I Am the Monarch – Chapter 43: Revenge battle (4)

‘They really are coming.’

Jefferson had a surprised look.
His sight was directed to below the gorge.


Violin’s troop appeared along with a dust cloud.

‘I thought that it was impossible.’

When I first heard of it I thought that it was absurd.
But he couldn’t ignore him.

‘It’s the strategy made by that Roan, that thought of the Prely river inundation tactic.’

He hid himself in Flam mountain gorge while having his doubts.

‘But for them to really come over here.’

When normal people passed through this region, they didn’t use a bulky ground road, but a path in the forest.
Because the forest was wider and more comfortable.

‘If we had the time to prepare and attack with fire, it would have been better to lure them to the forest….’

They lacked time to spread enough oil.
On top of that it was also a problem that the wind blew from the west.

‘If we made a mistake, we could be the ones bathed in fire.’

Violin’s troop had slightly changed their direction.
The reason is that they chose the east to charge through Beno castle in the shortest time possible rather than going to southeast.
And making preparations for this, Rose troop and BlackBird troop left back Sleion river that was in the north, Riten forest and Flam mountain that was west  and chose to wait on the plains that were in the east.
Because of that, there was a high possibility for them to get covered in flames because of the wind that blew in the opposite direction.
In the end Roan chose ambushing in the gorge rather than attacking with fire.
But for that, he had to lead Violin’s troop to the gorge instead of the forest.

‘For him to succeed doing it with only tens of soldiers.’

He completely tricked them with only a few oil barrels and thirty soldiers.

‘He’s really an amazing guy.’

He thought that he could now understand a bit of a reason as to why these many people showed that big of an interest.


The lopuses charged through roughly.
The soldiers, that were hiding on the sides of the mountain with the gorge in between, felt that their bodies were trembling a little.
Then, Jefferson stood up and raised his hand high.


The order fell.
The flagman shook the flag roughly to the sides.

“Roll the rocks!”
“Fire arrows!”

The archers fired arrows and the swordsmen rolled rocks.

Sweeeeee! Roooooooooll!

A sharp sound and the sound of rocks rolling was heard.


Violin, that was charging roughly at the front, looked at the falling arrows and rocks and cursed.

‘They were preparing to attack with fire in the forest and they prepared for an ambush here?’

Then it meant that they had been quite prepared for it.

‘At the slightest slip it gets more difficult.’

They may need to make a big battle in Slen region while not being able to get to Beno castle.


Curses followed.

‘Just what troop are you! What are your identities!’

Her eyes got red.
Her hot temperament slowly showed itself.


Then, the cries of the orcs were heard.

‘Kugh. It’s not the time to be here!’

Fortunately, her boiling temperament calmed down.

“Charge! Charge while only looking at the front!”

Violin yelled towards the orc warriors with all her strength.
The distance of Flam mountain gorge was short.
If they charged in even a bit faster they would be able to get out of it.

Kung! Puk!


The orcs that fell behind the troop got hit by the rocks and the arrows and fell.
But certainly, even if the gorge was short, it was too short.
Among the 2000 orcs, only 200 lost their lives in the ambush.
The others got into the plains safely.


Jefferson looked at the orcs getting out of the gorge and let out a long sigh.
At first glance, it seemed like he hadn’t fulfilled his role well.
But on his face, a satisfying smile could be seen.

“He really got it right.”

When he first heard of this strategy, Roan had clearly said.

<With the ambush in Flam mountain gorge we won’t be able to give them that big of a blow.>

Not that good of words in the position of the troop commander and the soldiers.

‘Soldiers want to accumulate merits.’

Then Roan smiled brightly and said.

<There’s a task more important than the ambush.>

Then, the words that followed made him hit his knee.

‘Then, shall we quickly go down?’

Jefferson made a hand sign towards the flag man and sent down the order.

“Descend! We are going down the mountain path!”

Strength could be felt in his voice.

“We will block their road to escape!”

The battle hadn’t even started, but to talk about escaping.
A weird order was sent.

“Quickly, move quickly!”

