I Am the Monarch – Chapter 76: Danger inside the danger (7)

Rose troop and the 2nd rose troop were clearly different than the other troops.

They didn’t lose their ranks and formations even in the middle of the chaos.

They had a well-ordered look.

Everyone moved as if they were one.

Slash! Stab!

Every time the spear split the air, one soldier of Istel kingdom fell hopelessly.


The attacks of the enemies aiming for the openings were blocked by the soldiers at the sides.


At Austin’s orders, the soldiers that were gathered like a rock were scattered everywhere.

The soldiers of Istel kingdom, that were pushing stubbornly, had their feet tied at the sudden change.

That short instant.

At the moment that was created, the archers at the rear fired arrows.



The soldiers of Istel kingdom became porcupines and collapsed.

As Austin clenched his fists again, the soldiers that were scattered gathered once again to become a rock.

Their stabbed their spears at the hearts of the confused enemies.

There was no mercy in a war.



One young knight of Istel kingdom came charging in with a high intent.

As the performance of rose troop and the 2nd troop was too eye catching, he was planning to cut them off.

The sword had mana behind it and came stabbing towards Austin.

This was a situation of life and death.

But even so, not even one soldier of rose troop retreated or stepped back.

Rather, they glared at the young knight in front of them.

“Ridiculous things! Mere normal soldiers dares to a knight……”

When he talked up to there.

A sharp spear appeared from the sides.


A heavy sound of metal rang out.

The spear hit the side of the sword of the young knight precisely.


The young knight frowned at the numbness felt in his palms and turned his head.

‘What kind of bastard dares!’

The man fended off the attack of his sword.

He had a childish face, but the moment he saw his face, he lost his breath.

‘Fi, fire?’

The owner of the spear resembled a red flame.

“Who, who are you?”

The young knight was asking unconsciously.

The owner of the spear swung his spear first, instead of replying.


The young knight stepped back hurriedly and swung his sword.

Sparks flew alongside the sound of metal.

The owner of the spear charged the ground like that and closed the distance.

“I’m troop commander Roan of the 2nd rose troop belonging to the 7th corps of the eastern army of Rinse kingdom.”

At those words, the young knight frowned.

“Tro, troop commander?! Not a knight?”

He stabbed his sword towards Roan who was already in front of him.

Roan twisted his body calmly.

The sword split the air.

At that moment.

Roan’s left hand carved into the left armpit of the young knight.


The young knight staggered because he was perplexed.

Roan flung his waist while he still had his arm at his side.

The young knight drew a line and flew to the air.


He rolled on the ground along with a heavy sound.


His back and waist felt numb.

Roan stepped on his chest with his right foot.

The young knight struggled to stand up.

‘Kuk! Just how strong is he…….’

However, his body didn’t move as he wished.

At this point, curses of wanting to live surged up.

“I, i’m the disciple of a noble family of Istel kingdom and a knight. If you capture me, you’d be able to……”

But he couldn’t continue his words.


Because Roan’s spear had already pierced his throat.

There was no mercy in war.

‘Especially, even more so in battles like this one.’

Roan pulled his spear out and faced the soldiers charging at him.

Every time his spear danced, three or four soldiers fell.


A low exclamation came out of Austin’s mouth.

It kind of felt like the surrounding fire was dancing alongside Roan.

He mumbled in a half absent minded expression.

“Perhaps, perhaps.”

Keep, who was right next to him, frowned.

“DId you say something?”

Austin followed Roan’s back and said.

“We may be looking at the start of a legend.”

However Keep couldn’t hear properly because of the loud noise of the battlefield.

“What did you say?!”

But Austin didn’t mind.

He now mumbled in a voice so low it couldn’t be heard by anyone.

“No, we are together with the start of a legend.”

He felt his chest heave up.

Austin raised his spear high.

“Follow troop commander Roan!”

At that order, rose troop went into formation once again.

