I Am the Monarch – Chapter 42 : Revenge battle (3)


“This will really be fine, right?”

At Gale’s question, Kennis put on an awkward smile.

“Won’t it be?”

But it was a voice without confidence.
Gale, Kennis and the troop adjutants stood in one place and looked at the soldiers.

“This goes there! That’s over here!”
“Don’t stick them together!”
“It has to look natural!”

The soldiers moved between Midis village and the plains busily.
Gale forced a smile and looked at the youth giving the orders between the soldiers.

“Right. As the strategy was set up by Roan, there won’t be any problems.”

On the armor the soldier with the childish face was wearing, there was a badge symbolizing a class 5 adjutant. It was Roan.
Then, Roan shook off the dirt in his hands and approached.

“It’s time Violin’s troop came.”

At those words, Gale and the other adjutants nodded.

‘We couldn’t even set up a formation properly.’

They couldn’t even set up a common wooden fence.

Because they didn’t have the time to do so.

‘I wondered just what kind of bullshit it was to raise a fortress in this situation.’

Gale smiled bitterly.

‘Even so, we finished the preparations according to Roan’s strategy.’

If Violin’s troop fell on their trap, he could ascertain victory.
But what if the results weren’t good?

‘There’s a high possibility they will attack Beno castle.’

Gale ground his teeth.

‘We will certainly win.’

When he got a new resolution.

“Each troop and squads will have to move to their appointed places.”

Roan’s calm voice.
Gale nodded and looked to his right.
He could see Jefferson leading BlackBird troop that was part of their corps.

“Then, we will be moving.”

He slightly nodded and moved.
Gale and the rose troop had the commanding rights for this battle.
Jefferson could only move according to their strategies and commands.

“We are moving! Everyone to your appointed places!”

At his orders, BlackBird’s adjutants quickly ordered the soldiers.

“We are also moving!”

Continued by that, Gale let out the order.
Soon the cavalry, archers, swordsmen, etc. started to move towards Riten forest and Flam mountain gorge.
Rose troop and BlackBird troop.
The combined number of the two troops was 2,500.
They had at least 500 more than Violin.

‘Although it isn’t that we will certainly win because we have more numbers.’

Roan smacked his lips and looked back.
Only the spearmen remained on the field.
Roan raised his spear and yelled.

“It won’t be an easy battle! But…..”

A loud voice.

“We will win! Let’s show the orc bastards the power of humans!”

Right after he finished saying that, the spearmen raised their spears high and stamped it on the ground.


A tremble and a heavy sound was heard below their feet.
The faces of the soldiers turned red.
A confidence they could win and that they would certainly win showed on their faces.

‘We will win. Certainly.’

Even for Roan, this battle held quite some meaning.
He faced through many battles since he returned to the past. But those were all battles he had been through in his past life.
Similar or the same.
Even so, they were battles he certainly had experience in or knew about.
But this battle was one that didn’t even happen in his past life.
Even Roan couldn’t know how the results would turn out.

‘I tied all the effective strategies in one place.’

He mixed all the best strategies according to this situation in one place.

‘I have to win.’

Roan bit his lower lip.
It wasn’t a battle he knew the future of.
The first battle he would face simply with his skills.
If he just attained victory on this battle, he would be able to get an incredible amount of experience and confidence.
Roan’s eyes shone.

‘Come you crazy female orc warrior!

His chest beat roughly.
He clenched his fists tightly.

‘I will send you next to the husband you love so much.’

The west wind blew again.
A killing intent was felt in the warm wind.


A blade made by polishing animal bones.
The sharp and gray tip of the blade slashed through the arm.


The flesh split and red blood flowed.


The owner of the arm licked the wound with the long tongue.
The blood soon stopped and only a wound remained.
A bloody wound.
Next to that, various additional wounds could be seen.

‘Don’t forget this pain. Before getting revenge for my husband, I have to suffer and feel pain.’

Eyes filled with madness.
Gray skin, rough and crumbly black hair, and the four canine teeth that sprouted over her mouth.
She put back the knife on her waist and stood up.
A body so big you wouldn’t be able to say that she was a female.
Adding to that, the arms and legs that sprout out of the armor were covered in muscles.
A look that made you understand how the capable orc soldier Sedek gave her his crotch.
Then, a heavy low voice was heard behind her.

“Troop commander Violin. We finished preparations to move.”

The owner of the voice was Kurk who served Violin nearby.

“You gave plenty of water to the lopuses, right?”
“Yes. We also gave them hog meat.”

At those words Violin nodded.

“There are no human troops in Slen region.”

Murderous intent could be felt in her voice.

“Until now we moved while evading the eyes of the human bastards. But starting from now, there’s no need to do so. We will charge through without stop. We will crush everything that blocks us and set it on fire. We will make an attack on Beno castle before they can finish their preparations!”

A blue fire appeared in her black eyes.

“Carve the eyes of rose troop soldiers and after you cut off their tongues rip off their limbs. And………”

Violin clenched her two fists.

“I will certainly take care of that bastard called Roan.”

At those words Kurk bent his head.

“Yes. I will pass it down like that!”

A really concentrated look.

‘After Sedek passed away, her temperament became fiercer.’

If you did something wrong, you could have your head cut off in that instant.
After a while, Violin’s troop finished preparations and charged towards Beno castle.

Kaang! Kaang!