But no one had their doubts.
The soldiers got down into the gorge quickly and started to sever the mountain path.



Violin’s troop rode quickly towards the entrance of the gorge.
In that moment, a wide plain was seen in front of their eyes.


Violin pulled the reins along a low exclamation.
Her expression stiffened..
Her eyes that were filled with bloodlust lost their trajectory.

‘Just what is…..’

She couldn’t believe the scenery in front of her eyes.
Violin and all the other orcs stopped.
Everyone had perplexed looks.

“Thi, this looks just like a fortress.”

Kurk approached and frowned.
Violin nodded without saying anything and glared at the front.
There were wagons, that had night soil buckets, lined up on the plains.
The wagons and the buckets were ordinary ones you could see anywhere.
But looking at the hundreds of wagons lined up as if it was surrounding the entrance, the intimidation it gave was incredible.
On top of that, the wagons were linked with ropes so you couldn’t try to force your way.

‘In this situation, we won’t be able to fully use our movement.’

They needed space for the lopuses to run however they wanted.

‘In the end it means that we have to charge through one place…..’

Charging through the north was meaningless as they would face Sleion river later.
In the end they had to choose between the east and the south.
Violin’s eyes moved quickly.

‘To the south? Or to the east?’

The pondering deepened.
Then, a heavy sound hit their ears.


At the same time, the many wagons started to move their direction along with the sound of wood tangling.

Drrrrrr. Click! Drrrrrr. Click!

The wagons started to line up towards one direction.


Once more time, they felt a heavy shock.
This time, the wagons started to slowly move.


Sound of wheels spinning.

“The, the castle is moving.”

The orcs looked at the wagons closing on them with a perplexed expression.

‘They weren’t just standing still?’

Violin was also hugely surprised.
Meanwhile, the wagons that were at quite some distance closed the distance.


The wagons took positions along with a heavy sound.


At the same time, the long spears that were inside the buckets and below the wagons showed themselves.
The sharp tips of the spears pointed towards the orcs.
A moving wagon fortress and the spears that were like spikes.

“Troo, troop commander Violin.”

Kurk gulped down his dry saliva and called out to Violin.
But she didn’t reply.
She just glared at the wagon fortress with fierce eyes.
Then, an orc that was at the rear yelled.

“The gorge is blocked! Humans are approaching from the gorge!”

At that voice, some orcs assented.
But Violin didn’t show any reactions.

‘They should be the ones that ambushed us.’

She took in a deep breath.

‘Damn. To think about making a fortress with wagons and buckets.’

She wanted to see the bastard that thought of this at least once.

‘Although the situation is difficult……’

But in this situation they couldn’t keep idling.
If they delayed any longer they would suffer a pincer attack.

‘We will charge through.’

Although they would take some losses, the priority was to charge through and go to Beno castle.
Then, one man showed himself over a wagon.
He had a childish face but he was a youth that had a rank 5 adjutant badge on his chest.
It was Roan.
Violin frowned.

“So you are the commander?”

Roan just smiled faintly instead of replying.

‘It should have been perplexing.’

They used wagons and buckets to limit their movements, no, made a fortress.
There was no strategy like this until now.

‘A strategy that would be used by a rebel of Estia empire 5 years from now on.’

But of course it wasn’t exactly the same.
The rebel army used broken carriages instead of wagons and buckets.
On top of that there was a big difference in the strategy Roan used.
And that was that Roan’s fortress could move.

‘Lander’s words became the decisive help.’

That it would be good if a fortress fell from the skies.
Then, the various wagons and buckets that were on the plains came into his view.

‘This place is narrow because of Sleion river. On top of that, the yielding of the crops is really good so there are plenty of wagons and buckets provided per village. A good condition to make a fortress with wagons as a blockade.

A strategy that fit perfectly with the surrounding topography.

‘Until now, everything happened as planned. Then, let’s also work hard together. Violin.’

Roan smiled faintly and pointed at Violin with his spear.

“I’m the class 5 adjutant from Rose troop that belongs to the 7th corps of Rinse kingdom.”

Violin frowned.

