I Am the Monarch – Chapter 64: War and more war (2)

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“Is there a reason I have to gather information centered in the capital of Miller? No, in the eastern region of the kingdom?”

He asked a sharp question.
Chris honestly revealed his doubts.
Roan slowly nodded and replied.

“The region is not normal.”
“Meaning that……..?”

Chris slowly frowned.
Roan continued saying with a composed expression.

“The movement of the monsters became worse than last year.”

But of course, that was a lie.

‘That time came.’

If the same future happened as his past life, soon, many monsters would appear in the eastern region.


Chris nodded.

“They were always noisy. To gather information at Miller’s side just to grasp the movement of the monsters is a bit……..”

Monsters were always a problem.
It meant that the problem was that frequent.
Because of that, he felt that Roan’s countermeasures were a bit excessive.
Then, Roan’s voice was heard.

“What I’m worried about………”

His expression and eyes were still composed.

“Is that there may be some stir because of the monsters.”

Chris frowned.
Roan nodded.

“The stir of the monsters is starting with the eastern region as the center. When I analyzed their moving pattern and the regions they appeared in…….”


Chris unconsciously gulped.
Roan continued saying.

“It seems like they are crossing over from Istel kingdom. And as if they were being chased away on top of that.”

Chris let out a low exclamation.
He realized what Roan was thinking in an instant.

‘The monsters are crossing the boundaries as if they are being chased away………If then.’

His head spun.
Several and various kind of guesses were built and crumbled.
And then, he placed down the most possible guess.

“Isn’t Istel kingdom doing a massive monster subjugation?”

It was the most standard of guesses.
This year, a similar thing happened at the Pedian’s plain monster subjugation.

‘Because the Byron kingdom did a massive monster subjugation one step ahead, the number of monster at the Pedian’s plain increased explosively.’

The stir of the monsters in the eastern region could be seen in the same context.
Roan nodded.

“That’s the biggest possibility.”

He lightly sighed.

‘Although precisely speaking, they are preparing for war.’

In his past life, it was a war he had never expected.
Because of that, the eastern region became a wasteland.

‘The monsters of Istel kingdom fled to our side because they were frightened by the many soldiers.’

But in his past life, he didn’t think about the stir of the monsters too highly.
Then, Chris shook his head and said.

“But it’s a bit weird. At this time, Istel kingdom……..”

The last words dimmed.
Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“That’s right. Originally, they shouldn’t have power to spare to do a massive monster subjugation.”
“Yes. Because they should be focused on harvesting at this time.”

Chris said.
It was a time that the army and obviously the citizen should be focused on harvesting.
Because of that, nobody in Rinse kingdom could realize that Istel kingdom were preparing for war.

“But even so, they went out for a subjugation? Isn’t it a bit suspicious?”

Roan faintly smiled and asked.
Chris just nodded with a serious face.

“That’s why I want to know a bit more about it in detail. You will have to gather and analyze all the information in the eastern region of Rinse kingdom and of course the western region of Istel kingdom. And I would like it if you did that.”

Roan finished speaking and looked at Chris’s eyes fixedly.
It wasn’t a meaningless formal act.

‘A different future than what I know may happen.’

Because of that he had a need to gather and analyze information.


Chris nodded along a low exclamation.

“To do that, Pavor castle would certainly be better than the capital of Miller.”

He pondered for a moment and then looked at Roan while faintly smiling.

“I understand. As the situation is like this, I will immediately organize my agency and move to Pavor castle.”
“Thank you.”

A smile appeared on Roan’s face.
But he still had more things to do.

“And you will have to do one more thing.”
“Yes. Tell me.”

Chris opened up his ears while he was fixing his posture.
Roan slowly gathered the plans he had in his head.

“There’s a small fishing village called Perr in Poskein lake. There’s a sailor called Daiv in there.”
“Village of Perr, Daiv.”

Chris took note while mumbling.
Roan continued saying.

“You will have to make an organization of sailors with him as the center.”
“An organization?”

Chris asked back with a bit of a surprised face.
Roan slowly nodded.
His expression seemed to be having fun.

“Yes. We can’t just leave that wide lake like that.”

Hoo. Hoo. Hoo.

The breath was rough.
But it wasn’t someone breathing.


The warm wind shook the long grass.
Roan glared beyond the grass and made a sign.
The spearmen, swordsmen, and archers all lowered their bodies.

