I Am the Monarch – Chapter 6 : First Battle (4)

Tane frowned.

‘Damn. A battle unexpectedly.’

He thought that there wouldn’t be any battles until they reached Pedian’s Plains.
Because it was a safe region with no monsters.

‘It will be a pain to take care of the new soldiers.’

The 13th Squad was only composed of new enlisted, fresh recruits from the training grounds.
It wasn’t only one thing, or two that he had to pay attention towards.

“Oliver! You take care of the new enlisted!”

Oliver replied in high spirits and lined the newcomers up, including Pierce in front of him.
They were in a dumbfounded state because of the sudden up and coming battle.
Oliver hit the helmets of the newcomers with his big hands.

Dong! Dong!

“Everybody, get a hold of yourselves! When the battle starts, you only follow my back. Understood?”
“Ye, yes…..”

A feeble reply.
Oliver frowned and hit Pierce’s chest.



Pierce tumbled and stepped back.

Punch! Punch!

Oliver yelled after continuing to hit the chests of the other newcomer soldiers.

“Reply properly! This is not training! If you don’t grab a hold of yourselves you will instantly die! Understood?”
“Ye, yes!”

Only then came a reply full of spirit.
Oliver nodded with a satisfied face.
Then, a soldier who was in the back intruded.

“Hey you, what……. It’s you?”

He wanted to reprimand him, but at that instant he saw the face of the soldier.
It was Roan returning after having completed his scouting duties.

“You too, grab a hold of yourself!”

Roan replied with passion and then quickly shut his mouth.
A determined face with shining eyes and a strong will.
He was in no way in a state of nervousness or fear.

‘Look at this guy.’

Oliver looked at Roan with a slightly surprised expression.

‘Also at that time, when he was packing his things, it appears like he was already had experience in doing so.’

However, it was impossible.
All of the five new enlisted soldiers including Roan, were all beginners with no battle experience.
At that time, the sound of the drums rolled out.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

At the same time, the cavalry and archers charged towards the gorge of Ale.


The sound of the earth shaking.
The other troops followed them.
The cavalry galloped from the left side of the gorges entrance to the right, this caused tremors in the mountain floor and draws the attention of the goblin army.
During that time, the archers prepared to fire.


At the orders of the officers, the flame arrows covered the sky.

Shoot shoot shoot.

The entrance of the gorge became a sea of fire in an instant.

Burning flames!

The path of fire devoured the peak of the mountain, urged on by the flowing wind.
The only place the fire didn’t reach.
The west side where the archers didn’t shoot at on purpose.
The rest of the squads formed up in there.

“Ro-Roan. Will, will we be fine?”

Pierce called out Roan with a really scared face.
Roan clicked his tongue.

‘For this kind of guy to become the Duke of Rinse Kingdom.’

This coward became a duke.
It meant that the spear skills of Reil Baker were truly outstanding.

‘I also learnt a few tricks.’

Although he wasn’t a formal disciple like Pierce, he too had some things taught.
And with just that, he could climb all the way from the 7th Squad spearman to the 1st Squad spearman.

‘Although I was only a Squad Commander.’

Spearmanship without the basics was the same as a toothless tiger.
Even if he learnt a really strange spearmanship, he wouldn’t be able to show even a tenth of it.

“Roan, are you also scared?”

Pierce looked at Roan who wasn’t saying anything while blinking.
Roan hit Pierce’s chest and smiled.

“There’s nothing to worry about. You were always first in the spearmanship tests.”
“Tha, that was only in training.”

Pierce’s eyes were at the brink of tearing up.
Roan shook his head.

‘Your talent is a waste. Bastard! Your talent is a waste.’

Even the instructors had said that his talent for the spear, was the best they had witnessed in years.
However, he was too indecisive and timid, so they didn’t know if he was going to be able to use it in real battles.

‘I really admire Viscount Reil Baker.’

He disciplined up this kind of coward – all the way to becoming a duke.

“Just follow my back.”

Roan hit Pierce’s shoulder and glared towards the gorge.
Ale gorge, that one side was now covered in flames.


The ground shook.


The trees of the gorge shook roughly and wood fell apart.

Chwee. Chwee.

The goblins poured out at the same time.

“Kill them!”

Along with the lieutenant’s order, the beating drums rattled through the battlefield.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

His heart thumped and the pressure rose.
At this moment, Roan became the kid who dreamt of becoming a great general.
Then, Tane lifted his spear high and yelled.


All of the squad members shouted and charged.

Clash! Clash! Clash!

The sound of metal clashing exploded around his eardrums.
Pierce and the other new enlisted soldiers followed behind the back of Oliver, while forming up their posture nervously.
Compared to him, Roan kept maintaining the ranks in the squad, whilst observing the progress of the battle.

“Damn! They’re a dirty lot!”

Pete yelled after stabbing his spear into a running goblin and cursed.
Roan shook his head.

‘This isn’t the end of the goblin regiment.’

His eyes turned to the other side of the gorge.

‘There is also the other half still hiding. They will come running out to help, once they notice the fire.’

Then, the number of the goblins we are facing will increase.

‘We have to reduce their numbers as much as possible.’

Roan gripped his spear and glared at the goblins.
Then, Tane’s voice was heard.

“They are breaking through. Newcomers in the back be careful!”
“I will take care of them!”

Oliver replied quickly and slashed off the necks of the encroaching goblins.
A reliable appearance.
Certainly, the Rose battalion was an outstanding one.

‘I can’t allow a battalion like this one to become obliterated.’

Then, a goblin appeared in front of Roan.

“No, no!”

Oliver noticed it too late and wanted to thrust out his spear to intercept, but it was too late.

‘Damn! At times like these, the greenhorns become frozen stiff!’

Concerned eyes.
However, Roan calmly extended his spear and pierced the throat of the goblin.


A falling goblin.
A cool concise movement in one.
However, Roan’s spear didn’t stop there.


The spear twisted like a snake and passed through Oliver’s hip.
His objective was the goblins who were targeting Oliver’s back.


The tip of his spear pierced the chests of the goblins without stopping.

“You, you…….”

Oliver’s surprised reaction towards the spear passing next to him while stammering.
Roan pulled back his spear with a calm face.

“Be careful.”

Short words.
At the same time, he passed through Oliver and stood in front of the new enlisted soldiers.


The blade of his spear drew a line of light slashing through space.

‘Where are you goblins going!’

Roan’s spear danced.

Grr. Grr.

Three goblins consecutively fell.
It was obvious of what just happened for the new enlisted soldiers, but he also drew the focus from various eyes of the other 13 squads as well.

‘What is the identity of that guy?’
‘A new recruit without fear at all?’

The soldiers of the other 13 squads looked at Roan, and clicked their tongues.
At that time, Tane who was looking at the situation made hand signals to Roan.

“Roan! You come to the front! The newcomers will be taken care of by Oliver!”

It was a waste to use his skills in defense of the new enlisted soldiers.

“Yes! Understood!”

Roan and Oliver yelled loudly and charged through.
Roan who ventured along the front with the other 13 squads.
Pierce who was looking at his back, showed a surprised expression.

‘Roan. What happened to you?’

The spear skills he remembered from Roan in training wasn’t that much.
On top of that, he had never acted so bluntly, because he also had a timid side like him.

‘You are like a completely different person.’

In only one day, Roan completely became another person.


During that time, Roan’s spear cut off the neck of another rushing goblin.

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