I Am the Monarch – Chapter 56: To the north (3)

‘I knew that he was a free person……’

Aaron was a bit dumbfounded.
Although he was riding a horse, his conscience was half gone.
And that was because of the middle aged man riding the horse and having fun in front of him.

“Hahaha! The taste of riding the plains of the east is good!”

A magnanimous laugh.
A face full of playfulness.
That was the rumoured genius spearman Reil Baker.

‘To appear early at dawn with only one knight accompanying him.’

Aaron was astounded.
Even he, who was free and open, wasn’t as much as Reil was.

“Hahaha! Liam! Your cavalry skills are a mess! Why do you keep falling behind?!”

Reil, who was riding in front, yelled towards the accompanying knight.
The knight, Liam, laughed awkwardly and kicked his horse.

‘Sir viscount. Please save me some face.’

He remembered the entrusting words Kevin told him before leaving their territory.

<The accompanying knight doesn’t only have to escort. He has to protect Viscount Baker’s dignity.>

Liam let out a sigh.

‘In the first place, there’s no dignity to protect.’

For now he stuck next to Reil.

“Umm sir viscount. I know that you feel good, but even so, at least……..”

When he talked up to then.
Reil pointed forward and yelled.

“I can see Beno castle!”

And then, he yelled towards Aaron and the following soldiers.

“The person that arrives the latest buys breakfast!”

An absurd story.
However Reil stuck his chest towards the horse and started to ride fiercely.
When Aaron and the staff officers of the 7th squad were putting an absent minded face, Liam let out a sigh and said.

“He’s truly saying that.”

And then he also kicked the horse and started to ride quickly.


Aaron and the officers.
The others laughed awkwardly and looked at each other and then grabbed the reins and started to ride.
And they started to kick their horses almost at the same time.


The rough cry of the horse.
The sudden race competition started just like that.


“Whew. I’m full.”

Reil patted his stomach and looked at Aaron.

“Baron Aaron. I ate really well.”
“Yes? Ah, yes. I’m glad you did so.”

Aaron looked at his empty money pocket and shook his head.

‘For him to really receive food.’

Of course, the last one in the race was Aaron.
However, normally it wasn’t a custom for a person of a higher rank to be treated from someone by a lower rank.

‘He really has no ranks in mind.’

Aaron looked at Reil, who was riding in front, and had a faint smile.
He couldn’t get a grasp of him and he was beyond himself, but he liked him quite much.

“Anyways, it’s still regrettable. I wanted to meet adjutant Roan.”

Reil smacked his lips.
Only after he arrived at Ipen castle did he come to know that Roan was in a retired state.
At most he said that it would take three months, so the remaining time was one month.
Then, Aaron’s voice was heard.

“He will return soon, so why don’t you wait some time and meet him?”

Reil pondered for a moment and then shook his head.

‘Even so, I can’t leave my territory for one whole month.’

He bitterly smiled.

“That will be a bit difficult.”

A negative answer.
Regret was shown in Aaron’s face for a moment.

‘Can’t do anything about it.’

Actually, for a viscount or a noble to wait one month to meet a mere 5 class adjutant was an absurd thing.
Aaron bowed.

“Then, I will go and find you the moment he returns.”

It was a really sorry expression.
However, it wasn’t his fault.
Reil had more of a fault that couldn’t check the letter beforehand for being taken in his spear training.

“Do so. For now, I will be satisfied with just meeting rose troop.”

It was the troop Roan belonged to and had a reputation for having taken the biggest role in Slen battle.

‘Just by looking at the Slen battle report, it was quite an outstanding troop…….’

Meeting an outstanding commander and the soldiers was always a fun thing.
Having ridden from Ipen castle to Beno castle without resting was also to experience that fun.

“I will lead you.”

Aaron started to walk one step ahead.
They walked the streets of Beno castle and then they arrived at the headquarters of rose troop.
Every time he passed a building, a faint sound was heard.


But the only one that heard that among them was Reil.
He flinched for a moment and then changed directions.

“Huh? Viscount Baker, it’s not over there but here.”

Aaron called him aloud but Reil started to walk in a weird direction as if he was possessed.

‘It’s a really sharp noise.’

Reil went around the building and stood around a big empty lot.


A low exclamation flowed out.
It was quite the large training ground.
One youth was training in his spear.
But his spear skills were really strange.

‘It’s not a spearmanship taught by the kingdom.’

Reil hid his presence and looked at the youth training his spear for a while.
Aaron, Liam and the officers that followed late also hid their presence like him.

