I Am the Monarch – Chapter 44: Revenge battle (5)

He knew about Violin’s hot temperament really well.

‘If it was a commander with a calm temperament, this kind of strategy wouldn’t have worked.’

The average commanders would have sent a scout team when they discovered the soldiers spreading oil on Riten forest.

‘But Violin wouldn’t have had the leisure to do so when she had to quickly charge through to Beno castle.’

Because of that, she perfectly fell into the trap Roan had prepared.
Furthermore the biggest problem was..

‘This is not the end.’

Roan smiled faintly and looked at Violin.


She suddenly swung her blade.
A quick and strong blow that was hard to follow with the eyes.
However Roan had Kalian’s tear.

That fast and strong blow was so slow in his eyes it made him yawn.
Also it was to the point that he could count the amount of dust on the blade.

‘If it only didn’t place strain on my eyes I would be invincible.’

If you started to forcefully see a movement slowly, it placed an incredible amount of strain on your eyes.

‘Above that, it’s not that it’s leisurely.’

Just because he could see everything slower didn’t mean that his movements were also free.


He charged to the front to dodge the blade.
However his body reacted so slowly it clogged his breath.

‘Damn. My physical abilities can’t follow my sight at all.’

In his thoughts, he wanted to lightly dodge the blade that was so slow it made him yawn and after he closed in on her he would punch her five times and then slice her head off.
But his hands and feet couldn’t follow his will.


The tip of the blade closely passed by his chest.


Roan snorted and swung his spear.
The spear drew a line and went towards Violin’s top of the head.


Violin pulled the blade without much difficulty and after she blocked it she closed in on Roan.
As she was also an experienced warrior, she knew how she had to face a spearman.
But unfortunately, Roan was much more of an experienced soldier than Violin.
Roan spun the spear to block at the stabbing blade and then twisted his wrist.


The long spear spun like a windmill between Roan and Violin.


The blade that was trapped on the spear flew off.
Roan turned his shoulders and stood slanted.
The spear that was spinning like a windmill and drawing a beautiful arc went in to cut off Violin’s neck.


Violin ground her teeth and dodged the spear by lowering her head.

‘I have to counter……’

She wanted to at least stab him in the chest.
But she couldn’t even try it.
On the place where the blade of the spear passed by, the end of the spear took place.


Violin cursed and lowered her head once again.


The end of the spear that passed by closely.
Violin thought that this was the opportunity.
Because Roan cut off the air twice.
Even at first glance, Roan’s upper body was unguarded.


The blade cut through the air and was accompanied by a heavy sound.
Just like they say, right before his head got smashed.
The spear that passed next to her soon returned and blocked the blade.


A heavy shock.


Violin put more strength while grinding her teeth.


The blade passed through the spear along a displeasing sound.

‘Just how is she this strong……’

In this situation, even Roan couldn’t help but get perplexed.
Violin showed a more powerful strength than what he had thought about.

‘If it wasn’t for the spear Corps Commander Aaron gave me, it would have split in two.’

It was a strength that amazing.
Even so, it wasn’t the time to feel leisure.
Because even right now Violin was eating up the spear with her blade.
Roan pulled his right leg back and twisted his body and the spear lightly.


The blade that was gearing with the spear slipped off and fell to the ground.


Violin’s body fell to the front as she lost balance.
Roan turned around while having his body tilted and hit the back of Violin’s head with his spear.


Violin fell to the ground along with a heavy shock.
Roan pointed his spear to her back and tried to stab her.

‘Where do you dare!’

Violin quickly rolled on the floor and went in to cut off Roan’s talon.
Roan didn’t get perplexed and jumped while stabbing the spear on the ground.
At the same time he was falling down, he kicked Violin’s side.


As it was an attack Violin also expected, she lightly rolled her body and dodged.
She stood up from the place and swung the blade fiercely.
Roan didn’t fall back either and went in to stab his spear.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

The spear and the blade clashed and metal clashing was heard.
Violin certainly overwhelmed Roan in strength and stamina.
However Roan was so quick to the point it was difficult to believe and showed a good sense.
On top of that, his skills in handling the spear was also impressive.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

The clash of the two people continued without knowing the end.
Meanwhile, around the wagon fortress, quite an ordinary battle was happening.
As the lopuses and orcs fell in the trap and got stuck on the ground, the soldiers that were hiding behind the wagons showed themselves while holding their spears.

“Kill them!”
“Kill them before they get up!”

Tens of spears moved while cutting through the air.

“Damn. Just what is……”

The orcs hurriedly brought their hands to their waists.
But the movements of the soldiers was faster than theirs.

Slash. Stab.

The sharp blade pierced the orcs’ bodies.