‘They came.’

A fierce light shined in his eyes.
Roan lowered his body and went towards the archer squad.


At Roan’s call, Harrison replied in a low voice and approached.
Adjutant Jones, who was leading the archer squad, raised his ear because he was curious to see what happened.
Roan pointed beyond the grass with his finger.

“Do you see that goblin leader?”
“Yes, I do.”

Harrison nodded while gulping down dry saliva.

What Roan and Harrison, no, the spearmen and swordsmen squad of rose troop, and the archer troop were looking at beyond the grass while hiding, was a troop of goblins and kobolds that amounted to more than a thousand.
And among them, the biggest and strongest goblin was present.
He was the leader leading the troop.
Roan pointed at the goblin leader and asked in a low voice.

“Can you hit him?”
“Yes?! That’s impossible.”

The answer came from a weird place.
The owner of the voice was Jones, who was listening to them.
The experienced archer frowned and shook his hands.

“The distance between us is far and there are also a lot of obstacles in between. On top of that, he’s continuously moving.”

Those were the right words.
Currently, the goblin and kobold troops were moving inside Oat forest.
Roan and the soldiers were hiding in ambush at a place with high grass and trees.
Because of that, between them and the goblin leader, there were a lot of trees.
If only there weren’t any trees, the archer troop would already have poured a rain of arrows down on them
But even so Roan, had a really confident expression.
He looked at Harrison and waited for his answer.


Harrison, who was glaring at the goblin leader and the obstacles, and judging the direction of the wind, put on a faint smile.

“I think I can.”

This time also, Jones’ reaction was a step faster.
He shook his head with an expression full of disbelief.

‘He took someone I hadn’t even heard of……’

Jones didn’t like Harrison in the first place, who got transferred from nowhere.
And he especially disliked that he received a bit interest from Roan.

‘He can hit the goblin leader from over here? Impossible.’

It was a situation where he had to persuade him from not doing it.
The moment he fired the arrow, their location would be discovered.
As rose troop was at a disadvantage in numbers, if a battle occurred, their lives would be in danger.

“Hitting the leader from here is im……..”

When Jones was about to step up.
Roan patted Harrison’s shoulders and nodded.

“I believe in you.”
“Thank you.”

Harrison bowed and then prepared an arrow.


Jones was stunned with a surprised expression.
Meanwhile, Harrison knocked the arrow and got up.


He closed his eyes and felt the wind.
Roan looked at him and killed his breath.

‘If the leader dies, they will fall in confusion.’

If they could only take care of the goblin leader, they would be able to easily win.


The hot wind blew once again.

‘The wind is a bit strong.’

Harrison slowly opened his eyes and pointed his bow towards the goblin leader.
The trees filled his sight.
They ran against each other and were lined up continuously.

‘I can see a path.’

Harrison held his breath.
The goblin leader, who didn’t know of this, was just moving around leisurely.
When he made two more steps.


Harrison let go of the arrow.


A sharp sound.
One arrow flew between the many trees.
Roan and Jones, and of course all the soldiers followed the arrow.


The arrow couldn’t completely dodge the last tree.


It slightly scratched it and the direction changed.
Jones growled in a low voice as if he was waiting for it.

“See? I certainly said that you……”

But he couldn’t finish his words.

“Im, impossible!”

The words were the same but the feelings they gave off were completely different.
Because the arrow that had its direction slightly changed flew towards the head of the goblin leader like a lie.


The goblin leader turned his head along the sound that hit his ear and froze like that.
The head of the arrow was as big as a rock.
The moment he thought he had to dodge it.


The arrow pierced his forehead and was stuck in his head.


The goblin leader fell down like that and couldn’t move anymore.


The goblins and kobolds gathered near the goblin leader at the sudden change in situation.
At that sight Roan hit Harrison’s back with some gusto.

“You did well!”
“Thank you.”

Harrison faintly smiled and bowed.
Roan nodded and raised his spear highly.


In a loud voice.
The order to attack was sent out.

“Kill! Kill them!”

The soldiers of the troop charged the ground as if they were waiting for it and ran towards the goblins and kobolds.
And Roan also did the same.
He was the one who was running in front of all of them.
He was holding his spear in his armpit and running.
A fierce intent flowed.

‘Left, right, right again.’

