I Am the Monarch – Chapter 47: To the south (1)

“Miss. He’s amazing, right?”

A good looking middle aged woman smiled brightly and asked.

“What’s amazing? The orc troop must have been stupid.”

From the other side a fine voice was heard.
The owner of the voice was a woman in her early twenties.
White skin, quite large facial features, and long black hair. It was quite a cute lady.
Only, her face was filled with playfulness so she gave a childish aura.
Then, a heavy and a low voice was heard.

“No. Jane’s right. This Slan battle was really amazing.”

The man that was seated next to the young woman was also a handsome man in his early twenties.
At those words, the middle aged woman and Jane widely opened their eyes.

“Right? It’s true that our 7th corps soldiers are amazing. Sir Owells.”
“I told you to just call me Walter.”
“Yes? Yes. Mister Walter.”

Jane hesitated and nodded.
Walter Owells was a noble and she was no different than a commoner.
Because of that it was still awkward to call him by his name and not his surname.

“Are the soldiers of our 7th corps really that amazing?”

The young woman leaned her head on Walter’s shoulder.
Walter slightly pinched her cheek as if it was cute.

“Mary. I have never seen the strategy used in Slan region anywhere else. They made a fortress by utilizing wagons and barrels? It’s a strategy I can’t imagine at all.”

At those words the young woman, Mary smiled merrily and buried her face on Walter’s chest.
A really happy look.
She was Mary Tate, the daughter of Aaron Tate.

‘Walter is praising our 7th corps.’

She felt proud.

“As it’s something said by the strongest and most intelligent person, I can believe in you right?”
“Of course.”

Jane butted in.


Walter cleared his throat as if it was embarrassing.
However, pride showed on his face which he couldn’t hide.

“Anyways, I want to meet the person that thought of that strategy. And…..”

Walter gulped the last words.

‘I also want to meet the soldier that slew the crazy female Orc warrior Violin.’

Something hot was felt deep in his chest.
He too, was a man.

“That’s why we are going to the battlefield.”

Mary pouted her lips.
Before she entered Slen region, she met with the messenger Aaron had sent.
Because of that they waited for 4 days in the nearest castle until the battle ended.
And right two days before, she heard the notices that the battle had ended by travelers and merchants.
No, it wasn’t a notice of the battle simply having ended.
They told them the stories and the actions of the 7th corps in a detailed fashion.
The marvelous strategy and of course an outstanding commanding and strong military.
There wasn’t one thing that wasn’t amazing.

‘I still can’t forget Walter’s surprised expression from back then.’

A proud feeling for nothing.
Actually, she was feeling a guilty conscience from Walter.
She was from the outer areas of the kingdom, from the eastern boundaries, and also didn’t have any family or reputation to show.
Compared to her, Walter’s father was a really powerful influential person as he was the leader of the knights of the count.
Outstanding looks and amazing skills, on top of that a family whose future seemed really bright.
Walter was more outstanding than Mary in every aspect..

‘That Walter got surprised by the activities of our 7th corps.’

Her lips continued to raise.
A feeling she wanted to give a kiss to the one that thought of the strategy and the one who slew Violin right now if only they were in front of her.
Then, Walter’s voice was heard.

“It was a nonsense favor, but thanks for listening to it.”

At those words Mary shook her head.

“No. If Walter wants to see it, we have to go whatever happens.”

Walter, who heard of the stories from the merchants and travellers, begged Mary to let him meet the soldiers of the 7th corps.
Mary nodded immediately as she felt she could do something for Walter.
It wasn’t important if it was possible or impossible.
She just wanted to listen to Walter’s favor.
In the eyes of Mary, who was looking at Walter, love completely filled it.
Jane looked at that and smiled.

‘The lady also grew up.’

It has already been 20 years since she has been with Mary.
She had never parted ways with Mary from when she was born until she became 20 years old.

‘You certainly have to grab mister Walter.’

Jane slightly looked at Walter.
A really clear appearance and look.
Most of all, his mouth and thick chin that seemed to have rostrum made him look more manly.

‘His family is good, his looks are also good, and as he’s a pupil from the head of Pavor academy his abilities also are good…… There’s no one better for our lady Mary.’

On top of that, Walter also treated Mary really well.
It was also him that told her to go and congratulate Aaron’s birthday first.

‘There are some times where his competitiveness get excessive, but if he’s a man it’s a point he certainly needs.’

If he was someone that would become big in the future, he needed that temperament.

‘Perhaps, he would be able to enter the royal knights. If he does……..’

Mary would also be able to leave this outer region and go to the capital of Miller which they had only dreamt of.

‘On top of that, the two of them really suit each other.’

Jane and Mary looked at Walter alternatingly and shut their mouths.
Then, the direction of the carriage turned a little along the cry of the horse.
Johnson, who was driving the carriage, yelled in a loud voice.

“I see the troop’s camp!”

