I Am the Monarch – Chapter 94: Poskein Exodus (5)

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Simon and the knights nodded with in exclamation.

‘It’s a more outstanding troop than what I had thought and heard.’

Even so, Simon and the several people had never seen a small scaled troop like the Amaranth troop utilize strategies actively.
They had a look of scattering, gathering, splitting up, and gathering again.
Amaranth troop resembled a huge stream of water.
It was a complete victory.
The battle ended with victory for the Amaranth troop.


Simon dry swallowed.

“Count Lancephil. the Amaranth troop is really amazing.”

His thoughts came out like that.
Io just smiled instead of replying back.


One warhorse ran towards Simon with the sound of the horse clops.
He had a confident expression and spirit.
The troop flag that was on his side, instead of the spear, fluttered with strength.
Io, who was looking at that, said in a small voice.

“That’s the troop commander of Amaranth troop, Roan.”
“He looks truly majestic.”

Simon nodded with a satisfied expression.
Meanwhile, Roan finally reached the front of the group.


As he pulled the reins, the war horse softly stopped.
Roan dismounted from the horse and quickly stuck the flag into the ground.

The flag of the troop was finely extended and emanated a confident spirit.
Roan rose from his kneeling position and saluted.
He had a mannered look and at the same time, roughless.

“Troop commander Roan of the Amaranth troop greets Prince Simon Rinse.”

He spoke in a voice with strength.
Roan bowed and caught his breath.
His expression was kind of stifled.

‘To be able to meet him this quickly.’

A strange light appeared in his eyes.

‘Simon Rinse. The first prince of the kingdom and…..’

His heart pounded.

‘The person that someday becomes the mad monarch.’


After Roan returned to the past, one of the things he had to do was to stop the mad monarch.

‘Originally, the one that should have became the next king was him.’

But in the end, his seat was taken by his brother.

‘And he became crazy.’

After that, he killed his supporter and grandfather, Bradley Webster, and caused a commotion in the northwestern region of the kingdom.
As he lead a force and caused a commotion himself, he was called the mad monarch.
And as his original abilities were outstanding, the commotion couldn’t be easily suppressed.
With that reasoning, even after the geniuses Pierce and Ian appeared, Rinse Kingdom was unable to rise up in the empire ranking list of the continent due to the internal disturbances that it suffered.

‘If we only didn’t have the mad monarch, we could have combined the northeastern region of the continent.’

Because of that, Roan was planning to stop Simon from going crazy.
But he was a prince of the kingdom.
He wasn’t someone a mere troop commander, and a sinner on top of that, could easily meet.
But of course, he knew that he would get dispatched to the northern region because of the Poskein exodus.
But in his past life, he had gone to Pavor castle instead of this place.

‘Certainly, the future has changed a bit because of me.’

He hadn’t expected today’s encounter at all.

“The defenses are really outstanding.”

Simon, who was checking out the village’s fences, watchtower, and etc. nodded with an amazed expression.

“That’s an excessive complement.”

Roan hurriedly gathered his thoughts and bowed.

“No. It’s really outstanding.”

Simon looked at the fences and watchtower once again and had a satisfied expression.
The two people inspected the village that had the HQ of the troop located in it for quite a while.

‘It’s a mere countryside but the road, houses, and etc. are being built really well.’

The defenses weren’t the only things that were good.
The road crossing over the village was both smooth and hard, and the houses built with wood were clean and well built.
Most of all, the expressions of the people were really bright, even when it was a dangerous situation where monsters were going wild.
Simon nodded with a satisfied expression.

“You are maintaining the region of Tale really well. The expressions of the people are good.”
“I just did as much as i could as it is my job.”

Roan humbly replied and bowed.
Simon kept checking the houses and the camp after that.

“You said the village still doesn’t have a name?”

He lightly asked a question.

“Yes. As it was created just recently, everyone is calling it the central village.”

At Roan’s question, Simon pondered for a moment and then had a bright expression.

“How about Mediasis?”

It meant that it was the center and the base.
Roan didn’t have a choice anyways.

“It’s an excellent name.”

He faintly smiled and bowed.
Simon looked at that Roan and then asked.

“Roan. This subjugation is a really important thing for the nobles and for me. It’s something we must raise a big merit in.”

He had a really serious expression.
It was obvious. Because this could be a war that would decide the next king of the kingdom.
For Simon, it was something that he had to pour everything that he had into.

“The northern region of Tale is no different than the front line. If we completely block this part, the organization of the rear doesn’t become that difficult. Followed by that, our army is planning to subjugate the monsters with this point as the base. But we don’t know much about this region.”