Roan could charge through the trees with the shortest distance because of Kalian’s tear.

“He, he’s really fast!”
“Don’t fall back!”
“Stick to him!”

The soldiers followed his back with a surprised expression.


Only then did the kobolds and goblins get a hold of themselves.
They looked at Roan who was already in front of them and raised their rough weapons.


Roan snorted and pulled up some mana.
But he was in a situation where he still had to hide the fact that he was learning mana.
He operated his mana road quickly without being able to bring it up to the blade of the spear.
But even with just that, it was amazing.


Their cries hit his ear.


Roan let out a shout and then lowered his body and twisted his wrist.


The spear split the air.
A sharp and smooth line of light was drawn over the heads of the goblins and kobolds.


A horrible sound rang out.


The goblins and kobolds who were facing him stood stupidly and rolled their big eyes to the sides.
At that moment.


A fine crack appeared in their heads and then blood started to flow.


The bastards fell accompanied by a heavy sound.
It showed just how powerful and quick that attack was. .

Sugk! Spat! Slash!

Roan swept up the front of the battlefield and swung his spear.
In the first place, the goblins and kobolds weren’t Roan’s opponents.


Every time the spear cut the air, their heads fell to the ground.
Continued by him, the spearmen, archers, and swordsmen attacked.
They were in a formation that seemed sloppy but was solid at the same time.
They moved just like one unit and massacred the goblins and kobolds.
The important thing was that compared to before, the three squads moved according to the situation of each other and helped themselves at the same time.
The goblins and kobolds fell down helplessly.
Between them, Roan was sweeping up the battlefield and showed an outstanding might.


The spear passed through the neck of a goblin.
As the battle happened in a forest and they were confused, the battlefield was limited.
The spear, which was a long weapon, was at a disadvantage the more the space became limited.
But Roan still acted leisurely.

‘The combination of spearmanship and battling techniques.’

He utilized Reid’s battle techniques at situations where it was difficult to use the spear.
No, precisely speaking,they were movements imitating Reid’s battling techniques.
Although it wasn’t that he had created a new art by combining the two, but it was still powerful enough.

‘I fill up the weak points the spear has with the battling techniques.’

This was the best he could do with Roan’s ability.

‘If my understanding of each art increases, I will be able to create a real spearmanship.’

As he knew his current abilities and the level he was at, he didn’t think about doing that which was impossible right now.
He was planning to do what he could step by step.
Roan punched the goblin that got near him.

Puk! Pubuk!

It was a heavy sound.


The goblins got their heads and ribs crushed to pieces and were flung to the side.


Certainly, the power of Reid’s battle techniques were amazing.

‘For movements that are only imitations to be this much……….’

He couldn’t even imagine how it would be when he properly executed it along with the Flamdor mana technique.

Puk! Pubuk! Puk!

The goblins became sludge at the consecutive punches.


In the end, the goblins that charged up to him became scared and fell back.

‘That’s just what I was waiting for!’

Roan swung his spear as if he was waiting for it.


The spear stabbed the chests of the goblins.
If they got close, use Reid’s battle technique. If they were far, use spearmanship techniques.
Roan had two powerful weapons with him.

‘The combination of the spear and battle techniques is better than I thought.’

A smile appeared on his face.
He swung his spear without stop and punched out.


The last words continued without stop.
There were countless corpses of goblins and kobolds near him.
The battle was now coming to an end.


Roan looked at the battlefield and took in a breath.
The 12 and 13th squads were pushing back the ones that were fiercely fighting back.

‘The movements of the 12th squad is certainly the best.’

Anyways, you couldn’t do anything about it as they spent more time with Roan than the other squads.
Roan’s sight moved towards the archer squad.

Tung! Tung!

He saw a youth who was firing arrows without stopping.
Differently than the other archers, he ran across the forest and was sending precise arrows towards the goblins and kobolds.



One for one arrow.
On top of that, there were even times when an arrow killed two kobolds at the same time.

‘Certainly, Harrison’s talent with the bow is the best.’

Roan looked at Harrison’s face and smiled.
It was a happy smile.

‘He never put on that kind of expression in my previous life.’

Roan felt proud.
It was a feeling like he had made another person’s dream come true and not only his.
Then, the sound of the horn was heard that signified the end of the battle.


A sound that made you flustered any time.