The cries of the lopuses hit the skies and the earth.
But Violin’s troop that ran without stop, could only stop at the entrance of Slen region.


Violin, that was leading the troop in the front, frowned. An unexpected scenery spread before her eyes.


Starting from Flam mountain’s border and the spread Riten forest.
In the entrance of Riten forest, human soldiers were moving hurriedly.

‘There are human soldiers here?’

An unexpected situation.
Violin called Kurk with a gesture of her hands.

“It seems like our movements got leaked.”
“Even so, there are only tens of them.”

Kurk glared at Riten forest with fierce eyes.

“Just in case, take some guys and go over there.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Kurk hurriedly replied and took 500 orc soldiers and went towards Riten forest.
Until then the human soldiers seemed not to have noticed Violin’s troop, but they were still moving logs here and there.


As the lopuses charged roughly, the ground trembled.

“What’s this?”

The soldiers looked at the direction the sound was heard while still lifting the logs.
And then, their eyes got big.

“Huk! Damn! The bastards are already here!”

They got scared and started to run towards the forest while throwing the logs.
A look of fearing for their lives.

“Hmph! Cowards!”

Kurk looked at that and gripped the reins strongly.
He was planning to get in there in an instant and crush their heads.
Then, the lopus that Kurk was riding, started to shake its head to the sides roughly and let out a cry.

Kuaang! Kuaang!

Unpleasant movements and cries.
Kurk immediately pulled the reins and stopped the lopus.
The 500 orcs that were following from behind also lowered the speed and stood next to kukr.

Kng! Kng! Kng!

The lopuses all started to smell the ground at the same time as if they had agreed to beforehand.
Kurk frowned and made hand signs.

“Something’s not right. Check the logs the humans threw.”

Some young orcs replied loudly and ran towards a log.


As they crushed the log with a hand axe, a sickening smell was felt.
They frowned and yelled towards Kurk.

“The thing inside the log is oil!”
“There’s not only on the logs, but there is also a lot on the ground and on the grass!”

The orcs pulled out some grass with their hands.
Sticky oil got on their hands.

‘Nasty human bastards. So they wanted to attack with fire.’

Bloodlust appeared in Kurk’s eyes.
Meanwhile, Violin arrived while leading the main troop.

“What happened?”

At the short question, Kurk smiled coldly and replied.

“It seems like information got into the hands of the human bastards. They were spreading oil in Riten forest.”

Violin frowned and looked towards Riten forest.
Kurk continued saying.

“But it seems that our speed was faster than what they had thought. They couldn’t finish spreading all the oil and they fled. Hahaha!”

A magnanimous laughter.
He really seemed like he was having fun.

‘Looking that the human bastards are trembling I really feel good.’

In the other hand, Violin that was known to be hot tempered was rather calm.

“If they couldn’t even finish this they wouldn’t have been able to set up a formation.”

Kurk slowly nodded.
Violin opened her eyes sharply and said.

“We are quickly moving towards Beno castle before the human bastards finish their preparations.”
“Yes! Understood.”

Kurk replied in a loud voice and shook his hand towards the orcs.
The orcs that were stopped momentarily started to move towards Riten forest.
Then, Violin’s voice was heard.


At that instant, the orcs all stopped moving.
Violin glared at Riten forest that was silent and didn’t seem like it had any humans in it.

‘We have never encountered a human army until now. But……..’

Soldiers appeared on Slen region that originally didn’t have a human troop.

‘What if they escaping to the forest was a well made act?’

There may be some traps on Riten forest.

‘But it’s true that they still haven’t finished their preparations.’

Violin touched her canine tooth and shook her head.
There was no need to lower their speed while investigating the forest.
She had another choice.

“Let’s go to Flam mountain gorge instead of Riten forest.”
“Yes? The human bastards haven’t even finished spreading oil.”

Kurk shook his head as if he was complaining.
But Violin wasn’t planning on changing her thoughts.

“You don’t know about that. That could have been a trap by itself. Even so, there’s no need to take chances for nothing. We are going to Flam mountain gorge.”
“A gorge is a really good place for enemies to hide in ambush.”

Kurk said with a worried face.
But this time also Violin shook her head.

“As the length of the gorge is short, even if they are lying in ambush it isn’t that big of a problem. We will pass through it quickly.”

She raised her large blade to the sky.

“Let’s go! Our objective is Beno castle!”

The orcs all yelled in one voice and pulled the reins.
The heads of the lopuses that was looking at Riten forest turned to Flam mountain gorge.


A sound shaking the ground.
Violin’s troop only left a dust cloud and disappeared in an instant.


Then, the grass of Riten forest shaked and the soldiers that threw away the wooden logs appeared from it.
The guys that were pale and screaming even a while ago.
But now they were putting a faint smile.

“Until now, is everything going according to our plans?”

At the words of one soldier, another one nodded.

“Yes, until now everything is going according to what adjutant Roan said.”

At those words the soldiers all had amazed expressions.

‘He’s really an incredible person.’
‘To lead the more than 2000 orc troop with only tens of people to where he wants.’
‘He’s not someone that would end simply as a spearman.’

A surprise look could be seen on them.
Then, one soldier clapped his hands.


“Now! There’s no time to be idling like this. Let’s pass to the next thing quickly!”
“Right! Let’s hurry.”
“Hurry up!”

The soldiers nodded and started to move busily.
Roan’s plan still didn’t end.
No, precisely speaking now was only the start.

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