I Am the Monarch – Chapter 70: Danger inside the danger (1)

Roan knew the reason as to why this damned war was happening.
The war between Istel kingdom and Rinse kingdom.
As soon as this war had finished in his past life, Rinse kingdom analyzed and organized the information about the reasons this war started and the process with a fine-toothed comb.

‘We were about to lose almost all of the eastern region, including the territory of Count Lancephil to Istel kingdom.’

In that process, some truths were revealed, and Roan remembered a few of them.
One of them was the reason why this war started.

‘The harvest had slowly started to decrease since last year.’

The Istel kingdom, whose land was mostly composed of plains, was one of the best agrarian countries.
They exported their harvests and imported the products they lacked, and they made a living like that.
The overwhelming amount of harvest productivity was the root and trunk of Istel kingdom.
But last year, the harvests suddenly started to decrease with no apparent reason.

‘Although they barely held on for a year…..’

This year’s harvest was even worse than the last year’s.
They didn’t even have crops for commerce, and it was to the point it made you worried as to what the citizens had to eat.
And the reason was of course, unknown.
On top of that, Rinse kingdom and Byron kingdom, who neighbored their borders, didn’t show any signs of their harvests having decreased.
As the situation turned out like this, the Istel kingdom had to make a decision.
However, it was even difficult to ask for help from the neighboring kingdoms.

‘In the end, they opted for war.’

They aimed for the eastern region of Rinse kingdom.
It wasn’t as large as the plains, but it was a mountainous region that had minerals and natural resources in it.
They judged that if they conquered the eastern region, they’d be able to put out the urgent fire of a situation they were facing.
When he thought up to there, Aaron’s voice was heard.

“The opportunity to finish this war has come?”
“That’s right.”

Roan replied with a calm expression.
Aaron gulped and nodded.

“Good. Let’s hear the detailed plan in another place.”

He moved away.
And Roan followed behind his back with a composed expression.
Soon at Aaron’s order, the staff officers and the troop commanders of each region, started to gather ain the tent.

“Roan. What did you mean when you said that the opportunity to finish this war has come?”

These were the words that Aaron said aloud.
At these words, the troop commanders opened their eyes widely.

“The opportunity to finish this war?”
“We can’t even confront them directly, so what opportunity has come?”

Strange expressions were plastered on their faces.
Roan looked at their faces once and then opened his mouth.

“First off, we have to know the reason as to why Istel kingdom is declaring war.”

He explained the reduction of the harvest in Istel kingdom for a while.

“Mmm. For that amazing farming kingdom to worry about what to eat……..”
“Now that I see it, the prices in the markets were overpriced. I thought that it was only temporary…….”

The staff officers and troop commanders showed various reactions.
Aaron certainly touched his chin and shook his head.

“Mhm. For a sudden decrease in harvest, how did that……”

Roan didn’t show any reaction.

‘The reason is revealed after two years but………’

There was no need to say that right now.
Roan looked at their faces and continued talking.

“Just like I’ve told you, the situation of their food isn’t good. It’s already to the point that they have barely prepared provisions for this war.”

At those words everyone nodded.

‘They would have gathered it up by even sweeping through the kitchens of the citizens.’

As they heard the situation, even that wasn’t enough.

‘That’s why they attacked us like that without thinking twice.’

This explained the incomprehensible attacks of Istel kingdom.
That reason was revealed just now.

“Following that, Istel kingdom doesn’t have the ability to maintain war for a long time.”

Roan put more strength into his voice.

“And that’s because before the war even started, we moved the citizens to the rear and cleared up the fields.”

At those words, Gale hit his shoulders.

“Right! It’s obvious for the food, but as we also moved over the livestock, ironware, and tools to the rear……..”

Mendel continued the last part.

“The Istel bastards won’t be able to acquire even an ounce of food.”
“Even repairing tools or acquiring tools is impossible.”

Several troop commanders brightly smiled and nodded.
And a smile also appeared on Roan’s face.

‘In my past life, we weren’t prepared at all for the Istel kingdom’s attack. Because of that…….’

They almost had all of their eastern territory taken away in an instant.
The Istel kingdom acquired supplies from the occupied territories and the war was prolonged.

‘Before the elite troops of the central and southern regions came, we suffered consecutive defeats.’