“Da, dam……”

Their last words they couldn’t even finish.
Kurk, that was checking on the situation, yelled with all his strength.

“Attack! Everybody attack! Rescue your allies!”

At that order, some orcs that had stopped in front of the trap, grabbed the reins of the lopuses.

Koong! Koong!

The lopuses jumped over the traps along a cry and started to run towards the soldiers.
The orcs swung their blades with a bloody intent and yelled.

“Human bastards! Receive the blade of an orc warrior!”
“Nasty bastards! I will show you what a soldier is!”

An atmosphere that a rough collision would happen anytime.
Then, the soldiers that were killing off the orcs on the ground turned back and started to pass the fortresses.
A perfect retreat that happened on an instant.
The soldiers hid their bodies again behind the wagons and stuck out their spears.
The orcs that were charging through became just like a dog chasing a chicken that ended up looking at a roof.

“Thi, thi, these bastards…….”

Kurk’s face became red.
He also had a hot tempered side in him, probably because he also served that kind of troop commander.

“Attack! Attack! Kill the human bastards! Push over the buckets and break the wagons!”

An order sent down stubbornly.
Violin was driven by insanity and was clashing with Roan.
The orcs could only follow Kurk’s order.

“Kill them!”

An ignorant charge towards the fortresses begun.
When they got near the wagons.

“Bring them down!”

The yells of the adjutants and squad commanders shook the battlefield.
The soldiers that were hiding themselves got up in an instant and pushed the buckets.
The buckets shook for a moment and started to fall.

Boom! Boom!

A heavy sound.
The bucket fell towards the orcs that were running towards the wagon fortress.


The orcs couldn’t dodge and got squashed by the buckets.

“Dodge it!”
“Stop! Stop!”

But the majority of the orcs succeeded in grabbing the reins and stopping the lopuses.

‘What is it? Why are they breaking the fortress with their own hands?’
‘What are you planning now?’

The orcs looked at the buckets with uneasiness.
Then a loud yell was heard.

“Roll it!”

At the same time, a long and huge cylinder shaped bucket started to roll with a heavy sound.

“Uh, uh!”

The orcs pulled the reins with a surprised expression.
The lopuses started to slowly walk back.


As the bucket was one huge cylinder, it passed the digged ground and traps without trouble.
Perhaps, if they moved it along the wagon, the wheels would have fallen in the traps.
The speed the bucket’s roll started to increase.
The soldiers started to push the bucket with more strength and in unison.

“Da, damn! Block it! We also have to stick together and stop it!”

Kurk swung his blade and yelled.
If they just let it be, they would really end up inside their trap.

‘Can’t do anything about it!’

The orcs also knew very well about this truth.
They couldn’t do anything about it, and got down the lopuses and started to stick on a side of the bucket.
At that moment!

Spat! Pabat!

Behind the buckets, tens of long spears surged up.
That was different from a normal spear.
The length of it was almost twice of it.

‘Bastards, this is a real long spear!’
‘It’s the provisional long spear adjutant Roan thought of!’

These were all pieces of work made by Roan that he made one by one.
The soldiers stabbed the long spear between the spaces of the buckets.
As the length of the bucket was quite big, if it was an ordinary spear it wouldn’t have reached the orcs.
However, with the spear Roan made, it was enough to attack the orcs that closed up on the bucket.

Stab. Slash.

The sharp blade of the spear pierced the bodies of the orcs.


The orcs, that were trying their hardest to stop the rolling buckets, fell at the spears that appeared out of nowhere.
Because of that, the morale of the soldiers raised even more.

“Kill them!”
“Don’t leave even one of them!”

The long spears cut the air along a loud yell.
At the same time, the buckets rolled without stop and closed in on the space of the orcs.

Stab. Crush.


The orcs were stabbed by the spear or got crushed on the buckets and started to fall back little by little.

‘Damn. This became difficult.’

Only now did Kurk get ahold of himself.
The rage that made his head messy, calmed down in an instant.

‘Like this we will get annihilated! Annihilated!’

It was a situation where they may really go to hell to meet with Sedek.
The number of the orcs that were close to 2000 lowered to 1000 at the attack of the fortress and the buckets.

‘For now, we have to survive.Only if we do would we be able to take revenge or do something!’

Kurk quickly checked his surroundings.

‘The east, south and north are blocked by that damned wagon fortress and buckets.’

In addition, even if they charged through the east or south, they would get even deeper to enemy territory.
In the end, what was left was Flam mountain gorge and Riten forest.
But even this wasn’t an easy situation.

