I Am the Monarch – Chapter 53: Mana technique (3)

Of course everything was a guess.
But if it was like his guess, everything would fit.

‘The reason the four kingdoms, Rinse kingdom included, jumped in to develop the lake and the reason why Beck, who was originally a marine, could become the pirate king.’

The things that weren’t related to each other fit together like a puzzle.

‘Then, the children miss Biate talked about……..’

Roan had a faint smile.

‘They are the mermaids.’

They were very similar to humans overall, but they had rakes in their toes, their skin was so smooth it seemed transparent, and their eyes were really mysterious.
They had gills behind their ears, so living underwater was possible for this race, and they were staying in a deep part of Poskein lake.

‘It’s not known for now, but after 10 years they appear along with Beck.’

In his past life, Beck and the head of the mermaids were a couple.
Because of that, Roan and other ordinary people thought that the reason Beck received the help of the mermaids was because of that relation.

‘But if he obtained the piece miss Biate left…..’

And if the children Biate was talking about were the mermaids, Beck would have been able to treat them merely as sea creatures because of the artifact Biate had left.


Roan let out a long sigh.

‘But in this life everything changed because of me.’

First, as he had obtained the Flamdor mana technique and Reid’s skeleton, the soldiers of Potter wouldn’t be able to obtain anything.
And also Duke Voisa wouldn’t be able to obtain anything, different to his past life, and the development of the lake wouldn’t happen.
A naval force wouldn’t be created by the Aimas alliance and Beck wouldn’t become a marine.

‘Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing?’

He couldn’t know yet.
However the really certain thing was that only Roan had this information and the pieces of the puzzle in his hand.

‘Is it a monopoly for now?’

His mouth raised slightly.
The Flamdor mana technique, Reid battling skills and continued by the lair of blue dragon Berr and the hidden artifact of Biate.
All these things became his.


Roan looked at the tip of his fingers.
The silver waterdrop.

‘Is that really the essence of water?’

He searched on the other books Biate had left but in the end he gave up.
The contents were really varied and there were a lot of books, so finding the information he wanted immediately was close to impossible.

‘I would be able to do it if I do it slowly.’

Anyways, he had to stay here for quite a while.

‘At least one month……

By then the knight and the soldiers of Viscount Potter, who were searching the mountain, would all have gone back.
Roan looked at his bag.

‘By then, let’s learn the Flamdor mana technique.’

He couldn’t waste even a day.
He was planning to train in mana in this place.
But unfortunately, Roan had overlooked about one truth.
That this was the lair of the blue dragon and it was filled with water energy.


Roan thought seriously.

‘Aren’t I a genius?’

The reason he thought like this.

‘I felt mana in only one day.’

He sat and took a posture just like the book told him to and then he breathed and concentrated.
Meaningless repetition of inhaling and exhaling.
Even so, his concentration didn’t scatter.

‘Even Pierce, who was called a genius, took two days to feel mana.’

He threw away the uneasy feeling.
But exactly one day.
Something soft came in along the breath.


At the new and surprising feeling, his concentration scattered, and the mana he sensed that was like a thread disappeared instantly.
But he was certain that it was the mana he saw in books or dreams.
Roan took a posture again and sat.
When he repeated breathing twice more.
He once again felt something soft.
But it was only up to there.

‘I certainly can feel mana.’

The energy that flowed through his skin.
The energy that entered his body through the nose and mouth.
He clearly felt the thing called mana.

‘But why doesn’t it pile up on my body?’

But this hateful mana just went sightseeing in his body and fled again to the outside world.
The mana hole that was the size of a fingernail and was in his lower stomach was still empty.

‘Let’s concentrate. Concentrate.’

Roan fixed his posture and continued to pull mana towards his body.

The mana spun around in his chest and abdomen.
But that bastard escaped again to the outside world with the exhaling.
That thing repeated nine times.

“Even if this is wrong it’s seriously wrong…..”

Roan let out a long sigh and shook his head.
There was exhaustion on his face.
He wasn’t tired physically, but mentally.

‘Am I understanding the technique wrong?’

He spread the first volume of the book.
But however times he read and reviewed it, he didn’t find any wrong points.
No, rather, the wrong point was in the mana.

