I Am the Monarch – Chapter 62: A new start (5)

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But of course, even if you received a badge, it didn’t mean that you could become a noble immediately.
You only had the requirements to be able to become one only when you had enough accomplishments.

‘For me to get a badge……’

Roan looked at Benjamin who was holding the badge.

‘And on top of that from Benjamin Doyle?’

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

‘In my past life the relationship between us was one of the worst ones.’

It wasn’t enough that he ignored his merits but he even demoted him several times.
He was a bastard that he wanted to hit if only he could.
But he was able to receive a badge from him.

“I’m giving the commander class badge with the permission of Rinse kingdom to class 5 adjutant of the 7th corps..”

At Ive’s words, Roan approached Benjamin and bowed.

“So you are Roan.”

Benjamin looked at Roan with an interested expression.

‘Ale gorge battle, Pedian plain’s monster subjugation, Int forest battle, Prely river inundation tactic, Slen battle….. For a normal soldier to accumulate this many merits.’

This was such a surprising thing.
On top of that Roan was only 18.

‘It means that he has more chances to grow from now on……..’

For Benjamin who had big ambitions, he needed someone with skills.

‘I will have to make him mine in this opportunity.’

He was planning to persuade the 7th corps and Aaron to take Roan to his side.
He hung the badge on Roan’s chest and hit his shoulder.

“Your merits were outstanding. You have done well.”
“Thank you.”

These were words he forcefully brought out.
He didn’t want to say thanks to this bastard.

‘This situation is really weird.’

Although in his past life he certainly was in the worst relationship with him, in this life they didn’t have any problems.
But of course, even if that was the case, he wasn’t thinking of getting closer to him.

‘This bastard has many problems. Be it his temperament or abilities……..’

He was a guy that wouldn’t be of any use even if you left him at your side.
No, rather, there was a bigger chance that he would affect you.
But Roan erased his displeased feeling for now.

‘He’s my superior for now.’

He was still in the eastern army.
If he acted as he wished here, his life would get tangled up just like his past one.
Then, Benjamin’s voice was heard.

“I’m promoting Roan by one rank alongside the badge and naming him a class 4 adjutant.”

The badge and if it was a commander class badge, it was an obvious condition.
From here, a good spear and some money was given to him as a reward.


Io, Reil, Aaron and Gale congratulated him.
Roan looked at his badge and the people and took in a deep breath.
This was the moment his emotions became immeasurable.

‘Count Lancephil, Viscount Baker, Baron Aaron and troop commander Gale……..’

They were all people he looked at from far away in his past life.
But now, they were all looking at him and applauding.

‘The path is certainly open.’

But he still didn’t know if the path was open for him to become a noble, a great general, or a monarch.
But at least, it wasn’t one where he would die without having done much.


Roan ground his teeth.

‘I’m walking forward without getting arrogant.’

He held his resolution.
Then, Benjamin’s voice was heard again.

“Until now, it was only the normal reward of the badge. But……..”

A faint smile appeared.

‘I have to give him a good impression now.’

Benjamin wanted to take Roan’s interest.

“I will especially give you one more reward. If there’s something you wish, speak. If it’s something I can do, I will listen to it.”

It was an unexpected proposal.
And Ive also had a surprised expression.
Io, Reil and Aaron just looked at Aaron’s mouth.
Especially Aaron and Gale, who had already faced this once, had interested expressions.
And Roan also didn’t hesitate this time.

‘If it’s Benjamin Doyle’s character, the moment I decline it, it becomes as if nothing had happened in an instant.’

He knew about Benjamin’s character really well.
He was a greedy and selfish bastard.
It was more profitable to catch it when he was saying that he would give something.
If he declined or hesitated for a moment, it became as if it had never happened.
Roan slightly raised his head and looked at Benjamin’s face.

“There’s someone I want to bring to my troop.”

At those words, Benjamin faintly smiled and nodded.

‘That much is easy.’

If it was a soldier from the eastern army, he could move them from troops however much he desired.

“Who’s that?”

He asked confidently in return.  .
Roan shortly replied back.

“It’s spearman Harrison from the 15th squad of thorn troop of 7th corps.”

The one that had a genius like talent in the bow.
It became time to bring him in.



A sharp sound rang out.


At the same time, one arrow pierced a small branch.


One youth ran through the forest quickly and knocked the bow.


A heavy sound sounded out.


One more arrow pierced the wind along a sharp sound.
The arrow that flew while it had evaded the many trees.


The arrow pierced a small branch.
The sharp sounds were heard continuously like that.


“Where did this bastard go to!”

Vice squad commander of the 15th squad of thorn troop, Hass, was annoyed.
He had already taken a blow from the squad commander since early in the morning.
When he was looking where to vent his anger, he couldn’t see a guy.