Roan had already opened a path.

The soldiers aimed for that and massacred the enemy.

Austin yelled in a loud voice towards Roan.

“Troop commander Roan! We will follow you until the end!”

In this battle, and even after this battle ended.

You couldn’t know if Roan knew what he truly meant or not, but he raised his thumb after he cut off the neck of an enemy.

And then, he slightly turned his head and looked at his troop.

“I told you before.”

There was a comforting smile still on his mouth.

“To follow me while trusting in me.”

The battle was coming to a close like that.


The dawn could be seen from the east.

The battle had ended.

The supply storage of Istel kingdom had been swept up by red flames.

Huge flames that seemed to be there forever.

However, they didn’t have time to rest while extending their limbs.

“We will chase the bastards that escaped to the southwest of our Lancephil’s territory.”

The soldiers that were protecting the storage fled to the sides when the battle was coming to an end.

It didn’t matter for the ones that fled to the east, but they couldn’t just sit still for the ones that fled to the west.

At Kali’s words, Aaron nodded.

“My 7th corps will also chase and kill them and after that go to the headquarters of the eastern region.”

They bid their short farewells.

Kali lead his army first and departed to the southwest.

Aaron hurriedly gathered the troop commanders and reformed it.

“Our actual number is approximately 4,000. We will divide the army in two.”

The decision was fast.

Although they had burned down the supply storage, it was still too early to relax.

There was still the main army of Istel kingdom, and there still were many knights and soldiers at the fake storage.

‘If we stay here any longer, we may get left behind in enemy territory.’

They had to chase the ones that fled as quick as possible and regroup with the main army.

“I’ll be leading one, and Roan will lead the other one. I’ll go to the southwest, so Roan, you go to the west.”

Several troop commanders died in battle.

Now, even by taking merits into account, performances, trust, etc. there was no such commander like Roan.

Although there also was also Gale, he was performing the role of staff officer next to Aaron.

So Roan became the provisional vice corps commander.

“Yes. I understand.”

He didn’t dare to decline.

‘I moderately receive what needs to be received.’

That was Roan’s way of thinking.

The reforming of the group was done quickly.

“Have a good fight.”
“Let’s meet at the headquarters in the east.”

Aaron and Roan looked at each other and faintly smiled.

Each troop put the burning storage behind them and went to the south and the southwest.


The 2,000 soldiers conforming the 2nd rose troop.

They received Roan’s command and annihilated the scattered Istel kingdom forces.

In this process, the abilities of Pens and the information agency shined once again.

Although it wasn’t systematized properly, they found the feeling route and traces of the enemy and their tracking ability was towering above the rest.

“It seems like we took care of most of them.”

This was Austin’s report.

Roan looked at the corpses of the Istel kingdom’s soldiers and nodded.

This was already the 13th subjugation.

Meanwhile, they had perfectly annihilated the small and large groups.

‘The side of corps commander Aaron would already have regrouped with the main army.’

Looking at the direction, Aaron’s side was closer to the headquarters.

Roan turned his head and looked at the south.

‘From here on, it would be better to leave the western region to the army of Count Lancephil.’

It was time to return to the headquarters.

‘The main force of Istel won’t be able to last much lomger either.’

They were out of supplies, and the supply line was cut off.

On top of that, excluding the main army, all the other groups were getting massacred.

Although they still had many soldiers left in the headquarters, they didn’t have the leisure or the morale to do so anymore.

On top of that, the supreme commander leading Istel kingdom’s forces was Mark Istel.

He was royalty that was quite close to the king of Istel.

They wouldn’t leave someone like Mark in the cave of a tiger.

Retreating was a clear thing.

“We’re going to the south.”

A voice said with strength.

Austin and the soldiers saluted shortly and bowed.

They put the battlefield under control and moved towards the south.

As most of the soldiers were infantry, the movement speed wasn’t as fast as he had thought.

On top of that, most of them were exhausted from the continued battles.

