I Am the Monarch – Chapter 8 : First Battle (6)

While Roan was stabbing the charging goblins, the Goblin Chief severed off the heads from various spearmen and swordsmen.


A terrifying screech that even robbed the fighting vigor from the battlefield.
And then, the soldiers who were charging into avenge their comrades without hesitating; started to fall back.
The Goblin Chief calmly walked forward oozing out confidence when it noticed them.


A shriek that implied such humans weren’t even it’s match.
The Goblin Chief’s dual blades parted the air.


A narrow eyed soldier closed his eyes, when he looked at the blades slicing towards him.
That moment he experienced the certainty of death.
But then, a clashing sound exploded near his ears.


At the same time a voice urgently urged out from the edge of death’s looming embrace.

“Fall to the back!”

The narrow eyed soldier slowly opened his eyes and blankly stared in front of him.
The owner of said voice was a spearman with a childish face.
It was Roan.


The soldier fell back relieved, as if he was hurried back to the safety of the line while at the same time overjoyed he’d just survived.
After that, a space was created between Roan to swing his spear, he wore a somewhat fishy smile.

“It’s been a while. It’s been 20 years.”


The Goblin Chief contorted his face and shrieked out.

‘Right. There’s no way for you to remember me.’

Roan smirked and charged.
The tips of his spear was moving to pierce the chest of that bastard.


A mocking shriek, as if it was making fun of him.
It swung it’s dual blades lightly and smoothly fended off the spear.


‘Kugh. His strength is certainly superior.’

Roan clenched his teeth tightly because of the difference in strength transmitted through to his hands.
If such a strain was prolonged, a not so favorable outcome for me.

‘With my current state, I can only exchange a few blows.’

But even so, the reason he charged in so confidently.

‘I will show you one deadly attack.’

The many spear skills in his memories.
However, he couldn’t use them all.
The strongest spear skill he could only use right now.

‘The three stances Pierce taught me.’

Pierce’s Spearmanship originated from after he was taught by Reil Baker, and invented for the up and coming battles they braved together.
Because they fought normal soldiers, it was still powerful, even if it didn’t consist of mana.

‘I have only one chance. More than that is hard for me.’

Thinking about the state of his palms, the strength of his grip and his physical strength, he could only execute this stance once.

‘I have to look for the perfect opportunity.’

Roan’s spear shook and sliced through the air.


The Goblin Chief displayed an annoyed expression towards the spear swinging towards him without stopping.
It raised his dual blades so high to try and cut off the spear.
The Goblin Chief’s body which was exposed for just an instant.


Roan gripped harder and forcefuly pulled back his spear.


The pain of his palms shredding.
However, Roan’s movements didn’t falter.


The spear which was pulled back to his waist, stabbed towards the body of the Goblin Chief.


It became momentarily perplexed, but he snorted in mockery while quickly striking down with both of his blades.


Right before the two blades met the spear.


The stiff spear bent like a snake.
At the same moment, the spear rose to the skies.


The spear swerved pass the two blades and rushed into the neck of the goblin.


The Goblin Chief opened his eyes shocked at the spear bending in an impossible angle.


Roan’s spear tip pierced through the neck of the goblin.


Choked growling sounds from the falling Goblin Chief.
Roan pulled the spear tip across his throat and frowned.


A painful sound was heard.
He looked down at his palms.
A mess.
His skin was peeled off while blood trickled.
His limp palms couldn’t stand the fierce and strong spear skills of Pierce.

‘It’s really a mess.’

Of course, in his past life, he couldn’t execute it more than five times consecutively.
No, even utilising it five times made his entire body ache.
It was a skill that put a lot of strain on your body, but it also was that much more effective.


Roan looked at the Goblin Chief slumped on the ground and smiled.
Not a bad harvest for my first battle.
Looking at the big hole in his throat, he admired Pierce’s talent even more.

‘For a form created in the middle of idle resting to be this much.’

It was at that moment when he was admiring the difference in abilities.
The form he barely executed after having his palms ripped, Pierce executed it without even shedding a drop of sweat.

‘In this life I will certainly close the gap between us.’

Roan steeled himself while regaining his determination once again, and after chopping off the head of the Goblin Chief, he raised it high up to the skies.

“Spearman Roan from the 13th Squad! I cut off the neck of the Goblin Chief!”

A loud voice.
Even if he didn’t do that, the soldiers who witnessed their fight raised their weapons any way and yelled.

“Roan! Roan! Roan! Roan!”

The atmosphere of the battlefield changed in an instant.
The goblins who lost their Chief, didn’t know what to do.
Their morale was so low, plummeting to the ground, this spread amongst them causing a shift towards looking for ways to flee.
While on the other hand, the morale of the soldiers from Rose Troop surged as high as the sky.

Slice! Chop!
Chwee! Grr!

At the attacks from Rose Troop, the goblins fell without resisting.
After Roan tied the head of the Goblin Chief to his waist, he returned to the 13th squad.

“You bastard! How can you run away as you please!”

Tane yelled at him as if he was waiting for it.
However, there was also a faint smile on his face.
That was because he’d watched the scene of Roan piercing the neck of the Goblin Chief.
Roan bent down.

“Looking at my allies falling down, I just charged in on my own. I’m sorry.”

Tane wanted to say one more thing, but shook his head in the end.

“Be more careful next time.”

Roan bent his head and fell to the back.
The battle was already ending.
The goblins couldn’t even charge to where the 13th squad were formed.
Roan took out some bandages while looking at the battle.

“Want me to help you?”

A recently enlisted soldier just like him, who had white skin and big eyes asked with a preoccupied face.
Roan lent him the bandages, as he just arrived in time.

“Why, with this much.”

The white skinned and big eyed soldier embraced the spear with his armpit and bandaged him.
He bandaged him so meticulously, Roan thought that he would be able to hold the spear again immediately.

‘He is quite familiar……’

He was very familiar.
A feeling he was forgetting something important.
Roan tried to remember who was the man in front of him.
However, the new enlisted soldiers who survived in his past life were only Pierce and himself.
Because of that, he couldn’t remember the other newcomers.

‘But why is he so familiar?’

Roan who fell silent in his thoughts.

Then, the bandaging up ended.
At that moment, his big fingers were caught in Roan’s eyes.


Roan let out a low exclamation.

“Huh? What happened? Is the bandaging somewhat painful?”

Asking because he was surprised.

‘He’s identical.’

Roan’s eyes trembled.
The silhouette of a person passed by dimly through his eyes.

‘This guy was the oppa of that person.’ [E/N: oppa = brother]

The face of a woman filled his entire scrutiny.
Roan shook his head and just put on an awkward look.
He smiled brightly while lending out his hand.

“It’s nothing. Thank you. Glenn.”

The white skinned and big eyed soldier was called Glenn.
He remembered.
Who this guy was, and who his sister was.

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