I Am the Monarch – Chapter 68: War and more war (6)

 ‘What? How did this happen?’

Prain, who was in charge of guarding of the camp, didn’t have any control.
Even until flames surged up in the camp of Rinse kingdom and noises were heard, he thought that the raid was a success.
And it was also because the fire wasn’t put out, but it spread even more.
After a while, when thousands of cavalrymen were coming back to his camp, he thought that Looter was returning.
The reason he had opened the gates with a really happy voice was also because of that.
But the cavalrymen that entered the camp wasn’t Looter’s army.

‘They, they are from Rinse kingdom!’

Prain came to realize this too late.
He yelled towards the guards.

“Ri, ring the bell! Ring the bell and hit the jing!”

He had to let the others know of the infiltration by the enemy.
He had to let the others know that the raid was a failure and they were the ones getting attacked.

“Ye, yes!”

The soldiers who were checking the situation with absent-minded expressions ran towards the bell and the jing.


A sharp sound was heard.



Then, the soldiers fell by becoming like porcupines.
At the same time, the people of Rinse kingdom came pouring in from the open entrance.

“Kill them!”
“Set everything on fire and collapse the tents!”
“Break the stables and release the horses!”

The 10,000 soldiers entered the camp recklessly.

“Huh?! Uh……..”

Prain stepped back with a perplexed look.

‘This large scaled surprise attack……..’

He had never thought that they would attack them, they had lower numbers in the first place.

‘I, I have to let the commanders know of this!’

Prain turned back and tried to run towards the camp.
At that moment, he felt a chilly presence at his back.


At the same time, the sharp spear pierced the back of his head.

“Attack! Everyone attack!”

The owner of the voice yelled out.
The one who stabbed the back of Prain was Roan.


He pulled his spear and charged the ground.

“Uoooooooo! Wha, what’s happening!”
“It’s a surprise attack!”
“Damn! Ar.. armour! Bring me the armour!”

The soldiers of Istel kingdom were really confused by the sudden attack.
Because of the forced march that lasted nine days, they were really exhausted.
Thanks to that, they just believed in Looter’s night raid and rested without thinking of anything else.

As the army of Rinse kingdom appeared in this situation, the soldiers couldn’t even wear their armour and got out of their tents holding their weapons.
And that was the same for adjutants and generals.

“Kuhuk! How, how are the Rinse kingdom……”
“What happened with corps commander Beil!”

They yelled with a really perplexed expression.

“Block them!”
“Stop the fire!”

The commanders got a hold of themselves and led the soldiers.
But at the unexpected attack, they were in chaos.

Stab. Slash.

And Rinse kingdom didn’t miss this opportunity.
A one sided massacre and annihilation occurred.

“Bastards of Istel kingdom, fuck off to Istel!”
“Return to your land!”

The soldiers of Rinse kingdom attacked them with raging bellows.
Everyone swung their own weapons.
But even amongst them, the most outstanding one was Roan.
He was mixing Kalian’s tear, Brent’s ring, and the Flamdor mana technique suitably and showing the prowess of a monster.

Swing. Swing.

The spear turned roughly by riding the palm.
And everytime, several soldiers of Istel kingdom collapsed while shedding blood.


Roan didn’t show any mercy, even to the fallen ones.

‘I can’t leave any future trouble.’

If it wasn’t a situation where he could completely subdue them, he had to certainly kill them.
That was his ethics in battle, battlefields, and war.
The battle flowed one sidedly, but even so it wasn’t a situation where he could loosen himself.

‘If I make a mistake, I can get by legs grabbed.’

A raid was a raid.
If he became greedy because he was drunk in victory, he could suffer a big blow.
They were inside a camp with more than 8,000 soldiers anyways.

“Staff officer Mendel! Going deeper than this is dangerous!”

At Roan’s yell, Mendel who was fiercely pushing back the enemies pulled back the reins.

‘We moved deeper in than what I thought.’

As he slew the bastards of Istel kingdom that fell helplessly, he turned up entering to a deep place even without knowing.

