I Am the Monarch – Chapter 78: Overflow (2)

The number of Istel kingdom’s army was 2,000.
And among them, there were ten knights that knew how to use mana.
Because Rinse kingdom received a loss close to annihilation, the number of the force wasn’t bad by itself.
However, Daniel fell in a kind of despair the moment he saw the youth in front of him.

‘We are not his opponents.’

He was famous as a commander who didn’t know what fear was.
But this time was different.
He lost his breath at the nasty fear of Roan.


The youth let out a cry that resembled a beast.
He had red hair, red eyebrows, and red eyes.
He was Roan.


A cry exploded out.
Daniel stepped back and pulled his sword out.

“The knights are to face that bastard with me.”

He spoke in a calm voice.

“The normal soldiers are to escape without even looking back.”
“Corps commander!”

The soldiers yelled with a surprised expression.

“It’s an order! Flee!”

It was an order close to despair.
Daniel charged forward and ran towards Roan.
Abel and the knights followed his back.

‘A moment, if we can tie him up for a moment………’

When he thought up to there.


Travias spear split the air.


At the same time, the spear became larger than before.


Daniel and the knights looked at the spear that became three or four times larger and ground their teeth.
They swung their respective weapons and tried to block Roan’s attack.


A heavy sound of metal clashing was heard.
At the same time.

Boom! Booboom!

Daniel and the other knights were flung to the sides.


They rolled on the ground.


Roan laughed strangely and then charged the ground.
He arrived in front of the knights that were on the ground in an instant.
As he held the spear upside down, the long spear shrunk to the size of a long sword.


The spear pierced the chest of the knight like that.


The young knight couldn’t even fight back at all and died.

“Get him!”

Daniel and the other knights raised their intent.
Roan crushed the head of the dead knight with his right leg and lightly jumped.


At that moment, the spear became larger.
Roan then jumped ino the air.
Daniel and the knights just blinked while having lost their objective.

‘That spear is maybe…….’

Daniel looked at the spear that changed length as it wished and frowned.
As he remembered, there was only one spear like that in the world.

‘Travias spear?’

Then, the enlarged spear shrank quickly again.
It became the size of a normal spear in an instant.
Roan twisted his body in the air and balanced himself.
It was a soft and fluent movement.

He arrived at the back of the knights.
The backs of the knights were exposed to Roan in an instant.
Roan instinctively swung his spear and tried to cut off their heads.
Strength was put behind the wrist and palm by its own.
When Travias spear was about to split the air again.


Roan suddenly bent his back and let out a strange sound.
Because he felt a sickening pain inside his body.


A groan was heard.
The red color of his hair, eyebrows, and eyes became even more dense.
On top of that, even his skin started to turn red.


Every time he coughed, flames appeared from his body and then disappeared.
Roan wasn’t normal right now.
The cause was that he had operated the Flamdor mana technique unreasonably to save his allies.
Meanwhile, the heat in the plain entered his body and the balance of his mana collapsed.
As he saw the 7th corps and rose troop getting massacred in front of his eyes, his emotions stirred.
In that really short instance, he lost control over his mana. But that short moment was the problem.
The mana started to overflow on its own.
And the overflowing of the mana made his emotions shake even more.
Thanks to that, the overflowing became more and more severe the more time passed.
In the end, Roan lost himself to the mana.
Now, there was no way to control the mana that was jumping everywhere.
If this state continued even a little bit more, the overflowing mana wouldn’t be able to bear it and then his body would explode or split apart.


Small flames appeared as he coughed.
Daniel saw that and raised his sword high.

“This is the moment! Kill him right now!”

They realized that Roan’s body wasn’t normal.
Daniel and the knights ran towards Roan.
A blue light flowed along the sword.


The knights yelled with all their strength.
Right before the sword was about to tear up Roan.


Roan swung his spear and let out a strange noise.
At that moment, his surroundings were set on fire.

Cheng! Checheng!

A clear sound of metal clashing rang out.
The knights couldn’t pierce through the path of fire.

“Press him down!”

However Daniel didn’t fall back.
He thought that this was the last opportunity to kill Roan.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

The sound of metal was heard continuously.
Sparks and fire appeared along the path of fire.


Finally, Daniel’s swords sliced Roan’s wrist.
However, it was a really shallow wound.


Roan let out a cry and held his spear.


At that moment, the thickness of the spear became that of a wrist.

Woong. Woong. Woong.

A heavy sound sounded out.
Travias spear split the air.


The knights were bounced off along with a loud sound.


Although they had raised their swords and blocked the blow, the strength behind the spear was too amazing.
Roan swung the huge spear as if it was nothing.
And every time he did that, the knights were flung to the sides.
At that moment.

“We will also help!”

A group of people appeared alongside the loud yell.
They were the veteran soldiers that had been with Daniel the longest.
Approximately 200 soldiers raised their weapons and appeared.

“I told you to retreat!”

Daniel yelled while swinging his sword.
The soldiers pushed back Roan without giving him any rest and replied in one voice.

“We are the rearguard army! Originally, the rearguard doesn’t have a life!”

This was their resolution they wouldn’t escape even if that meant death.
Daniel clicked his tongue.

“Stupid bastards.”

But he was quite proud and gratified.

‘I didn’t teach them wrongly anyways.’

He felt that strength was put into his limbs.
He yelled with strength.

“Fight with the resolution to die!”
“Yes! Understood!”

Anyways, the role of the rearguard army was to block the chasing of the enemy.
They just had to buy enough time for their allies to safely retreat.

‘Even if he seems to be a monster, a human is a human.’