Paat! Pabat! Paat!

A sharp sound hit their ears continuously.
The spear drew a line of light as if it was dancing.
The spear that drew an elegant line and the movements that followed softly.


Liam, who was watching him, couldn’t hold it in and let out an exclamation.
Aaron and the other officers were the same.
A surprised look was seen on their faces.
Reil looked at Aaron and asked in a low voice.

“Who’s that youth?”
“Yes? Th, thats…….”

Aaron was perplexed for a moment and then looked at the officers.
However the officers also laughed awkwardly and shook their heads.

“He has such an amazing spearmanship but you don’t even know who he is? Hahaha.”

Reil laughed magnanimously and moved his feet.
He approached the youth with big steps.


A loud yell.
The youth stopped in the posture that he was swinging the spear in.


The youth who was looking at Reil with a weird expression looked at Aaron. His eyes traces the others around his back and he hurriedly fixed his posture.

He had a straight posture.
Aaron lightly shook his head.

“He is Viscount Reil Baker. Answer his questions.”

The youth answered in a loud voice and looked at Reil.

“I’m spearman Pierce from the 12th squad of rose troop belonging to the 7th corps!”

The youth, his identity was Pierce.
Reil smiled faintly and grabbed Pierce’s shoulders.

“What’s the spearmanship you executed just now? It wasn’t a spearmanship from the kingdom.”

At those words Pierce was a bit perplexed.
He hesitated and couldn’t reply easily.
Aaron frowned.

“Pierce. The Viscount is asking you.”

Pierce looked at Aaron and Reil alternatingly and let out a long sigh.

“That’s……..It’s a spearmanship I learned separately.”
“Separately? From who?”

Reil asked.

‘It’s an amazing spearmanship. It’s a really strong spearmanship that even normal soldiers without mana can execute.’

He really wanted to know who was the one who taught him this.
Pierce hesitated once more and then answered as if he couldn’t do anything about it.

“It’s adjutant Roan from rose troop.”


At that instant Reil, Aaron, and all the others had surprised expressions.
It was because a name they hadn’t expected at all had come out.

‘I knew that Roan had outstanding talent……..’

He didn’t know that he had learned this strong spearmanship.
No, he didn’t know he was so skilled to teach this to others.


Reil feigned a laugh.

‘An 18 year old adjutant taught this kind of spearmanship?’

He looked at Aaron.

“Baron Tate.”

Aaron replied while confused.
Reil continued speaking with a serious expression.

“Give me a room to stay for one month.”

And then, he looked at Pierce.

“And you. Were you called Pierce?”
“Yes? Yes!”

Pierce replied while putting a stiff posture.
Reil’s mouth rose.

“You will have to talk with me.”


Roan, who left the capital of Miller was entering the eastern region of the kingdom.

‘In two more days is it Slen region………’

Meanwhile, the season turned to become summer.
The sun shined strongly and the west wind came blowing with a strong heat.
But of course Roan couldn’t feel any heat because of Brent’s ring.
He looked down at the ring.

‘However I think of it, this isn’t an artifact a human is capable of manufacturing.’

Although Louis was a magician of the 6th circle, he lacked the skills to make this kind of artifact.
This meant that Brent’s ring was that amazing.

‘To even be able to breathe under water.’

Although he couldn’t maintain it for long because the mana spent was too severe, he could certainly breathe underwater.
Not only that, but he could record the sound of a conversation or memorize a scenery or a sight.

‘But of course, this also spends a lot of mana.’

Anyways, it was a ring that showed more functions, which he hadn’t even thought about, the more his ability to operate mana increased.

‘Now that I see it, Kalian’s tear is also an amazing artifact.’

Roan moved his sight and looked at the end of the plain.
A normal scenery that was no different than usual.
However, as he inserted mana in the tear, the scenery changed in an instant.
A golden wave filled his sight.

‘So this is mana……’

When he inserted mana into the tear, he could see the mana spread aorund in the world.
Although it was a function that didn’t help him at all in normal situations, it was quite a useful ability in battles or emergencies.
Because when someone used mana or moved, the golden wave in their surroundings contorted or producesd a slight change.
Because of that, Roan could guess the actions of the opponent beforehand and know what it was.

‘If the level of my mana increases, more functions will appear, right?’

An expression filled with expectation.
Roan pulled back his mana along with a faint smile.
At that moment, the scenery that was filled with golden waves turned to normal.


Then, he saw a displeasing movement at the end of his sight.


