I Am the Monarch – Chapter 57: To the north (4)

Chwee! Chwee!

The goblins let out cries.
The comrades that died helplessly at the spear suddenly came flying back.
Their eyes turned red.


Four goblins, who still hadn’t crossed over the fence, kicked the ground and charged towards Roan.
The distance between Roan and the goblins closed in an instant.

Slash! Stab!

The four goblins swung their blades consecutively.


Whoever saw it, Roan’s life was in danger.
The blade of the goblins was about to hack over Roan’s body.
The people in the watch tower couldn’t watch anymore as they turned their heads and frowned.
However, only Gut fixed his gaze.

‘That’s not a scared or an urgent expression at all!’

Roan’s expression was very calm.
On top of that, his mouth was slightly raised.
Actually, Roan didn’t feel pressed at all.

‘Now, things such as goblins are funny.’

Roan looked at the blades flying towards him, fixedly.


The scenery turned slowly to the point where he yawned.
Roan circulated the mana and nimbly moved his body.


They were soft movements.
He slightly twisted his body and dodged the first blade with leisure.


At the same time, he took out a small and sharp blade from his waist.


The short sword stabbed the back of the first goblin.


Every blood drop was seen continued by the pulled sword.
The scene in front of him was so slow it made you sick and it was seen clearly.

‘I’m not the me from before.’

Although the level of his mana wasn’t high yet, knowing how to utilize it and not knowing was like the difference between heaven and earth.

‘Now, I can attack the blind spots through the weak spots I can see with Kalian’s tear.’

But of course, he was still lacking a lot.
It was like he could try something which he hadn’t even been able to before.
He was at a level where he could face basic warriors like goblins and orcs, easily.


Roan also dodged the second blade and stabbed the sword into the chin of the second goblin.

‘Hmph! Where!’

At the same time he extended his left hand and grabbed the throat of the third one.


The goblin broke his posture and was pulled.
Right over him, the blade of the fourth goblin fell with a fierce intent.

The head of the third goblin was cut off by the fourth one.


At the same time, the scenery that was so slow it made him yawn, returned to normal.

‘Kugh. My eyes hurt a lot.’

As he saw the scenery in slow motion through Kalian’s tear, his eyes were hurting.

Grr. Grrrr. Grr.

Three goblins that were standing completely fine, collapsed almost at the same time.
Blood started to fall from their neck.


The fourth goblin that got left alone in an instant, opened his eyes roundly.
He had an expression where he couldn’t believe that he killed his ally with his own hands.
Roan passed by next to him with a casual expression and swung his sword.


A thin red line appeared on the neck.


The last and fourth one also fell onto the floor.

‘Im, impossible!’

Gut, who was checking the situation, opened his mouth.

‘What just happened right now?!’

He couldn’t believe the scene that happened before him.

‘He was closing in the goblins, they were swinging their blades, and he pulled back.’

It certainly seemed like that.
However the moment Roan made his third step, three goblins fell.
And the fourth one also fell while grabbing his neck.

‘It happened in an instant and I couldn’t see anything.’

But there was one certain thing.
That Roan perfectly took care of four goblins.

‘Knight? Soldier? Mercenary?’

When Gut was rolling his eyes to try and identify Roan’s identity.
Roan walked and stood in front of the spear that was stuck in the ground.


As he stepped on the two goblins that had the spear pierced in them and pulled it, a dark red blood flowed with the spear.
Roan walked while holding his spear.

‘Take care of the goblins at the fastest possible speed.’

He needed to hurry a little more to save any unnecessary deaths.


He charged forward and flew into the air.

“Wha, what is it?”

The people and the goblins looked at Roan and had surprised expressions.
At that moment, Roan’s spear drew a line of light.


The spear slashed the goblins.


Following the spear, a line of dark red blood spread into the air.
At the same time.


The cries of the goblins hit his ear.


Io, who spent most of his young times in the battlefield, couldn’t stand still while looking at the knights and soldiers that had skills and also had a good nature.
Not enough with big and small amounts of patronage, he also invited people regardless of their identity and rank and even spent some days with them.
However, nowadays it was difficult to find a guy that he liked.
No, even so, there was one he liked.

‘Viscount Reil Baker.’

A treasure of Rinse kingdom and the spear genius.
He was also a middle aged man that was in his forties, but his skills were amazing to be counted in one hand.
And not only his skills.
His nature and personality was also great.
Rather than obsessing in useless ambitions, he concentrated and focused on his training.

‘Viscount Baker is the best in Rinse kingdom right now.’

Although there were famous knights and captains, but Io picked Reil as the best.

‘It just seems like watching my young self.’

A proud smile.
However Io frowned.

‘I sent him countless invitations…….’

As he appreciated him a lot, he wanted to leave him at his side and check what he did.
However Reil had various excuses and didn’t participate in the parties.

‘But that kind of guy suddenly visited the castle?’