But it was different in this life.
The Istel kingdom already had their attack stopped once, and above that, because of the performance of the region’s armies that were preparing just in case, their advance became slower.
But even so, it was true that Rinse kingdom was getting pushed back bit by bit.

‘Even so, the only things they can acquire from the occupied territories are weeds.’

Roan bit his lower lip.
Then the voice of Richard, who was leading the special troop, was heard.

“If the supplies of the enemy aren’t enough, do we have to make the front come to a deadlock and make it a long war?”

At those words Roan shook his head.

“If we were only facing Istel kingdom, that would’ve been the right thing to do. But we have another enemy.”

Aaron continued.

“Byron kingdom.”

Roan nodded.

“Yes. That’s right. Right now, Byron kingdom is following the eastern boundary to go to the south.”

Everyone’s faces stiffened.

“If it becomes a long war and Byron kingdom joins Istel kingdom, the problem becomes serious.”
“It would. Because the supply problem Istel kingdom has, the problem would be greatly diminished.”

On top of that, the combining forces of the two kingdoms.
It was a situation that they had to avoid.

“So what do you want us to do?”
“What’s the opportunity for us to end the war?”

The troop commanders who were short tempered urged Roan on.
Roan looked at their eyes fixedly and answered.

“To end this war……..”

His eyes shone.

“We have to cut off the supply line of the enemy and set the supply storage on fire.”

At those words, the troop commander’s showed various reactions.

“Oh! That’s right!”
“If we cut them off from their supplies, even they won’t be able to continue this war.”

The people became amazed and surprised.

“Setting the supply storage on fire and cutting off the supply line means that we have to get inside an army that amounts to more than 80,000. Will that be possible?”
“On top of that, won’t Istel kingdom know that an amazing number of enemy troops are moving in their conquered territory?”
“How will we find the supply storage?”

Their doubtful questions spewed out one after the other.
Roan looked at the various reactions and faintly smiled.
He took out a small piece of paper from his chest.

“I’m utilizing the information agency to find the supply storage and the supply line of the enemy. Although it was fruitless until now, fortunately before we arrived to the headquarters of the eastern kingdom, I was able to receive a good report.”

Roan gave the paper to Aaron.
Aaron quickly read the contents of the paper.

“You found one of the supply lines of Istel kingdom!”

The troop commanders opened their eyes widely while having dull expressions, and burst out with cantankerous laughter.

“Is that true!?”

They moved next to Aaron and checked the contents of the paper.
Aaron’s words were true.
Although the piece of paper was quite small, the location of Istel kingdom’s supply line was written in it.

“Rather than attacking the army that has more than 80,000 soldiers, we attack the supply line and the storage.”

Roan continued saying with strength.

“This is the opportunity to finish this war.”

Low exclamations came out from everywhere.

‘To have found the location of the enemy’s supply line………’

Roan faced Istel kingdom in the 7th corps without rest.
On top of that, he blocked the surprise attack and in addition, gave them a big blow through the counter attack.
Battles kept happening without control.
And Roan had located the supply line and the supply storage while ordering the information agency even when all these other things were happening.
The point everyone was amazed at was this last part.

“What are the probabilities of this information being true?”

At Aaron’s question, Roan replied with a confident expression.

“It’s very high.”

It could only be.
It was information that Chris’s agency and the information agency had gathered, and there were also Roan’s memories.
He vaguely remembered the location of the supply storage.

‘As it wasn’t exact, I needed to double-check it.’

And the results were that he could find a small scaled supply line.

‘If they keep searching with this supply line as the center, they’d be able to find the supply storage facility.’

A storage appeared in his imagination.

‘Then, we’ll be able to end this war with our own hands.’

But he had something to do before that.

“If you saw the report of the information agency, the supply line of Istel kingdom is in enemy territory. We have to charge through and ride straight to the rear of Istel kingdom.”

Everyone gulped down.
Roan continued saying.

“A force consisting of 10,000 can’t move in a territory conquered by an enemy.”
“You are saying to divide the army, right?”

At Aaron’s words, Roan nodded.

“That’s right. We have a need to divide the army in the smallest unit.”

His words quickened a bit.

“Aside from making a small scaled troop to attack the supply lines, we have to patrol on enemy territory while annihilating their tributes and gather information about their supply line and storage.”