“He, it seems like he went to Polt forest.”

One squad member replied.
Hass kicked the ground and yelled.

“Again?! So he’s firing arrows again inside the forest!”

It was an expression that implied that he was caught.

“Even so, I was planning to teach him, it turned out well though. For a spearman to always train in the bow while leaving behind the spear.”

Hass clenched his teeth and ground his teeth.
Then, one youth appeared from the entrance of the camp.
He was holding a large bow and quiver on his back.
Hass hurriedly ran over and swung his fist.
As it was a sudden attack, he should have been hit in his face.
But the fist cut the air.

“Why are you like this?”

Because the youth with the bow quickly dodged.

“This bastard dares to dodge my fist?”

Hass opened his eyes abruptly and clenched his fists one more time.
Then, the sound of the door opening was heard.

“What is it? What are you doing!”

The owner of the voice was one of the adjutants of thorn troop, Pad.
He glared at Hass while he held a piece of paper in his hand.

“Are you bullying the kids?”
“Ahem. No, no.”

And then he loosened his fist stealthily and shook his head.
An awkward expression appeared on his face.
Pad glared at that Hass for a moment and then turned to look to the youth with the bow.

“Take this.”
“Yes? What’s this?”

The youth received the paper with a confused look.
Pad shrugged his shoulders and replied.

“It’s a transfer order. It seems like it was directly laid down by the commander.”
“Transfer order?”

The youth looked at the paper with a confused face.
However, he couldn’t read the contents of it.

“I’m sorry, but where are they taking me to?”

At those words, Pad shortly replied.

“12th squad, rose troop of the 7th corps.”

A low exclamation came out from the youth’s mouth.

“Rose troop……….”

It was a sound that rolled from his mouth.
How long had he waited for this moment?
A deep gratitude was seen in the youth’s face.
Then, Pad hit his shoulder.

“Pack your things immediately and depart now.”
“Yes. I understand.”

The youth bowed deeply.
Pad left after saying that.
Hass approached as if he was waiting for it and growled.

“Look at this bastard. He’s dying of happiness. You really didn’t like being he……”
“Shut up for a moment.”

It was a cold voice.
The youth faintly smiled and looked at Hass.
It was a completely different attitude and eyes from earlier.

“Hass, i’m not your underling anymore. Don’t act as you wish.”

At those words, Hass’s face brightened up.

“Thi, this bastard! Are you crazy you bastard? Do you want to die?!”

He yelled with all his strength.
But the expression of the youth was still composed.
He looked at Hass fixedly.

“Hass. I’m not this bastard. My name is……”

The youth continued saying with clear words.



“Excellent. You certainly became better.”

Reil brightly smiled and clapped.

“It’s all because of Viscount Baker’s teachings.”

Roan bowed with an embarrassed expression.

“I have only fixed some stances.”
“Even so, i’m really thankful for checking up on me this carefully until the day before you leave.”

Reil who was being modest and Roan who was was truly thankful.
The two people looked at each other and smiled brightly.
Then, the accompanying knight Liam of Reil appeared from far away.

“Viscount Baker! It’s time to leave!”
“I know! I know!”

Reil yelled with all his strength.
It certainly wasn’t an action that a noble would be do.
He was that free and didn’t have a limit.

“I wanted to stay for a couple more days but…..”

Reil had a bitter smile while he was looking at Roan.

“I can’t leave my territory for long. A noble has a lot of paperwork and things to do.”

He smacked his lips as if it was regrettable.
Even after Roan received his badge, Reil stayed for 10 more days.
Because of that, Io and Benjamin were also there because of him.
While they were like this, a letter arrived from Kevin two days ago.
Although the detailed contents weren’t revealed, Reil’s face stiffened, so it probably meant that Reil should leave immediately.

‘As Viscount Baker is leaving, all the others would leave too.’

It had also been long since Io left his territory, and in the case of Benjamin, he wouldn’t want to stay in a secluded place for long.

‘Troop commander Gale would like it the most.’

When Io, Reil, and Benjamin left today, Aaron would also return to the corps headquarters.

‘He had suffered for taking care of the upper ranked people until now.’

Roan felt a bit sorry towards Gale.
Because it was because of him that Io, Reil, Benjamin and Aaron ended up staying in the headquarters of rose troop.
Then Reil’s voice was heard.

“Then, before I leave…..”

He took out a book from his chest.

“Take it.”
“What’s this?”

Roan received the book with his two hands.
Reil brightly smiled and replied.

“I wrote down the bad habits, movements, problems, and etc.. As you aren’t a member of my family and can’t be my formal disciple, I can’t teach you spearmanship. But even so I don’t want to leave everything as if I don’t know about it.”

Roan let out a low exclamation.
His heart choked because of Reil’s consideration.