At those words, the three people gathered in the window.
They could see the tents that were spread far away on the plains.
It was the camp of Rose troop and BlackBird troop.
In that instant, Walter felt his heart beating wildly.

‘Are we arriving soon?’

Over there was the soldier that thought of that amazing strategy and the one that slew Violin’s head.

‘I will learn what I have to…….’

A smile appeared on his shut mouth.

‘I will battle with him if I can.’

Deep in his heart, competitiveness boiled.


Although the battle preparations had only lasted for 4 days, the battle itself didn’t last for more than a day.
Even so, the soldiers were completely exhausted.
They wanted to say down and sleep like that, but there were still many things they had to do.
First, they had to catch the fire of Riten forest and gather the corpses of the orcs in one place.
And of course, they also carefully gathered the corpses of their fallen allies.
They also filled up the traps on the plains and repaired the wagons and barrels or made new ones.
Because they couldn’t make the farmers of this region suffer through this battle.
Because of that, the soldiers that could move had to sweat like crazy.
And that was the same for the 12th squad.
Even so, because of Gale’s consideration, they got to take care of organizing the goods of the camp.

“Now! Pile it up properly. Properly.”
“Move this over there.”
“Give me that.”

The members of the 12th squad and some other squads moved busily and piled up the remaining food and equipment in one place.
Then, Keep stealthily left the place.
But even without Kalian’s tear, Austin caught up with the lazy guy like a ghost.

“Hey! Keep! Where are you going!”

At those words Keep flinched and grabbed his waist.

“I’m going to pee.”
“Tch! Go quickly!”

At Austin’s words, Keep nodded and moved his feet.
Only after he got out of the camp did he loosen his belt.

“Uo. How refreshing.”

Keep closed his eyes and trembled, and then frowned.

‘What’s this sound?’

It was a really small but familiar sound.
He roughly adjusted his pants and moved towards the plain.
Then, he saw the carriage that was moving quickly.


For a carriage to appear in a zone where a battle had just ended.
Keep rubbed his fingers on his thighs and ran inside the camp.

“Vice squad commander.”
“What is it?”

Austin, that was distributing the goods, asked back with a tired expression.
Keep said in a voice so low, it seemed like he was whispering.

“A carriage is approaching.”

Words he had never thought of.
Austin put down the food bag he was carrying and moved to the entrance of the camp.
Keep quickly followed his back.
The soldiers on the entrance had already raised the fences and put on a vigilant posture.
Austin looked at the carriage coming quickly towards the entrance and frowned.

‘Why a carriage so suddenly………’

While he was thinking this and that the carriage already got close to the entrance.

“Huh? That flag…….”

As the carriage got closer they could see the small flag stuck on the roof.
A really familiar flag.
Keep, that was looking next to him, frowned.

“Isn’t that baron Tate’s symbol? The symbol of corps commander Aaron Tate.”
“It is. I’m certain.”

Austin nodded.
It was impossible that they didn’t know of the family symbol as a soldier of the 7th corps.

“Perhaps, corps commander?”

At Keep’s words Austin shook his head.

‘Corps commander enjoys riding a horse rather than a carriage. On top of that, there’s no way only one carriage would move when the commander himself is travelling.’

Then, only one thing remains.

‘It means that someone from the Tate family is riding it…..’

Whoever it was, it was a situation difficult to understand it.

‘Is there a reason for the lady or the madam to come?’

However he rolled his read he couldn’t find an apparent reason.
Meanwhile, the carriage stopped in front of the entrance.

The carriage stopped along the burbling of the horse.
Austin and Keep looked at the door of the carriage with quite nervous expressions.


The door opened along with a wooden sound.
The first one that appeared was Jane.
She stood in front of the door with a humble posture.
Next to that, Walter showed himself.
He smiled faintly and looked at the entrance of the camp.

‘The attitudes and the eyes of the guards are good.’

He felt that all the rumours about the battle were true.
Then, Mary showed herself through the door of the carriage.
Walter quickly grabbed Mary’s hand and gently escorted her.
A really elegant and beautiful movement.
Austin and Keep, who were looking without a word opened their eyes widely.

It’s lady Mary!’

Baron Tate’s daughter appeared in their camp.
A really uneasy feeling as if something would already happen.
Then, Mary smiled brightly and approached.

“Pleased to meet you. Do you know who am I?”
“Yes. Milady.”

Austin and Keep bent down.
Mary smiled even more brightly and shook her hands.

“I came to meet Uncle Rose.”
“U, Uncle Rose……:”

Their processing ability stopped for a moment.
Mary pouted her lips as if they didn’t even know that.

“The troop commander here. I’m talking about Mister Gale.”
“Ah! Troop commander.”

Austin and Keep understood it only then and nodded.
Behind them, a low voice was heard.

“What’s going on?”