“Waaaaaaa! Victory!”
“Complete victory! Complete victory! “
“Rose troop! Hurray! Hurray!”

The soldiers yelled.
It had already been two months since monsters started to appear in the eastern region.
And now, it was rose troop’s 21st battle and they were all complete victories.
Roan waited for a moment so the soldiers could savour the victory.


When the yells calmed down a bit.
He yelled towards the soldiers while he still had his spear at his side.

“After we clean up the corpses, we repair the road, and we carve hollows and ditches for defensive purposes!”
“Yes! Understood!”

The soldiers replied with excited voices.
They quickly moved and started to gather the corpses of the kobolds and goblins in one place.
At the same time, they carved ditches and hollows at the sides of the road.
Roan looked at that for a moment and then moved outside the forest.
He could see the cavalrymen running from far away when he left the entrance.
They were the cavalrymen squad of Rose troop that included Gale and Keniss.

‘It seems like the subjugation of the plain also turned out well.’

The expression of Gale, who was running at the front, was bright.
Nonetheless, Gale laughed with a big voice and yelled as soon as he arrived.

“Hahaha. This battle was also a complete victory.”
“It’s all because of troop commander’s amazing commanding skills.”

At Roan’s words, Gale shook his head.

“No. No. Although I said it immediately, the reason we achieved complete victory is all because of you.”

A proud smile was on his face.

“It’s amazing to notice the stir of the monsters beforehand, but it was even more amazing that you precisely guessed the estimated region and time that the monsters would appear.”

At those words Keniss added.

“You really are worthy of being called the ghost of the battlefield.”

The ghost of the battlefield.
Roan thought once again that it was fortunate that he didn’t become a battlefield fortuneteller.

“I just guessed from the rumors and the stories of the citizens.”

He spoke in a humble attitude and voice.

“Anyways, what’s amazing is amazing.”

Gale was astounded.
Then, Keniss asked with a careful voice.

“But is Istel kingdom really behind the stir of the monsters?”
“There’s a high possibility.”

Roan nodded.

‘According to the analyzed information, Istel kingdom already finished their preparations for war.’

Until now, the situation and the time was similar to his past life.

‘Should I say that this is fortunate…….’

A bitter smile appeared on his face.
Gale let out a sigh with an uneasy look.

“Whew. We are setting up defensive lines in the eastern region for now with the monster subjugation as the excuse……”

Roan knew the reason he was being uneasy.

‘Benjamin Doyle. That stupid bastard saw the report of corps commander Aaron and ignored it.’

When he first reported the stir of the monsters and the movement of Istel kingdom to Gale, Gale reported it to Aaron.
As he already knew about Roan’s abilities very well, he didn’t have any doubts or hesitation.
And Aaron also sent the report to Benjamin, who was the commander of the eastern region, right after he inspected the contents.

<Don’t make a fuss over some monsters running around a bit.>

What returned back to them were blame and reproaches.
Although Aaron sent the report, it was perfectly ignored.
In the end, he also sent the report to some corps commander he was friends with and were pouring all of their strength into making a defensive line.

‘That Benjamin bastard is making things difficult again.’

It was Benjamin that did nothing right even since his past life.
But even so, it was fortunate that some corps moved thanks to Aaron’s efforts.

‘Even if those Istel bastards come charging, we won’t crumble in an instant.’

In his past life they lost half of the eastern region because of the sudden attack.
At least, they wouldn’t get pushed back that helplessly in this life.

‘We have to endure until the corps of other regions and that stupid bastard prepares for battle.’

That was something he could do plentily.
At least, if it went according to Roan’s plans.
But when did life flow as you wished?
One soldier approached and saluted.

“Sir. Vice troop commander Roan. Someone called Pens is looking for you?”

If it was Pens, it was one of the staff members Chris had.
Roan slightly bowed towards Gale and Keniss and then followed the soldier.
Pens was roaming a bit far away from the entrance of Oat forest.
He bowed towards Roan and then took out a small piece of paper from his chest.

“Boss Chris sent me.”
“Thank you.”

A hint of nervousness showed on Roan’s face. .
He didn’t know why it didn’t feel good.
He carefully spread the paper and checked the contents.
And then his expression stiffened.
The letter started with a sentence that would not please anyone. .

<I have a bad premonition.>

< War and more war (2) > End

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