I Am the Monarch – Chapter 45: Revenge battle (6)

“Kurk! Untie me! Right now!”

Violin continued to yell while struggling.
Kurk didn’t react at all as if he had become deaf.

‘I’m sorry.’

He let out a sigh and looked backwards.

‘They really are chasing us.’

The spearmen were chasing them while yelling.

‘Even so it’s impossible to catch up to us who are riding lopuses.’

Different than the horses, the lopuses didn’t lose that much mobility in the forest.

‘Now that I look, I can’t see the enemy’s cavalry?’

It was a weird thing.

‘Are they maybe ambushing us in the forest?’

But in the end he shook his head.
If it was a normal commander, he wouldn’t do such things as hiding the cavalry to launch an ambush.

‘The important thing right now isn’t that.’

Kurk threw away the complicated thoughts in his head.

‘Sons of bitches. I will certainly pay you back for today.’

He ground his teeth and kicked the lopus.
He could see the exit of Riten forest from far away.
The white light between the trees seemed like the door to heaven.
A faint smile appeared on his face.

‘If we just get out the…….’

Then, Kurk’s face stiffened.

Because an amazing path of fire surged from the entrance of the forest.


Kurk looked at his surroundings with a really nervous expression.
Fortunately, there were no more places that were set on fire.

‘Damn. So they are blocking our escape route?’

They lacked oil to set the entire forest on fire.
But even so, it wasn’t that the fire stayed still.
It was obvious that the fire would spread to the insides of the forest through the west wind.

“Sir adjutant Kurk!”

All the orcs stopped and looked at  Kurk.
Kurk’s eyes rolled quickly.

‘We charge through like this? No. Charging through the path of fire is impossible.’

The flames were burning fiercely with the help of the wind.

‘The south is blocked with the gorge, and the humans are attacking us from the east. The place that’s left is…….’

His sight goes to the north.
Sleion river.

‘Although the riverside is a bit narrow…….’

Even so, it wasn’t so narrow for them to not be able to move.

‘We follow the riverside and retreat to the west.’

It was a much safer route than charging through the flames.
Kurk pointed to the north.

“We will follow Sleion river and retreat to the west!”
“Yes! Understood!”

The orcs replied in one voice and pulled the reins.
The lopuses turned to head towards the north and started to run.
Kurk looked at the red flames and clicked his tongue.

‘We completely fell. We completely fell by the hands of the human bastards.’

He ground his teeth.

‘Everything hadwould have been a plan and strategy since we discovered the humans in the entrance of Riten forest.’
They just reacted and moved towards the places the humans wanted them to go into their trap.

Anger surged up.

‘I will certainly pay you back for what happened today.’

Kurk ground his teeth and glared his front.
It was difficult to see clearly because of the white smoke.

‘Anyways, it doesn’t seem like they are setting the forest on fire any more.’

It seemed like the humans couldn’t plan up to this point.
Then, the orcs that were in the front got out of the forest and arrived at the narrow riverside.


The smoke disappeared and a beautiful scene was spread outspread.
The golden side and the flashing blue river.
The green plains that extends beyond Sleion river.
Everything was beautiful.
Except for one thing.

‘Thi, this…….’

Expressions as if they couldn’t believe this at all.

“How can this be!”

Kurk couldn’t hold it anymore and yelled.
He looked at the front and the rear alternating with a stiffened face.
The human cavalry were taking place on the west and the east with Violin’s troop at the center.

‘Damn! Just how far are you seeing things through!’

Kurk was curious as to what the man that set up this perfect trap looked like.
He didn’t know that Roan was responsible for this strategy.

Meanwhile Gale, who was leading the cavalry, glared at the orcs and put on an ill smile.

‘Everything is like Roan’s plans.’

In the first place, Roan thought up a strategy to massacre the orcs that got out of the forest by using flames with the wagon fortress.
But there were two big problems in the flame strategy.
The first one was that they really lacked oil.
The second was that the west wind continued to blow without stop.
In the end, Roan had to pluck and fix the strategy to make it perfect.