Io had a weird expression.
It was difficult to believe, but there would be no way the report was wrong.

‘I don’t know the reason, but it’s certain that it’s a good opportunity.’

The distance between Pavor castle and Ipen castle wasn’t that far.
An opportunity to meet him and converse for a long while.
His mouth slightly raised.

‘Does he like it that much?’

Even Albert, who was looking him at the side, started to smile.

‘To depart the moment he received the report.’

On top of that, he chose a horse rather than a carriage as the means of transport.
Io liked and appreciated Reil that much.


The sound of horse steps hit their ears.
Then, Kali Owells who was riding at the front, turned back and yelled.

“Sir count!”

He had a stiffened expression.
Albert replied in a loud voice instead of Io.

“What happened?!”

Kali pointed the end of the plains.

“I think that something happened.”

At those words, Io and Albert opened their eyes sharply and looked towards the end of the plain.
A village could was seen faintly.
Black smoke was seen along with unusual movements on the fence.
There certainly was something wrong.


Io’s and Albert’s faces turned hard.

‘Did monsters raid the village?’

A possible story.
Io quickly sent the order.

“Now, let’s go.”
“Yes! Understood!”

Kali replied in a loud voice and kicked his horse.
The escorting knights followed his back.

‘They have to be safe.’

Io took in a deep breath and grinded his teeth.


The sound of horse steps became clearer.


‘Wha, what’s this youth?’
‘A roaming warrior?’
‘Is he a mercenary?’

The guards and villagers of Whose village were half absentminded.
At the end of their sight was Roan.
And Roan was slaying the goblins while moving like wind between them.

‘It’s an amazing spearmanship.’

A strong and concise spearmanship even in the eyes of an outsider.

Chwee! Chwee!

If goblins could talk in human tongue, they would have yelled like this.


But unfortunately, the sounds they could make was limited.


It was a dispirited cry.


And a sharp last cry.
The goblins couldn’t become Roan’s opponent.


There was leisure in Roan’s movements.
On top of that, he even checked the state of the villagers in the middle of the massacre.

“It’s dangerous.”

A short shout.
At the same time he pulled the shoulders of the villager.


He staggered, and stepped back.
At that moment, a blade stabbed into the ground where he originally was.
If he made a wrong move, he would have had his neck cut off.

“Ah……..Tha, thank you.”

The villages man bowed with an absent minded expression.
Roan smiled faintly and swung his spear once more.
A one sided slaying and massacre occurred.

Chwee! Chwee!

The cries were spat out faster.
Urgency and a bit of fear could be seen in the ugly faces of the goblins.


In the end the leader raised his right hand.
It was the retreat sign.

Chwee! Chwee!

About 30 goblins crossed to the other side of the fence and fled outside the village.


Roan wasn’t planning on leaving them alone.
If he did so, other villages would also be attacked.

‘I can’t miss even one!’

It was when Roan was about to charge to the front for a perfect clearing.


Suddenly, a rain of arrows fell outside the fence.

Kaaaaak! Kyak!

The goblins became like porcupines and fell one by one.
When Roan turned to look, he had a weird expression.


The sound of horse steps shaking the ground was heard.
At the same time, tens of soldiers appeared. No, they certainly are…

‘They are knights.’

Flashy armor and a huge long sword.
They were the escort knights of Lancephil.
The knights massacred the fleeing goblins without missing one.
Roan stepped on their corpses and looked at them.

“Wh, what are they?”
“Looking at how their armor shines, they must be knights.”

The villagers gathered behind Roan.
Gut, who appeared late, and extended his head over the fence.


A low exclamation came out.
Even so, he had recognized the symbol drawn on their armor.

“It’s the symbol for the Lancephil family.”

At those words, nervousness was seen on the faces of the people.
They stuck themselves closely behind Roan.
Rather than the flashy knights, Roan who looked kind of simple seemed to be more friendly.
Meanwhile, the knights that massacred the goblins approached the entrance of the village.

“Open the doors!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kali hit the tightly closed entrance with the end of his sheath.
As Gut made eye signs, the guards hurriedly ran and opened the doors.

Clop. Clop.

The knights lined up into lines at the sides.
After a while, Io and Albert showed themselves between them.
Roan was still stepping on the corpses of the goblins.
At that instant, Io and Roan made eye contact.

‘He slew tens of goblins alone. It was an amazing spearmanship.’

Amazement could be seen in Io’s face.
He stood outside the village and looked at Roan’s actions.

‘A concise and strong spearmanship for an actual battle. Although he looks childish he is a veteran in spear skills.’

His mouth slightly rose up.
Roan was stuffed with his own meaning.

‘I’m finally meeting Count Lancephil……….’

A person he had to meet someday, somehow.
That meeting occurred the moment he hadn’t expected, and suddenly.
When his stifling thoughts continued.
Kali yelled in a loud voice.