‘I just have to pile up the mana itself inside my body. As I only pile up the separated fire essence……’

Originally, the thing called mana was an energy which all the attributes were gathered together.
On top of that, they were fiercely free and liked to scatter.
Because of that the normal process was that of pulling mana inside your body and accumulating it.
But in the Flamdor technique, in the accumulation process, the fire essence was separated from the mana inside the body, and after separating the other essences the remaining energies went outside the body again.
And only the remaining fire essence was accumulated in the mana hole.

‘Normal mana techniques are different in each situation, but most are non attributed. However the Flamdor technique shows a pure fire attribute to the point it’s an extremity.’

Reid used this mana technique that utilized only one essence to the extreme and became the strongest human.

‘But why can’t I separate the mana? It just feels like there was no fire essence from the start…….’

Roan, who was shaking his head, stopped and opened his eyes widely.
His sight was directed to a side of the wall.


A low exclamation.
He saw the waterfall falling non stop.

“You stupid.”

Roan hit his dull head once and then shook his head.

‘In the last words miss Biate left it was certainly written. That because this place was the lair of blue dragon Berr, it’s filled with water essence.’

He tried to accumulate fire essence in a place like this.

‘The fire essence in this place would be really scarce.’

When he thought that, there was another thing that worried him.
Roan spread his hand.

‘If the silver waterdrop that got absorbed in my finger is really the essence of water, won’t I have problems in mastering the Flamdor technique?’

However he had never felt any changes in his body or felt weird.
He let out a long sigh.

‘Did I get stuck from the start?’

Even so, he didn’t give up.

‘However much there is the essence of water, there couldn’t not be the essence of fire.’

After training and training the technique he would at least be able to separate a grain sized essence.
Roan opened the spread book and pushed it to the sides.

‘Huh? Now that I see…..’

Then, the thought that passes through his head suddenly.

‘Didn’t mister Reid fight in a place like this with miss Biate and reach a stalemate?’

This place was really filled with water essence.
It was the worst place for Reid, who utilized the essence of fire.
But even so the result was a stalemate.
Roan took in a deep breath.

‘Mister Reid was certainly a lot stronger than miss Biate.’

At least in strength.
His affection and interest in the Flamdor mana technique became even bigger.
He fixed his posture and closed his eyes.

‘Let’s concentrate.’

Anyways, he didn’t have anything to do for one month.
Roan slowly took in a breath and pulled mana in his body.
The continued process of separation and accumulation.
But the process was of course a failure.
However he didn’t give up.
And didn’t even falter.
Roan kept concentrating on the technique while seated.


The wide space was sickly quiet.
Roan was seated on a place where water splashed without sound.
He was firmly seated on the ground.
A peaceful face.
His chest and abdomen that heaved up.
It felt just like time had stopped.


Roan let out a long sigh and slowly opened his eyes.
A faint smile appeared.

“Finally success.”

Trembling voice.

‘I finally separated the essence of fire and accumulated it in the mana hole.’

It has been twenty days since he first sensed mana.
Although it was only the size of a grain, he was satisfied.
No, he was shuddering.

‘I, I can also use mana.’

He wanted to stand up immediately and yell.
However Roan pressed down those feelings.

‘I don’t want to let go of this feeling.’

He realized that it was possible to accumulate fire essence in this place filled with water essence.
Roan didn’t want to let go of this feeling of having separated the mana and accumulating fire essence.
He closed his eyes once again.

‘If ten days pass, it becomes one month. It’s time to slowly get out of here.’

Roan took in a deep breath.

‘If I get outside I will light a fire first. So that it gets filled with fire essence.’

Mana moved inside his body along the inhaling.
He slowly moved the mana inside his body.
Time flowed and kept flowing like that.


Roan stood up and looked at Brent’s ring.

‘Although the mana is the size of a coin……’

Even so, he thought that he would be able to use one of the abilities of the ring that were asleep.
In his face, expectation he couldn’t hide, appeared.
Roan softly clenched his fists and walked to the front.
He injected mana into the ring.
As the mana road was still narrow and the operation was rough it took quite a long time.


Light shined from the ring and after that a ball of light the size of two fists, no, a light marble appeared.

‘So this is light magic. It’s still small and…….’

When he thought up to then.


The light marble disappeared without a trace.
At the same time, the coin sized mana in his mana hole also disappeared without a trace.
He spent all his mana on just calling a light marble.

‘I still shouldn’t say that I know how to use mana.’