‘I send Violin’s troop to the gorge by showing them soldiers spreading oil on purpose. After that, we push them to Riten forest with wagon fortresses.’

Because of that, Violin’s troop get to enter Riten forest with a west direction and face the opposite blowing wind.

‘Even if I don’t have that much oil, the fire can cover the orcs with the help of the wind.’

Actually, the orc troop didn’t have any choice.a right for choices.
The place that they could run off to escape the fire was only to the north, where the Sleion river was located.
When the orc troop gets tired by the continuous attacks, they attack them with the cavalry they hid until now. they would attack them with the cavalry they’ve hidden until now.
This was Roan’s ultimate strategy.
And for this, Roan sent the order to Gale and the cavalry to wait on Sleion’s riverside.

‘He certainly said that they would flee towards here.’

And those words became true.
Gale looked at the orcs with fixed eyes.

‘It’s became time to end the battle.’

He raised his right hand highly.


A loud yell.

“Kill them!”
“Don’t let even one of them escape!”

The cavalrymen started to charge forward with a fierce intent along with the yell that shook the earth.

“Kuk! Damn it!”

Kurk ground his teeth.
He had nowhere else to escape to.
The fire was being eaten by the flames, and in front of their eyes the Sleion river was flowing calmly.
On top of that, the lopuses were also tired.


He cursed out and cut off the rope that tied up Violin.


Violin frowned at Kurk’s words.
Kurk gave her his lopus and yelled.

“We are going to die here. If it’s already been decided……”

His eyes got filled with madness.

“Take revenge for Sir Sedek.”

At those words Violin bit her lower lip with strength.
Kurk yelled once more.

“Go! We will block them here!”

Violin looked at Kurk’s two eyes fixedly.
And then, she hardly gripped the reins and nodded.

“Let’s meet in hell.”

At those words Kurk burst out in laughter.

“I will be waiting for you first.”

A farewell.
Violin quickly kicked the lopus.
Her eyes were already tainted with madness.
Now, there was no need to hold onto the rope of sanity.


The lopus let out a cry and started to run towards the forest.


Gale and the cavalrymen looked at her with surprised looks.

“Catch her!”
“Get her!”

At Gale’s and the adjutants orders, the soldiers grabbed the reins.
Then, Kurk and the other orcs blocked their front.

“We can’t send you!”
“Where do you want to go!”

They were already determined to die.
In the end, the cavalry ended up losing Violin.


The yells of the orcs that were on the side were heard continuously.
Kurk looked at the spears flying towards him and then closed his eyes.

‘A warrior thinks that dying in the battlefield is glorious.’



A sharp spear stabbed in his chest.

Gale looked at Riten forest and let out a sigh.

‘Did we miss the most important troop commander?’

Looking at the situation, it seemed like she went to find Roan.

‘In the end, it seems like Roan has to end this battle.’

This battle was really a battle based on Roan.
Gale’s sight followed Violin’s back who couldn’t even be seen.

‘Nothing has to happen.’

Riten forest was filled with white smoke because of the fire.
A situation where it was difficult to look in front.

‘I don’t know why but it feels comfortable.’

He tasted bitterness in his mouth.
An uneasy feeling flowed back his spine.


‘This much is enough.’

Roan looked at the forest that was half gulped down by the flames in an instant and let out a long sigh.
The orcs fled to the riverside just like he had thought.

‘They would get massacred in the ambush.’

If they meet with the cavalry Gale was leading, everything would get solved.
From Flam mountain gorge, to the wagon fortress and buckets, and finally the flame attack in Riten forest and the ambushing cavalry.
The orcs went through many things in a short while.

‘They will be out of their mind.’

Roan’s corner of his mouth slightly raised. The corner of Roan’s mouth slightly rasied.
He clapped and yelled with all his strength.

“Now! Everyone, we are falling back to outside the forest!”

The orcs had already charged to a deep part of the forest.
There was no need to chase their back anymore.
On top of that, the smoke was filling the forest entirely.