“What’s the reason you are taking care of me this much……..?”

Roan’s voice and attitude were very careful.
On the other side, Reil was still bright.

“I’m planning to teach Pierce everything I have. If it’s his talent, he would probably even surpass me. In the position of the master, it’s a really proud and happy thing, but looking at it from his point of view……..”

It was an empty kind of smile.

“It is a really sad and lonely thing. Not having anyone to spar with…….”

Roan bit his lower lip.
He understood the reason for the empty smile.

‘He was lonely until now.’

He didn’t have any opponents to face.
There wouldn’t be something more lonely and sad than that for a warrior.
Reil continued saying.

“Roan. I want you to become much stronger than now. For you, and for Pierce. And perhaps for me. I made this book with that kind of feeling. I would like it if it helped you in becoming strong.”

It wasn’t only Pierce but he was saying to become an opponent also worthy of him.
Roan slowly nodded.

“I understand what you are saying.”

At those words Reil smirked and hit Roan’s chest.

“Take it into account. If you don’t want to be put to shame the day Pierce finds you again, you will have to train and keep training.”
“I understand. At least in effort, i’m confident.”

A strong will was felt from the shut mouth.
Reil proudly smiled and nodded.

“Right. There’s nothing more important than effort.”

He grabbed Roan’s hands.

“You will be able to do well.”
“Thank you.”

Roan bowed.
Reil smirked and looked towards the south.

“Should I go now?”

Everyone should have finished preparations and was waiting for him.

“I will take the lead.”

Roan faintly smiled and started to walk one step ahead of him.
But Reil started to walk next to him.

“No, not that……”

He put his arm around his shoulder and brightly smiled.

“Let’s walk like this.”

Roan and Reil.
The two people relied on each other and moved.
The relationship had become thicker like that.


“Come to Pavor castle to visit once.”
“Remember the words I told you.”
“If you wish, I can transfer you to the headquarters in the east.”

Io, Reil and Benjamin all said their farewells and stepped back.
Now, the remaining one was only Pierce.

“Sir adjutant Roan.”

Pierce bowed in front of Roan.

“If I were to say honestly, I have greater feelings of wanting to stay here.”

Roan said as if trying to ease him up.
Then, Pierce raised his head and looked at Roan’s eyes.

“But just like what you have said back then, I will leave for you sir adjutant.”

Strength was put into his voice.

“I will work hard and return in the fastest time possible.”

At those words Roan faintly smiled and nodded.

“Right. I will be waiting for you.”

Roan and Pierce.

The two people just looked at each other’s faces for a while.
After a while, Roan looked at Reil who was waiting at the back and grabbed Pierce’s shoulders.

“Viscount Baker is waiting. Go, now.”
“Yes. Then, I will be going.”

Pierce bowed deeply.
His heart was still immature and soft.
His shoulders trembled.
Roan pretended not to notice it and patted Pierce’s back.

“Go quickly.”

Pierce couldn’t raise his head and started to walk towards Reil.
Reil consoled Pierce and got on the horse.
Roan just stood still and watched that.

‘Pierce. Have a safe trip. When you return back……’

Fire appeared in his eyes.

‘Many things will have changed.’

Only if it went according to his plans though.

‘By then, you will have many things to do.’

Pierce was more important than anyone else for Roan.
Meanwhile Io, Benjamin, Reil, and Pierce departed and went towards their objectives.
Aaron and Gale looked at them for a moment and then returned to their own headquarters.
The only one that remained until the end was Roan.
It was even after the members of the 12th squad guessed Roan’s feelings.

‘Now, I can’t even see them with Kalian’s tear.’

He couldn’t see Pierce’s back anymore.


A long sigh came out.
When he was about to look away because of his hurting eyes.
He could see one man that was approaching him from the end of the plains.
He had quite the nimble steps.


A low exclamation came out of Roan’s mouth.
He had confirmed the face of the man through Kalian’s tear.
He stopped his feet and just stood at the gates of the castle for a while.
After a while, the man that was like a grain soon arrived in front of the gate.
He discovered Roan late and came in a hurried manner.

Clack. Clack.

The tools in his big bag clashed and made query sounds.

“Pant. Pant. Pant.”

The man stood in front of Roan and panted.
His heaving chest was calmed a bit.
Only then did he smile brightly and saluted Roan.

“Sir! I, spearman Harrison of thorn troop of the 7th corps received a transferral order.”

That man, he was none other than Harrison.

‘For Harrison to come when Pierce leaves.’

This was a strange fate.
This was a strange relation.
Roan faintly smiled and hit Harrison’s shoulder.
His eyes were really gentle.
He had a feeling of meeting his longing friend again.

“You came well. Harrison.”

He spoke in a soft voice.
Roan grabbed Harrison’s two hands.

“I was waiting for you.”

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