Roan rested moderately and moved.

‘Soon, the final battle will happen.’

He needed to save energy for that.

On the second day of travelling.

He could finally see the camp of the eastern army.

Roan, who was at the front, frowned.

Because the camp seemed kind of weird.

‘Something’s lacking.’

The camp was empty.

His footsteps became quicker at the uneasy feeling.


The guards that were protecting the entrance crossed spears and yelled.

Roan stood at the front and yelled.

“It’s the 7th corps!”

The guards checked the flag and the rank badge.

“Ah! It’s troop commander Roan of the 7th corps!”

On top of that, Roan’s face was quite famous.

The guards hurriedly opened the gates.


Roan lead the troop and moved inside the camp.

He ordered the soldiers to rest and moved towards the center of the camp.

A place that had tents for the corps commanders.

However, most of the tents were empty.


Then, someone caught his eye.

It was corps commander Phillip Hass of the 5th corps.

“Commander Hass!”

Phillip turned his head at the sound calling out to him and then smiled.

“It’s Roan of the 7th corps.”

Roan approached even more and saluted.

“I heard the notices. You’ve raised quite a big merit.”
“Thank you.”

At Phillip’s compliment, Roan bowed and then looked at the camp.

“But the camp feels quite empty.”

At those words, the smile on Phillip’s face became even denser.

“Everyone went to chase the main army of Istel.”
“The enemy’s main army? They had already retreated?”

Although he certainly expected for a retreat, the time was just too fast.

As Roan asked back in a surprised face, Phillip’s nodded.

“Right. Although it was yesterday that we realized that they had retreated, actually it was way before that since they retreated.”
“Can you tell me in detail?”

Roan wanted to know where the situation was flowing to.

Phillip explained with a composed voice.

“Corps commander Aaron regrouped in the camp and a force also regrouped in Istel’s headquarters. They say it was the force waiting in the fake storage.”

He looked at the east.

“Not even preparing to retreat, but they had regrouped? We certainly thought that they would be preparing for the last attack. Although small troops of each side had clashed against each other, it didn’t have that big of a meaning. Because we thought that the real battle would happen later on.”

Phillip looked at Roan once more.

“But four days ago, the small scaled battles were cut off. They didn’t come out of their camp. Instead, they just hit jings and drums. We thought that it was to raise the morale for the last battle. But that was completely mistaken thinking.”

A hopeless look was in his eyes.

“They didn’t move even after four days had passed. So we sent a troop to their camp and provoked them. But even so, they didn’t show any reactions.  We fired arrows and threw rocks but it was the same. In the end, we were determined to die and charged into their camp. But…….”
“It was empty.”

At Roan’s words, Phillip nodded.

“The sounds of the jing and drums were fake sounds made with a recording magic. They had retreated rather early. Just like when we retreated in the region of Bink.”

Roan gulped the exclamation.

‘It’s earlier than what I thought.’

But it meant that the situation was that bad.

‘Or they may have summoned Mark Istel a bit in a hurry.’

Although you couldn’t do anything about a defeat, you had to save the life of royalty.

If the supreme commander was a normal soldier instead of royalty like Mark, they would have continued doing war regardless of dying.

‘Anyways, even if they returned to their kingdom, there was a high possibility to be beheaded or lose territory.’

Defeat in a war was that much of a sin.

‘However, a severe punishment isn’t always a good thing. Anyways……’

Roan’s eyes slightly trembled.

‘Recording magic……’

It certainly was uncommon.

But even so, retreating more than 5,000 soldiers without getting caught was quite a difficult feat.

‘Was there a commander that outstanding in their ranks?’

He had perfectly grasped the situation of the commanders of Istel while preparing for war and while the war progressed.
However, there wasn’t that kind of dangerous existence among the commanders.

‘Now that I see it, the strategy of the fake storage wasn’t that easy……’

As he reviewed it again, he thought that there were many things he had thought of lightly.