“Yes! Understood!”

The soldiers replied in a loud voice and moved quickly.
Because their eyes and nose hurt because of the white smoke.

“Cough. Cough. It seems like sir adjutant is fine. I’m almost dying.”

Lander looked at Roan while fanning with his hands.
Roan just put a faint smile instead of replying.

‘It’s all because of Kalian’s tear and Brent’s ring.’

Actually, the part of his eyes not hurting and not feeling any heat were things he had already expected.
But he didn’t know that he would be fine after breathing in smoke.
It certainly smelled like smoke, but his nose and mouth weren’t uncomfortable or hurt.

‘The abilities Brent’s ring has may be more various than what I thought.’

On top of that, the white forest that was filling the forest couldn’t obstruct Roan’s sight.
It wasn’t that he could see clearly, but even so he could see more clearly than normal people.

‘Searching for each ability that Kalian’s tear and Brent’s ring haves will also be fun.’

Roan smiled brightly and touched his ring.
He, and the 12th squad protected the forest until the end.
They were looking thoroughly for any orc that got left behind.

“It seems like they all retreated.”

Austin approached while fanning with his hand.
Roan nodded.

“Good. Then we are also getting out of the forest.”

At those words, Lander smacked his lips as if it was regrettable.

“It’s so regrettable that we lost Violin, that crazy orc bitch. This battle that was planned by sir adjutant Roan from start to end will end up in the hands of another person.”
“I don’t care much.”

Roan shrugged his shoulders.
Lander, that looked that, clenched his fists tightly.

“If you don’t want to, at least I can…..”
“Stop talking. Please. What are you going to do after you catch Violin?”

Austin frowned and rebuked.
At those words, Lander hit his armor.

“I want to place an adjutant badge on my armor after catching that bitch. Only then will you, vice squad commander, not be able to say anything to me.”

Austin raised his hand as if he was going to hit him at any moment.
Lander acted as if he got really frightened by that and started to run in front.
Roan looked at that and smiled.

‘Even so, it’s fortunate that everyone is safe.’

On a battlefield where tens of people, and thousands of people died, no one from the 12th squad died.died from the 12th squad.
They did receive big and small wounds, but they keptwere still keeping their lives.

‘Now that it became like this, I would like it if I can stay with everyone until the end.’

Roan looked at the back of the squad members and took in a deep breath.
That was because he knew really well that it would be difficult.
Then, Lander who was walking in front, looked at his surroundings and yelled.

“Where are you everyone? Come, come quickly please.”

Meanwhile, the smoke got denser and it became difficult to differentiate what was in front of you.
Roan looked back.

Tadak. Tadadak.

The sound of the flames eating up the trees was heard.
Every now and againonce and then, white and black smoke surged up.


Then, a really small and displeasing sound was heard.

‘A sound that shakes the ground……’

He quickly turned his head towards the place the sound was heard.
At that instant, Roan’s two eyes became round.


He could see Violin running through between the smoke.

“Yes? That was sir adjutant right now, right? You said Violin? Just because I made a joke right now, even you are…..”

When Lander talked up to then.
The white smoke got pushed.
Roan looked at the scattering smoke fixedly.
The whole world’s movement became slow.


The lopus that charged through the smoke really slowly.
And Violin that was swinging the blade on top of the lopus.
Roan opened his eyes abruptly and yelled.

“Lander! Dodge!”

The loud yell rang throughout the forest.
Lander, who was looking around looking for Roan, lowered his body with a surprised look.


The blade that pierced through the smoke instantly cut off Lander’s neck.


Lander’s face was chopped off in front ofgot hardly stabbed in Roan’s two eyes.
The head that fell to the ground really slowly.
The light in his eyes still didn’t go off.
Roan raised his spear and ran towards Lander.

“Wha, what happened?!”
“Sir adjutant?”

The 12th squad members, that had it difficult to look at the front, shook their hands and followed Roan’s back.


Roan cried out while holding Lander’s head.


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