The owner of the voice was Roan.
While he was distributing the goods inside the camp, he discovered the carriage and had come over.
He had taken off his upper clothes and got covered in bandages to get treatment for the wounds he got in the chest by Violin.
On top of that, as he vaguely washed himself, the water still didn’t dry off.
Because of the endless training, practice and the battles his body was quite built up and the skin had a pleasing colour to look at.
Because he trained with the best training methods available 20 years from now on, the bones and muscles took their place well and because of that he beacame a bit taller and his body’s balance became better.
In short words, a really well made body the moment you saw it, it would make you speechless.
On top of that, the hair that was messy and the water drops that dripped from it emanated a wild charm.

‘He’s cool.’

Even Austin and Keep were hanging with their mouths open.
And that was the same for Walter and Mary.

‘It’s a feeling he overwhelms people.’

Walter’s thoughts.

‘Wh, what is it? He’s wild but at the same time he feels really sad.’

Mary’s thoughts.

‘My god. How cool!’

The last one was Jane’s thoughts.
Roan was really exhausted in mind and body because of Violin’s battle and Lander’s death.
And that also emanated a really strange atmosphere.
Sadness and malaise.

‘It feels like he’s bearing all the weight in the world.’

Mary’s eyes shone.
But she didn’t know.
That Roan was just exhausted and his eyes were giving in.
Roan passed Austin and Keep and stood in front of Mary and Walter.

“I’m class 5 adjutant from Rose troop. What happened?”

Only then did Mary get a hold of herself and smiled.

“I’m Mary Tate. I came to meet Uncle Gale.”

Roan slowly bent down.

‘So this person is the daughter of Commander Aaron.’

He thought he now knew the reason Aaron treasured her so much.

‘She looks cute.’

He made hand signs to the guards.


The wooden fences blocking the entrance were taken off.

“I will lead you.”

At Roan’s words Mary nodded.


A clear and gentle voice.
Roan slightly nodded and started to walk one step in front of them.
Behind him Walter, Mary and Jane followed.
As soon as they got inside the camp all the soldiers put down their things and gathered as soon as they saw a woman.

“Huh? It’s the lady.”
“It’s Lady Mary.”
“What is she doing here?”

Everyone recognized Mary and shook their hands or bent down.
Walter, who was walking behind, looked at that and smiled.

‘It seems like she’s popular between the soldiers.’

It meant that she didn’t have a bad temperament.

‘I certainly picked a good person.’

While Walter was thinking like that, Roan who was walking in front stopped walking.
At the same time a thick voice was heard.


The middle aged man that comes smiling brightly.
It was Gale, who Mary referred to as uncle.


Mary also smiled brightly and shook her hand.
The two people grabbed their hands and said hello for quite a while.
After a while, Mary pointed at Walter late.

“Here is Walter, Walter Owells.”
“I’m troop commander Gale of rose troop from the 7th corps.”

Gale bent down deeply.
As he had seen Mary since she was a newborn he could talk with her without hesitation, but it was different in the case of Walter.
In front of status, age and rank didn’t matter at all.

“I’m Walter Owells.”

Walter was also skillful in acting disrespectful.
After the short introductions ended, Gale looked at Mary.

“But why did you come here?”

At those words Mary looked at Walter for a moment and replied in a low voice.

“They say there’s someone who planned a really amazing strategy in Slen battle. I want to meet that person. Who is it? Is it perhaps Uncle Rose? Or the black bird uncle? Or perhaps one of the adjutants?”

She was referring to troop commander Jefferson when she said black bird uncle.
Mary didn’t even breath and after she finished her sentence she looked at Gale’s two eyes fixedly.
Eyes implying to answer immediately.
Gale smiled brightly and replied.

“If it’s that guy you have already met him.”

At those words Mary and Walter had surprised expressions.

“Huh? We met him?”

Gale replied shortly and pointed at Roan who was still next to them.

“This friend here is the one that planned the strategy.”


In that moment, Mary’s and Walter’s eyes became big.
They had expressions as if someone had hit the back of their heads.

“I’m class 5 adjutant Roan from rose troop.”

In the other side Roan bent down with a calm expression.

‘This is the person that thought of that amazing and marvelous strategy?’

Mary looked at Roan’s face fixedly.
However she looked he didn’t look like he used his head.

‘Oh right! There was one more.’

Mary calmed herself down and looked at Gale again.

“There’s someone else I want to meet.”
“Tell me.”
“They say there’s a soldier that slew that crazy female or warrior Violin. Where’s that person?”

Gale smiled brightly again and replied.

“You also have already met that person.”
“Huh? We also already met that person?”

Mary put a surprised expression and looked around.
It was when Walter also looked at his surroundings.
Gale placed his hand on Roan’s shoulders.

“This friend here is the one that slew the head of Violin.”


Once again their eyes became big.
No, this time it was even more so.
They were all hanging their mouths open unconsciously.
In the other side Roan nodded with a calm expression again.

“I’m class 5 adjutant Roan from rose troop.”

< To the south (1) > End

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