‘The human bastards are blocking the gorge and the entrance for Riten forest………’

Riten forest was placed slightly more north than Flam mountain gorge.
Because of that, the wagon fortress that was blocking the entrance was at the back of it.
Kurk’s sight goes to the north.

‘If we flee towards the gorge where humans set up defenses, that’s no different to suicide. In the end what’s left is going to Riten forest.’

There was the fortress and the buckets, but the feeling the fortress of the east was different.
A somewhat sloppy feeling.
Even the speed that the buckets come rolling seemed slower.

‘We will charge through the fortress in the north and we retreat through Riten forest.’

In an instant a plan was made.
Kurk looked at Violin.
She was still battling Roan.
It didn’t look like she was being pushed back even while dodging the buckets.

‘If I tell her to retreat, she will make a scandal.’

But he wasn’t in a leisure situation where he could receive her tantrum.

‘Can’t do anything about it. Even if I get punished later on, surviving comes first.’

Kurk got on the lopus and raised his right hand.

“Advance party to the front!”

At those words, the biggest and boldest ones got to the front.
Kurk revealed his plans in detail.


Meanwhile, the orcs fell one by one as they couldn’t hold back the charging of the buckets.
Kurk’s face became urgent.

“You all understood?”
“Yes! Understood.”

The advance party all nodded and ground their teeth.
They rode their lopuses and started to ride in a high speed.
Their objective was Roan and Violin.

“Huh?! Sir adjutant is in danger!”
“The orc bastards are coming!”

The soldiers that were pushing the bucket yelled with an urgent expression.
Austin, Pierce and the 12th squad members raised their spears and ran towards Roan.
However they couldn’t beat the lopuses that had better mobility.
They reached in front of Violin and Roan in an instant.
Half of the orcs attacked Roan and the other half assaulted Violin.


Roan, that was pressing Violin fiercely, bit his lower lip at the sudden attack.
In the other side, Violin yelled towards the orcs that were grabbing Violin’s arms and legs.

“Let go! Let me go!”

But the orcs didn’t react at the orders.
They tied down Violin with a rope they had prepared.
Kurk, who arrived late, carried her on his lopus.

“Pardon my negligence.”
“Kurk! Let this go! Let me go! I have to kill that bastard!”

Her eyes and voice were filled with madness.
Violin struggled to break free of Kurk.
Kurk didn’t mind her and pulled the reins and went towards the north.

“Troop commander. Like this we will get annihilated. Annihilated. Don’t we have to be alive to at least be able to take revenge?”
“Shut up! Untie this, this instant!”

Violin didn’t even want to listen to Kurk.
But Kurk was also that way.
He didn’t react at Violin’s words at all.
Rather, he yelled towards the orcs in a loud voice.

“Retreat! Retreat! Advance troop, open a path!”

Right before he sent down the order, the orcs that were tying down Roan fell back as fast as a current of water.
They crossed the plains and rode towards the north that was blocked by the wagon fortress.
A well ordered look.
Kurk continued to yell.

“Follow the advance troop! Follow them!”
“Waaa! Pierce through!”
“Open a path to flee!”

The orcs yelled and kicked the lopuses.
They also realized that this was the last opportunity for them to survive.


The wagon fortress on the north clashed hardly against the orcs.
At first, the fortress seemed to defend well and protect the place.
But as the thousand or more orcs kept pushing in, it started to get pushed back little by little.

“Damn! Fall back!”
“Regroup with your allies on the sides!”
“Fall back!”

In the end, a retreating order came out of the mouths of the soldiers.
And Kurk didn’t miss that chance.
He led the advance party and the orc warriors and looked for the blind parts of the fortress.
In the end.


The wagon fortress fell.
The line that got pierced through.
Kurk and the warriors kicked the lopuses with expressions filled with cheer.
They wanted to get out of this hell like plain as fast as possible.


Violin’s troop entered Riten forest along the steps shaking the ground.
Silence fell on the plains in an instant.
To the point you wouldn’t be able to believe that a fierce battle happened here.


The soldiers let out a long breath.
A somewhat relieved expression.
It wasn’t an expression someone that could annihilate their enemy should have.
Then, Roan got on a wagon and looked at the orcs entering Riten forest.
A faint smile appeared on his face.

“Flee…..I’m sorry, it’s too late.”

A firm voice.

“You already fell in my trap.”

The real trap wasn’t on the gorge nor on the plains, it was in the forest.
Roan raised his spear highly and yelled.

“Block Riten forest with the wagons and buckets!”

The soldiers all looked at Roan.
They knew.
That everything that happened until now was happening according to Roan’s plans and guesses.
Respect and fear appeared in their eyes.
Roan pretended not to notice that and continued saying.

“It’s becoming time to finish this battle!”

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