Roan glared at the end of the plains.
At that instant, the scenery that was far away got expanded.


A small goblin army was running across the plains.
On top of that, all of them were holding blades.
Although they were far away, he could feel a ferocious intent from their bodies or expressions.
Roan bit his lower lip.

‘Are they planning to attack the village?’

It was something that happened frequently in a place that was not inside the safe zone.

‘Although this village should have a vigilance guard…..’

Just by guessing, the number of the goblin army was close to 200.
At the slightest slipup, the guards would collapse and the village would be annihilated.

‘If there are no forces that inspect the territory or they don’t have a region troop……’

It was quite a dangerous situation.
Roan didn’t think anymore.


He charged through and started to chase the backs of the goblins.
In the worst case, it was to at least help them by himself.


Behind Roan’s back, a hot wind blew


“Damn! Block them! Don’t let them cross the fence!”

Gut stood at the watch tower and kept firing arrows in succession.

Chwee! Chwee!

The cries of the goblins hit their ears.
Beyond the fence that was built with several layers, 200 goblins were charging through.


Arrows poured from the watch tower.
However, the skills of the guards of this village weren’t that outstanding.

Pusk. Puk. Puuk.

Most of the arrows hit the ground and not the goblins.

‘Damn! That’s why I told you to practice firing arrows even when you are busy with farming!’

Only Gut, who was the head of the guards of Whose village, showed cool skills and fought alone.


One arrow pierced the head of a goblin.

‘I wondered why they were so calm nowadays……’

The goblins of this region normally grouped in tens and attacked big and small villages.
However, nowadays those things had stopped.
When Gut and the others were slightly relaxing.
Suddenly, an amazing number of goblins they hadn’t faced until now appeared.

‘Damn. Will we be able to block them?’

Doubt was seen in his eyes.
The number of the guards were 30.
And adding the men who had some experience they amounted to 100.
Although they were at a disadvantage with numbers, taking into account that their enemies were goblins, it wasn’t that pessimistic of a situation.

‘How do you want us to fight with pickaxes!’

Only 30 people were holding things that could be called weapons.
The guards and the villagers were originally farmers so they neglected weapon maintenance.
Because of that, most had pickaxes, sickles, and hoes.

‘Damn. It’s kill or die!’

They did send the fast guards to the nearest region troop, but they had almost no probability to hold until they arrived.

Chwee! Chwee!

Meanwhile, the goblins came near the fence.

Bang! Babang!

They smashed the fence with their bodies or tried to jump over it.
Fortunately, as they were short, they couldn’t cross it in one go.

“Dirty goblin bastards!”

The guards stuck to the fences and stabbed them with their spears.



The goblins who were trying to get inside the village without any fear were stabbed with the spear and lost their lives.

“Throw rocks!”
“Fire arrows!”

They started to throw rocks and arrows from the watchtower at the goblins that were gathered in the fence.
The number of the goblins that started to fall increased.

Chwee! Chwee!

As it turned out like this, they could have retreated, but they would rather charge more fiercely.
The goblins climbed over the corpses of their dead allies and started to cross the fence.


Corpses that piled up over the other corpses.
In an instant, a solid foothold was made outside the fence.


The goblin that seemed to be the leader shook his hand and cried.

Chwee! Chwee!

The goblins started to run towards the fence while holding their blades.

Tok! Todok!

They stepped on the corpses of their allies and jumped over.

“Huh?! Block them!”

Gut, who was looking at the situation, yelled.
Only then did the guards and the villagers raise their blades, spears, hoes, and sickles.

“Block them!”
“If this gets broken through, our famillies will be in danger!”

They put their lives on the line for their loved ones.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

As the blade of the goblins clashed with the weapon of the farmers, sparks flew off.


They guards and the villages men ground their teeth and held on, but because of their lacking experience and weapons, they started to slowly get pushed back.

‘Damn. We aren’t in a situation to be firing arrows.’

Gut tightly bit his lower lip.
The 100 plus goblins started to climb the fence in turns.


A sharp sound hit their ears.

‘What is it?’

Gut turned his head to the place where the sound was heard.


The spear trembled while being stuck in the ground.

“Just what is……”

The people that were on the fence and the goblins who were trying to cross over the fence had surprised faces and looked towards the place where the spear came flying from.


Their eyes grew big.
One youth was running along the west wind.
He came with a fast speed and fierce intent.
His rough hair fluttered with the wind.
A youth that was still a child but emanated a wild feeling.
It was Roan.

< To the north (3) > End

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