Roan smiled bitterly and operated the Flamdor mana technique while seated.
The mana that was spent didn’t mean that it disappeared.
The mana that was outside his body would slowly gather to the original place.
Roan utilized the mana technique to gather the mana a little bit faster.
He still had one more thing to do.
After a while, Roan let out a long sigh and stood up.
The coin sized mana was once again filled up.
He grabbed the metal stick on his waist.

‘Travias spear.’

The guy that needed mana to show itself.

‘It will still be difficult to see its real shape…….’

Roan grabbed the stick with his right hand and sent mana to it.
He didn’t twist it like he was washing clothes with both of his hands anymore.


The sound of gears turning.


At the same time, a clear sound of metal and a sharp blade surged up.
The stick was entirely sharp, excluding a small part.
Until now, it was what he had seen several times.
Roan kept on inserting his remaining mana.


A pleasing sound.
At the same time, the metal stick surged up and the blade started to get a bit longer.
The stick that was originally smaller than the arm of an adult now was similar to a long sword.
Because of that, the part it that seemed like the blade of a sword also seemed like the blade of a spear.


Then, a low exclamation came out of Roan’s mouth.
The mana had all been spent up.


At the same time, the spear returned to its original length.


Roan sighed with a regrettable face.

‘It certainly is difficult to see the real shape of the spear.’

Travias spear.
According to the amount of mana inserted, the length of the blade and the body and the thickness of it could be controlled as he wished.
On top of that, as it was made with refined gold dinyum by a dragon, the consumption of mana wasn’t that big.

‘Wait a little bit more. I will soon let you smell the battlefield.’

Roan smacked his lips and twisted his hands again.


The blade hid itself and it became a stick again.
Roan placed the spear on his waist and moved towards the desks.

‘Should I get out now?’

It had already been a month since he entered here.
It was time for the knight and the soldiers to return back.
Roan put the books and the skeleton in his bag and chose some gems that were piled up on a place and stored them away.

‘It’s the lair of dragon………’

Just like the words Biate left behind, the amount of the gems or gold wasn’t that much.
At least two bags.
But of course even with that much was something normal people wouldn’t be able to touch their entire lives, but Roan who had to do many big things from now on was really lacking.
Even so, he didn’t feel regret at all.

‘Anyways, I can earn plenty of money through operating mana crystal mines and gem mines.’

Rather, because of this amount, he became able to make an investment in each field a little bit faster.
Roan piled up the remaining objects well and raised his bag.
Anyways, there was no one in this life that knew of this place.
On top of that, even if they did know, they weren’t able to enter as they wished.

‘There’s nowhere safer than here.’

He looked around and then moved towards the entrance.

‘It’s a bit regrettable that I couldn’t identify the silver waterdrop…….’

He had thoroughly searched the books while training, but he couldn’t discover anything related to it.

‘Well, it’s not a problem yet.’

Regardless of his worries, he could also learn the Flamdor technique.
For now he was planning to cover it.
Roan stood in the entrance and took in a long breath.

‘Thank you for the past month. Stay well until I return.’

The place that saved him.
The place he would be born anew.
He couldn’t do anything about the special affection he felt.
Roan looked around for a while and then extended his hand towards the door.
Just like the last time, as he placed his finger in the middle, a chill was felt.

At the same time, the silver waterdrop appeared over the stone wall.
It changed to become a wheel and started to spin.


The wall was pushed to the sides along the sound of stone and sand grinding.
Roan moved without hesitation just like before.


The stone wall closed back like it had been waiting.
In the place Roan left, a heavy silence fell.
Then, a strange sound that wasn’t heard until now rang out in the place.


And that was the sound of the waterfall.
At the same time, the waterfall that was flowing on the fall, split to the sides.
And from between it, a beautiful lady appeared.
Blue hair, transparent skin that made your eyes hurt.
She, who was wearing a white dress, was barefoot but it didn’t have any meaning.
Because she was floating just like a cloud.
The lady looked at the entrance from where Roan left just now and had a weird expression.
And that was an expression intersecting expectation, sadness and regret.

“For the kid that absorbed my tear to learn the Flamdor mana technique.”

The voice that melts softly.
Around the lady, blue light gathered like a stream of water.
She hesitated for a moment and then went back to the waterfall again.

“Is this a good thing or a bad thing… Oh Biate, I still can’t understand your meaning.”

The lady that called Biate, who was dead for tens of years, like a friend.
Her last words filled the cave that had no one in it.

< Mana technique (3) > End

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