Some kind of expectation was behind his voice.

“Compared to that, you’ve raised up really incredible achievements as the one responsible for this region. So I…….”

A moment’s silence.
Simon caught his breath and continued saying.

“Do you have any good thoughts or plans regarding the subjugation?”

It was a question he just threw out, but it was a really impressive thing.
The first prince of the kingdom asked the opinion of a mere troop commander.
Truly, this was an unprecedented thing.
If they were escorting knights or nobles, it was a thing that would cause a commotion.
But Simon was really calm.

‘If have the abilities, you don’t differentiate between slaves or sinners.’

This was Simon’s thoughts.
He needed an influential person to win in the competition for the throne.
Roan organized his thoughts for a moment and then raised his head to look at Simon.

“I don’t know if it’s good but I have something prepared.”

He spoke with a calm voice and expression.
Roan took out two scrolls of papers from his chest.
He spread out one of them and placed it on a wide table.


At that moment, Simon had a surprised expression.
He eyes widely opened as if it was something he hadn’t expected at all.
On the other hand, Roan nodded with a calm expression.

“Yes. That’s right. It’s a map of the region of Tale.”

The identity of the map was a map made by the agency.

‘A map…..’

Silence fell between the two people.
The designing of a map was labeled as being a really dangerous thing.
Because you could suffer great damages if it was leaked to another kingdom.
Roan looked at the stiff expression of Simon and said in a low voice.

“The value of a map in battle is really big.”

He spread out the second scroll.
Likewise, it was a map of Tale, but the thing that was different with this map was that it had several dots and arrows on it.

“The dots are the places where the subjugations occurred and the arrows are the records of the movements of the monsters.”

His finger moved around busily.

“Based on the results of the analysis, the monsters are moving to the north through the mountain ranges spread from the west to east. Aside from that, they tend to move through the road between Mediasis Village and the plains of the west.”

Simon nodded unconsciously.
The scenery of a battlefield he imagined was done only through senses, and it was felt as if it was spread in front of his eyes.
The dots and arrows were of big help in grasping the entire flow of the battle.
Roan spread the first map again.

“We set up several traps, obstacles, and camps with the gathered and analyzed information as the background.”

At that moment, a low exclamation came out of Simon’s mouth.
It was just like Roan said.
On the first map, there were records of camps, traps, and bases for the troop, and those places were on the moving routes of the monsters.

‘He wasn’t just fighting blindly!’

Simon unconsciously swallowed down dry saliva.
He was once again amazed at Roan’s abilities.

‘It’s a waste to just leave him as the commander of a single troop.’

He became certain of this.
Roan looked at the stifled expression of Simon and bowed.

“I know what the prince is worried of. And because of that, we are managing it so that this map isn’t taken outside.”

Simon nodded with a low exclamation.

“If we have this map, it will certainly be of great help.”

It was a positive reaction.
Roan nodded.

“Yes. It will be of great help in the dispatching of troops and grasping movements.”

At those words, the eyes of Simon softly loosened up.

“Good. Making a map as you please is a punishable action, but as the situation is like this I will forgive you. No……..”

His mouth slightly rose.

“Actually, I think that it is really amazing. Because if we only have this map, we can perfectly control the region of Tale.”

Simon patted Roan’s shoulders with a proud expression.

‘Whew. Did it turn out well?’

Roan let out a short sigh.
Actually, showing him the map was one of the risks for him.
The making of a map was that much of a problem.
But he thought that when the Mad Monarch Simon saw this in this situation, it would be of help for him.

‘He was a really reasonable person and someone that valued personal strength before he became the mad monarch.’

Because of that, commoners with great ability could get an important job without the courting of the nobles.

“Roan. Shall we return now?”

He had finished observing.

“Yes. I will take the lead.”

Roan quickly took back the maps and after he put it near his chest, he started to walk.
Simon had a faint smile and followed his back.
The two people arrived in the conference room of the HQ where several nobles were gathered.

“Did you finish observing?”

Io smiled brightly and asked.
Simon glanced at Roan once more and then nodded.

“He was really amazing.”

At those words, several nobles nodded.
Just like Simon’s words, they were also greatly surprised at the power of the troop and the defenses of the central village, no, Mediasis Village.
Simon sat on a seat that Io had prepared.
And Roan humbly stood behind the nobles.

“Just like everyone of you knows, I decided to subjugate the monsters of the north with this point as the base.”

At Simon’s words, several nobles nodded.

“Because of that, this region of Tale became more important than anywhere else. I can’t give the commanding right of this kind of place to anyone.”

He paused for a moment and then a faint smile appeared on his face.
Then, Simon’s sight moved to Roan.

