was just my thought. My thought. Ahem.”

He cleared his throat and looked at the clear field.

“Won’t a cool fortress fall on the skies?”

When he was thinking about that.
Roan’s eyes, that was pondering, started to shine.
His sight passed through Lander and looked at the plain.
A peaceful scenery.

‘It’s that.’

A faint smile appeared on Roan’s mouth.


Lander felt intimidated for a second.
Roan grabbed his shoulders and nodded.

“It’s a really good thought.”
“Yes? What is?”

Lander asked back with a confused face.
Roan smiled faintly and replied.

“Let’s raise a fortress over here.”

< Revenge battle (2) > End

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