At those words, everyone nodded.
Aaron stood up after he organized his thoughts.

“Good. We will reorganize the army like Roan said.”

It was a dangerous tactic.
However, if they succeeded they could end this war.

“Rose troop will take care of the first supply line the information agency found. The remaining troops will focus on patrolling enemy territory and grasping the location of the supply storage.”

Aaron looked at the faces of the troop commanders.

“Each troop is to hurry and prepare to depart!”

The troop commanders saluted and then went out from the tent.
Roan also followed Gale’s back and was about to get out.


Aaron’s voice was heard.
Aaron grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“You also did a big one this time.”

He had a sincerely thankful expression.

“When this war ends, I will grant you a big reward.”

At those words Roan slightly nodded.

‘When this war ends…..’

His head rolled busily.
Autumn was already ending.
When winter came and the next year also came, Roan had to walk a new path once again.

‘That’s why I returned to the eastern region.’

But of course, to do that, everything had to flow like he planned.
Roan ground his teeth.

‘For now, I will bring us to victory in this war.’

That was the most important thing right now.



One soldier fell along with that sound.


The spear that had pierced his body returned to place.


The owner of the spear let out a short sigh and checked his surroundings.
Several hundred corpses were spread out in the gorge.

‘This battle is also a complete victory.’

Calm eyes.
Cool expression.
The owner of the childish face was Roan.

‘It’s already the 13th battle.’

Rose troop roamed the eastern territory and battled against Istel kingdom.
No, precisely speaking, they were attacking the big and small supply lines.
And that had already happened 13 times.


A familiar voice was heard.
As he turned his head, he saw Aaron, Mendel, and Gale approaching him.

“This battle was also a complete victory.”

Happiness could be seen in Aaron’s face.
Gale added.

“Hahaha. Based on the rumors, it seems like Istel kingdom is seriously perplexed.”
“They can only be. The food that has to enter their throat is all next to us. Hahaha!”

Mendel roared out in laughter.
Roan’s tactic was right.

‘Reform the 10,000 soldiers into smaller troops and dig up the Istel kingdom’s territory. And at the same time, find the supply line and supply storage location.’

Istel kingdom was really confused at the performance of the 7th corps.

‘Because of that, each troop could acquire quite the amount of supplies.’

Although they couldn’t find the supply storage yet, they were steadily cutting off the supply lines.
With just that, Istel kingdom that was roaming the eastern territory, fell into a troublesome situation.

“Hahaha! Thinking about the bastards that would be starving makes me feel refreshed.”

Everyone laughed while in a happy mood.
But Roan was the only one that wasn’t that cheery.

‘It’s certainly an amazing accomplishment. But we have to find the supply storage now.’

Only then will they be able to give them a proper blow.
However, none of the troops of the 7th corps could find it.
Aaron looked at Roan’s expression and asked in a low voice.

“Why is your expression that stiff? Is it because of the eastern army?”

The army Benjamin was leading was currently suffering consecutive defeats.
Because of that, the front line was getting pushed back to the Rinse kingdom’s side.
Roan shook his head.

“Then is it because of the storage supply?”

At the repeated question, Roan couldn’t reply.
Aaron grabbed Roan’s shoulders.

“Roan. There’s no need to feel that urgent. With just this, it’s still an amazing accomplishment. Their advancing speed is slowing down.”

At those words, Mendel and Gale nodded.
However, Roan’s expression still couldn’t be cheerful.

‘If time flows anymore like this, then Istel kingdom will end up joining with Byron kingdom.’

He had to block them from joining forces at any cost.
Then, a familiar faced man showed himself.

‘Was he a soldier of the special troops?’

He was a young soldier that belonged to Richard’s special troop.
The young soldier approached with a bright expression.

“Sir! Corps commander. It’s a communication from troop commander Richard.”

He took out a note from his chest.
Aaron quickly read the contents.


A low exclamation came out.
At the same time, his mouth raised up.

“What does it say?”

Mendel carefully asked.
Aaron took in a breath for a moment and then said with a calm voice.

“They have finally found it.”
“Yes? What does…..”

Gale asked back with a confused face.
Aaron looked at Roan properly and brightly smiled.

“They found the supply storage of the enemy.”

< Danger inside the danger (1) > End

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