I Am the Monarch – Chapter 7 : First battle (5)

There were indeed more goblins than their army.
But because those guys were escaping to the small open road in the west, their line up wasn’t that good.
A long shape.
And the rose troop surrounded them in the shape of a horse shoe.

“Die! Die!”
“The front is getting pierced! Support them from the left and right!”
“The injured ones to the back! The injured ones to the back!”

The goblin army were also in a state of disarray, but the voices that were heard nonstop took out your attention.

“I, I don’t want to die.”

Half of the newcomers of each squad were trembling while spacing out.
Among them, the only normal one was Roan.


Roan thrusted the tip of his spear in the head of a goblin.
Meanwhile, the other goblins were also charging at him.


Roan snorted and hit the chin of the goblin with the end part of his spear.


At the same time, he pulled out the spear that was inserted in the head and swung it in an arc, and the goblins that had fallen back had their necks cut off.
A natural action, just as flowing water.

‘Look at this guy.’

Tane that was facing the goblins next to him, discovered him and shined his eyes.
He was amazed by Roan’s spearmanship.
However, Roan felt like dying.

‘Damn. I feel like dying because the palms of my hands hurt.’

His palms were really limp.
And because of that, he couldn’t even grip and swing as he pleased.
Originally, the beauty in spearmanship was in being able to attack and defend at the same time without stopping.
However, right now, the flow was stopping now and then.

‘After the battle ends, I will have to focus on training my spear skills.’

He had thought that in his past life, he had quite excellent spearmanship, but even so, being commander in the first squad of spearmen was the best he could achieve.
If he wanted to aim for something higher, he needed better spear skills.

‘To do that, I have to reach the level I had in my previous life the fastest possible.’

Spearmanship he had refined for 20 years in real battles.
All of those things were already in his head, anyways.

‘And then go to the territory of Potter. If I go there……..’

He was planning to go the Potter territory after this subjugation of monsters ended.

‘There’s future in that place.’

A smile appeared in Roan’s face.
Even then, his spear moved without stopping.


The heads of the goblins fall consecutively.
The situation became more favorable to the rose squad little by little.
But then, a dust cloud appeared in the other side of the gorge.

‘They are coming!’

Roan’s shape became sharp.
The goblins that were hiding at the other side of the gorge were coming.
Now the aspect of the battle will completely change.

“Cavalry! Cavalry! To the south! To the south!”
“Archers! Load!”

The orders of the commanders became desperate.
The horse shoe line up crumbled suddenly.

“Spearmen hold your positions! Kill the bastards coming down from the mountains!”

An answer filled with determination.
Although the number of the goblins coming down were many, it wasn’t to the point they couldn’t handle it.
They were in a state where they were largely spread.

“Newcomers! Get a hold of yourselves! Now, we don’t have the leisure to take care of you!”

Oliver’s yell.
Behind him, a newcomer soldier that was slightly thrusting his spear was trembling.
They were also feeling it.
That the strong line was having it more difficult.
At that time, Roan came in the eyes of Pierce.
The appearance of swinging his spear with soft movements and slashing down the goblins.
Each time, the goblins fell in the ground with their throats having been cut off.


A guy that was no different to him until a day ago.
That guy was making great contributions as if he had become a ghost of war.

‘Me too…… Will I be able to do it?’

Compliments he heard in the training camps until his ears hurt.

<Your talent for the spear is the best.>

And actually, he never failed in placing first in the spear tests.
However, if they are placed in front of a monster, your body will get stiff.

‘I’m, i’m a coward.’

Pierce’s face became teary.
Then, a goblin charged to him after having pierced the line up.


Oliver extended his spear late, but it didn’t reach.
The goblin that reached Pierce in an instant.


The guy rushed on to him and made some noise.
But that was all.


The tip of a spear was thrusting the neck of the goblin.

“Huh? Uh……..”

The owner of the spear was an half absent minded Pierce.
As his life got threatened, he instinctively thrust his spear.
The speed of the spear was so fast that the goblin charging died without even knowing that he had been thrust by it.
Oliver that was looking at him yelled while smiling brightly.

“You do well! Just keep it up!”
“Yes? Yes…….”

Of course, replying in a bewildered state.

‘Do, do I need to do it?’

The feeling when he thrust the neck of the goblin still remained in the palm of his hand.
It wasn’t hard.
His heart beat faster and his pressure rose.

‘I, I also have to do it!’

The teary face slowly returned to normal.

Pierce charged through and supported the weakened lines.
At the same time, he slashed his spear to the goblin that was charging in to him.


The head of the goblin fell to the ground.

‘Pierce bastard. Finally getting a hold of yourself.’

Roan, that was facing the goblins in the front of the 13th corps smirked and shook his head.
Right now, he was a newcomer soldier that no one recognized him, but he was the guy that was picked with the best talent in all of history of Rinse kingdom.

‘I can’t be losing to you.’

Pierce was an 18 year old newbie.
He too was an 18 year old newbie in the eyes of the others, but he had the experience of the past 20 years and was a 38 year old skilled spear man.
Roan’s spear drew a line of light and danced.

‘But is that bastard still far away?’

As he slashed his spear non stop, his eyes were still directed at the mountains.
There was a guy he was waiting.

‘He was certainly the same size as me.’

The guy in his memories.
He was the leader of the goblin army and was as tall as himself.
Originally, goblins didn’t surpass the chest height of humans.

‘He used dual blades.’

The guy held swords in both of his hands and roamed the battlefield ruthlessly.
The number of soldiers of the rose troop that fell by his hands would be several tens.


At Roan’s spear, two goblins lost their heads and fell.

“Good! Keep going like this!”
“We take care of it the fastest and go to the west!”

The soldiers that rode the momentum shouted.
At that time, the guy appeared in the east road of the mountain.

‘He came!’

The leader of the goblin army Roan was waiting for.
It wasn’t that a commander had appeared.


It made a rough and angered cry.
At that moment, the goblins that were being pushed back charged in more furiously.
Just like their hero had finally arrived.

“Wha, what’s that?!”
“Is that a goblin too?”
“Isn’t that an orc? Orc?”

The soldiers of the rose troop that discovered the leader of the goblins got perplexed.
Roan bit his lower lip.

‘It would be better if he was an orc. His skills are a level higher than that of the orcs.’

He wasn’t the leader in vain.
However, the army of the rose troop that had no way to know this each lifted their weapons and charged in.


The neck that fell with that horrible noise wasn’t that of the goblin leader, but of the rose troop soldiers.


At that moment, he remembered the perplexed faces of the soldiers.

‘Right. It’s not easy for normal soldiers to confront it!’

Roan bit his lower lip and kicked the floor.
His body moved towards the goblin leader.

“Hey! Where are you going!”

Tane’s voice rang behind him.

‘I’m going to get his head!’

Words he couldn’t say.
Roan’s spear shone with the sunlight.

< First battle (5) > End

Translator’s note: Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak

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  1. synben

    really hope the author explains the structure and scale of the armies in this world or else its going to get more confusing than i already find it.

    1. Koukouseidesu

      Its somewhat like a roman arrangement, where you have 10 man leaders, who answer to 100 man leaders (they lead 10 groups of 10 men, actually 110 men) then you can stack these 100 men groups to form a troop which then forms a battalion that roan commands

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    breaking ranks is a nono…specially when it’s under such pressure
    i hope that he gets the dude’s head and gets both awarded for it and punished at the same time


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