“Fall back! Fall back!”

Mendel turned the head of his horse and yelled with strength.
Likewise, the cavalrymen that were pushing back the enemies started to retreat one by one.

‘Even so, it’s fortunate that we didn’t fall into a trap or become surrounded.’

When he thought until then.
A really displeasing sound was heard.


A sharp sound rang out.
But it was heavier and more horrible than when a normal arrow pierced the air.
When Mendel thoughtlessly turned to look back.


A long spear pierced three cavalrymen alongside the terrible sound.
At the same time, the men of Istel kingdom scattered to the sides.


Mendel and the cavalrymen had surprised expressions at the sudden situation.
Their sight moved to the insides of the camp.
From between the split army, a group of people that were wearing flashy armour appeared.
Likewise, Roan also opened his eyes roundly.

‘They are knights!’

An existence he didn’t want to face at all.
Different than normal soldiers, knights knew how to use mana.
But fortunately, their number wasn’t that big.
At most, 30 men.
But even with just that, it was a number that you couldn’t just ignore them.

“Re, retreat! Retreat! We are falling back quickly!”

Mendel instantly grasped the situation.
He looked at the knights that were approaching them fiercely and yelled.


The cavalrymen that hurriedly kick their horses.
But unfortunately the movements of the knights were a bit faster.

Stap! Slash! Spat!

A sharp long sword slashed the cavalrymen.


The cavalrymen fell helplessly.

‘Damn. For the knights to appear this quickly……..’

Roan ground his teeth.
In the raid group of Rinse kingdom’s army, there weren’t even ten people who knew how to use mana.

‘It’s one of the biggest weak points among weak points.’

One of the biggest weakness that an army guarding a region had was the presence of knights and mages.
Only staff officers and the small minority of troop commanders knew how to use mana.
A really small minority at that.
Most belonged to the army of a region or a noble family.
Because of that Roan, Gale, Aaron, etc. wished for a more active participation from the region’s army.
But Benjamin ignored the report and they had set up a camp at their rear.

‘Are the only ones I can believe in are Count Lancephil’s knights and the region’s army?’

Roan bit his lower lip.
At Aaron’s report, Io reacted right away.
But he was the owner of Lancephil’s territory.
He couldn’t just ignorantly step out to defend the boundary.

‘They have to get rid of Istel kingdom’s army who are sweeping up the territory.’

Because of that, they were late in joining.
Compared to that, as Istel kingdom was on the invading side, they had some knights in their ranks.
Only that as the knights were quite an important force, there was a large possibility they would be staying at the rear of the camp.

‘I thought that they wouldn’t show themselves until a full scaled battle happened.

Roan let out a sigh.

‘If the mage squad appears like this……..’

This would become a trouble beyond troubles.
They had already achieved a great victory in the raid.

‘We have to hurriedly retreat.’

If they suffer a big blow here, then succeeding in the raid became meaningless.
Roan gripped the spear tightly.
He saw the knights massacring the cavalrymen.


His eyes shone.

‘I thought that the knights appeared quite fast, but they are all greenhorns.’

Although they certainly show great might, their movements were big and unnatural.

‘They are just guys that are in their apprenticeships.’

They were guys that were deployed probably to accumulate real experience.


When they were still drunk in the heat of the battlefield.
They wouldn’t have any mind of themselves as they were busy slaying the soldiers in front of them.


Roan took in a deep breath and pulled some mana.
A heat that spread out while flowing into his palm.
He threw his spear with strength.


A sharp sound.
The spear showed a chilly intent and split the air.
One of the knights who was massacring the soldiers snorted when he looked at the flying spear.


He was confident in being able to block a spear that was thrown by a normal soldier lightly.
The young knight didn’t even dodge the spear and lightly swung his blade.
Then, the voice of a man that was leading the knights was heard.

“Don’t block it and dodge!”

Only then had the young knight realized that something was wrong and twisted his body, but it was already late.


Roan’s spear pierced the body.