“Roan. I’m planning to give the commanding right and strategy right to you.”

Roan and the several nobles let out low exclamations.
Because they knew the weight Simon’s words had.

‘Prince Simon entrusted Roan with the key of an army!’

Io bowed with a grateful expression.
But the protests of several nobles was too fierce.

“Prince. Roan is a sinner. To entrust the key of an army to someone like that. That can never happen.”
“Although it’s only limited to the region of Tale, but to give that to a mere commoner…… Some nobles may have to follow his orders.”

They had expressions where they were almost in tears.
Simon had a humorous look on his face.

‘If it wasn’t only for the competition of the throne, I would have already thrown them away.’

They were insect-like bastards that lived by sticking themselves onto the families without having any abilities.
But now was a situation that he had to lead even those nobles.

‘If you are saying that he’s a sinner……..’

Simon shook his hand and made the nobles shut up and then looked at Roan.

“In this moment I, Simon Rinse, act instead of his majesty Deni III to completely pardon Roan’s sins.”

The nobles yelled with surprised expressions.

“Prince. You can’t decide to pardon the sin that easi…….”

Simon shook his head and stopped them.
Strength was shown in his eyes.

“Speak. Is there someone that has raised some clear merits from the Pedian monster subjugation until the subjugation of Poskein lake?”
“But the sin of violence against a noble…..”
“Noble? Are you speaking about that rotten guy? After several investigations, his sins were clearly revealed. But you are defending that kind of guy?”

He had a presence like a column.
The nobles wavered and in the end, they shut their mouths.
In the first place, they were the ones that decided to follow Simon.
There was no need to be seen badly here.

“Everyone listen closely.”

Simon said with a strong voice.

“I like people with abilities. If he just has that, I wouldn’t care if that person was a sinner or a slave.”
“Yes. Understood.”

The nobles bowed and replied in one voice.
The importance of ability.
This was Simon’s philosophy.

‘Because of that, he couldn’t stand getting his throne taken away by someone that had less abilities than him.’

But of course, the decisive case that drove him crazy was another thing.
As he thought about that cruel case, his chest became heavy.
Roan let out a short sigh.


Simon’s voice was heard.

“Come here.”

At those words, Roan carefully moved his feet and stood in front of Simon.
A heavy silence fell over the conference room.
Simon slowly stood up and loosened up the dagger he had on his waist.
It was a really luxurious dagger that didn’t look all that useful.
He gave the dagger to Roan.

“This dagger was something given by his majesty when I became an adult. It’s something made by famous blacksmiths and lapidaries of the capital of Miller. It’s my symbol I call Regate dagger and it’s an object proving the status of the 1st prince.”

Simon’s sight moved to the nobles.

“I’m going to give this dagger to Roan. You are to follow Roan’s orders as if they were mine, at least in the region of Tale, and follow him loyally.”

At that moment, a breath taking atmosphere was felt.
Several nobles were conflicted with stifled expressions but in the end, they bowed their heads.

“Yes. We will.”

Only after that did Simon nod with a satisfied expression on his face and gaze at Roan.

“Roan. I’m giving this Regate dagger to you.”

Roan let out a low cry and hurriedly kneeled down.
He slightly bowed as he delicately extended both of his hands.


The dagger was placed above his palms.

“Roan. This Regate dagger…..”

He spoke in a low voice as if he was whispering.

“You have to return it to me along with the victory.”

A humorous expression was seen on his face.
Roan replied while he was still in the posture to receive the dagger.

“Yes. I will certainly win.”

His voice slightly trembled.
Roan was moved.

‘I, a mere commoner troop commander, got the commanding rights and strategic rights, that are the core for an army.’

He was recognized by the first prince, Simon, and obtained some nobles under his command.
Compared to his past life, this life was a really the perfect foil in comparison.
Roan placed the dagger on his waist with careful movements.
The luxurious shape received light and shined.
The sights of the nobles poured onto Roan.
Envy, displeasement, jealousy.
Their eyes were mixed with several emotions.

‘Now whether they can act as limbs or not……’

He ground his teeth.

‘It’s all on me.’

His heart beat accelerated.
It wasn’t going to be easy, but he was confident.
He was planning to show his capabilities to these several nobles.

‘Not only because of the orders of the prince…….’

Flames appeared in his eyes.

‘I will make them want to follow me on their own.’

Soon, his quick beating heart returned to normal.
And even the excitement calmed down.
Roan looked at the faces of the nobles with a calm expression.
Several plans were set up in his head.
Now, Roan wasn’t just a normal troop commander anymore.

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