The feeling of lightning thundered in his head.

Roan rummaged through the memories of his past life.

Several battles and wars passed through his head.

‘Among the outstanding existences in Istel kingdom………’

In the age of great wars, geniuses appeared not only in Rinse kingdom, but in each continent.

Precisely because of that, the age of great wars happened.

‘If it wasn’t for that, a kingdom or empire would have gotten annihilated.’

Roan shook his head.

‘If it’s an existence of Istel kingdom, it would be at most the fox of the battle field Count Peid Nail………’

But there wasn’t a name like that among the names of the commanders Chris’s agency and the information troop provided him.

‘On top of that, he’s merely in his twentie…..’

WHen he thought like that.

Roan’s eyes opened.


An exclamation came out of his mouth.

“What happened?”

Phillip tilted his head and asked.

However Roan didn’t even have the mind to reply.

He bowed towards Phillips.

“I’m sorry. An urgent thing suddenly occurred, so I’ll have to leave.”
“Huh? Right. Then……..”

Phillip couldn’t even say goodbye.

Roan was already showing his back.


Phillip smacked his lips with an awkward expression.

‘Just what’s the urgent thing……..Hhm.’

His sight followed Roan’s back.

Roan ran towards the place the soldiers were resting without stop.

“Mister Pens!”

An urgent yell.

Pens, that was resting between the soldiers, stood up.

Roan made hand signs with an urgent expression.

“Give me the register of the Istel kingdom.”

Pens tilted his head at the sudden request.

“Register? If it’s the register, you would probably have…..”

Roan shook his head.

“Not commanders above troop commanders, but the registers of adjutants.”
“Adjutants? That was too massive so we couldn’t organize it yet.”

Pens replied with a perplexed expression.

Roan nodded as if it was fine.

“It doesn’t matter.”
“Wa, wait a moment.”

Only then did Pens realize that something wasn’t right.

He rummaged his bag and then took out a pile of papers the size of two palms.

“It’s here.”
“Thank you.”

As soon as he received the papers, Roan sat on the ground.

Flip. Flip.

The sound of flipping paper was heard clearly.

Pens and the other soldiers started to gather one by one.

However Roan didn’t mind and concentrated on the letters of the paper.

“Peid. Peid. Peid………’

For now, it was important to find that name.

The names that were written in a disorganized way.

His finger swept up the letters quickly.

How long has it passed.

Almost half of the papers were flipped.

‘Right. Please, don’t appear.’

Roan gulped dry saliva and flipped the papers once again.

Flip. Tuk.

At that moment, the finger stopped like a lie.


There it was.The name he didn’t want to see was clearly written.

The contents written were just that.

But it was enough even with that.

Roan’s face stiffened.

‘It’s that bastard. The fox of the battlefield. It’s that guy.’

He abruptly stood up.
He couldn’t think of it.

The geniuses that represented each kingdom in the age of great wars.

As he concentrated on the battles and the war, he had forgotten the truth of their existence for a moment.

‘The commanders had to ignore him and neglect him……’

However, if it was him that incentivated the retreat, it meant that his position had risen to a good place.

‘The fox of the battlefield wouldn’t simply retreat.’

Even Ian, who was one of the genius strategists and the pride of Rinse, was done in by him three times.

‘I have to chase the army of the eastern region.’

He had to stop them so they couldn’t chase them anymore.

Roan gave the papers to Pens and called Austin.

“Get ready to depart as quickly as possible.”

Austin asked back with an expression as if what had happened.

Roan looked at the east.

“We are going to the east.”

At those words, some soldiers said.

“Are we chasing the enemy?”
“Are we chasing the main army of Istel?”

The expressions and voices were a bit excited.

They had finished the war and were quite excited.

However Roan was calm.

No, it rather felt like he was kind of low.

He said in a voice he seemed to be mumbling.

“We are rescuing our allies.”

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