His neck snapped along with the last words.
The young knight died with having a spear pierced in his body.


The knights who were looking at the scene, looked at the spear with a surprised look.

‘A knight couldn’t block a spear thrown by a normal soldier?’
‘Is it possible to throw the spear from that distance, pierce the body, and stab it into the ground?’

Everyone’s eyes shone with doubt.
Then, Mendel and the cavalrymen hurriedly ran towards the rear.

“Huh?! Catch them!”

The knights got a hold of themselves late and tried to kick off the ground.
There was a soldier that rushed into the insides of the camp, different than the cavalrymen that were retreating.
He had empty hands that didn’t have a spear or a sword.
The youth with the childish face was Roan.
He charged the ground and jumped to the air.

‘I have to buy a little time!’

He just needed to buy time for his comrades to retreat.
He was confident in being able to buy that much time while facing the greenhorn knights.
Mana flowed into both of his fists.

‘Reid’s battle technique.’

It wasn’t only at the level of imitating the movements while holding a spear.
What Roan tried to execute was the basic technique of Reid’s battle technique.
The two fists split the air while moving in a strange fashion.

“Crazy bastard!”

The young knights swung their swords with all their strength.
They were stiffened by the sudden death of their comrade.
They had realized that death was quite a close to them.
They had smelled the smell of the battlefield,  the smell of death.


Roan dodged the sword by moving his upper body and then turned.
At that short moment, his two fists split the air.


The body of the young knight was hit by Roan’s fists.
The flashy armour became bent and squashed.


The knight staggered at the shock that shook his insides and fell.
Roan hurriedly took away the sword of the knight and stabbed it downwards.


The long sword was stabbed into the neck of the young knight like that.

“This son of a bitch!”

The other knights realized the situation too late and attacked Roan.
Roan calmly breathed in, and then threw the blade along with the corpse of the knight.


The knights that were charging in were surprised and dodged.
And Roan didn’t miss that moment.
He hurriedly threw his body to the ground and grabbed the spear stuck in the ground.


He kicked the knight that had the spear pierced in his body and put strength in his hand.


The spear rose to the sky.
Roan turned his body following the spear and pulled some mana.
The allied soldiers were retreating to the entrance of the camp.
There was no need to hide his use of mana right now.


The spear that had mana split the air as if it was dancing.
Roan executed the strong techniques consecutively.

“Kugh! This bastard! You weren’t a normal soldier!”
“Be careful! The strength behind the spear isn’t normal!”

The knights realized Roan’s true strength too late.
In this instance, the one who was in a situation difficult was Roan.
Although he was practicing Flamdor mana technique and Reid’s battle technique, the actual training time wasn’t that long.
If 30 knights assaulted him at once, he wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

‘I have to fall back before it becomes even too late for me.’

Roan clearly realized when he had to step in and fall back.
That was the precious experience and intuition he obtained while roaming the battlefield for 20 years.
The spear that had mana behind it, split the air and stabbed towards the body of a knight.


But the knights, who got ahold of themselves late, didn’t face Roan’s spear sloppily.
The moment they swung their swords to knock away the spear, they twisted their body to the side.
It was a movement to completely dodge the strength behind the spear.
But the next movement Roan did, completely missed the knight’s common sense by a lot.


Roan threw away the spear he was holding.


It was a sudden javelin throw.
The knights looked at the spear thrown in front of them and hurriedly dodged.
As they saw that their ally had just died because the body was pierced by the spear, they couldn’t even think of blocking it.

‘Okay! Now!’

Roan didn’t miss that opportunity
He hurriedly charged and threw his body.
He was attacking them fiercely but started to fall back.

“Ca, catch him!”
“Don’t lose him! We have to at least catch him!”

An enemy that used mana was an existence you had to capture or kill.
The knights chased Roan’s back a step  behind him.


The normal soldiers of Istel kingdom blocked Roan’s fleeing path.
This was the moment of life or death.
However, Roan’s eyes calmly sank.