“It’s Count Io Lancephil!”

Not a barone, a baron, nor a viscount, but a count.
A noble with only five of its position.
The villagers of Whose village who couldn’t see Io as frequently as the residents of Pavor castle hurriedly got onto the floor.
And Roan was the same.

“Hohoho. Don’t do that.”

Io frowned and looked at Kali.
It was a really displeased look.
Kali clapped while having flinched.


“Everyone stand up! There’s no need for that excessive mannerism!”

At those words, Roan and the others slowly stood up and attended politely.
Io looked at the goblin corpses in the surrounding area and nodded.

“The number of the goblins wasn’t low, but you blocked them well. Outstanding. Who’s the leader of the guards in this village?”

“It’s Gut.”

A polite posture and voice.
Io hit his shoulder himself and laughed.

“Hohoho. Amazing. You blocked the goblins really well.”
“Tha, thank you.”

Gut just put on a confused expression.
Then, Io called out Roan with hand signs.

“Come here.”

At those words Albert, Kali and the others turned to look at Roan.
Sights filled with amazement and curiosity.
Roan stood in front of Io with a null expression.

‘His body is strong and his balance is also good. It’s a really well built body.’

Io was amazed.
The Roan, when he looked closely, was different to when he saw him from afar.

“What’s your name?”

A lightly asked question.
Roan saluted and bowed.

“It’s class 5 adjutant Roan from Rose troop of the 7th corps.”
“Rose troop of the 7th corps? Roan?”

At the unexpected answer Io, Albert, the knights and the townspeople had surprised expressions.
Although the 7th corps was located on a region inside the territory of Count Lancephil, this village was quite far away.


On top of that, he didn’t know why this name was so familiar to hear.
He slightly looked at Albert.
Eyes implying if he had heard of it.

‘Anyhow, can’t do anything about him.’

Albert smiled faintly and approached.
And fortunately, he knew a bit about Roan.

‘He’s someone that is putting his name in battle reports a lot. Although I never expected to meet him here.’

Albert slightly looked at Roan and whispered towards Io.

“He’s the one that planned the inundation tactic at Prely river and the soldier that slew Sedek. And recently, he executed a weird strategy and also slew Violin.”

Io let out a low exclamation.
Only now did he remember.

‘Right. Class 5 adjutant Roan of Rose troop. I can remember now.’

The strange strategies and outstanding spearmanship he read in the reports; he was amazed every time.
Io smiled brightly and looked at Roan.

“So you were Roan. I know about your performances.”
“I was just lucky.”

He was not excessively humility.

“But what’s an adjutant of Rose troop doing over here?”
“I just finished my temporary retirement and was in the middle of returning.”

At Roan’s answer, Io smiled.

“That’s really good. We were also going to Ipen castle. How about traveling together?”

A sudden proposal.
Roan slightly raised his head and looked at Io.

‘Just the thing I wanted.’

He bowed once again.

“Yes. I will follow your wish.”

At those words, Io clapped with a joyful expression.


“Good. Then we will be able to speak while traveling.”

He then called one knight over with a hand sign.

“Give one horse to Roan.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Soon, he came forward with an extra horse.
Roan stood up on the saddle with a quite experienced posture.

‘Oh. His posture is amazing.’

Io smiled faintly and nodded.
He had a kind look.
But contrary to Io, there was someone sending him a displeased look.
Kali Owells.

‘It’s displeasing.’

He didn’t like that Roan suddenly accompanied them at all.
He was a commoner and on top of that, a normal soldier and not a knight.
He wasn’t someone to fit in with him.
On top of that, he couldn’t forgive the face that he received all of Io’s interest.
His eyes naturally became fierce.
Roan felt that gaze and smiled bitterly.

‘So that person is Kali Owells.’

Although he couldn’t remember Walter Owells in the first place, he did remember things about Kali.

‘He did a really shocking thing in my last life.’

The person with the highest probabilities to become his first stepping stone.
That was Kali Owells.
Then, Io’s voice was heard.

“Then, shall we slowly depart?”
“Yes. Understood.”

Albert replied quickly and shook his hand.
Kali and the other knights reorganized their ranks.
Meanwhile, Io grabbed the hands of the villagers himself and consoled their surprised hearts.
Roan, who was looking at that, bit his lower lip.

‘Sir Count Io Lancephil……….’

The reason why he returned to the eastern regions even after having acquired the mana technique and the fighting manual.
That was related in a big way with Io who was in front of him.
Then, Albert’s voice was heard.

“We finished the preparations.”

At those words Io shook his hand of the people and got on the saddle.

“We are departing.”

A short order.


Albert yelled in a loud voice while grabbing the reins.


Then, the sound of horse step was heard clearly.
The hot wind became a bit cooler.
The heads of the horses were pointing towards the east.
A new story, new relations and a new future was over there.

< To the north (4) > End

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