He won’t be able to face all these soldiers and knights by himself.
No, even if that was possible, he would end up exhausted or get small and big wounds.
On top of that, Roan also wasn’t normal.

‘In the first place, we didn’t even hope for victory.’

Daniel was just planning to buy time.
That much was enough.
He charged the ground and ran towards Roan.
A blue light flowed along the sword.
Although it was faint and didn’t have a good shape, the strength of it was felt clearly.


Roan’s spear clashed with Daniel’s sword.
Below him, the other knights swung their swords.
Roan turned his body and swung his spear.

Cheng! Chencheng! Cheng!

Sparks appeared along with with the sound of metal.
Every time he turned his body, a red light appeared in his spear.
However, it was unreasonable to look at that as mana.
The red light became even more dense and it transformed to become a path of fire in the end.
Travias spear became a line of fire from the blade to its body.

“Damn! Is it fire again?!”

Daniel yelled and flung his body backwards.
And the other knights also did the same.
In an instant, only Roan was left alone.
Above that, the arrows the rearguard army fired poured down.


Roan let out a cry and spun his spear above his head.
No, he spun the line of fire.


The rain of arrows exploded the instant it touched the line of fire.

“Keep firing! Keep firing!”

Abel yelled as if he had fallen in despair.
The archers fired arrows without stop.
However, not one of the archers could pierce through Roan’s spear wall.
Then, Roan lightly rolled his foot and got in between the soldiers.
The spear that caught fire split the air and attacked.

“Monster like bastard!”

Daniel, who had fallen back, attacked while resolving himself to die again.

Cheng! Checheng!

However, their attacks were too easily blocked.
Roan fended off all of their swords with his spear and then swung it once more.


The limbs of the knights were cut off cleanly.
The spear kept moving flexibly and then attacked Daniel’s neck.
At that moment.


Roan coughed with a painful expression.
He wriggled for a moment and then threw his spear away.


A scream mixed with pain.
An amazing fire surged up from all over his body.


Daniel and Abel brought all their last strength and stabbed him.
The moment the swords were about to touch Roan’s body.


An amazing repulsive force was felt at the tip of his hands.


The path of fire exploded along with a loud sound.


Daniel and Abel couldn’t endure it and were bounced off.
Their swords were half melted and there were flames on their elbows and shoulders.

“Damn it!”

Daniel and Abel fell back and after putting out the fire, they looked at Roan.


Roan was still struggling while screaming.
The fire that emanated out of his body made a huge pillar of fire.

‘There’s nothing we can do.’

Daniel clenched his fists.
Even the sword with mana behind it was useless.
He made eye signs to Abel and started to slowly fall back.

“We are retreating.”

The short order was sent to the soldiers.
The soldiers just nodded without saying anything.
They started to step back really slowly.
And fortunately, Roan didn’t show interest in them.
No, he wasn’t able to.


Because the mana that was overflowing in his body had started to reach the peak.

‘It seems like the mana is overflowing…….’

Daniel looked at the pillar of fire emanating out of Roan’s body.

‘It would be good if he died like this.’

Those were his honest feelings
For a monster like that to exist in Rinse kingdom was a horrible thing and a disastrous devil for Istel kingdom.
When the rearguard army was getting farther from Roan, contrary to them, the 2nd rose troop was running towards Roan.

“Troop commander Roan!”

They also saw Roan absorbing fire.
And of course, the look of his hair growing and turning red.
They felt awe at the look of battling the rearguard alone.
However, they realized that Roan’s situation wasn’t normal quite late.

‘We are saving the troop commander ourselves!’

When the 2nd rose troop moved quite close to Roan.


Roan’s screams stopped.
At the same time, the fire pillar that was burning fiercely died off.

‘Di, did it turn fine?’

Austin looked at Roan with uneasy eyes.
Then, wind blew at his back.
But it wasn’t the west wind.


Austin and the soldiers opened their eyes abruptly.


The wind blew towards Roan.

‘Kuk! Dangerous.’

Austin realized that something wasn’t right.
He made a sign towards the 2nd rose troop.
They laid down on the ground as if they had practiced it.
At that moment.


A huge explosion occurred with an amazing sound.
The wind that was blowing towards Roan started to spread towards the sides again.
Alongside that came the huge fire.

“Don’t raise your heads!”

The members of the 2nd rose troop buried their faces onto the ground.
And fortunately, the fire surged over the ground.


Roan cried out one more time.
He was burning his mana currently.
No, precisely speaking, he was sucking the heat scattered in the atmosphere and burning the mana above his abilities.
Because of that, the mana hole and the mana road inside his body ripped and regenerated, and repeated doing that.
If this continued, it was obvious that his entire body would explode.
But there was nothing that could be done.
Roan had lost his sanity and there was no method in which others could approach him.
At least, there was nothing a human could do.


The fiercely burning fire was split up.
And among that split space, a beautiful woman appeared.
She had blue hair and really transparent skin.
She, who was wearing a sky dress, was barefoot but that was meaningless.
Because she was floating in the air just like a cloud.

“In the end, you became like this.”

She had a beautiful voice.
She was the woman that was looking at Roan inside Biate’s place.

“Although I don’t like you, I can’t go against Biate’s will.”

The woman approached Roan who was covered in fire and shook her hand.
At that moment, a huge orb of a blue light covered her and Roan.
The fire that was spreading out was caught inside that orb.

“The one who has my tear.”

The expression of the woman was kind of stifled.
She softly covered Roan’s cheeks with her hands.
The red flame escaped her hands and fled.
The woman whispered with a clear and pretty voice.

“I, the water elemental king Ellaim, have come to rescue you.”

< Overflow (2) > End

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