‘Left, right, right again, after that I make him fall by putting my feet………’

Because of Kalian’s tear, he could grasp all the information in an instant.


Roan moved his body to the sides and ran while dodging the soldiers.


When a sword or a spear was about to reach him, he grabbed the neck and arm of a soldier and pulled him.

“Huh?! Uh!”
“No, no!”

Perplexed yells came out of their mouths.

Slash. Stab.

A horrible sound.
The soldiers of Istel kingdom stabbed their weapons into their allies, and not Roan.

“Don’t swing your weapons mindlessly!”

At their spears and swords, an ally died.
That truth made the soldiers completely stiff.
Because of that, Roan’s movements became even more natural.


He soon reached the entrance of the camp.
Then, a displeasing sound was heard from his back.

“We, we are allie……….”

The yells of Istel kingdom’s soldiers.
As Roan glanced back, he saw one knight charging at him fiercely.
A huge body with a thick lined face.
He was the commander of the greenhorn knights.
He, who seemed to be in his thirties, was running in a straight line while pushing away the allies in his front.

“Bastard! Don’t dodge and receive my sword!”

He had a voice that was like thunder.
He was Vernon Pollet, who had an outstanding skill in the blade, even amongst the young knights.
Although his skills were outstanding, he was quite hot tempered he was called the crazy bear of Istel.
Roan fell the soldiers at his side and charged forward.
This wasn’t a situation to battle him leisurely.
Then, he saw a warhorse roaming in the insides of the camp.


Roan changed directions and ran towards the warhorse.


Vernon snorted and followed Roan’s back.
As the level of mana operation was in a higher level, the distance between the two of them was closing in bit by bit.


The cry of the horse was heard close by.
It was at a distance that seemed to be right in front of his nose.
But rather than the distance between the horse, his distance with Vernon was much closer.


Vernon yelled and raised his sword.
He was in a really risky situation.
Then, Roan’s eyes shined.


His sight moved to the sides.


He was looking at something others couldn’t see.
A smile appeared in his face.
A faint sound was heard.


A sharp sound.
However, Roan kept running to the horse and didn’t show much of a movement.
Meanwhile, the distance between them closed even more.


Vernon tried to hack down the sword he had raised up.


One arrow passed next to Roan’s left ear as if it grazed him.
At the same time.


The arrow was stabbed into Vernon’s left eye along with a horrible sound.


Vernon, who was about to slash Roan in any moment, collapsed with a cry.
It was a situation that would make you surprised, but Roan didn’t even look back and just charged forward and then jumped.


The rough cry of the horse that was spread out.
He pulled the reins and kicked the horse.


The horse ran outside the camp.

“Uaaaaaaaa! My eye! My eye!”

Vernon’s yell was heard from his back.


The arrows the soldiers of Istel fired off late fell behind his back.
Roan stuck his chest close to the horse.
The place he was heading to wasn’t the camp of Rinse kingdom.
It was to a place outside the line.
One youth was guarding that place alone.
Roan didn’t lower the speed of the horse and extended his left arm.

“Grab it!”

At the loud yell, the youth also extended his hand.


He grabbed Roan’s arm and then lightly jumped and got on the horse.
Roan turned the head of the horse towards Rinse kingdom’s camp.
He yelled towards the youth at his back.

“Harrison! I was able to keep my life because of you!”

The youth that was guarding the place was none other than Harrison.
Harrison let out a long sigh.

“Honestly speaking, I wasn’t confident.”

At those words Roan shook his head.

“There wasn’t even an inch of mistake. It barely grazed my ear and it stabbed the left eye of that bastard.”

That one arrow that saved Roan’s life.
The person that fired that was none other than Harrison.
He had a really excellent ability.
Harrison looked at the camp that was already close and yelled.

“The raid was a success!”

At those words Roan brightly smiled and shook his head.

“No, no.”

And then yelled with all his strength.

“It’s not a normal victory, but a great one!”

Different to his bright expression, his eyes sunk calmly.
Roan mumbled in a low voice.

“Although the war has just started…….”

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