‘Roan?! If it’s Roan!’

Roan read Violin’s thoughts.

“Right. I’m the one that slew Sedek.”


Violin’s face instantly stiffened.
At the same time, her gray skin started to turn red.
Her two eyes became filled with amazing madness.


She pulled out her wide blade.

“I finally meet you.”

A voice that was filled with bloodlust.

“I won’t have to go to Beno castle.”

Even her eyes turned red.

“I will skin you and chop you into thin slices. I will make you beg me to kill you.”

Violin ground her teeth.
A look that she would attack if he replied.
Even so, Roan’s expression was relaxed.

“You should have really loved your husband.”

His voice was composed.

“If you want it, I will send you next to your husband.”

Roan tilted his finger.


A short provocation.

“I, I will kill you!”

Violin couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded in rage.
She kicked the lopus and ran towards Roan.

“Uh? Huh! E, everybody follow troop commander’s back!”

Kurk was surprised but pulled the reins after he sent the order.

“Troop commander! Troop commander Violin! You can’t get agitated!”

He followed Violin’s back closely and yelled.
The other orcs also kicked the lopuses and moved quickly.
Roan kept standing on top of a wagon with a composed expression.
The orcs that were close to 2000 came charging with a ferocious intent and their formation wasn’t messed up at all.

“I will chew you down!”

Violin that came charging with a ferocious intent.

“Guard the Troop commander!”
“Charge! Charge!”

The orcs that followed her back.
The orcs lowered their bodies and grabbed the reins to catch up with Violin.
Then, Violin who was in front, stopped in front of the wagon fortress.


Violin shouted towards Roan that was as close as her reach.
The lopus seemed to know how its owner was feeling, and it charged through with strength.
At that moment!


Its front legs got buried on the ground.


A cry as if it was perplexed.


The lopus hit its head on the ground and fell forward.


It was the sound of its neck breaking.
It was an instant death.
Violin, who was riding it, also bounced to the front.


She twisted her body and tried to balance herself.


Violin rolled on the ground with a heavy sound.
Continued by that, the orcs that followed her back also fell on the same trap.

Boom. Booboom!


Only after hundreds of orcs fell, Violin stopped the charge.


Violin stood up with a cry that seemed to be that of an animal.
She grabbed the blade that was rolling on the ground and started to move again.
Her objective was Roan.
Violin had already lost her nature because of the rage.


She let out a yell.


She charged to the front and went towards the wagon.

“Where do you!”
“Get the head of the orc leader!”

The soldiers stabbed with their spear with all their strength.


The spear passed next to her.

“Don’t interrupt!”

Violin swung her blade while having the spear in her armpit.


The strong spear got sliced off in an instant.


The spearmen gulped in air and became afraid.
However Violin wasn’t interested in them at all.
She continued charging towards Roan.

“I will face you!”

Then, Pierce appeared while saying it with strength.


The spear that moves strangely and cuts the air quickly.
Pierce was different from normal spearmen even with the movements.


The spear danced and slashed Violin’s body in a big way.

The corner of Pierce’s mouth slowly raised up.

‘How is it? This is sir adjutant Rian’s spearma…..’

His face instantly turned stiff.


Violin gave away her body and snatched Pierce’s spear.


Pierce pulled the spear with all of his strength but it didn’t even flinch.

‘Impossible! How is she this……..’

His talent was certainly outstanding, but he still lacked experience.
As another situation happened contrary to what he was expecting, he lost his calm.

“I’m sure I told you not to interfere.”

Violin smiled ill naturedly and raised her blade.


Pierce was perplexed and his body froze.


At the same time, the wide blade cut through the air.


Pierce ground his teeth as he thought that he would die like this.
A strong spear appeared and hit the side of the wide blade.


A clear sound of metal.


Violin’s arm and blade bounced off.
Meanwhile Pierce was blinking with a surprised look.
The owner of the spear showed himself.

“Pierce. You rest in the back.”

It was Roan.
He had a really faint smile on his face.

“This crazy orc is my guest.”

< Revenge battle (3) > End

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